October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Twelve – A Cunning Plan
Alex Hawk

When Friday afternoon rolled around Tyler brought Angelo, Matthew and Tobey all over to visit. The five of us gathered together in the living room to watch a movie. The film for today was “Dude, Where’s My Car?”. We’d picked it for a very particular reason.

I brought in a bowl of popcorn and sat and listened while the boys talked with each other as the movie ran. Matthew was thirteen and played third base while twelve-year-old Tobey played second. He wasn’t quite as good as his brother, but he still managed to get the job done. Like all the other boys he had a pretty athletic body, but was a lot skinnier than the rest. Kind of geeky, really. Cute, though. Having him inside me would be pretty nice.

I actually was slightly hesitant about sex with Tobey. Tobey was only twelve, after all, and had only turned twelve a couple months ago. He was cute enough, but I’d never had sex with a boy so young before. I did get a little excited wondering about his penis, though. Did he have pubes yet? Did he make sperm yet? It would be interesting to find out!

As the movie played on it got to a part in the film where Jesse and Chester visited a strip club. It was, needless to say, a favorite part of the movie for most teenage boys, and the ones in this room were no real exception.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Angelo said, right on cue.

“Fuck yeah,” Matthew said, eyes fixed onto the screen.

“It’s gotta be really hard to dance like that,” Tyler put in.

I snorted. “It’s not all THAT hard.” And so the die was cast.

“Oh, yeah, right,” Angelo said. “Come on. It can’t be easy. I mean you gotta, like, you know… move and stuff…”

I rolled my eyes at Angelo. “It’s easy to do a striptease. All you gotta do is get naked to music. It’s not like it’s even remotely difficult.”

“I suppose you’ve done it yourself?” Angelo asked in a mocking tone.

“Actually, yes, I have.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

Tobey finally spoke up. “You have? Really?” I could tell the idea appealed to him.

“Yes, I have. I used to do it all the time for my last boyfriend.” This was a lie. Until Angelo came up with the idea I’d never done it even once. I’d practiced with him and Tyler since then.

Matthew’s eyes went wide. “You really have? That’s cool.”

“Yeah, sure you have, Amber.” Angelo made an exaggerated yawn.

“I’m serious!” I protested, feigning wounded pride. “I’m pretty good at it, too.”

“Prove it,” challenged Tyler.

“What?” I said, pretending to be surprised.

“Prove it. You say you can do a good striptease. So do it.”

“Yeah, do it!” said Angelo. “Come on, I bet you can’t.”

“I can so! What makes you think I wanna do it in front of you?”

“See? I knew you couldn’t.” Angelo stuck his tongue out at me.

“I could if I wanted to. And I would prove it, but I’m sure Tobey and Matthew wouldn’t want to see me doing that sort of stuff.”

Angelo rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I bet they’d hate it. What do you say, guys? You wanna see Amber do her striptease?”

“Sure!” Tobey said with enthusiasm.

“Uh… I guess it would be ok,” Matthew said, looking a little confused as to how exactly we’d gotten to this point.

“See? No excuses!” Angelo grinned widely. “Put up or shut up.”

I sighed. “I’ll need some music.”

“No problem!” piped up Tyler. He went over and put a CD on the player and started it going, grinning wildly as a certain song began playing.

“‘The Lapdance is Better When the Stripper is Crying’?” I asked, a little put-out. We’d never discussed what music would be playing. Maybe this had been an unwise notion.

“Just do it,” Tyler said with a grin.

I rolled my eyes and started in with my little striptease. Like I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t really done this much at all. I figured I could at least do it well enough to convince Matthew and Tobey that I knew what I was doing, though. Realistically I figured that as long as they got to see naked girlflesh they wouldn’t care about much else.

I began trying my best to move in time with the music. Something of a challenge, given the material. I tried my hardest, though, and soon my wiggling resulted in me removing my t-shirt, which promptly was tossed into the lap of Angelo.

“Yeah, baby!” he called out.

I kept dancing around and eventually worked my way out of my skirt, which was thrown to Matthew, who looked so pleased I thought he’d faint.

Now clad only in my panties and bra, I danced provocatively towards young Tobey, who had eyes as wide as pancakes (everyone says saucers, but these were bigger and more doe-like). When I was only inches from him, I teasingly removed my bra, setting it onto his head.

“You like what you see?” I purred at him.

Tobey was only able to nod mutely, my bra balancing on his noggin.


The song was winding down, so I danced around a little more and started teasing at removing my panties. Finally just as the last notes were playing I faced away from the boys, bent forward and slowly pulled my panties off, exposing my freshly shaved vagina to the young virgins, as well as to Angelo and Tyler.

“There,” I said, looking between my legs at the boys. “See? I told you.”

Tyler, Matthew and Tobey all looked duly impressed. Angelo made a great show of stifling a yawn. “Not bad,” he said dismissively.

“What!” I stood and faced him in mock rage. “Not bad? That’s the best you can manage?!”

“Lay down and I’ll show you the best I can manage.”

Tobey and Matthew both laughed nervously, but I said, “Ok. Put up or shut up!” and lay down on the floor.

Angelo shrugged. “You asked for it.” He stood up, unzipped his pants let them and his boxers fall to the floor. Then he got on top of me, poked around for a couple seconds and slid his very hard penis into my vagina.

“Aaaah… now THAT is more like it…” he said in tones of great satisfaction.

“Holy shit!” Matthew said. “You’re fucking her!”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Angelo said, giving me a couple thrusts.

“And this is the best you can manage?” I asked in a sweet tone of voice.

“Uh…” Angelo looked down at me.

“This ain’t much of much,” I said, waving a hand dismissively. “Anyone else in here could do better.”

“What?! I don’t think so!” Angelo started fucking me good and fast, and was actually doing his best to make it a really good fuck. “How about THAT?” he grunted out.

“Not bad,” I conceded. “But not great. I bet even Tobey could do better than you.” I winked at the younger boy.

“Me?” Tobey squeaked.

“What? Fuck you! He could not!”

“Oh, yeah?” I looked over at Tobey again. “Hey, you wanna fuck me? See if you’re better than Angelo?”

“Uh…” Tobey was trapped with indecision.

“Come on, dude,” Tyler said, poking Tobey in the ribs. “She wants you to fuck her. Go for it.”

“But… I’ve never…”

“You’re a virgin?” I asked.


“Then I’m CERTAIN you’ll be better than this brat,” I said, pushing Angelo off me. Spreading my legs wide again I said to Tobey, “Come on, hero.”

“It’s cool, dude,” Tyler said. “She wants you. Go for it.”

Tobey stood up and very shyly moved towards me. “What do I do?” he whispered.

“Well, first, it would help if you took off your pants and underwear, then get between my legs.”

“Oh… ok…” Rather awkwardly Tobey unzipped his pants and reached took them and his boxers off, revealing his hard, preteen virgin penis. It was pretty small, and only had a couple wisps of hair on it. Not bad, though.

“Take off your shirt, too,” I said, as the young virgin got between my legs.

“Ok.” Tobey pulled off his shirt and was now basically naked. He actually looked really nice. I started to get a bit more enthusiastic about having him fuck me.
I reached down and took Tobey’s penis in my hand, pulling him down a little and lining him up with my vagina. “Alright. Just push it in.”

Swallowing nervously and trembling, Tobey gave a little push with his hips and smoothly and effortlessly his twelve-year-old virgin penis slid completely into my fifteen-year-old vagina. I’d deflowered yet another pretty boy!

“There we go,” I whispered, reaching up and running my fingers through his mousy brown hair. “That’s very nice… you’ve got a good one…”

“Thanks…” he managed to say.

“Oh, shit, Tobey!” Matthew said, looking down with envy at his naked little brother. “Wow, you’re really fucking her!”

“Yeah… I know…” he whispered, his lean, hairless, naked boy-body moving on top of me. He didn’t really know how to fuck, but that wasn’t the point anyhow. “Am I… doing ok…?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, cupping his firm little butt.

Silently Tobey continued to fuck me with short, sharp little rabbit thrusts. It felt good. Not great, but good. He wasn’t well-hung enough that he was going to give me an orgasm, but it still was pretty nice. Plus there was a good psychological element to it.

“Oooo… oh… I… oh, god… uh!” Tobey whimpered softly as his penis kicked around inside my vagina. I was pretty sure he wasn’t shooting any sperm into me, but obviously it felt pretty good for him anyhow.

As Tobey fell on top of me, mentally and physically drained, I ran my fingers through his hair and grinned up at the other boys.

“Better than you, Angelo.”

“What?! You lie!” Angelo said defensively.

I reached down and cupped Tobey’s bare ass again. “I’m a sucker for the cuties.”

Angelo scowled at me and cursed in Spanish. “Well, I gotta be better than someone! I’m sure better than Matthew here,” he said, poking the other boy.

“Me?” Matthew said, blinking in surprise.

“Yeah, you.”

“Get up,” I whispered to Tobey, who reluctantly moved. Then I said to Matthew, “Well, let’s see how good you are. Get naked and get over here.”

“Oh… you can’t be serious, right? I mean, this is all some sort of joke?” he asked.


“Yeah?” the young boy asked, blinking at me.

“Did that feel like a joke for you?”

“Hell, no,” he said, a cute little grin crossing his face.

“See?” I said to Matthew, laying back down and spreading my legs wide.

Matthew looked from Tyler to Angelo and back again. “Is she really serious?” he asked no one in particular.

Tyler rolled his eyes. “Dude. Go stick your dick in her or I’ll tell everyone on the team that you were too chicken to fuck a girl your little brother just lost his virginity to.”

That moved him. “Alright, alright.” He looked down at me and his naked brother. “Do I have to get all the way naked?”

“Yes, it’s better that way. In fact…” I looked at Tyler, who was still fully clothed, and Angelo, who was wearing only a t-shirt. “Why don’t you two get all the way naked, too?”

“Fine with me,” Angelo said, tossing his shirt aside. His hard penis was sticking straight out, ready to get back inside me. Tyler followed suit and was soon just as naked as the other boys.

I looked at Matthew. “Well?”

Being the only clothed person in the room seemed to have an effect. With a nervous laugh Matthew said, “Well, what the hell. You guys have all seen me in the showers.”

“Right,” said Angelo.

Very slowly, and blushing like hell, Matthew started undressing. I was pleasantly surprised as he pulled off his shirt. He had a really, really nice body! Easily the best on the team, aside from Colt, of course. Then down came the pants and finally the underwear and my eyes really bugged out of my head. Matthew’s penis was a good seven inches, at least! I was really taken aback.

“Holy shit!” Tyler said, looking down at first Matthew’s penis and then his own. “Dude, you’re fuckin’ huge!”

Angelo was a little more bold. He walked over to Matthew and, before the other boy could even react, took Matthew’s penis in his hand, examining it closely. “Fuck, yeah, man. You’re bigger than any of the rest of the team.”

“Rest of the team?” Matthew echoed.

“We can worry about this later,” I said, looking forward to having a nicely sized penis inside me once again. “Right now, I need to get fucked. Matthew, get down here!”

Moving slowly, Matthew dropped down to his knees, his eager penis ready for his first fuck. He stared down at my vagina and said, “So I just stick it in the hole, right?”

“Pretty much.”

He drew in a deep, ragged breath. “Ok.” Taking his erection in his hand, Matthew scooted forward until he was in the right place. Then he pushed gently, easily forward and very slowly sank his beautiful thirteen-year-old virgin penis into my fifteen-year-old vagina.

“Oh… oh, god… I… oooooo…” Matthew gave a couple awkward thrusts, and then grunted as his penis pulsed inside me as he filled my vagina up with his teenage sperm.

To say that I was a tad disappointed would be an understatement. Here I was, all ready to get a good, hard fuck, and what happens? Matthew cums within ten seconds of being inside me. I sighed. Oh, well. There’d be plenty of other times.

“Dude! Matthew, did you just cum?” Tyler asked in tones of amazement.

Gasping a little, Matthew managed only to nod.

“Jesus, man! The first time I fucked her, at least I managed to last a little longer than that! Here, move over,” he said, walking over and smacking Matthew’s bare butt.

“What?” Matthew asked stupidly.

“Move, so that I can fuck her.”

“But… she’s your sister…?” Matthew said as he moved aside.

“So?” Tyler positioned himself between my legs and sank his penis into me. “Aaaah… that doesn’t mean we can’t fuck.”

While both Tobey and Matthew looked on in amazement, Tyler started fucking me for all he was worth. I thought back to his first time, and how awkward he’d been. Now, though, he’d gotten to the point where he was one of the best lays I’d ever had!

Pretty soon Tyler’s sperm joined Matthew’s inside my vagina. Moments later Angelo got on top of me and added his sperm to the mix.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in pleasant fucking. It was all kept mostly straight, aside from an occasional bit of fondling between Tyler and Angelo. It was, over all, a very nice, relaxing way to spend my day.

I couldn’t keep out of the back of my mind, though, the fact that there was only one more boy to go. Just Ezra. After him, I’d have Colt. It had been a long, very interesting trip, but frankly I was more than ready for it to be over.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. 2004 AD, please. Not BC. And none of that CE or BCE bullshit either!