Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 5 – Supplies
Day 2.

We decided on a list with three levels. There were the essentials, such as food and drinks. We’d always have water because of the sink in my bedroom, which was a huge plus. The second level things were used for fortifying the room. Dad accidentally took one box, which was filled with duct tape, plastic sheeting, and a few boxes of nails. We could cover my window, the door, and the wall to the bathroom with this box’s contents. Because we were uncertain of this wall, we’d do that too if we had the chance.

The third level was about comfort. We’d be needing a bucket or something like it to function as our toilet. We already figured that hauling the TV in here was way too much hassle. But things like an electric heater, a deck of cards, a radio or an extra chair would be great. This was, of course, at the bottom of our list.
After about an hour or two, we finished the list. Now it was time to figure out the route Joel needed to go, to get all the stuff as efficiently as possible. I looked at our finished plan and couldn’t help noticing how much it looked like the Home Alone movie’s battle plan.

Joel started preparing my desk chair so he could use it as a trolley. We figured out this would decrease the time he’d be out of my bedroom significantly. In the meantime, I was going through my closet to find some clothes which would protect Joel out there. I put the clothes I found on the bed as Joel finished the chair.

“This won’t be a fashion statement, Joel,” I chuckled.

There were some dresses, sweats, gloves, and a veil on the bed, along with a big old hat I used for a play, set in the Victorian time, at school. Joel stood before me and let me dress him up. If the situation wasn’t this bad, it would’ve been hilarious. Joel was dressed with a lot of layers. The old hat pulled tightly over his head and the veil in front of his face. As I was starting to tape the sweater’s arms and pants legs shut with some scotch tape, I noticed he was trembling.

”Nervous?” I asked.

”Yeah,” he honestly said, looking down at me.

”Me too. But I think you’re good to go this way,” I said as I cut off the last piece of Scotch tape.

I hardly recognized my brother. I didn’t see any exposed skin anymore, and at the point where two pieces of his clothing met, it was taped shut.

”Okay. One more time, ” Joel started. ”You open the door and let me through. I take the chair and the stuff we don’t need in here with me and ditch it near the couch. The moment I’m out the door, you close it.”

”I know I have to, but I hate it!” I said.

”Me too. But that’s the only way you’re relatively safe. I’ll make sure to keep talking, so you’ll know what I’m doing and where I am. After I get the first batch?” he asked.

”I open the door long enough for you to drop the stuff inside the room and immediately go back for run two. In the meantime, I’ll make sure you can do the same with the other two batches.”

”Right. Just checking. Fuck! This outfit sure is hot…” he said, and I could see some sweat on his upper lip. ”The moment I drop the last big batch just outside the door, you open the door, and then we’re done.”

”I’ll make sure to close the door right behind you and seal off the openings with the duck tape you brought during the first run, starting with the keyhole.”

”Great! Pfff. Okay. Here we go. You ready?” Joel asked, taking a deep breath and looking really nervous.

”No. But we have to do this. The sooner, the better, ” I said and awkwardly hugged Joel.
Joel had the chair in front of him and stood in a starting position. I took the doorknob in my hand and looked at Joel, who nodded at me.

”Three, two, one, GO!”

I opened the door and closed it right behind Joel. As he promised, he kept talking to me. It was all really stressful, but my confidence in a good result grew after the third run. He would just be putting stuff outside my room on the last run, so it was closeby. This was just a precaution but could come in handy later on. As soon as Joel said he was ready, I opened the door. Joel practically ran inside. I slammed the door shut and immediately taped up all the gaps and holes. We did it. We were both safe inside my room and had all the necessary stuff to last for about two weeks.

“We did it!” Joel panted.

“Yes, you did!” I said and hugged him, extremely glad he was okay.

“We Mia. WE did it,” He laughed and hugged me back. “Can you please help me out of this ridiculous outfit? I’m almost burning up in here.”

I helped Joel with his hat and gloves. After he had regained his fingers’ use, he started working on getting the tape from his sleeves. I did the same, only I was working on his ankles. As Joel was pulling up his shirts and dresses, I was done with his ankles and helped him out with his pants. He was wearing two levels of sweatpants, which must’ve been pretty hot. As I slid down Joel’s outer layer pants, I noticed the second pair of sweats, which were mine, slide down too. This was fine with me. I’ve seen Joel in his underwear lots of times. And since I noticed his maleness recently, a part of me wanted to see him this way. So I continued sliding his pants down to help him cool off a bit.

“Whoa!” I heard Joel say.

My face was inches away from his groin, and at the moment Joel said it, I noticed his boxers were coming down with the pants. I was looking at a small patch of black pubic hair and, more importantly, the base of my brother’s penis. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It looked magnificent to me, even if I was only looking at a tiny bit of it.

“Uhm. Sorry,” I managed and reluctantly pulled his boxers up at his hips.

I held his boxers in place with my left hand as my right continued pulling his pants down. My face was still at crotch level, and as Joel stepped out of his pants, I just had to check out his bulge. I couldn’t see too much, but I could clearly see the rim of his dickhead, and it wasn’t hard to make out where his balls were. This was getting a bit weird, but I just couldn’t help it.

“Ahhh!” Joel said as he stretched. “Fresh air! Do you mind if I stay like this for a while?”

“Of course not.”

“Thanks. I need to cool off a bit,” he said and dried his wet hair with a towel I had lying around.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you like this before,” I said. “And besides, you’ve got a nice body to look at,” I softly added.

Joel cocked an eyebrow as he looked at me but didn’t say anything. He sat down on the edge of my bed and looked at all the stuff in my room now. My room wasn’t small, but not too big either. I guess it was pretty average. It was a square room, with a window on one side, opposite to the door. With eleven by ten feet, it was the biggest bedroom in the house. My bed was against the wall between Joel’s room and mine. The other wall was the wall separating the bathroom from my room and had the sink on it. This was also the wall we decided to enforce by putting sheeting against it.

“I’m pretty hungry,” Joel said, looking me in my eyes. “Aren’t you?”

It wasn’t uncommon for us to have just one meal per day. I didn’t notice yet I was hungry, but now that Joel pointed it out, I felt like I was starving. We woke up early, but because of all the planning, checking, and making sure we’d be safe, it was already way past noon.

“Yeah. I guess I am,” I said. “But first, we’ll have to check and categorize everything to make sure we’ve got it all. And we have to make sure we eat the fresh stuff first. It won’t be fresh for very long in here.”

I checked the stuff Joel brought, and Joel wrote it all down for me. The shocking truth was that we didn’t have enough food for weeks. If we planned it right, we’d last a week and a half. Tops.

“Well… That’s a bummer,” Joel said after we figured out what went wrong. “At least we’ve got lots of dog food, just no dog. Or a cat for the twenty cans of cat food.”

Despite the difficult situation, this made me giggle. Joel always found a way to keep it light, no matter what.

“Well, maybe these bugs are gone tomorrow. Then we can go out and loot other houses.”

“You’re right. A lot of empty houses now. We can go and feed the dog while the owner is gone,” he chuckled.

“You know what I mean, silly! I’ll make us something to eat. You deserved it.”


After we ate our lunch, we started to work on the wall. Sealing it off with the plastic sheeting took us way longer than we expected. But eventually, we made it work. We didn’t have enough plastic to do the entire room, but Joel was right when he said we’d probably suffocate if we did every wall this way.

Working beside Joel in his underwear was quite distracting. Especially at the moments where I had to work at the bottom of the sheet, and he was reaching up high. I couldn’t keep my eyes from his pecs and the bulge in his underwear. I knew we were in a pretty dangerous situation. I mean, the world was practically coming to an end. But despite all that, I just had to check out my brother’s body. I felt both silly and horny at the same time. Maybe it was because of the ‘It’s all going to hell’ vibe I was feeling and that I had some deep, primal need to get laid. According to my vagina, I did as it was getting wetter by the minute.

It was already dark when we were done. It was mid-November, so I guessed it to be around six pm. I made us another sandwich to eat, which we were currently doing side-by-side on my bed, both scrolling through our phones.

“The world is going to shit, but thank god for WiFi!” Joel said sarcastically as he swiped through tons of videos of dying people.

“How long do you think we’ll have stuff like electricity, water, and internet?”

“Dunno. But as long as we have electricity, we need to make sure everything is charged for a hundred percent, don’t you think?”

“The videos are drying up. Did you notice?” I asked Joel.

“I did. But I didn’t see any video where people are pointing out that the bugs are the cause,” Joel said seriously

“Should we make such a video?”

“Nah. No one will see this anymore. The way I see it, more than ninety percent of the world is dead by now,” Joel said gloomily.

“No, silly! I’m sure a lot of people are hiding like us.”

“Didn’t you see The Walking Dead? Or World War Z, or any of the other disaster movies?”

“I did,” I said. “But these are movies and books. This is real. And I refuse to believe that we’re about the only people left in the world.” I kept pressing, hoping to cheer Joel up.

“I hope you’re right,” he said. And as he looked me in the eyes, he started smiling. “I’m so glad I’m with you! You always know how to cheer me up.”

“Well… Here’s a buzzkill,” I said, realizing we had to talk about it. “What do we do with dad?”

“I thought about that too. And I honestly don’t know. We can’t bury him or something, but it feels weird to just let him lie there, you know?”

“I know. And we would have to get into a room where there’s a bug flying around. I’m not too fond of that either.” I said with a chill going down my spine.

“Wanna hear another buzzkill?” Joel asked, and I could see goosebumps on his chest.

“Shoot!” I said, afraid of what was coming.

“His body will start to decompose in a few days. That smell won’t be pretty.”

“Fuck! I didn’t think of that. You’re right.”

“But then again,” Joel continued, “all these dead bodies everywhere will do the same. I guess we’ll just have to get used to that.”

“Jesus. It’s a good thing I just finished my sandwich,” I said.

“Yeah. Me too,” Joel giggled.

I could see the morbid humor in it too. Maybe it was the tension of the day needing a way out, but I started laughing really hard, and as I laughed, Joel’s giggle turned into a full-blown laugh too. It was weird to laugh in this situation, but it was also very comforting to laugh out loud with my brother. We looked at each other, and I could see some tears rolling down Joel’s cheek.

“You okay?” I asked, my laughter dying down a bit.

“I’m fine. I don’t know why I’m laughing this hard,” he said.

After we were done laughing, we rechecked our phones. I started playing a game to get my mind off things. Approximately an hour later, I heard Joel yawn beside me. I checked the time, and even though it wasn’t even remotely close to our bedtime, I felt the energy flow out of me.

“I’m getting tired. Mind if we turn in?” I asked and handed my phone to Joel.

“Nah. I’m tired too,” he said and plugged both our phones in the chargers.

I got up and walked to my closet, where I’d left my tank top. I was still a bit worked-up after the session with Joel, so I decided to tease him a bit. I stood with my back to Joel and lifted my shirt. Next, I dropped my pants and turned sideways to put my pants on the boxes standing there. I pretended that there was something very interesting lying on that box, so I would remain sideways. I unclasped my bra and put it down on my pants. The way I was standing, Joel could see the complete side of my boob. And since I was only wearing my panties, he could see pretty much everything there was to see. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if he could see my nipple this way, so I turned a tiny bit more toward him. The small gasp I heard from the bed was enough. I stretched it a few seconds more and then put my top on.

I walked back to the bed and looked at Joel’s flushed face. In the corner of my eye, I noticed the tent in his boxers.

“Good. He definitely saw me,” I thought, time to tease him some more.

I decided to only wear my tank top and panties this time because I was feeling hot last night, and this way, I could feel Joel’s boner way better when he pressed it against me than with the pants in the way.

“I’m first, remember?” I asked as Joel didn’t move.

“Uhh. Right,” he said, still blushing.

I knew he couldn’t get up without showing me his obvious boner, but hey! I was in a teasing mood. Joel got up from the bed, and it was impossible to miss the tent in his underwear. But I decided to pretend I didn’t notice and crawled into the bed. Joel was right behind me, so I couldn’t look at him standing beside the bed.

I cuddled up against Joel the same way we did last night. I draped my leg over his and felt my pussy pressing against his upper leg. I had to restrain myself not to grind against him. This was a bit difficult, so I decided to start talking and take my mind off it.

“How bad do you think it really is?” I asked.

“It’s bad. Believe me. I saw videos and pics from all over the world. It’s the same everywhere. I even saw a video of the same type of hole as in Brazil, only somewhere in China.”

“But what is it? What’s causing these holes?”

“Good question. Aliens? Some underground plague lingering for years and awoken by these loggers? Wrath of God? You tell me.”

“I can’t. That’s why I’m asking you,” I giggled. ”Are we gonna be okay?” I added more seriously.

“Honestly?” he asked and kissed me on my forehead.

“Honestly. I know you’ve got just as much information as I do, but hearing it from you makes me feel more comfortable.”

“I honestly think that in a few weeks, the threat from the bugs is less. I can’t see them living much longer than that. Every animal on the planet with about the same specs won’t live longer than a few weeks. If it is alien, but it doesn’t seem like that, this theory is gone. But I think the biggest problem will be the few other people alive. food will run out, and it will become a jungle out there. So that’s why I think we need to stay here for as long as we can. That way, we’ll have an advantage over these people since we’re still relatively fresh by then.”

“Oh,” I responded. “You really thought this through, didn’t you?”

“Well… Yeah. I did. Sorry?” Joel said.

“Don’t be. I’m glad you did. I guess the most important thing to do now is to stay together and try not to irritate the other one. We need each other badly. I mean, we both have our skills. Right?”

“We sure do. You’ve got the looks, and I have the brains. A golden couple!” Joel said and started laughing.

I playfully punched him on his chest but couldn’t help it and laughed too.

“Will you please hold me, Joel?” I asked and turned over to my other side.

Joel got the idea and draped his arm over me as he spooned me again like this morning. His boner was gone by now, but I could clearly feel his soft penis pressing against my butt. His hand brushed the underside of my boob again, and I couldn’t imagine Joel doing this accidentally. But I didn’t mind it either. The combination of his penis against my butt and him touching my boob was extremely comforting, and I never felt this safe before.

We were lying like this for a few minutes, and I just had to do something about my wet pussy. Showing off to Joel had severely increased my level of arousal instead of bringing it down. It was stupid of me to think it would help me. So I decided to slip my hand inside my panties and press my index finger against my clit. The movement stirred Joel, but he quickly put his arm back where it was before.

“Goodnight, Mia,” he whispered.

“Night,” I whispered back.

But despite the fatigue I felt earlier, I knew I couldn’t sleep yet. I just had to do something. I figured Joel would sleep soon, and by making tiny movements with my finger against my clit, I would orgasm quickly. Since Joel’s a sound sleeper, he probably wouldn’t notice. As I waited for Joel to drift off, I made the tiniest movements so he wouldn’t notice. After a few minutes of this, I felt Joel’s penis hardening against me. Was it normal to get hard when he fell asleep?

“Are you, um… rubbing yourself, Mia?” he whispered in my ear.

That explained his boner. I felt foolish for starting while he didn’t sleep yet. So I immediately stopped and slipped my hand out of my panties.

“No!” I replied defensively. “I had an itch.”

“It’s okay if you are,” he continued. “I really need to get off too, you know?”

That surprised me big time. I already established for myself that Joel was a male beside a brother. And the boner incident this morning fitted in that picture perfectly. But my brother beating off? No. That never crossed my mind strangely enough.

“You do?” I asked, turning on my back and looking at Joel.

“Oh! You have no idea!” he said with his face inches from mine. “The night before this all went down, I was too tired and figured I’d do it in the shower the day after. I didn’t have a chance to jack off in the shower yesterday because our dad called me. And after my shower, I had to sleep with you so I couldn’t do it either. So, yeah. I need it a lot too!”

“I, em…” I said, a bit blown away by his honesty.

“If we both lay on our backs, I think we can manage. Our sides and legs will be touching, but other than that, we’d be doing our own thing. Don’t you think?”

I needed a moment to let it sink in. Was this an invitation to masturbate together? Did I WANT to do it together? All sorts of emotions and thoughts flew through my head, but the most prominent one was the voice inside, screaming at me to do something about that itch between my legs.

“I don’t know, Joel. It’s a bit awkward, don’t you think?” I tried one last time.

“Maybe. But just for a moment, I guess. And I’ll have to do it sometime. I can’t possibly handle not cumming for a few weeks. I’ll go nuts!” he chuckled.

“Okay then. I guess. At least we don’t have to pretend we’re doing something else. And you’re right. Eventually, I just HAVE to do it, and privacy is something we’ve lost in here. How do we start this?”

“Em… I think it’s best to just start with it. I guess,” Joel said. “Do you mind if I take off my underwear?”

“No. I like it better that way too, so I’ll do it too. Just don’t pull the blankets away, okay?” I asked, all of a sudden feeling insecure about my body.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Joel said, moving around under the blanket.

After the movement stopped, I heard the sound of his boxers hitting the floor. I took off my panties too and laid them by my pillow. I didn’t want to take off my tank top, which I usually did when I masturbated, so I could play with my nipples.

“Ready?” Joel asked, and I could feel him moving under the blanket.

I just nodded and slipped my finger over my clit. I couldn’t suppress a moan as I did this. I looked to my right and saw the blanket moving where Joel’s crotch was. Our bodies were touching at our sides, but this didn’t bother me at all. Since I was right-handed, my elbow was lying on Joel’s body, and this way, I could feel Joel’s movements and the heat of his body. We were getting into a nice rhythm, and after a few minutes of silently masturbating next to each other, I looked at Joel’s face. He had his eyes closed, and his mouth was slightly open. The blanket had come down a bit, and the better part of his chest was exposed. I realized how much I liked to look at my brother and felt the pressure build-up in my pussy.

“Ohhh… This is nice,” I moaned.

“Ahhh… Yeah! Oh boy…” Joel responded. “Are you almost done?” he panted.

“I’m, ohhh, yeah. Almost. Why?”

I felt Joel stopped moving beside me, and I looked at his face.

“What?” I groaned but didn’t stop massaging my clit.

“I’m almost there,” Joel kept panting. “I want us to come close together.”

“AHHH!! Then you better start jerking now! Ohhh,” I moaned, feeling my orgasm approaching rapidly.

Joel’s hand moved again, and it appeared he was moving faster than he did before.

“OHHH! JOEL!” I managed to say as my whole body stiffened and my orgasm washed over me.

“MMMNGNG!!” I heard him groan at practically the same time, and he stopped moving too.

After we laid there quietly for a few minutes and I could think again, I realized how well this went. It wasn’t awkward at all. In fact, the closeness of another person added a whole new level to it.

“Fuck! I really needed that. Thanks for this, Mia,” Joel said, still a little out of breath.

“Don’t worry about it. I really needed that too,” I responded. “The world is going to shit, but thank God for orgasms,” I said and started giggling.

Joel giggled too and kissed me on my cheek.

“Turn to the wall for a moment, please,” he said. “I need to clean up.”

I was a bit confused at first, but then I realized he must’ve been covered with his cum. So I turned and faced the wall as Joel moved beside me. After a few seconds, he stopped.

“Okay. I’m done.”

I turned to my back and looked at my brother in his eyes.

“Thanks for persuading me. I feared this was going to be awkward, but I was wrong.”

“I hear you. I was afraid of it too, but I actually liked it better than doing it by myself,” he said, and I could see him blush.

I yawned again and felt really tired now.

“Let’s sleep, okay?” I said and cuddled up against my brother.

“Wanna turn over?” he asked.

“Nah. Later maybe. Now I just wanna sleep.”



“You didn’t put your panties back on, did you?”

“No. You didn’t put your underwear back on either, right?”

“Didn’t feel like it,” he softly said as if he was already falling asleep.

“Night,” I whispered.

I couldn’t help it and ground my naked pussy against my brother’s leg once. Joel didn’t respond, but I liked how the bare flesh of his leg felt against my pussy. I did it just once as I felt myself drift off quickly and was soon out like a light.

End of Chapter five

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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