Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 4 – Panic
Day 2.

“Let’s do it together, Mia,” Brandi said to me.

“Are you crazy? What if someone sees us?” I asked, surprised.

“Don’t worry! No one will see us. And if Jake comes home from school, we’ll have plenty of time to put our tops back on,” Brandi insisted.

We were lounging by the big, above-ground swimming pool at Brandi’s house. Brandi lived in a slightly better part of town, and she even had a fence to shield us from prying eyes. We just came out of the pool and were sitting in the sun, so we would get dry and tan at the same time. Brandi’s top had moved during a bit of roughhousing in the pool, and she had a classical nipple-slip. She quickly corrected it, but it got her talking about lying topless in the sun. Brandi always was a bit of a daredevil. Especially compared to me.

“Then I’ll just do it by myself then,” she suddenly said, and before I knew it, I was staring at my best friend’s breasts.

“You’re crazy,” I said but was tempted to do it too.

Brandi was thirteen, almost fourteen like me, and already had a nice rack. I guessed them to be a big B-cup, as opposed to my A-cup. But I was rapidly growing in the boob department, and pretty soon, I’d be needing a B-cup too. This wasn’t the first time I saw her boobs. We showered together after gym class and at sleepovers, she wasn’t exactly shy either.

“Ahh… This is nice,” Brandi said and jiggled her breasts a bit as she sat back in the chair.

I wasn’t easily manipulated, and nothing that Brandi could say would persuade me to do it too. But the idea of sitting topless with my best friend in a semi-open place was just too naughty to say no to.

“Okay. Let’s do this,” I said and unclasped my bikini top and put it next to me on the ground.

“You go, girl!” Brandi said and started laughing.

“You’re right! This is nice!” I smiled at Brandi, whose eyes were focused on my chest.

“You’ve grown a bit, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah. I think I did,” I said, looking down at my boobs. “My bras are getting too small, and I don’t think that’s because of a shrinking bra,” I giggled.

“We need to put on some sunscreen. I don’t want sunburned tits,” Brandi said.

“Me neither. You’ve got some?”

Brandi sat up straight, faced me, and pulled a bottle of sunscreen out of nowhere. She sprayed some on her boobs and sensually started spreading it all around her chest. I saw her nipples harden as she moved her hands over them. All the time, Brandi kept looking at me with an extremely horny look on her face.

“Want me to do you too?” she hoarsely asked, scooted over to my chair, and sat down next to me.

I couldn’t say anything and just nodded. The moment I felt her hands on my boobs, my pussy immediately went from moist to dripping wet. My nipples were already hard from the show Brandi gave me but were now rock-hard to the point they almost hurt. As she was massaging my boobs, she leaned over and kissed me hard on my mouth. Moments later, I felt her tongue entering my mouth, and we started Frenching quite hardcore.

One of her hands slowly left my boob and inched its way down to my bikini bottom. The moment she reached the waistband, Brandi didn’t hesitate and slipped her hand inside. Her middle finger slid between the folds of my pussy, rubbing at my clit a little. But it was clear she was aiming for another goal. Her hand went down further, but she constantly kept pressing against my clit, which felt amazing. The moment she reached her destination, her finger went inside me in one swift motion.

I was constantly moaning inside her mouth, and the moment she entered me, I moaned even louder. But I couldn’t get my moan out of my mouth the way I usually could. It was as if something was holding me back. I couldn’t quite place it. Brandi just kept on fingering me and massaging my boobs.

“Having fun, girls?” I heard beside me.

I opened my eyes, and there was Jake, Brandi’s seventeen-year-old brother. He was topless and only wearing a short and very tight pair of cut-off jeans. His huge boner was clearly visible in these tight pants. Brandi and I broke our kiss, and both looked at him. He looked so strong and handsome standing there, and he started to rub his boner through his pants.

“Yeah, we are,” Brandi said. “Care to join us?”

All of a sudden, he was naked, and Brandi had started sucking on his dick. I was dumbfounded by what I was looking at, but at the same time, I felt an extreme urge to join her, so I got up from my chair to crawl over to join them when I stumbled and fell.

I don’t know what woke me. I felt my heart beating fast inside my chest and was horny as hell. It took me a moment to realize where I was. I was feeling hot, but I was in my room judging by the wallpaper I was looking at. Soon enough, it dawned on me that Joel was lying in bed with me. After we dozed off, we apparently turned over. I didn’t remember doing so, but that was why I was feeling warmer than usual. He was spooning me and had his arm draped over me. His hand was lightly touching the underside of my left boob. Judging by Joel’s breathing, he was sound asleep.

I pressed my legs together to relieve a bit of the pressure that had built up after my sexy dream. I closed my eyes and wanted to sleep some more when I noticed something hard pressing against my butt. I wasn’t fully awake yet, so it took a moment to realize what this was. The moment I did, I was fully awake. Up until this afternoon, Joel was just my brother. But seeing him shirtless today had sparked something in me. He wasn’t only my brother. He was also a male with everything that comes with that. The last memory I had about my brother’s penis was when we were four or five years old and still took a bath together. Back then, it was just a tiny wienie that I didn’t find interesting. We were just having fun in the bathtub, that was all.

I pressed my butt against his boner to see if I could get a better mental picture of it. The moment I did this, Joel moaned. I couldn’t help myself and giggled a bit. My upper body moved a bit because of my giggle, which caused Joel’s hand to fully land on my boob. That was a bit unexpected but felt lovely, and I could feel my now hard nipple poke the palm of his hand through my tank top. I rubbed my butt at him again and was rewarded with another moan. It did feel big to me, but the hardness of it impressed me even more.

At that moment, I heard a phone buzz on my nightstand. I also realized there was a lot of noise outside our house, way more noise than usual in the middle of the night. A second later, a phone buzzed again. And again. Outside there were screams, and I heard a few police cars race by with their sirens and lights on full alert. I was starting to feel a little anxious, and the moment our two phones started buzzing together, I decided to wake Joel. I gently lifted his hand away from my breast. I felt him stir behind me the moment I did this, and he pressed his boner hard against my butt. I started turning around to save him from humiliation, although I wasn’t too concerned with that right now.

“Joel?” I said and could hear the anxiety in my voice.

“What?” Joel said, not fully awake yet.

“I think there’s something wrong,” I said, reaching for my phone.

“What time is it?” he asked and took my phone to give it to me, so I wouldn’t have to crawl over him to get it.

“I don’t know. But there’s a lot of noise outside, and our phones keep on buzzing.”

I looked at my phone and had over a hundred missed posts on Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp. Almost every social media app I owned. Joel got out of bed, walked to my window, moved the curtain a bit out of the way, and looked outside. I couldn’t help myself and checked out the tent in his underwear. The way he was standing now, it looked huge. Guessing sizes wasn’t my strong suit, but I estimated it to be at least five inches. As he looked out the window, I saw it deflating quickly and started checking the missed messages.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems dad was right. People are looting and rioting, as far as I can see. Damn!” Joel said softly.

Joel closed the curtains and came back to bed. I was scrolling through the posts and was shocked at what I saw. A lot of clips showed people screaming at the top of their lungs and falling to the ground. The moment they hit the ground, they stopped moving. There were also some clips of people checking if they could do anything, but they quickly concluded they were too late and that the people on the ground were dead, just like that.

There were literally hundreds of these movie clips. And the further I scrolled down my timeline, the more people were lying dead in the streets.

“Fucking hell!” Joel said beside me.

“What’s going on, Joel?” I asked, totally freaked out by now.

“I don’t know, Mia. But this is fucked up!”

“These people are dying as if it’s nothing. What’s killing them?”

“Just a sec,” Joel said and looked concentrated at his phone.

I kept on scrolling through the videos I received. One of them showed the big hole in Brazil as black smoke started coming out of it. But most of them were videos of dying people. Sometimes it was a random video where someone talked into the camera, started shouting, and just died. Other videos were of people looting and rioting where they died one by one. It was complete chaos.

“They are just dying randomly,” I said to Joel, who was still fiddling with his phone.

“Uh-huh,” he responded, obviously not paying attention to what I said.


“What!?” he asked, annoyed but kept his eyes on his phone.

“People are dying randomly! What if we’re next?”

“We’re not going to die. Just give me a sec. I want to check something,” he said, and he scrolled, pinched, and zoomed through his pictures and videos.

I got out of bed and walked over to the window. I peeked through the curtains, and I could see dead people lying on our street. On OUR street! And Joel just kept looking at his phone. I wanted to go to the living room and see if I could see more from there, or maybe get a glass of water or something, anything to get my mind off this crazy situation. The moment my hand went to the door, Joel stood up and stepped in front of the door.

“Don’t, Mia. Stay here. I think I found something,” he said and sat back on the edge of my bed.

“Look,” he said and held the phone, so I could look too.“

On his screen was a close-up selfie video of a girl I recognized from Joel’s class. She was talking into the camera about how scared she was. All of a sudden, she started screaming, her phone dropped, and the picture went black. Joel began to rewind the video to the point just before she started screaming.


“What is there to see?” I asked, not knowing where to look at.

“In her neck,” Joel said and pinched his phone, so he zoomed in.

Now I could clearly see it. There was a small black spot on her neck. The moment Joel pressed play again, the girl started screaming, and the black spot flew away.

“It looks like some bug bite is killing all these people,” he said thoughtfully. “I checked out some other videos and pics, and if you look closely enough, there is always a bug on their body before they start screaming.”

This was typical for Joel. He’s the king of detail and always saw what a lot of other people missed. It was almost impossible to see, but Joel noticed. And if it was true, which it most probably was, we were in some serious trouble.

“I just don’t know yet where they came from so suddenly.”

I checked my phone and immediately found the video from the Brazilian hole. I showed it to Joel, and the worried look on his face got even worse.

“Up until now, I thought it was smoke,” I said. “But seeing this, I’m afraid that’s where the bugs are coming from.”

“Fuck. You’re right. We need to…”

At that moment, we heard our dad scream from the other bedroom. We looked at each other, and all the color had washed from Joel’s face. I jumped to my feet and went for the door. Joel jumped up too but grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back.

“Don’t!” he said with tears in his eyes.

“But… that’s dad!!” I screamed.

“He’s…” Joel started but couldn’t talk anymore as he started crying.

I stared at Joel for a few moments, trying to digest all this. Seconds later, I realized he was right. In all the videos we saw up until now, people that screamed like this were instantly dead. I couldn’t help our dad, no matter how much I wanted it. At that moment, it really landed that Joel was right, and I threw my arms around him, buried my face in his neck, and started crying harder than I ever cried before. Joel wrapped his arms around me too and was also crying his eyes out.

I don’t know how long we stood there in my room crying together. Joel broke the hug and looked down at me. His eyes were swollen and red from his crying, and I must’ve looked pretty bad too.

“We need to make sure we’re safe,” he said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Your room is the best in the house. I don’t think there are any holes in here. Our living room has this worn-down ventilation system, and my room has a hole in the window. I think that’s how…“ and he stopped talking, swallowing audibly.

I felt I was tearing up again too, and I lay my head on my brother’s chest and hugged him. There wasn’t anything even remotely sexual about this, but feeling his muscles against my cheek felt incredibly comforting. Joel cleared his throat and started talking again.

”We need to fortify this place and make sure we can live here for at least a few weeks. I don’t know how long these bugs will be around, but we need to be prepared for the worst.”

”But… How do you want to do this? We can’t go out of this room, ” I worriedly said.

We stopped hugging, and Joel opened my closet. He stood there looking at my clothes, and I had no idea what he was thinking.

“If I wear enough clothes and make sure that no body parts are uncovered, I think I can go into the living room.”

“Are you crazy?” I responded, not wanting to lose my brother.

“No. Of course not. But if we just stay here, we’ll die too. So, either way, we have to do something.”

“But…” I tried.

I couldn’t find the words I needed to stop him. And after a bit of thinking, I knew he was right.

“You’re not going outside, are you?” I asked him.

“No! Way too dangerous! But we’ve got a lot of stuff in our living room and kitchen that we can use. We just need to make a list together of stuff that we need in here.” Joel said and started putting on his clothes. As he pulled up his pants, he turned his back to me to let me get dressed too. After I put on my bra and t-shirt, I turned around. Joel was looking at my desk and picked up a pen and a piece of paper. I dropped my sweats, pulled up my pants, and joined Joel at my desk.

“Now. What do we need, Mia?” He asked.

End of Chapter four

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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