Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 24 – Second wave
Day 6.

“What do you think happened in there?” Ellie asked after we hung up the phone and were quiet for a while.

“I don’t know, Ellestar. But considering they weren’t mentioning them and want to get out of there, I reckon it isn’t anything good,” I said, looking serious.

“I thought so too. Do you think they’ll tell us?”

“Eventually, yes. But we don’t ask about it. Not for a while, at least.”

“There they go,” Ellie said, pointing at the screen.

“Good. They look well equipped too!” I said, impressed.

We watched them riding their bikes through town, just as we instructed them. Joel let Mia ride in front of him, which I thought was the best thing to do. This way, he could keep an eye on his sister and watch their backs. It wasn’t the most compelling television, and after watching a blank screen all night, I felt my eyes grow heavy.

I don’t know how long I was out, but the moment I felt Ellie feeling me up again, I was awake. I glanced down and saw Ellie rubbing my dick and smiling at me. On the monitor, I saw Mia and Joel had stopped their bikes and were drinking from their water bottles.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“A little under an hour,” Ellie said. “But I’m bored and horny, so I decided to wake you.”

“We need to watch these two. We promised,” I tried in a vain attempt to prevent us from having sex again.

“I know…” Ellie smiled.

She started tugging at my underwear, and before I knew it, they were off and thrown in the corner of the room. I was sitting in the same chair as I did last time, and I figured Ellie would climb up on me again. She was massaging my dick, making it nice and hard as I noticed her hand between her legs. So I slipped my hand in there too from behind and started rubbing my niece’s pussy through her already pretty soaked panties.

With one hand never leaving my dick, she worked her way out of her panties using her other hand and a little help from me. She lifted one leg and stepped over my lap. But her back was toward me, and she started rubbing her pussy with my hard dick. After smearing my precum all over her pussy, she slowly started lowering herself. The moment her ass hit my pubic bone, and she couldn’t go any lower, she sighed deeply.

“I think it’s the vaccine keeping me horny, don’t you think?” she softly said.

“If you want to think that, go ahead,” I chuckled. “I think you’re just horny, period. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the vaccine.”

“Well… Ohhhh… Okay. I’m horny. I wanted to try it this way, so I can still look at the monitors, so shut up,” she giggled, which caused her pussy to grip my dick firmly.

Ellie slowly started riding me. I was able to glance at the monitor next to her, but her little body obstructed my view to the other monitors. I knew Ellie was watching these, but I wasn’t sure if she was focused enough right now. We didn’t really fuck. It was more like a lovely way to kill time. Although Ellies pussy became slippier by the minute, which greatly enhanced the feelings on my dick.

“I liked it better when I was facing you,” she suddenly said, lifted herself off my dick, and stood up.

This girl sure knew what she wanted. As she stood there, she lifted her top, exposing her perky breasts. Realizing this was my chance to get a better view, I rotated the chair ninety degrees, so I was sitting parallel to the control panel. I was just in time because Ellie was already climbing back up.

Her tits were in my face, and I just had to nibble on one of her nipples.

“OHHH…” She moaned as her up and down motion increased a bit.

I placed my hands on her hips in an attempt to slow her down, but she would have none of that. I kept looking at the monitors, occasionally checking Ellie. Her gaze was unfocused, and she practically didn’t look at the monitors. She placed her hands on my shoulders and was very busy getting off. That much was clear.
I honestly couldn’t blame her. She had just discovered the mind-blowing effects of orgasms. I was sure she had a few before, but thirteen in a row? There was no way that it didn’t set something off in her mind. On the monitor, I noticed Mia and Joel exiting the city, which meant they were within cellphone reach in a few minutes. The moment I realized this, I felt Ellie’s hands gripping my shoulders firmly, and her pussy started contracting around my dick. Holy shit! I hardly noticed she was close. Sure! Her breathing grew heavier, and she couldn’t concentrate, but cumming already?

“Ohh…” she softly moaned and just kept going.

All this stimulation on my dick caused me to get in the zone too. And since we had to talk on the phone soon, I decided to finish this. So I gripped Ellie’s hips firmly and started fucking her. It was a bit awkward at first, but soon enough, we found a good rhythm to make it work. I lifted my butt a bit off the chair to meet her as she went down. The obscene-sounding slaps of body against body were filling the room as I felt my orgasm approaching.

By now, I was second-guessing my homosexuality. I loved Robert dearly, and the sex with him had always been superb. But fucking a girl, and especially this girl, was at the same level. Robert’s constant jokes about me being bi probably had more truth in them than I always thought. I barely wanted to admit it to myself, but I guess I liked hetero sex as much as I enjoyed gay sex.

As I contemplated all this, I started to groan. “Ahhh… I’m close, Ellie,”

“Hmmm… OHH… Me too! Keep fucking me, I… OHH” was all she could say.

Not one to argue, especially when I’m close to cumming, I kept going. I slammed harder and harder into her body as the tingle starting in my spine found its way down my anus into my balls. I gave it one last, firm push, and as I balled out, I felt the spurts leaving my body.

“OHH… YEAHHHH…” I moaned.

“GGMMRMRPHH,” was the primal sound coming from Ellie’s throat as her pussy started convulsing again.

She laid her body against mine, and she went completely limp and panted heavily.

“I could do this all day long,” Ellie whispered in my ear as I felt my sperm leaking around my softening dick.

“Me too. We’re getting good at this,” I whispered back, my eyes focusing on the monitors.

We sat like that for a few more minutes, and I felt my softening dick flopping out of Ellie’s body. That was my cue to gently push her back up and look her in the eyes.

“Now we need to focus on getting them in here, okay?” I smiled.

“Of course. I’m satisfied now, Uncle Adam. Can we call them already?”

“Let me check.”

I picked up my phone and dialed Mia’s number. On the monitor, it was immediately clear she received my call as she pressed her brakes and stopped. Joel nearly bumped into her but stopped too.

“Hi, Mia,” I said.

“Hi, Adam. Finally! We were getting a bit worried.”

“We watched you the entire time. You’re doing great!” I complimented her.

When I heard a beep, I looked at my phone and noticed Joel was calling me. I merged the call, connected my phone to the control panel, and sat back in my chair.

“The two of you are making great progress!” I said to them

“Thanks,” Joel responded. “Any clue on how much longer?”

“I’m guessing about four to five hours. You left the city way quicker than we anticipated.”

“Okay. That’s good news,” Mia said. “Let’s get going again, shall we?”

I saw them getting back on their bikes again, and I could hear the wind on their microphones. This was going fantastic! SHIVR was checking all possible upcoming issues constantly, and she hadn’t reported anything. After Ellie went to the bathroom, she came back in with the laptop. She was sitting next to me. I noticed Ellie was looking at the computer and clicking away furiously with a terrified look on her face.

“Assist me, SHIVR,” Ellie suddenly said.

“How can I help you, Ellie?” was the warm reply.

“Did you check the hole in Brazil?”

“I’m sorry. No. My primary focus is the road Mia and Joel are taking.”

“Check the satellite feed now, SHIVR!” Ellie said sternly.

“Sure. One moment please.”

“What is it, Ellie,” I asked worriedly after pressing the mute button on the phone.

“I think they’re back,” she whispered.

End of Chapter twenty-four

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