Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 26 – Race against time
Day 6.

The moment I ran outside, I knew we were safe. There, in the middle of the street, was a big Cybertruck. It had a massive dent on its left front and a headlight was missing because of that. There were also a lot of scratches over the entire left side. Adam was standing beside it, looking around to see if he could find us. I ran over and threw myself at him, my arms tightly around his neck.

“You came for us!!” I said, kissing him on his cheek as tears rolled down mine.

“Yeah. I couldn’t just leave you here. Could I?”

“Hi, Adam! Great to see you, man!” Joel said, trying to act all cool and giving him a fistbump. But I could hear the relief in his voice clearly.

“Come here!” Adam responded and gave my brother a tight hug.

I looked at the car, and it looked great! I never expected Adam to come and get us, so I couldn’t believe our luck. I brushed my fingers over the dent on the front and looked at Adam.

“I’ll explain later,” He said. “Hurry! Get the stuff you need and throw it in the back. Ellie and I calculated we should make it, but it’ll be tight. So hurry!”

Adam opened the trunk, and we each grabbed the clothes, the guns, and our backpacks. These were still lying on the ground in the middle of the street. I was carrying the bag from my last food run, so I threw that in too. Adam got behind the wheel and Joel got in next to him. I closed the trunk, and the moment I was in, Adam raced off. He drove off with such speed, my door slammed shut by itself.

This was something I never felt before. I was pinned into my seat with such force I thought only racecars could deliver. This was a pickup truck. Not a racecar. And on top of that, there was no loud sound of a roaring engine. Nothing but the wind floating by the car as we rocketed away.

“Buckle up,” Adam said. “Turns out we’ve only got ten minutes left. It will be close.”

I’ve never seen anyone drive like this. Adam floored it toward the corner and pressed the brakes really hard, just before rounding the corner. His steering motions were tight and deliberate, and he had a very focused look on his face. The moment we were on a relatively straight part of the road, I finally managed to fasten the seatbelt.

“You’ve done this before?” Joel timidly asked with his hands firmly around the handle above his door.

“Yeah. Robert and I took an advanced driver training course at the Road Atlanta circuit,” Adam said without taking his eyes off the road. “My grandfather on my mother’s side is Finnish, so I wanted to pay tribute to my rally driving roots.”

“I see,” Joel responded. “What about the broken headlight?”

“That? Well… That was just… one second,” Adam said.

There was a big car standing in the middle of the road, almost blocking the road in front of us. But according to the tracks in the grass beside it, Adam already figured out how to avoid the car. Adam almost didn’t slow down and steered into the grass. Through the front window, I could see the steep ravine beyond the small patch of grass. I sucked in a breath from fear, but Adam didn’t seem to care about the canyon. And I had to admit his steering was top-notch.

“There was a big truck in the middle of the road. I couldn’t get around it, so I pushed it out of the way,” Adam continued after we were back on the road again.

“Why did you do this?” I asked.

“Do what? Bump into that truck? I couldn’t get to you without doing that. And It’s only a… WOW… car,” Adam said, barely avoiding a crossing deer.

“No. I mean, why did you come and get us. You put yourself in danger for two strangers,” I said.

Adam paused for a second, and I saw him looking at me in the rearview mirror. I noticed Joel looking at him expectantly as we were flying over this mountain road.

“Look, Mia. Yes. We are strangers. But in this new world, there aren’t that many good people left. And my parents always taught me to help other people whenever you can. If you can’t have it in your heart to help other people, then why do you have a heart?” he said, and I thought I saw a small tear in the corner of his eye.

“And you’re two really nice kids. That helps a lot too,” he smiled.

“I don’t know how we can ever repay you, Adam,” Joel said.

“You don’t need to repay me! I don’t need or expect anything in return. The only thing I ask you two is to help out when we’re at the shelter. You know… cleaning, cooking, laundry. We’ll make a schedule and divide the work. We’re not a hotel. That’s all there is to it.”

“Of course!” I said. “It’s just that… We’ve never met anybody who was kind to us without expecting something in return, you know?” I said, realizing how it must sound but not caring about that.

“And now you have. One sec. There’s the truck,” Adam said, slamming his foot on the brake.

We slowed down to a walking pace. Our car barely fit through the small gap between the truck and the rocky wall to our right. Adam steered carefully, but I was sure that one week ago, he would’ve driven it with a lot more care than he did now. The loud screeching noise on the left caused Adam to groan softly.

“Thought I had it. Damn! Ah well… At least both sides are evenly scratched now. I’ll just tell people it’s part of the exterior package we purchased with it,” Adam giggled.

And off we were again. I checked my phone and noticed we had only seven minutes left. I didn’t know how much longer we needed to drive, but the anxiety was building inside rapidly.

“How much further, Adam?” I asked, unable to resist any longer.

“About four or five minutes. Why don’t you climb into the back and make sure everything is in a bag. We need to be able to take everything in just one run. The road is basically one straight line from now on.”

I quickly unbuckled and climbed over the back seats into the big trunk. I took all the bags lying around in the trunk and filled them with the clothes and the other stuff. It took me a few minutes, and then I dropped the bags into the back seat. I called Joel, who turned around, and I handed him the shotgun. I took the rifle and crawled back in the seat, right before Adam took a sharp turn onto a practically hidden road.

“This is our driveway,” Adam said. “I’ll stop the truck near the entrance. Get ready to get out.”

I handed Joel his backpack and made sure the other bags were within reach when we’d get out. I was feeling pretty hyped and looked at my phone to see we had four minutes left. Since it was an estimate by SHIVR, it might as well be too late now. Or we could still have hours left. But I was glad we didn’t have to take that chance.

The moment Adam slammed the brakes, we all opened the doors simultaneously. I noticed an odd-looking elevator coming out of the ground, which reminded me vaguely about the Dr. Who elevator. I guessed that was where we were supposed to go.

“Got everything?” Adam asked.

“Just that bag left,” I said, pointing.

Adam grabbed the bag, and the three of us sprinted toward the elevator. I noticed a small, mummified body lying near the entrance and was curious about that but decided it could wait. The moment we were inside, Adam pressed a button, and the elevator went down.

“Just the airlock left, and we’re completely safe,” Adam said, looking impatient.

I glanced around and noticed how futuristic it all looked down here. The white walls, indirect lighting, and overall look were even more impressive in real life. When Ellie showed it to us with her phone, it was amazing. But looking at it in real life was even better.

After the airlock door opened, Ellie came running and threw herself at Adam. I couldn’t resist the urge and threw myself at my brother. We hugged tighter than we ever hugged before.

“We made it, Mia,” Joel whispered in my ear.

“I love you, Joel,” I whispered back.

I broke the hug and turned around to hug Adam. I wrapped my arms around his neck again, and this time he hugged back firmly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” I said as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“You’re welcome, Mia! I’m SO glad you’re here now.”

We hugged like that for over a minute, and as we broke the hug, I kissed him on his cheek. Adam smiled weakly, and I could see the tears in his eyes too. The weight I felt lifted from my shoulders was unimaginable. I thought that no matter what would happen now, I would be safe. Safe and surrounded by people that genuinely cared about me.

When I looked over at Joel, Ellie was hugging him, and I felt a slight sting of jealousy shoot through me. It was a short sting, and I had to force myself to ignore it. Seeing my brother hug an attractive girl dressed in her underwear hit me harder than I ever would have imagined. After she broke her hug, Ellie turned, smiled widely, and gave me a firm hug, causing my sting to vanish instantly.

This girl wasn’t after my brother. She was just as glad to see us as we were to be safe inside this shelter. And the way she was dressed. Well… I couldn’t blame her. It was smoking hot down here!

“The bugs are making casualties in the city, Ellie,” a female voice, obviously SHIVR, said suddenly.

We got into a control room and looked silently at the monitors. On the screens, there were a lot of uniformed men falling to the ground. The way it happened was precisely like we saw on the Instagram posts before. These were the same bugs, alright.

“Holy fuck. They’re really back,” Joel said beside me. “And they didn’t see them coming.”

I noticed Ellie and Adam glancing at Joel. It took me a second to realize, but it was probably because of what Joel said. I figured I’d talk to Joel about it but needed a diversion now.

“I don’t mind these idiots going down. They brought it on themselves,” I said with venom in my voice.

“I agree,” Adam said. “But no one deserves to go like this, you know? And we’re lucky to have Ellie and SHIVR. They saw it coming where no one expected a second wave.”

“We’ll have to keep an eye out for the third and fourth then. And, damn! It sure is hot down here!” I said as we all had seen enough and left the control room.

“Why do you think I’m dressed like this?” Ellie giggled.

“Yeah… Well…” Adam stammered. “The Flux Capacitor is broken.”

“Huh? The thing that made the DeLorean go back in time?” Joel asked, surprised.

“Finally!” Adam cheered. “You know that movie?”

“Of course I do! It’s one of the best time-traveling movies of all time! And funny as shit,” Joel said, laughing.

“Some geeky engineer came up with this name for the unit that handles the airflow down here. It’s broken, and I can’t seem to fix it. Maybe we can check it out together?”

“Love to!” Joel exclaimed.

“Slow down, Uncle Adam. Let them get settled in first. And it’s already late. So let’s do that tomorrow, okay?” Ellie smiled.

“Right. Ehh… Follow me. I’ll show you your room,” Adam said, leading the way.

As we walked down the hall, I was very impressed with the way it looked. We saw it on the digital tour Ellie gave us earlier but seeing it was even more impressive in real life. Adam led us to a decent-sized bedroom with a closet for our clothes and a king-size bed with crisp white sheets on it.

“Why don’t you two make yourself comfortable? The bathroom is over there. I reckon you’d like a nice, hot shower after all these days?”

“I’ll go first!” we said at the same time, causing Ellie and Adam to laugh at the way we looked and acted.

“Well… There’s a two-headed shower in there. You can take one together if you want. That way, you won’t have to fight who’s first. I don’t care,” Adam smiled.

I looked at Joel, and he just shrugged.

“I don’t care. We couldn’t help seeing each other naked during these last days. I just want my shower,” he said, acting all innocent.

“You go first then. I’ll hop in after you. Just make sure there’s warm water left for me,” I said reluctantly.

I wanted nothing more than to take a shower with my brother. But I didn’t want us to look like perverts either. I knew we eventually couldn’t hide our love for each other, but this wasn’t the time or place yet. I noticed Joel looking all disappointed, and I winked at him to let him know it was fine.

“Go ahead. Clean towels are inside,” Ellie smiled. “We’ll start working on dinner. You can join us if you like, Mia. Or just relax in your room. Whatever you want.”

“Thanks! I guess I’ll help you then. I love to cook!” I said.

“Great. Oh, Joel?” Ellie said just before Joel entered the bathroom. “If I were you, I’d only wear a minimal amount of clothing after your shower. The temperature won’t go down anytime soon.”

I noticed Joel’s eyes roaming over Ellie’s body. As she said this, I did the same, and I couldn’t blame Joel. Ellie sure had a nice body. But I liked Joel’s way more!

We started making dinner together. It wasn’t anything significant, but as Ellie and I started working on it, we urged Adam out of the kitchen. We convinced him to let the girls handle it this time. Ellie and talked a lot during the cooking and I really started to like her. She was a genuinely kind person with a good sense of humor and a strong opinion about many things. Especially the ‘A.W.A. issue’ as she called it. About halfway through making dinner, Joel entered the kitchen. He was wearing his new boxers with his penis clearly outlined in them. The moment I looked at my brother, I felt my vagina moisten considerably. Of course, Ellie looked at Joel’s body too. Who wouldn’t?

“The shower is free,” Joel simply said.

I looked over at Ellie, and she just smiled at me and gave me a subtle nod.

“You go. We’re almost done in here, so I’ll finish it. Just don’t take too long,” she smiled.

As I walked away, I felt that sting inside me again. Joel and Ellie were both in their underwear alone in the kitchen. What if Joel liked her better? What if he lost interest in me? I liked Ellie a lot, but I wouldn’t let her take Joel away from me.

“Why don’t you wait in the living room with Uncle Adam, Joel?” I heard Ellie say. “I’ve got it covered in here.”

That put me at ease. Ellie didn’t seem to be interested. Or if she was, at least I could take a shower now without having to worry about her preying on Joel. As the warm and relaxing water cascaded down my body, I felt my worries about Ellie fade away. Joel loved me. He said so himself, so why would he want another girl? The more I thought about it, the sillier I felt. We had to be grateful for what we had now. All the other stuff was unimportant. I had Joel by my side down here, and that was all that mattered.

After I dried off, I stood in the middle of the bathroom, hesitant about my outfit. I brought a tank top and a sports bra with me but hadn’t decided what to wear yet. The sports bra would show off my belly but made my boobs look smaller. The tank top would show off my boobs better but would be less revealing. After a small internal struggle, I decided to go for the tank top. I would look more like Ellie that way which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. This way, I was also sure not to provoke anything. After I pulled up my clean panties and pulled down my tank top, I opened the bathroom door. The smell was delicious, and I felt my mouth water instantly.

“MIA! Oh… There you are already,” Ellie smiled as she rounded the corner from the kitchen into the hallway.

We ate dinner together at the small kitchen table, talking about everything that happened over the last few days. After dinner was finished, the boys cleaned the kitchen, and we went into the living room to talk some more. Adam was in his boxers now too. After the initial awkwardness of seeing everybody in their underwear, I hardly noticed it anymore.

“Well… I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink,” Adam said. “You want something too?”

Judging by the whiskey bottle Adam was holding in his hands, it was apparent he wasn’t offering a diet coke. I glanced at Joel, and I could see the doubt in his eyes. But after only a slight hesitation, he lifted his hand and thanked Adam politely. Adam looked at me, and I felt the need to explain ourselves.

“We don’t have very good experiences with people drinking alcohol,” I softly said. “Don’t get me wrong! It isn’t a problem if you take one, Adam. It’s just that… Well… we both decided not to drink. At least not yet.”

“I respect that. And it’s a very wise decision too! But I like to celebrate you two are finally down here with us. So yeah, I’m taking one,” Adam smiled warmly as he poured his drink.

Ellie got some soda for the three of us, and we chatted a lot more. Adam had two glasses of whiskey altogether, and he wasn’t getting angry or rude. He basically stayed the same kind guy he was when we first met him. In all my life, I’ve never felt more welcome and accepted as I did now. It was as if someone draped a warm blanket over us and asked us to cuddle up against him.

“I don’t know about you, kids. But it’s been an exhausting day. I’m turning in,” Adam said between yawns.

We cleaned up in the living room and walked over to our bedrooms, where we stopped in front of the doors. I looked at Adam and Ellie and gave each of them another firm hug. Joel did the same, and we laughed at the clumsiness of the hug between Joel and Adam.

“Good night, kids. See you in the morning. You can sleep in as long as you like. This time!” he said with mock seriousness, after which he started laughing.

“Good night,” Joel and I said at the same time, and we entered our room.

“I like them,” I softly said after the door closed.

I walked in first and could feel Joel’s presence behind me. I expected him to say something, but instead, he pressed his body against my back and started kissing me in my neck. His hands roamed over my belly, and before I knew it, they were under my top, slowly working their way up.

“Hmmm…” I purred.

Both Joel’s hands gripped my breasts simultaneously. They started kneading them, occasionally pinching my nipples between his thumb and index finger. My pussy was getting nice and wet, and feeling Joel pressing his hard-on against my ass only intensified that. Joel lifted my top in one swift motion, leaving me topless. The moment he lifted my top, I turned around and kissed my brother hard on his mouth. Joel returned the kiss and opened his mouth to let my tongue enter. My hands had a will of their own, and before I realized it, they were inside Joel’s boxers, cupping his tight butt.

In the meantime, Joel’s hands found their way to my breasts again, and he was back to massaging them, causing an occasional moan from me. My left hand started moving inside Joel’s boxers past his hips toward my final goal. As I wrapped my fist around the rock-hard shaft, Joel moaned loudly, but it was stifled by my mouth. I didn’t know yet how thick these walls were, but we couldn’t make too much noise, I reckoned.

As I was examining every inch of my brother’s hard dick and feeling his hands roam my body, I realized something. This was the boy who almost gave his life to rescue me. He would do anything he could to protect me. And he loved me. He really loved me. Not just the sex. He loved me. Mia. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, no matter how long or short my life would be, considering the situation.

“Joel?” I whispered.

“Hmmm….” He moaned. “What is it?”

“I want to feel you inside me,” I softly said, lightly squeezing his dick.

Joel stopped moving altogether and looked me deep in my eyes. I couldn’t place the look on his face, and as time seemed to freeze, I noticed a smile forming. First, it was in his eyes and gradually moved down to his cheeks and mouth.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he grabbed me by my waist and lifted me off the ground. He kissed the spot between my boobs and neck, which I learned was a very erogenous spot on my body. Joel turned toward the bed and gently laid me down on it. He started kissing me again, and as I felt his entire body pressed against me, I felt butterflies all over my body. The pressure of his hard, boxer-clad dick against my pussy. My hard nipples pressed against his tight upper body. I felt like every nerve in my skin was on high-alert.

The moment Joel started kissing down my neck, sucking each of my nipples as he went lower, I knew I made the right decision. Joel would be gentle and put my well-being over his own pleasure any time. I surrendered myself entirely to my brother’s will. I knew he was nervous as hell since it was his first time too. But because the way he was going seemed so natural and controlled, I wasn’t scared anymore, only anxious to feel what it would be like.

His hands started tugging at my panties, and I lifted my butt briefly to help Joel get them off. As I felt them slide down my legs, Joel kissed the top of my pussy, briefly brushing his tongue over my clit. His body was moving, and as he kissed me some more, I realized he was taking his boxers off. After he started kissing his way up to my face again, I knew I was right. The moment I felt his dick brush against my knee, I knew I wasn’t going to be a virgin much longer.

Joel moved so slow, the tension was almost killing me. The kisses were extraordinarily nice, and feeling his strong, naked body against mine was mindblowing. But I wanted to feel him. Feel his hard cock enter me. Feel him shoot his hot cum inside my soaking wet pussy. Feel… I suddenly realized I was hornier than I’ve ever been before.

Joel was kissing my neck again, and I heard myself moan uncontrollably. The moment I felt the tip of his dick press against my entrance, I stopped moaning and opened my eyes. I looked into my brother’s eyes and saw nothing but love and tenderness. We didn’t need words, nods, or other body language. We knew what was next. And we both wanted it badly.

Joel started applying some pressure, and I felt his dickhead slowly entering me. I sucked in a breath without realizing it, and Joel immediately stopped moving and looked worried. I placed my left hand on top of his butt, gently pressing down on it. All the while looking into his eyes. The concerned look vanished, and Joel pushed a bit harder now.

“Oh my god! This is happening!” A voice inside my head screamed.

My brother’s fourteen-year-old penis inched its way into my fourteen-year-old vagina, taking our virginities with it. He occasionally stopped to make sure I was okay. I secretly wished he didn’t do that. I wanted to feel him all the way inside me. I wanted him to start pounding away. I wanted… I was feeling filled up but in a good way. The rim of his dickhead was touching the insides of my pussy in a remarkable way. This was way better than any dildo or finger could ever make me feel.

The moment his pubes merged with mine and our pubic bones met, I felt the tip of his dick press against something deep inside me. I didn’t know what it was, but it added another level to this already incredible wave of pleasure. My right hand joined my left on top of my brother’s butt, and I softly kissed him on his lips. The look on his face had changed from concentrated to horny as hell instantly. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and hungrily started Frenching me, keeping his lower body perfectly still.

“Fuck me, Joel. Please. Fuck me,” I whispered, not wanting to wait a moment longer.

As Joel started moving back, fireworks went off before my eyes. It felt as if I was about to leave my body as my entire skin started tingling. This all stopped the moment Joel slipped out. Luckily, this lasted less than a second due to a slight move of his hips. He easily slid back in, only this time he slid it in in one quick motion. As his pubic bone slammed against mine, my clit was smashed between our bodies, causing my pussy to contract sharply. I wasn’t cumming, but this was damn close to that same feeling. He moved out again but stopped just in time before he slid out. Joel used long, slow motions, opposed to the rabbit-like thrust I heard Brandi talk about. I couldn’t judge yet, but those could hardly be better than this.

The tingles in my body increased even more, and my pussy contracted again. This happened each time Joel slapped his pelvis against mine. With each thrust, the tingles increased. I was feeling all sorts of new feelings. They were so intense that I didn’t feel my orgasm coming. Joel and I kept looking into each other’s eyes the entire time, but I could see Joel’s focus was off. I already saw that look and knew he was really close too.

“Cum inside me…” I managed to say right before my orgasm hit me.

My whole body stiffened, and I dug my fingers into my brother’s butt. My pussy never contracted this sharply, and I could barely breathe. The fireworks were now replaced by bright flashes of light, and it felt as if I was lifted off the bed. But since Joel was lying on top of me, this wasn’t possible. I lost all sense of time and space and didn’t know if I was alive or dead. I was only feeling that hard piece of flesh inside me. As I was slowly drifting back, I heard Joel moan:

“Ohhh… I’m… Ahhh…”

That moment Joel’s body stiffened. I felt his dick start kicking inside my pussy. Feeling the warm sperm coating my insides, pushed me back up in the clouds. My skin was on fire, and I was positive I’d have a muscle ache from all the contractions inside my pussy. But I didn’t care. Right now, it was only Joel and me making love. We weren’t having sex, and we sure as hell weren’t fucking. We were making love. During my entire life, this was what I imagined making love would be.

As I slowly regained my vision, I felt Joel collapse on top of me. I liked feeling his entire weight on me, and I moved my hands from his butt to his back to give him a warm embrace. My pussy was still contracting every now and then. These contractions caused Joel’s dick to twitch again, which caused my pussy to contract again. After this happened a few times, we both started to giggle.

“Stop it, Mia, I’m not a machine!” Joel said, smiling, and he lifted his face to look me in my eyes.

His look got all serious, and his hand lovingly brushed a hair out of my face.

“I love you,” we said exactly at the same time.

This moment couldn’t be more sincere. We didn’t even giggle or chuckle. It was a deep, heartfelt expression of our love for each other. Joel started to move, and the moment I felt his softening penis leave me, I felt a vague feeling of emptiness. Not a physical emptiness, but a more spiritual one. My brother and I had become one during our first intercourse. Joel laid down next to me, and I turned on my side to let him spoon me. The room was warm enough to sleep without sheets, which was good because I wasn’t going to get up anymore. The events of the last six days drained me out, and feeling Joel drape his arm over me and cuddling up against my back caused me to slowly drift off into a deep, dream-filled sleep.

Right before I fell asleep, the notion of our luck and the current situation hit me again. I was safe in my brother’s arms. We were safe, and no one or nothing could harm us now. We were together, and we were safe!

The End.

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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