October 17, 2008

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – Part 08 – December
Alex Hawk

As December came along I found myself in an interesting position, or rather, several. I was getting fucked daily. If it wasn’t with Lucien or Kyle, it was with Scott, or even Jesse on a couple occasions. One memorable day I managed to arrange things so that I got fucked by each boy at least once. God, I loved sex!

For some reason I still hadn’t made any more moves on Jacob. I had no idea why. I wanted my little brother, but I hadn’t done him yet. I figured I would at some point, but there was no pressure. Hell, I had my choice of four different penises whenever I wanted them. Why chase after Jacob’s?

I was starting to get a bit of an itch to get someone new, though. I was getting very tempted to take my brother’s cherry, but then I found out something interesting. My aunt, uncle and cousin were coming to visit for Christmas.

Now, my cousin Jeremy was twelve, like me, and I’d kind of had a crush on him when I saw him last year. I figured if he was anywhere near as hot now as he was a year ago, I could do him. It wouldn’t be the same as doing Jacob, but, hey, it would still be incest, and that’s pretty cool, I guess.

My aunt, uncle and cousin all arrived on the 23rd. As soon as I laid eyes on Jeremy, and saw that he’d gotten even cuter in the last year, I knew he’d end up in my bed. Or me in his. Either way.

As soon as Jeremy and his family arrived, I made sure to spend lots of time around him. I wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible being with me. So it was that he and I ended up in my bedroom playing video games together (I was still terrible at video games in general, but I’d found a couple I was at least passable at). Our dads were out shopping, Jacob was with them, and our moms were downstairs. We’d have some time alone, which was just what I wanted.

Of course there was always the chance that our moms would come wandering upstairs, but I wasn’t too worried. I had my bedroom door open, and we had some squeaky stairs, so I’d hear anyone who came up.

“So you have a girlfriend back home?” I asked Jeremy during one of the games.

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

“Oh? You’re into girls, right?”

“Yeah,” he said. “But they don’t seem to be into me.”

“Oh? Why not?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Well, it can’t be because of your looks,” I said, firmly.

“Why not?”

I grinned. “Cause you’re real cute.”

Jeremy blushed. “Thanks,” he mumbled. “I know you have to say that cause you’re my cousin, but thanks.”

I laughed. “Jeremy, since I’m your cousin I probably shouldn’t think you’re cute.” I reached out and tousled his hair. “But I do.”

“Thanks,” he said again.

“You ever kiss a girl?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I haven’t done anything with a girl.”

“Oh. Well, then. Let’s fix that.” I put my hands on each side of his face and turned his head towards mine. Then I leaned forward and pressed my mouth gently against his, holding it there for a few seconds, then pulling back.

“There,” I said into the silence that followed. “Now you’ve kissed a girl.”

Jeremy blushed. “Yeah.”

“Wanna kiss some more?”


We started kissing again, the video game forgotten. At one point I worked my tongue into his mouth. Jeremy was a quick study, and soon our tongues were twirling around together.

“You wanna go lay down on my bed?” I asked after a bit.

“Uh… ok.”
I took Jeremy’s hand and led him to my bed. Once we were there and settled in, we started kissing again. After a bit, he started to copy everything I did. I put my arms around him, he did the same. I moved my hands onto his butt, he did the same. A quick study, indeed!

After about five minutes of kissing, I was ready for more. I’d be taking a chance with what I wanted, cause I knew if by some chance our parents caught us kissing, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But if they caught us doing what I was about to do? That’d be a different story.

I put my hands on Jeremy’s shoulders and rolled him onto his back, continuing to kiss him. As I did so, I moved my hands down and began unzipping and unbuttoning his pants. I could feel him trying to protest, but I ignored him, and soon had his pants open. Once that was done, I reached inside his underwear, taking hold of what felt like a very hard, very hairless, preteen penis.

“Madison? What-“ he started to say as I broke the kiss and moved down.

“Shhh… just relax and enjoy,” I whispered. Now down near his penis I took a good look at it. It was probably only a little bigger than Jacob’s, and just as hairless. There was a tiny bit of precum, though, so I figured unlike Jacob, my cousin was probably making sperm.

With that happy though in my head, I lowered my mouth onto Jeremy’s twelve-year-old virgin penis, bobbing my head up and down slowly as I gave my younger cousin his first ever blowjob.

“Oh, god,” whimpered Jeremy.

I was wearing a skirt and had no panties on, so I was very tempted to take my cousin’s virginity right then and there, but I figured I could do that later. For right now, a quick blowjob would be good enough for him.

There was one part of my mind, though, that wanted his penis up inside me in a different way from what it was now. I was just thinking that maybe I could have him fuck me, when Jeremy started gasping and let out a couple soft moans as his erection began to twitch inside my mouth, his juvenile sperm shooting down my throat in three hard blasts. There wasn’t much of it, but it was sweet!

Once I was done swallowing, I moved back up and straddled my cousin’s waist, rubbing my vagina against his still-hard penis.

“How was that?” I asked him.

“That was… that was…” He swallowed and finally made eye contact. “That was intense.”

I chuckled and ground myself against him. “Glad you liked it. We’ll be doing a lot more later.”

“We will?” he asked, a little breathlessly.

“Oh, yes.” I lifted my skirt with one hand and took hold of his penis with the other, rubbing it gently against my vagina and letting the tip slide in just a little. “You get the idea?”

“Yes…” He looked overwhelmed.

I got off him, saying, “Pull your pants back up. We don’t want anyone to catch us.”

“Huh? Oh, ok.”

Jeremy quickly pulled his pants back up. I gave him another little kiss and moments later we were back to the video game, which was good, cause it was around then that his mom came up to call us down to dinner. That meant food, which meant at least one of my appetites would be taken care of!

Through the rest of the day, Jeremy and I kept trying to find chances for us to be alone together. When we were alone we kissed a bit, but never went farther. No, I was saving the “going farther” part for later tonight.

Things did get awkward at one point when Jeremy and I were making out in the hallway as Jacob came out of his room. Jeremy didn’t see him, but I did, and shooed him away with one hand. To his credit, Jacob just glared a little at me and went quietly back into his room.

I broke the kiss and said to Jeremy, “You better get back downstairs. I don’t want them wondering where you are.”

“Ok.” He gave me another quick kiss and headed downstairs. For myself I went over and knocked on my brother’s door.

Jacob opened it. “What?” he asked.

“Can I come in?”


“So I can talk with you.”

Scowling a little, Jacob held open the door and I walked inside, closing it behind me.

“So, listen… about what you just saw.”

“You mean you kissing Jeremy?”


“Are you guys, like, dating or something?”

I shook my head and sat on my brother’s bed. “No. We’re just having fun. Kind of like when I had fun with you.”



He sat down next to me. “How come we only did that twice?”

I shrugged. “The just wasn’t ever right for us to do it again.”


“Did you want to do it again?” I asked.

Jacob shrugged and nodded. “Of course. It was fun.”

I laughed. “Yeah, it was pretty fun.” I ran my hand down my brother’s arm. Licking my lips a little, I said, “Hey, Jacob?”


“You wanna fuck me right now?”

Jacob blinked. “What, for real?”



“We gotta do it fast, though.” I laid down on Jacob’s bed and pulled up my skirt, revealing my vagina.

Jacob moved slightly towards me. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. You wanna lose it before you’re twelve, right?” I asked, knowing his birthday was next month.

“Well, yeah, that would be cool.”

I reached out and put a hand on my brother’s crotch. “Well? If you want to, we gotta do it before people wonder where we are.”

“You’re really serious right now? No fooling around, you really wanna do it?”



“Alright.” I smiled at him. “Let me lead.”


I unbuttoned and unzipped my brother’s pants. Then I reached into his underwear and extracted his penis. I was pretty sure it had grown since the last time I saw it, but I wasn’t certain.

“Very nice,” I said with a smile.

“Thanks,” Jacob replied with a grin.

“Ok. Pull your pants down a little and get on top of me.”

“Alright.” Jacob lowered his pants and boxers a little and got on top of me, laying between my legs.

I reached down and took hold of my little brother’s penis, lining him up. Then I moved my hands onto his round little butt. “Ok,” I said. “When you’re ready, just push into me.”

“Ok,” he said, sounding very nervous. I could feel him tense on top of me, and a couple times I thought he was about to move, but didn’t.

Finally I looked into his eyes and said, “Jacob. It’s ok. Just put it in me.”

Jacob nodded. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and pushed with his hips, and I experienced the most wonderful feeling of my life as my twelve-year-old vagina was penetrated by my little brother’s eleven-year-old virgin penis.

“Oh, my god,” he whispered as he entered me. “Oh, it’s wonderful…”

“Yeah, it is,” I said, waves of pleasure washing over me. “Start moving, ok?”


Rather awkwardly, though with growing confidence, Jacob began moving on top of me. He slipped out a couple times, but found his way back into my vagina without any help from my end. It certainly wasn’t even close to the best sex I’d ever had, some of the worst, actually, but I was finally getting my little brother’s virginity, and that was nice!

I was, however, very afraid of us getting caught. If my parents had caught me giving a blowjob to my cousin, that would be bad. If they walked in on me getting fucked by my little brother, there wouldn’t be words to describe how bad it would be!

“Oh… oh… I’m gonna cum soon, Madison…” Jacob gasped, moving faster.

“Do it,” I whispered, as I wrapped my legs around my little brother’s body and held tight on his butt.

Gasping and whimpering a little, Jacob pushed hard and deep into me, as his penis began twitching inside me. I didn’t think he was actually shooting any sperm in me, cause I doubt he made any yet, but I knew it would still feel good for him to cum inside me.

As soon as my brother was done with his orgasm, I gave him a tight hug and said, “Did you like that?”

“Yeah!” he said with a little smile. “Thanks.”

I brushed a little hair out of his face. “Not many boys lose their virginity at the age of eleven. I hope you feel lucky.”

“Oh, I do!”

I giggled. “You better get off me, now.”

“Do I have to? I like it in here.” Jacob pushed his penis deep into me again.

I moaned a little as my brother’s penis hit a perfect spot within my vagina and then sighed. “Yeah, you do. Can you imagine how much trouble we’d be in if we get caught?”

“Oh! Yeah, ok.” Jacob slid out of me, his little penis slapping up against his stomach as he did so. I sat up and lowered my skirt back down as he stood and began pulling his pants back up.

“Madison?” he asked after he was fully dressed.


“Will you be doing that with Jeremy?”

“Yes,” I said, seeing no point in lying. “But I’m glad I did it with you, first.”

Jacob thought about that and then said, “Ok. Can we do it again sometime?”

“Absolutely.” I gave him a little kiss.

As I left my brother’s bedroom, I couldn’t help but be eager for what was going to happen later tonight. I’d just taken Jacob’s virginity, and I was going to take Jeremy’s later. Two virgins in one day. Not bad!

* * *

The evening went by. For my part, I was really anxious to get Jeremy into bed and take away his virginity. This distracted me somewhat from all the happy family fun time stuff that was happening. Well, that plus the fact that every time Jacob looked at me, he instantly blushed and turned away.

There was a part of me that felt slightly awkward about having fucked my little brother. Sure it had felt good for him and I, but still I had to wonder if it had been the right thing to do. Oh, well. What’s done was done, and no point in worrying about it.

As the night wound down, we each got to open up a Christmas present. We’d get to open another one each tomorrow, and then finally open the rest on Christmas morning. I got a nice boxed set of the Harry Potter books, which pretty much rocked. Jacob ended up with a couple DVDs, and Jeremy ended up with a video game he’d wanted.

I finally was able to escape and put my plans forward for the evening. First thing I did was get a shower, then, still naked, I went to my bed and laid there for a couple hours. I hadn’t expected to sleep, but my alarm went off at midnight waking me. Feeling invigorated, and exceptionally horny, I got out of bed.

Still nude, I walked over to the door and opened it up, peering into the dark and silent hallway. The room Jeremy was sleeping in was just a few feet from mine, so it was an easy matter to slip over to his room, slide inside and shut the door quietly behind me.

“Jeremy?” I whispered into the dark room.

“Madison?” came the soft reply.

With a quiet laugh, I said, “Wow, I hope so. Are you naked?”

“Er… yeah.”

“Good, move over.”

“Ok.” I heard Jeremy move over, and walked towards the bed. Once there, I got in next to him, feeling his naked body next to mine.

As soon as we were settled in, I put my arms around him, pulled him towards me, and started kissing him, letting my hands roam over his nude body. Shyly at first, but then with a little more confidence, he started to explore my body with his hands, working at my breasts and then down to my vagina, which he rubbed gently.

“You like this?” I asked between kisses.


“You know you’re gonna fuck me, right?”

There was a moment of silence, and then Jeremy said, “Yeah.”

“You want to, right?”

“Oh, yes. I’m just kind of… I don’t know. Nervous, I guess.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about,” I said, moving my hand down to slowly stroke my cousin’s penis.

“Yeah, I know. I’m still kind of nervous anyhow.”

Giggling softly, I said, “I understand. You wanna do some more foreplay and fooling around, then, or just get it inside me and get it over with?”

With a nervous little laugh, Jeremy said, “Wow, this is not how I thought my first time would be.”

Still playing with his penis, I gave him a little kiss and said, “Well, how do you want it?”

“Uhm… whatever you think is best, I guess.”

“Ok, then. Let’s get you inside me,” I said softly. I laid back and spread my legs. “Get on top.”

“Ok.” Shaking a little my cousin got on top of me, resting his nude body between my spread legs.

I reached down and took Jeremy’s penis in my hand, lining him up with my vagina. Once he was in place, I whispered, “Ok, just slide it in.”

“Right.” Jeremy took a deep breath, and then I felt him move just slightly. It wasn’t much of a motion, but it was enough for my cousin’s twelve-year-old virgin penis to slide smoothly and easily into my twelve-year-old vagina.

“There,” I said. “Now you’re in.”

“Yeah…” he said in a somewhat ragged voice.

“Start fucking me slowly,” I said.

Jeremy nodded and began to move on top of me, rather awkwardly sliding his penis back and forth inside my vagina. As he did, it crossed my mind that this was the first time I was getting fucked by a boy my own age. Lucien (15), Kyle (17), Jack (14), Scott (13) and Jesse (15) were all older than me. Jacob (11) was younger. Jeremy was twelve, like me. Pretty cool!

As the pace of my cousin’s thrusts into me increased, he whispered, “Madison…? I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Ok,” I said, putting my hands onto his butt and kissing him as he fucked me.

Abruptly the pattern of Jeremy’s thrusts stopped as, moaning into my mouth, he pressed deep inside me, his penis twitching in my vagina as his sperm shot into me. For me it felt wonderful, though not nearly enough to push me into orgasm. That was fine, though. At least Jeremy had his orgasm.

Once Jeremy was done cumming in me, he broke off the kiss and lay on top of me, breathing hard. Finally he started whispering, “Thank you, Madison, thank you so much…” over and over again.

I giggled a little. “You’re welcome.” I kissed him once more. “Merry Christmas, Jeremy.”

“Merry Christmas,” he said, his penis still inside me. Then, “Can we do it again?”

I laughed softly, and we spent the next couple hours lost in happy intercourse.


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

Ah, nothing like a little holiday fucking. I hope you all enjoyed this one! I know there wasn’t a huge amount of plot, but at least Jacob finally got laid, the lucky little boy.