October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Ten – Angelo’s Secret
Alex Hawk

Being crammed in a closet wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. It was hot, it was cramped, it was just flat out annoying.

But it was worth it.

At least in theory.

I’d gone home before the end of the game my brother and friends were playing in. I had to get ready and waiting for Angelo’s arrival. So now, here I was, buck naked and crouching in the living room closet, having been called by Bryce a few minutes ago, giving me a warning that they were on the way home. It was one of those closets with the slatted doors and one of them was pulled up enough to give me a great view of the living room, specifically the area of the floor near the couch and the couch itself.

I consoled myself by knowing that after Angelo, there’d be only three boys between me and Colt and they were all virgins. That could make life interesting, I thought as I slid a finger up into my vagina, picturing Colt’s nude body.

I was actually starting to get into the masturbatory activity when I heard the sounds of voices approaching and then the door being unlocked and open. The boys had arrived.

“… that’s not a duck!” I heard Bryce saying as the boys walked in.

There was quiet and then Angelo’s voice saying, “I don’t get it.”

Bryce sighed. “Nevermind.”

The boys walked into view. They were all wearing their street clothes, minus their t-shirts. I took in the sight of Angelo’s half naked body. Nice. The boy was hot, that was certain. I couldn’t wait to get him inside me.

“Anyone want anything to drink?” Tyler called out, walking past the closet and into the kitchen as everyone called out their orders. Bryce walked into range of the closet and made a face in my general direction.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him. Everything hinged on Angelo not knowing that I was in here.

Tyler came back with drinks for everyone as he passed them out, Storm, right on cue, said, “So where’s the porn tape you were talking about?”

“I got it up in my bedroom. Be right back.”

Tyler vanished and Spencer said to Bryce, “You’ve seen this movie. Is it really all that good?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot. I’m gay, so you know that if *I* like it, and it’s straight porn, it must be good.”

“I’ve heard you’re not as gay as all that,” Angelo said.

That wasn’t in the script. Bryce said, “Uh… what do you mean?”

Angelo snorted. “I heard you banged Tyler’s slut-sister, Amber.”

My mind seethed at the slut part, but it was hard to argue with, given the circumstances.

“Oh, yeah, her,” Bryce said dismissively. “Yeah, I fucked her. She wasn’t THAT big of a deal. I still like guys better.”

Thankfully before the conversation could go farther, Tyler came into the living room carrying a video tape. As he put it in the VCR, Bryce cast an apologetic look my way. I calmed down a little. No one could control everything, after all.

Once the tape was playing, all the boys sat back on the couch together. It was a little cramped with all of them there, but there was room enough. They watched the movie, making little comments throughout about how hot the girls were. Except, Bryce, of course. He just sat there not saying much.

About ten minutes into the film, Tyler said, “This is a really, really hot movie.”

All the boys made general comments of agreement. Storm said, “Makes me horny, that’s for damn sure.”

“Me, too,” piped up Spencer.

“Yeah, me, too,” said Angelo.

Tyler said, “You guys care if I jerk off?”

All the other boys made general noises of acceptance. Bryce said, “Fuck, I don’t care. I’ve had your dick in my mouth. You really think I’ll care if you’re spankin’ it?”

Angelo said, “What? You’ve done what with him?”

Storm started laughing at Angelo’s facial expression and Tyler said, “I guess we might as well come clean, as it were.”

Bryce said, “Yeah. We kind of planned this out.”

“What do you mean?” asked Angelo.

“Well, Tyler and Spencer both told me about how you guys had all fooled around and Storm and I had been fooling around and, well, we all thought, hey, why not get together? We can jerk off to a porno and maybe, you know, trade blowjobs or something.” Bryce grinned. “I really wanna suck you off.”

“That sounds pretty gay,” Angelo said.

“And?” replied Bryce.

“You wanna suck my dick?” Angelo said to Bryce.

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Fuck, I’ll never turn down a free blowjob.” Angelo unzipped and pulled out his penis. It was easily the biggest one of all the boys, though not by much. He pointed to it and said, “Suck away, Brycey.”

Bryce looked like he wanted to reply with something really nasty, but instead just shrugged and started blowing Angelo. As he did so the other boys started to all get naked and soon were all nude.

Once naked the boys started in with the fun. Bryce was blowing Angelo, Tyler was jerking Bryce with one hand and Storm with the other while Spencer was being blown by Storm. I was pleased at how quickly it had all happened and it was wonderfully fun fingering myself while watching these pretty young boys fooling around with each other.

After about five minutes of fooling around, Storm said, “Hey, I got an idea.”

“What?” asked Tyler.

“You guys wanna try a game?”

“What kind of game?” Angelo asked.

“Well… someone lays down on the floor and gets blindfolded. Then everyone else sucks his dick for a few seconds and the guy who is getting blown has to guess who’s mouth is on him.”

“What happens if you guess right?” Spencer asked.

“Uh… then… you get to fuck Bryce?” Storm said.

“What? Why me?”

“Cause your ass is the most used in the room,” Tyler said, smacking Bryce on the butt.

Bryce squaked. “You bastard.”

“Well, what do you guys think?” Storm said.

“I guess I’m down with it,” said Tyler.

“Me, too,” Spencer put in.

“Yeah, I guess I can deal with having my ass used,” Bryce said, sticking his tongue out at Tyler.

“I’ll do it, too, but I wanna get sucked first,” Angelo said. “I haven’t had any in a few weeks.”

“Ok,” said Storm. All the other boys agreed and soon a blindfold was improvised and Angelo was laying naked on the floor near the couch. Meantime, Tyler turned off the porno and turned on some rather loud music to cover up noises made by me.

Now none of the boys said anything as they made ready to go down on Angelo. While Spencer was getting into position to start sucking, Bryce came over and very, very quietly opened the closet door, letting me out. I stood and stretched, happy not to be in there anymore.

Bryce whispered to me, “How we doin’?”

“Doin’ good.”


Spencer started to blow Angelo while the other boys silently waved at me. Storm came up and whispered to me, “Hey, Amber.”

“Hey.” I gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek.

A little louder he said, “Ok, so you know it’s not me blowing you. So who is it?”

“Uh…” Angelo thought for a bit. “I don’t know. Tyler?”

“Nope,” Tyler replied.

“Ok. Spencer?”

“No, no,” Storm said. “You only get one guess per suck. You gotta get it right three times before you can fuck Bryce.”

Angelo let out a dramatic sigh. “I guess I can sit here and let you guys take turns blowing me if you must.”

Spencer pulled his mouth away and gestured towards Tyler who knelt down next to Angelo and started sucking away.

While we watched that, Storm whispered to me, “Amber?”


“While they’re doing that, can you and I… you know…” He blushed a little. “I mean, we’ve only done it four times and I… well, you know.”

“Yeah.” I kissed the boy a little and quietly said, “Ok, you can do me from behind.” I crept over to the couch and leaned over, presenting myself to Storm.

It took Storm a couple tries, but eventually I felt his young penis snaking itself up into my vagina. I pushed back against him, hoping that we wouldn’t make any noise while we fucked. As Storm started screwing me, the other boys looked on in jealousy, except Bryce who was just looking at Angelo’s naked body.

After Tyler had sucked Angelo for a couple minutes, Spencer said, “Ok, Angelo. Who is it?”




Tyler moved aside as Bryce knelt down and started very enthusiastically sucking away on Angelo’s penis. I was really enjoying both the show and being fucked by Storm. Life was good, that was sure.

“Ok,” said Spencer again. “Now who is it?”


“Bastard,” Bryce mumbled around a mouthful of penis.

I looked back at Storm who reluctantly withdrew his penis from inside my vagina. He moved over and traded places with Bryce, going down on Angelo as Spencer moved towards me and made some unmistakable gestures. I rolled my eyes, grinned and nodded at the boy. He got behind me and was soon fucking me happily.

“Well, this has got to be Storm,” Angelo said after a minute. “It’s not any of you other guys.”

I gestured at Spencer who pulled out of me. Slowly I crept towards Angelo as Tyler said, “Well, ok. You got that right.”

“So now I get to fuck Bryce?”

“Not yet,” Storm said. “One of us is going to start in on you again. You have to guess which of us it is. If you get it right, then you get to fuck Bryce.”

By now I was standing right next to Angelo. I quickly and quietly put one leg on each side of him, standing over him. Spencer took one of my arms and Bryce took the other and they helped me lower myself down a little bit while Bryce held Angelo’s penis up.

This was going to take some serious athletic talent. I squatted down, the boys helping to keep me upright and steady. Soon I felt the tip of Angelo’s penis brushing against my vagina. I moved back and forth a little, teasing his erection.

Angelo let out a little laugh. “That’s a new trick.”

The laughter stopped suddenly as, with the boys helping me keep my balance, I very slowly lowered my fifteen-year-old vagina down around Angelo’s very hard fourteen-year-old penis. I went down until he was halfway inside me and then held myself there as Bryce let go of Angelo’s erection.

“Whoa,” Angelo said. “Damn… one of you guys got really good all of a sudden.”

I lowered myself down further until all of Angelo’s penis was inside my vagina and then slowly raised myself up a little, moving like a boy who was giving a very slow, very good blowjob.

“Shit, that’s good,” Angelo muttered. “Uh… Bryce?”

“Nope,” Bryce said as I kept riding Angelo’s penis.

In the back of my mind I was very surprised Angelo hadn’t figured out that he was actually inside a girl’s vagina. Admittedly, he wasn’t expecting to be there, but still… I suddenly started to wonder if Angelo had really told the truth when he said he’d gotten laid already. Had I just taken his virginity?

“Fuck…” Angelo said, pushing up into me a little. “Damn… you’re really good, whoever you are… Spencer?”


“No? Uh…Tyler?”


“Really? Wow, then, Storm, you’ve gotten really fucking good!” Angelo said with a grin.

“It’s not me, either.”

Now Angelo looked confused. “What? Then who’s blowing me?”

“No one,” said Bryce.

“Oh, come on,” Angelo said, a little out of breath. “I can feel SOMEONE’S mouth on my dick.”

I pulled up until once again only half of Angelo’s penis was inside my vagina and said, “It’s not a mouth.” Then I lowered myself down until he was all the way in me again. The boys let go of me and I settled down to get comfy.

“Wait… what? What?!” Angelo quickly pulled off the blindfold. The look on his face was priceless. Tyler quickly took a picture while Angelo’s eyes went from my face down to where his penis disappeared into me. Looking down at him, I knew my guess was right.

“They cheated a little,” I said with a smile.

“You mean… I’m… I… oh, god!” Angelo’s eyes suddenly screwed shut and he pushed deep into me, his penis jumping as he released his sperm into my vagina.

Once Angelo was done cumming, I leaned down and gave him a little kiss, saying, “That was your first time, wasn’t it?”

“Huh? No, of course not! I… I… oh… yeah, it was.” Angelo looked really embarrassed.

“Ha! I KNEW you were lying!” Tyler said with a grin.

I rose off Angelo, getting rather uncomfortably to my feet. I held out a hand to help Angelo sit up. “So you lied to all these poor innocent boys, huh?”

Angelo shrugged. “Yeah, well.”


“I don’t know. I just wanted to sound cool, I guess.”

Bryce laughed. “So this means that me, and all the rest of us, fucked a girl before you got to!”

Angelo shot death at Bryce. “Yeah, gee, thanks for rubbing that in.” He looked around. “So all of you have fucked Amber?”

“Yep,” Storm said. “I was fucking her while Spencer was blowing you, even.”

“Damn.” He considered this for a bit. “Wait. You fuck her, too, Tyler?”


“She’s your sister!” I was surprised at how shocked Angelo sounded.


“That’s incest.”


“I fuck Rain sometimes, too,” Storm said.

“What? What’s wrong with you people?” Angelo asked looking at all of us.

“Don’t get too obnoxious there, Angelo,” I said, reaching out and fondling his penis a little. “After all, you DID just get laid by me.”

“Well, there is that,” he said, calming down a little.

“So why the lie?” I said, punching him on the arm.

“Ow!” Angelo rubbed at his arm. “I don’t know, I just… well, I mean… you know how me and Tyler and Spencer were all, you know…”

“Having gay sex on a regular basis?” Bryce said in an innocent tone. We all looked at him. “What?”

“Yes, that,” Angelo said. “Well… I didn’t want them thinking that I’m, you know, gay… so…” He shrugged. “I really DID get to finger Isabell Ramirez, though!”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Boys.” I grabbed hold of Angelo’s penis. “If it weren’t for this part of you, you’d all be pretty damn useless, you know that?”

“Yeah, but it’s a GOOD part,” Tyler said.

“This is true.” Since Angelo was still on the floor and was still hard, I straddled him and lowered my vagina back down onto his penis, pleased at the little moan this elicited from him. “I guess I’ll just have to put up with the rest if I want this.”

“Damn right,” said Bryce as he knelt down and started blowing Tyler.

The rest of the afternoon passed quite nicely. I actually managed to work it so that each boy, all five of them, were able to cum inside me at least once. Meantime both Spencer and Bryce spent a lot of time getting fucked and, at one point, Angelo wound up blowing each boy. All in all it was a great afternoon! I could do with more of them, that was for sure.

Meantime, I had to work out a way to get the next two boys. The brothers, Matthew and Tobey. A sinister plan of great complexity was no doubt needed. I would set to work on one immediately!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. Thank you.