October 20, 2008

Elijah’s Visit – Part One
Alex Hawk

I craned my neck, looking all around the baggage claim area. I was here at LAX to pick up my thirteen-year-old cousin, Elijah, who was coming to visit me during Summer Vacation. His parents were getting a divorce and I’d just finished my first year at UCLA. Somehow my parents decided this would be a good place for him to come and stay while things were sorted out.

Finally I spotted him. “Elijah!” I called out, walking towards him.

My cousin looked up. He was pretty cute, I guess. He was a little on the tall side for his age. Probably about 5′6 or so. Thin as hell. Brown hair, brown eyes. Nice facial structure. If he wasn’t my cousin, I would have pounced on him in an instant. Well, my cousin and only thirteen. Had he been a little older or not my cousin…

“Hey, Jake!” he said, waving at me. He came up and gave me a real good, tight hug.

“Hey, champ. How ya been?”

He shrugged. “I’m ok. I can’t find my luggage, though.”

“Let’s work together, here.”

We walked over to the carousel and checked all around. At first I was confident that we’d find them, but as time went on and nothing showed up, I started feeling less certain.

Then in a slightly embarrassed tone Elijah said, “Oh. Uh. Whoops.”

“Whoops?” I echoed. “What whoops?”

He pointed. “Wrong carousel.”

“Right.” I rolled my eyes and followed my cousin as we walked over to a different baggage carousel. He picked up a couple large duffel bags and one suitcase.

“Ok. Sorry, Jake.”

“It’s ok, Elijah. Let’s get out of here.”

We got out to the parking lot and into my Taurus. It wasn’t much of a car, but it got the job done. One of my friends had named it “Lex”. I couldn’t figure out why.

“So you happy to be out here?” I asked once we were on the freeway.

“Hell, yeah. California HAS to be better than Oklahoma.”

“I hear that. I’ve only been out there a few times and that place SUCKS ASS.”


We drove silently for a few more seconds and then I said, “Elijah?”


“Don’t say anything like that again.”

He stuck his tongue out at me.

My house wasn’t all that far from LAX. About forty-five minutes after we left the airport we were pulling into the parking lot of my apartment complex.

“Welcome to Le Maison de Me,” I said to Elijah once we were in my apartment.

He looked around. “Kinda small,” he said, doubtfully.

“Hey, look, it’s not the size that matters. It’s how much I pay in rent. And I pay a pretty hefty amount, so be happy with what you get.”

“Ok.” He looked around. “Where’s my bedroom?”

“You’re standing in it.”

Elijah looked puzzled. “This is the living room.”

“And you’ll be living in it.”


“Look, I only have one bedroom, right, and one bed. Get the idea?”

“Oh, yeah. You’re gay, right? It’s ok. I don’t think you’ll do anything to me or anything like that.”

Rolling my eyes I said, “Yes, I am gay, and no, I wouldn’t do anything with you. But that has nothing to do with it.”

“Then what does?”

“I don’t know what you wear when you sleep, Elijah, but I can promise it’s more than I wear.” He got a vaguely ill look on his face and I continued. “I’m pretty sure you don’t want to share a bed with me when I’m naked. Besides, it just wouldn’t be appropriate.”

“Oh. So I have to sleep on the couch?”

“Yeah, well. I know it isn’t much, but it’s what I have.”

Elijah sighed. “Alright. I guess I can’t be too picky.”

“No, you can’t.”


I helped Elijah unpack and get everything settled. Afterwords I ordered up a pizza and we spent the rest of the day watching DVDs and chatting with each other before bedtime.

The first couple days of Elijah’s visit went fairly well. He spent a lot of time down at the pool, splashing around like an idiot and having a good time. It was nice to see him relaxing.

On the fourth day of Elijah’s stay I had to go out and do some shopping. I offered to take him along, but he said he wanted to just hang around the apartment. I figured some time for him to be by himself would be a good idea, so I headed out to Vons.

I took my time shopping. I loved to cook, and I wanted to make something really nice for dinner tonight. I settled on some swordfish steaks (which had been marked down), some light garlic noodles, fresh green beans and chocolate pudding for desert. Tasty!

When I got home, I unlocked the door and stepped inside, getting as far as saying, “Elijah, I’m-” before I saw him scrambling for the remote control and looking as though he was trying to pull up his pants. I caught an image of naked flesh against naked flesh on the tv screen just before it clicked off.

“Ah! Hi, Jake!” he said, bouncing up to his feet. His face was a bright crimson. “Uhm… I didn’t expect you to be home yet.”

“No, really?” I closed the door and started unpacking the groceries. After a bit I said, “I didn’t know you brought a porno tape with you.”

“Uh… I didn’t…”

“I see.” I sighed. “So if I should go to my bedroom and look at my video collection that, it turns out, wasn’t so cleverly hidden under the bed, what will I find?”

“Uhm… a small gap?”

“Ah.” Once everything was put away I went over and sat on the couch next to Elijah. “Ok, let’s establish a quick new rule here. You stay out of Cousin Jake’s room when he’s not home and he doesn’t put you in a feather boa and take you out to earn your keep, ok?”

“I’m sorry,” he said, hanging his head and looking guilty. “I just haven’t ever seen a porno before, that’s all.”

“Well, I guess it’s not that bad.” I picked up the tape case. “‘Manuel’? You know this is a gay porno, right?”

“Well, I didn’t know that at the time! I only had it on for a few minutes. Besides, there’s a shot of a girl sucking on that guy there, see?” he said, pointing to one of the pictures on the back.

“So it does. And there IS a straight porn movie on the tape as well. But you have to go through the whole film to get to it.”

“Oh.” Elijah looked up at me with his big brown eyes. “So you’re not mad at me or anything?”

“Well, I am, but not that much. I’ll get over it. Look, if you want to watch porn and masturbate in here, that’s fine.” This made him blush again. “Just make sure that next time you, I don’t know, do it when I’m sleeping or when you know I’ll be gone for a really long time. Like try to find out how long I’ll be gone, ok?”

“Ok. I’m kinda surprised you’re not chewing me out for this.”

I shrugged. “I’m the one who owns the porn tapes. What do you think *I* keep them around for?”

Elijah grinned. “Yeah. I guess I just didn’t think about you doing that, too.” Looking over at the tv he said, “So… do you mind if I watch the rest of it?”

“Right now?”

“Well, yeah.”

A naughty little thought crept into my mind. If nothing else, this would be decent punishment for him creeping around in my bedroom. “Alright. But! I watch it with you and we watch it from the beginning, ok?”

“Uhm… Ok. I guess that’s alright.”

“Either that or no porno.”

“Oh, ok. But do we HAVE to watch the gay parts?”

“It IS kind of a punishment for you, you know. That’s for sneaking into my room. However, I’ll be nice. We watch the first gay scene and then I’ll show you the straight part, ok?”


I got the tape queued up and pressed play. Soon there was, up on the screen, two very underage looking boys making out with each other.

“How can you like stuff like this?” Elijah asked after a bit.

“Oh, it’s pretty easy when you’re gay.”

“Yeah, but, ok, I mean, like, how can you be gay? How can you, you know, like guys that way?” He wrinkled his nose.

“Oh, it’s pretty easy when you’re gay.”

Elijah laughed. “Yeah, yeah. But I mean, like, how did you know you were gay? I mean, have you ever fucked a girl or anything?”

“Yeah, I have. A few times. It’s fun and all, but it doesn’t really do anything for me. I’d rather just masturbate, basically.”


“As for how I knew I was gay…” I shrugged. “I just knew. All my life I knew I was a little different from everyone else, and when I hit puberty I started getting hardons in the locker room all the time. THAT wasn’t much fun. But there was one other boy who also got hard and he and me spent time talking and pretty soon we… well, you know.” I smiled at the memories. “Anyhow, it just seemed really right to me. I tried it with a girl when I was sixteen, just to see what it was like and it just wasn’t as much fun.”

“Oh.” We turned our attention back to the movie. Now the boys were getting naked and one of them was sucking off the other.

“I haven’t had any sex at all yet,” said Elijah.

“You will eventually. It’s a fun thing, that’s for sure.”

“I wish I could do it now.”

“I wished that a lot when I was your age, believe me. Hell, I wish I had a guy over here right now that I could do it with.”

Elijah wrinkled his nose again. “Here?”

“Well, not right HERE, no. We’d do it in my bedroom. I wouldn’t want to gross you out TOO much by letting you see it.”

Silence returned to the room as we watched the movie. “Who’s that older guy?” Elijah asked.

“I THINK that’s the father of Manuel. I’m not sure. I don’t understand German.”

“Oh, that’s what they’re talking in? I was wondering.”


The movie kept cutting between the man trying to find the boy, and the two boys getting it on. Finally it got to my favorite part in the film where one boy was fucking the other.

“God, gay guys really DO that? I thought it was just made up.”

“Yes, they really do that.”

“Doesn’t it hurt or anything?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, it can. But if you’re with the right person it can be just the most incredible thing you’d ever imagined.”

“Oh. I guess it does look like they’re having fun.”

“They are.”

“How old are they?” he asked suddenly.

“How old do you guess?”

“I don’t know. Maybe fifteen or sixteen or something?”

“Well, according to the box, everyone in the movie is eighteen or older. As long as they can prove it, I’m happy.”

“Oh, ok.”

Eventually the scene ended. I reached for the remote and said, “I’ll skip it up to the straight scene.”

“Well, wait.”

A little surprised I looked over at Elijah. “Yeah?”

“Well, I was just gonna say that if you want, you can just let it keep playing. I mean, it’s your house and you shouldn’t have to skip it all just for me.”

“Alright.” I sat back and let it play, my mind circling around. Well, just WHAT was little Elijah thinking? I snuck a quick look at my cousin’s crotch and was pretty sure I saw a little bulge there. I played back the course of the conversation with him. Was he maybe gay? Or thinking he might be? I know most guys were pretty confused at the age of thirteen, and it could just be that he was really curious. Maybe that’s all there was too it. God help me if it was anything else. The last thing I’d need would be the Oklahoma side of the family talking about how I’d made my cousin gay.

“So the boy is running away from home and trying to find his boyfriend? Is that what’s going on?” Elijah asked.

Dear god, he’s analyzing the plot. “Well, like I said before, I don’t speak German, but I THINK that’s what’s happening, yes.”

“That’s cool. Is there, like, more sex and stuff?”

“Oh, yes.”


The movie continued to roll, showing off many, many more pretty boys having sex with each other. The scene where a girl turned up and gave one of the boys a short blowjob barely drew even a small amount of comment from Elijah.

Finally the movie came to an end. Elijah said, “That was a pretty cool movie!”

“You liked it?”

Elijah tried to recover his cool. “Well, yeah. I guess. I mean, I haven’t seen anything like it before.”

“Well, now we can watch the straight movie,” I said, suppressing a sigh. I really, really wanted to jerk off, and watching another hour of movie without being able to was really going to suck.

If I’d thought Elijah was into the last movie, nothing prepared me for how riveted to the screen he was as the straight film started playing, especially once one of the boys started to fuck the girl.

“Damn, he’s lucky!” Elijah said, the bulge in his pants now clearly visible.

“Yeah. See that one there?” I asked, pointing to one of the boys.


“I’m pretty sure this is the first time he’s ever fucked a girl. Just wait until you see him get going with her.”

“Really? Ok.” He sat back and somewhat rubbed at his crotch. Grinning shyly at me he said, “I wish you weren’t here, Jake.”

“Oh? Why?” I asked, sounding innocent.

“So that, you know, I could, like, you know… jerk off…” The last part was mumbled.

I laughed. “I was just thinking much the same thing.”

“Oh…” Very shyly now he kept his eyes on the tv and mumbled, “Well… we could just do that… you know… while we watch the movie?”

“You mean masturbate together while we watch a porno film?” I asked, staring right at him.

I was amazed. I never knew any boy could turn that bright of a red color. “Uh… yeah, I guess. I mean, if you don’t mind. I mean, like, I don’t want to do anything gay, but I really like this movie, you know? And I wanna jerk off and you wanna jerk off and so, you know…”

“Sure, if you want. Just don’t ever tell anyone, ok?” My earlier thoughts about how young he was and how much of my cousin he was were starting to recede somewhat.

“I won’t!”

Knowing that I would probably have to go first, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis. It wasn’t huge. Only a little more than six inches. I liked it, though.

“You got a pretty big dick,” Elijah said, looking down at me.

“Thanks.” I began slowly masturbating and said to Elijah, “You gonna take yours out, too?”

“Ok.” Looking even more shy than before, Elijah pulled down his shorts and underwear, exposing his thirteen-year-old virgin penis. It looked to be about four inches or so, and he didn’t have very much hair yet, though he did have some. “How does mine look?” he asked quietly.

“You have a very nice penis, Elijah. You’ll make a girl very happy with that some day.”

“It’s not as big as yours, though.” He kept staring at my penis as he started stroking his own. “I’ve never seen another guy with a hard dick before,” he added.

“Yours will get bigger, don’t worry. You’re only thirteen now,” I said, as much of a reminder to myself as anything else.

“You really think it’s nice?”

“Yeah, sure. The first girl to get that inside her will be one damn lucky chick.”

“Cool,” Elijah said with a little smile. He looked at the screen where the boy I’d mentioned earlier was about to lose his virginity. “That’s damn sweet,” he said as the boy entered the girl.

“Yeah, it is! Makes me wish I was her.”

Elijah laughed a little and then very abruptly said, “Can I touch your dick?”

I blinked. “What?”

Elijah blushed. “Nevermind…”

“No, wait. You wanna touch me?”

“Well… I mean, I’m not gay or anything, but I’m just, you know, curious. I wanna see what it’s like to, like, touch another guy. That’s all.”

Sighing a little I said, “Look, Elijah. You’re only thirteen and you’re my cousin. I shouldn’t even be jerking off with you, much less let you touch me.”

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.”

“Yeah, but it would still be wrong,” I said, trying to convince myself.


“Because you’re thirteen and my cousin.”


“So… so it’s wrong.” I really was having a tough time believing this, mind you. I mean, I wasn’t into young boys, but Elijah was pretty cute, and he was just asking to touch. Not THAT big of a deal, right?

“Look, I just wanna touch it. That’s all. If you don’t want me to, that’s ok. I just wanted to see what it feels like, that’s all.”

“Alright, you can. Just don’t ever tell anyone, ok?”

“I won’t!”

“Ok.” I let go of my penis for the most part, just wrapping my thumb and forefinger around the base to hold it up.

Eric licked his lips and then reached over, brushing the tips of his fingers along the shaft and then wrapping his hand around it. He held his hand motionless for a few seconds and then gave my penis a couple gentle tugs.

“Wow… is mine going to get this big?”


“Good.” He kept stroking me. “This is kinda cool.”

“What, playing with my dick?”

Elijah blushed. “Well, yeah.”

“So, what, are you just going to keep doing it?” I hoped he would.

“Do you mind?”


I sat there looking at straight porn while being masturbated by my thirteen-year-old, allegedly straight, male cousin. It was a strange situation to be sure, but I wasn’t really minding it too much. Looking down I saw Elijah’s penis sticking up between his legs, being neglected.

“Can I touch yours, too, Elijah?”

“Oh, please, god, yes,” he whispered.

I put my hand around my younger cousin’s small penis. His skin was so smooth. It wasn’t nearly as big of an erection as what I was used to, but I really liked it.

“Oh, that feels so nice…”

“Glad you like it,” I said with a little chuckle, getting up a good rhythm on Elijah’s penis.

We continued to masturbate each other while we watched the porn up on the TV screen. I’d never been in a situation quite like this before, and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I’d never really had any younger boys coming onto me, though I knew that it happened with some of my other friends. Most of them went for it. Now I was starting to understand why.

Suddenly Elijah’s body tensed up. He moaned and lifted his butt off the couch as his erection started spurting. Several sharp blasts of sperm landed all over his shirt and my hand. I slowed down my movements and then stopped them entirely as the last of his cum oozed out the tip of his penis.

“Oh, god, Jake… oh, that was wonderful…”

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said, feeling a little strange inside. I reached down to my own penis to put it away.

“No, wait. I gotta get you off, too.” Elijah started masturbating me a little faster.

“No, you don’t have to, Elijah.”

“But I want to. You made me cum and I wanna make you cum.”

“Ok,” I said, giving in. “If you wanna make me cum, go ahead.”


I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the feelings, but still feeling a little strange about the fact that this was basically child molestation. It was certainly getting me off, though. The boy was good at what he was doing. Well, I know that at that age, I had a lot of practice.

In fact it wasn’t more than about three minutes after Elijah really started jerking me that I said to him, “Hey, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“You are?” Elijah perked up. “Cool!” He started stroking me faster and faster.

I let out a cross between a whimper and a moan, and my sperm shot out of my penis all over my upper body. It wasn’t the best orgasm I’d ever had, but it certainly was far from the worst.

“Did I do it ok?” Elijah asked, still holding onto my penis.

“Yeah.” I grinned at my little cousin. “Yeah, you did just fine. Let go, though, so that I can go get cleaned up.”

“Oh, ok.” Elijah released me. I walked into the kitchen and came back with a couple paper towels. One I used on me, the other I gave to Elijah who cleaned up his own penis.

“That was fun,” he said.

“Yeah.” I sat down next to him. “You know, right, that you can’t ever tell anyone about this.”

“I know.”

“I mean it, Elijah,” I said in a stern tone. “I can get sent to jail for this.”

“Oh.” Now he looked a little scared. “I’m sorry, Jake. I don’t want you to get into trouble!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Just as long as you don’t tell anyone.”

“Ok. Why is it against the law, though?”

I shrugged. “Because people think kids and adults shouldn’t do anything sexual together.”


“I’m not really sure. It probably has to do with religion. Most things that sounds stupid usually do.”


“So on another note… why did you want to do what we just did?”

Elijah sighed. “I don’t know. I think…” He shut his mouth and looked embarrassed.

“You think you might be gay?” I said softly.


“Why do you think this?”

“Well, in the locker room sometimes I get… you know… hard.”

“Lots of boys do. That’s not a big deal. You’re thirteen, it happens.”

“Yeah, but I only do it when I’m looking at a couple of the other guys in my class. No one else, just them. And at night when I’m at home in bed and I’m… jerking off…” Elijah blushed a little. “I think about them and stuff.”

“Like think about them how?”

“Like naked and us jerking each other and kissing and stuff. You know. Gay things.”

“Yeah, I know a little bit about that,” I said with a laugh. “Do you think about girls at all?”

Elijah shrugged. “Not really.”

“Well…” I sat back and stopped the tape, hitting the rewind button. “It sounds like you might actually be gay, yes.”

“Oh.” He almost looked like he might cry. “I don’t want to be gay,” he said in a small voice.

“No one does, really.” I put an arm around his shoulders. “But it’s ok. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about it. I mean, hey, I’m gay and I’ve turned out ok.”

“Yeah… yeah, I guess so.” He smiled up at me. “You give good handjobs, too.”

I laughed. “Yeah, well. Remember, that has to be our secret.”

“I know.” My cousin looked shy. “Can we do it again soon?”

I laughed again. “We’ll see what we can do.”

* * *

The next week was… stressful. Weird. Every day I’d come home from work and find Elijah waiting for me. We’d watch a porno and masturbate each other to orgasm. We never did anything else with each other, just masturbating, though Elijah kept pressuring me to do more stuff. I still wasn’t comfortable with what we were already doing, though, and the idea of taking it further was really weird to me.

Further, Elijah seemed to be deciding more and more that he was gay. We didn’t even bother to watch straight or bi pornos and more. It was just gay ones.

By the end of the week I was sitting around talking with one of my friends. His name was Michael and unlike me, he was thoroughly into young boys.

“So let me get this straight, as it were,” he said to me over coffee. “You have a thirteen-year-old boy who might be gay and is throwing himself at you?”


“Damn. You gonna do him?”

I rolled my eyes. “Michael, unlike you I’m not the Poster Boy for sex offender registration laws.”

He stuck his tongue out at me. “Fine, send him my way. I’ll give the boy a great education.”

“I bet.”

“Seriously, Jake. The boy wants to have sex with you. Why don’t you just do it?”

“Because it’s illegal.”




I sighed. “That’s all I got.”

Michael raised up one finger. “First point, you smoke pot. That’s illegal.”


“Second point,” he said, holding up another finger, this time the middle one. “You have sex with other guys. That’s immoral according to some and, until recently, illegal in some places in the USA.”

“True again,” I conceded.

“So… since the boy needs to learn how to have sex with a guy at some point, why not learn from his older cousin who he loves?”

“You know, you’re not helping at all.”

“I am helping. I’m helping you to do something you really want to do but don’t actually have the guts to do without me helping. I mean, you wouldn’t even be talking to me unless you’d already decided you wanted to sleep with the boy. You just need my affirmation.”

I glared at Michael. “You know, I really hate you sometimes.”

“I know!” he said cheerfully. Then a little more seriously, “Look. Sex in of itself isn’t a bad thing. Sex between adults and teens is not in of itself a bad thing. It’s only bad when there’s a huge power imbalance and that power is used to get the powerless person into bed. Like with teachers and students. In your case, your cousin wants to have sex with you. You aren’t forcing him to. He wants to. You have power over him, yes, but only for a few months and you’re not using that power to get him into bed. Ultimately, it’s just sex.”

I drank down a little more coffee. “You should write copy for NAMBLA.”

Michael laughed. “You know, I’ve had sex with about twelve underage boys over the years, from twelve to sixteen-years-old. Not one of them complained. They all had orgasms. They all had a good time. So have sex with Elijah. He’ll enjoy it. You’ll enjoy it. And you’ll be more like me!”

“You know, just because I sleep with one underage boy doesn’t mean I’m going to turn into another you.”

“Maybe not,” he conceded. “But at least you’ll understand me a little more.”

“Maybe.” I finished off my coffee. “Ok, so if I go for it, how do I do it?”

“Pretty easy. Next time you’re ready to go to bed, make a point of letting Elijah know that he’s welcome to join you. Tell him there’s a dress code, though. No one shares your bed without being naked. He doesn’t have to join you, he can if he wants to, blah, blah, blah. If he gets into bed with you, you’ve got him. If not, then the next time he’s bugging you, you can tell him he’s had his chance.”

I considered this idea. “Huh… well… I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

Michael polished off his coffee and looked at his watch. Standing up he said, “You do that. I gotta get back to work.”

“You know, right, that it’s incredibly sick that you work in the Children’s Section of the library, right?”

“Tcha,” he said, waving his hand dismissively. “All those kids are too young.” He started walking away and paused. Looking over his shoulder at me he said, “Though some of them have awfully cute older siblings. See ya!”

I rolled my eyes and sat back in my chair, thinking about everything Michael had said and trying to decide what to do.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. No special joke this time. Why bother?