A Branch Of May

I thought everything was said and done on the subject of middle-school-orgies. But then I read online about some young teens who claimed they’d done group-sex, and well, that sparked the flame again, so here it is, another foursome, this time set in the beautiful time of late April, about young English friends in search for a branch of May. Maybe my writing even improved? Anyway, it worked for me, and I hope it does so for you, too. Enjoy (and let me know about it!):

I’m not entirely sure how to start this. You see, I’m with the creative writing course in my school, and I really want to write this story, but I just can’t submit it there (you’ll see why!). So I… I think I’m gonna publish it online anonymously. And sorry for the awkward beginning, but… well.
Anyway, my friend Harry and me (I’m Kieran, btw), we are both 13 years old, and we already have girlfriends, you know, but that’s not the thing I’m gonna write about, it’s this: We had the most amazing couples-night recently! The craziest thing happened. See, our girlfriends are bff (best friends forever) since pre-school (now we are in middle school), and they are both super hot (just like us lol anyway that’s what some girls say, they love my freckles some say), although kinda different from each other: Holly (that’s mine!) is slender, has reddish hair mostly done in braids or ponytail, and she’s some kind of a nerd with science and stuff (she even wears glasses lol), and Jessica (that’s his!) has, like, wider hips, brown and curly hair that’s very long and open most of the time, and her breasts are huge, man. She does cheerleading (for Harry’s football team, sometimes. I couldn’t stand that – it would totally distract me!). Holly has titties already, too (I’ve seen them!), but Jessica, she’s BIG, if you know what I mean. Not fat, though. I’d do her any day. You know, cause I’m super-horny all the time, even more since Holly and me, well, since we’ve done IT!
Yeah, we’d already had sex. Last week. It was great! Not very long, though, but I guess we’re entitled to learn, aren’t we? After all, we’re only together for two months now. Anyway, Harry and Jessica, they’d been not that far, I think, although he couldn’t stop talking about how he had the hots for her. We even, you know, wanked off together (been done that for two years now, although my voice only started cracking three weeks ago…) and talked about fucking them.
Until it really happened.
Yeah, you heard right. We fucked them. Both. At the same time. In the same room! And I’m gonna write it down, I need to, that turns me on so much, so, yeah, here we go:
Yesterday we had this couples-night planned (not our first, so our parents trusted us), and we were gonna watch a film together in Harry’s basement. His parents were out and we had the house to ourselves for the evening. Nice! Anything could happen (at least in my fantasy…)! However, the day would start a lot less unusual. You see, the girls have another thing going on: they love horse-riding. And since it was spring and the 30th April and very nice weather they decided to spend some time with their horses – and take us with them!
We met at Jessica’s (she lives right by the woods) and after the usual kissing and hugging each other we went to the horse farm. It was a walk of about ten minutes through the countryside, and I have to admit I really liked the view and stuff. Especially the view of the girls’ butts in their rider pants, of course! Harry couldn’t take his eyes off of them either, but of course we couldn’t just walk behind them all the time, so we also held hands with the girls and talked about this and that. Holly told us she’d been at her gran’s the day before.
“Ew, boring, isn’t it?”, Jessica asked.
“No, not at all! It was actually rather nice.”
“Yeah, her gran is really sweet, you should meet her some time!”, I said.
“Mine’s always bragging about stuff and not chill at all”, Jessica said.
“Anyway, we had cake and stuff and then she sang some kind of song about May. A really old song, she told me, and it was kinda nice. Something like ‘A branch of May it does look gay…'”, Holly said. The last part she actually sang!
But Harry interrupted it. “LOL gay”, he giggled.
“That’s old English, it means, like, nice and happy”, I explained. Yeah, sometimes I’m kinda nerdy, too.
“I know, doofus”, Harry laughed.
“Actually, that sounded quite nice!”, Jessica said. “Sing more for us! You got such a beautiful voice.”
“Thanks!”, Holly smiled. “Alright, I think I can remember the verse…
A branch of May it does look gay, As before your door it stands, It is but a sprout, but it’s well spread about By the work of our poor hands…
…Arise, arise, my pretty fair maids, And take our May bush in, For if it is gone before morning comes, You’ll say we have never been.”
“Nice!”, Harry said, and we gave a little applause. Then I kissed my girlfriend on the cheek. She was so beautiful and nice and hot! And then she said something funny, giggling: “Guys, thanks, but, you see, that’s not the reason I told you this. It’s what she told me about the song that’s funny.”
“What is it?”
“Uhm, apparently it’s about… well…” Holly blushed.
“Yeah?”, Jessica asked.
“It’s about sex!”
“No kidding?!”, Jessica laughed. Harry and I grinned at each other.
“Yeah, she said…”
“Wait, your gran talked to you about… about sex?!”, Harry asked.
“Kinda. I told you she’s cool!”, Holly laughed.
“Stop interrupting her!”, I said.
“Yeah, so, apparently the song is about the time she was young, all young people of a village went to the woods to collect branches for, like, decorating their houses for May. And fetching a Maypole.”
“So what?”, Harry asked.
“Yeah, and then, my gran said, they stayed in the woods much longer than they needed to… and, quote, ‘they celebrated springtime in all kinds possible’!”
“So basically your gran told you she’d took part in, like, orgies when she was young?!”, Jessica laughed.
“Maybe…”, Holly grinned. “She didn’t tell me anything specific, of course. She just winked at me and grinned all the time when she was talking about how nice the air smelled in the woods and how the young people enjoyed their time together!”
“That’s so rad”, Harry said and looked at me funnily. I looked back, struggling with a flush of horniness, if you know what I mean. I mean, it was that time of the year, and we were about to enter the woods with two girls in tight pants…
“Anyway, yeah, that’s why I told you. Funny, right?”, Holly asked and looked at me.
“Yeah…”, I croaked, bit my lip and swallowed.
Holly kinda winked at me – I think! -, then she turned to Jessica. “So, do you think Buster’s fine again?”, she asked her. (Buster was a horse at the farm…)
The girls talked about horses, and Harry and me, we talked about football until we reached the farm. Then the girls went to get their horses ready, and we were on our own.
“So what do you think of that story, mate?”, Harry asked me.
“Well… it was funny, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah… but… but look at them girls… and thinking… well, I think I need to do something about it!”, Harry said, looking at me strangely.
I giggled. “What do you mean?”
“Well, I need a good wank, you knob!”
I bit my lip, too. “Yeah, I could use one, too…”
“So let’s go around the corner and do it, shall we?!”
Woah, this was new. We’d never done it in public before. My arousal grew. I felt my cheeks becoming red… and Harry looked wild, too. So I shrugged and said: “I guess. Look at their asses, mate. They’re so hot…”
Knowing that the girls would need another ten minutes or so before coming out to ride, we went around the corner to some trees until we didn’t see anybody anymore. Harry didn’t lose time, he just opened his trousers and got his cock out. He had a semi. I breathed and let my own cock out and started to stroke it immediately.
“Mine’s still bigger”, Harry breathed, looking at me.
“Stop looking at me, gaylord”, I hissed, pumping my cock. It was completely hard now.
“You’re… you’re looking, too”, Harry panted. He was right. His cock was big, hard, stiff. It was amazing to see him wanking. We had them in our fists and pumped fast.
“What are you thinking of…?”, I whispered.
“The girls… Jessy, I mean… fucking…”
“All of them”, I breathed. “All the hot girls in our school, like, in the woods. With us…”
“Yeah we fuck and they suck and stuff…”
No more words. We breathed and panted. Harry had his eyes closed and his mouth half-open. He looked hot, I thought! Funny. His cock seemed to get bigger and bigger. Suddenly he looked at me, and he caught me looking!
“Wanna touch it…?”, he asked.
I let out a sharp moan. “Will you touch mine…?”, I asked.
“Let’s do it!”
And we did. We wanked each other off. His cock was hard and hot, I liked the feel. And it felt amazing, having another boy’s hand on mine. So kinky! “Shit, I’m cumming. Don’t stop!!”, he grunted after only 30 seconds, and I felt it cumming, too!
“Oh yeah, me too!!”
I guess it looked funny: two thirteen year old boys in the countryside, with hard cocks spitting some sperm into the grass, hands at each other, grunting and moaning. But we needed it, and so we did it! It was fun. Afterwards, we cleaned up with some handkerchiefs, and with that brilliant feeling of relief (and just a tiny bit of embarrassement) we went back to the girls.
We were lucky, they hadn’t noticed us going away! They were just coming out of the stalls, smiling and waving at us, sitting on their horses. It looked beautiful. Harry and me watched them doing their tricks and stuff, having fun, talking about this and that (but not about what we did!), and then, after an hour or so, we went back to Jessica’s and parted ways to take a shower and change clothes, and then we would meet for our movie-night later on at Harry’s.
The girls arrived at seven, and they looked amazing as usual, wearing leggings and and a skirt and a tank top (Holly) and tight and perfectly fitting jeans and a blouse (Jessica). You could see some of her tits! I grinned at Harry when I saw how he liked that, and he grinned back, but the girls just laughed: “Stop staring at my tits!”, Jessica laughed.
“Why do you anyway, haven’t seen them for real yet?”, I teased him.
“Kieran!!”, my girlfriend shouted, looking at me smirking. She looked so beautiful with her hair done in some amazing braid…
“Sorry”, I grinned. “Just kidding!”
“I was just… just admiring how beautiful she looks!”, Harry exclaimed.
“Oh you’re so cute thanks!”, Jessica said with a bright smile and gave Harry a kiss on the lips.
“Ew, get a room!”, I teased them.
“Maybe we will!”, Jessica laughed and stuck out her tongue at me. I made a face at her.
“Anyway, what do YOU think you know – or’ve done?!”, Harry asked, looking back to back from Holly to me.
“That’s none of your business, you knob”, I said and gave him the finger.
“Fuck off”, he laughed. “Let’s order some pizza!”
Well, we did. We goofed around (funnily enough, the girls made fun of Becky “the school-slut”), played some card-game, talked about this and that, and when the pizza-man arrived, we all were pretty hungry and ready to go down to the basement to start our movie-night. You see, Harry has a brilliant beamer, and it’s like cinema down there. He brought his laptop and connected it, but I couldn’t stop looking at the girls or thinking about the stuff Holly told us about earlier on… and last week! You know, Holly and me, we don’t have that much time to our own, so I told my parents I’d go camping with Harry. But we didn’t! We hung out with our girls. And that was the first time I’d seen Holly naked. It was when we decided making out wasn’t enough anymore, and we started to undress and grab each other everywhere we could! She’s six months younger than me, and at thirteen and a half, my penis has grown a little over the last year or so. Let’s just say she liked what she saw, and I liked what I saw, and so we gave each other handjobs and kissed and then, after a while, we just did it for real. It was so great!
Harry got the computer started. He had to fumble a bit with the cables and put on the beamer. The laptop had been in standby-mode, so the screen just popped up – and there it was, his video player open and showing a still of some porn he’d watched before! All displayed on the wall! It was SO funny! We laughed out loud, but Harry just turned red as a tomatoe, exclaimed “OH SHIT!!” and closed the window. I think it was a foursome, though – two girls getting it from behind, like, doggy-style. I loved that!
“You’re so screwed man!”, I laughed. Holly laughed with me, although a little more quiet, like, nervous. Jessica just sat there gazing in disbelief at her boyfriend, her mouth open, one eybrow raised. She looks cute, I thought, I hope she’s not too angry!
“Look, I’m sorry…”, Harry said. “I really am!” He looked so embarrassed, nervously fumbling with his hair, trying to get it out of his forehead.
“Oh don’t shit yourself, man”, I said. “Anyone watches that stuff. Right?”
“You do, too?!”, Jessica said, looking at me inquisitively.
“Yeah… uhm… yeah, sometimes…”, I said, now becoming a little nervous myself. Jessica mouthed “woah” to Holly. My face flushed.
“You little perverts”, Holly giggled.
“Oh we all have… like, urges, you know…”, I stammered. “It’s, like, puberty, right…? It happens. You know that, right, Holly, you’re so good at science and stuff!”
Holly swallowed. “Well… sex IS kinda natural… don’t know about porn, though…”
“Oh, yeah… sorry.”
Holly looked at me in a funny way, then shrugged and grinned at Jessica. “Boys… I guess we just have to deal with how they are!”
Jessica smirked. “I guess…”
“So you’re not upset? It’s just, I don’t watch it that often, it’s just…”, Harry stammered, but Jessica leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“It’s okay, silly”, she said.
“Girls get horny, too, right?”, I asked. I always used to be kind of a loudmouth…
“You know we do…”, Holly whispered to me and grinned. Jessica just cleared her throat and bit her lip and didn’t know what to say.
“What’d she say?”, Harry asked.
“Oh, nothing”, I laughed. “Come on, man, let’s watch the film… the real one, I mean!”
And so we did. We ate pizza, drank cola, and watched some kind of silly american comedy. Don’t know the name, really, ’cause, well, after not much time, the film became quite uninteresting to me… You see, after we’d finished the pizza the four of us lay down on this giant sofa-bed-thing, and of course given how the others smelled and being near them and so on, I was becoming even hornier than I am already all the time, so it was kinda hard not to think of sex and get a boner – especially considering the funny things that had happened earlier! And considering I could see both Holly’s and Jessica’s outlines. So I really thought of going to the loo and have a good wank to release my tension, but then I also had to pee, so I decided I’d do this first and see how it’s gonna be afterwards (silly thought, but, well, I’m a kid, you know!). So I stood up, kinda hiding the bulge in my pants, and said I needed to go somewhere, and I did. (Not without having looked at Jessica, though: Harry had an arm around her shoulder, and her head rested on his chest…)
When I came back, it took me some time to get used to the dark room again, but then I saw something interesting: Harry and Jessica making out! Big time. They were kissing each other deeply, and Harry stroked her back tenderly. I saw her butt, her big juicy butt in her tight jeans, and my cock came to life again. Shit, I thought, but I also thought LET’S GET TO HOLLY AND MAKE-OUT, and so I did. She looked at the film, but I couldn’t, I had to watch Jessica and Harry! And I wanted to kiss my girlfriend. So I whispered into her ear: “Have you seen them…?”
Holly looked at me strangely and breathed: “Yeah…”
“Do you think they know that we have…?”, I asked.
“Do you think they care…?”, Holly asked back and bit her lip. I looked at Harry and Jessica. Still their lips locked, still their tongues entwined. From time to time you could see them wrestle. It looked hot as hell.
“Do you… do you care…?”, I asked.
“No… not really…”, Holly said and cuddled against me. Her head lay on my chest now. I caressed her hair. She smelled so good… I could see the outline of her tits and butt. We tried to watch the film for another minute or so, but then the rustling beside us – there was, like two metres between us – intensified, and I looked at them, and she looked at them, and we saw her grabbing his butt-cheeks and stroking his back and pressing her chest against his…
Holly looked up to me. Her eyes looked soft, lovingly, beautiful. Then she removed her glasses, and I could see her brown eyes, a tingly glaze in it. She scooted up, and I could feel her warm breath on my face, and then I couldn’t help it any longer and kissed her. She returned the kiss almost instantly, and we embraced deeply and fell on our sides, just like Harry and Jessica. >From last week I knew how much she liked my butt – she’d clawed her fingers into my cheeks when she came! -, so it wasn’t a surprise when she started to lower her hands. I did so, too. Her ass felt amazing. So soft and full and cute. When I grabbed it she sighed into my mouth and I felt her tongue become more aggressive in my mouth. She even started to grind her crotch against mine! Fuck, I was so hard now. It was just like last week, when we were alone! But we weren’t…
Suddenly she broke the kiss. “Is this… is this right?”, she asked, out of breath, whispering.
“I don’t know… I like it…”, I whispered back.
And looked behind Holly, at the others. Jessica’s hands were under Harry’s shirt, she kissed his neck and breathed on it, licked it, eyes closed. The girls at school basically all drooled over him. He was handsome, with soft and full lips, a muscular footballer, although at thirteen his voice still was kinda high-pitched – although becoming a little raspy now from time to time. I knew his cock had grown over the last year, just like mine, and we both had some hair above it. I have to admit, his was bigger than mine – six inches when it was fully erect. Mine was only five and a half, but well, that hasn’t stopped Holly from enjoying it, has it?
Anyway, Jessica kinda opened her eyes now – had she sensed my glance? – and looked at me. I don’t know what it was, but there was something in her eye… something wild. And from the way I stared at her – seeing her erect nipples through her blouse, her huge boobs, and the way Harry ground his crotch against hers – she must have sensed something wild in mine, as well. She closed her eyes again and tore Harry’s shirt above his head.
“Woah…”, I moaned and breathed hard against Holly’s ear. She sighed. My hands went on auto-pilot and wandered under her tank-top. I nestled with her bra and opened it. She sighed again.
“Wait…”, she whispered.
“Harry’s shirtless already”, I breathed, and she moaned and turned her head.
“Oh wow”, she mouthed. Jessica’s right hand squeezed Harry’s butt, her left caressed his hair. It looked extremely hot!
Then I felt Holly’s hand against my tummy. She stroked it and went under my shirt and found my nipples. She toyed with them, and I grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me, pressed her against me, ground myself on her. She had to feel my cock by now! We kissed again, hungrily, and then we broke the kiss with a wet smack and threw away our shirts.
Now Holly lay on her back, her chest moving with heavy breaths, her erect nipples displayed for us. Harry heard us rustle and turned his head. I saw Harry looking at her, and I heard a horny sigh from his mouth. We looked at each other, and I mouthed “Mate, what the fuck…”, but he just turned around and resumed what he was doing: unbuttoning Jessica’s blouse, revealing her breasts in a dark bra. He grabbed a good handful of them, greedily, and Jessica breathed, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed. Then Holly pulled my head down onto her titties, making me lick them, suck them. She moaned: “Oh, Kieran…”
The film was still on, of course, so we couldn’t hear everything that was going on, and it took some of the awkwardness away from us. We just were horny kids now, and we had to act on it! So my hand moved down to Holly’s crotch, caressing her there, and she immediately bucked up and pulled down her skirt. My fingers went inside her leggings and found her slit. It was wet. I rubbed there, rubbed her clit, and her breathing stopped for a second, then she moaned, loudly, and pulled me up to kiss me, hungrily. I licked her mouth out, she tasted so wonderful, and she felt amazing down there! Her hands found their way to my penis. She grabbed it through the cloth and squeezed it, and I sighed into her mouth and broke the kiss. We panted at each other heavily.
There was no stopping now, especially considering what happened next to us: Jessica lay on top of Harry, now braless, and they kissed, and her tits were pressed against his naked chest, his hands dug into her juicy ass-cheeks! Her jeans were off, and the only thing that was seperating cock from pussy was now the cloth of both their underwear. Jessica’s panties were tight and looked so very hot, and the outlines of his hard cock pressed against her snatch. Her bra was directly beside me, between us, and somehow seeing it lie there and feeling Holly and knowing what was going on made me so incredibly horny now that I just pulled my pants down and let my erect cock slap against Holly’s belly. “Fuck what are we doing…”, she sighed and stared at it.
“We fuck…”, I breathed and rolled on top of her. My cock pressed down on her pussy. I kissed her, hard, and she kissed me back and clawed her fingers into my back! We rolled over, she was on top now, and we were a little more apart from the others now, and I yanked down her leggings and panties and grabbed her cheeks so roughly, squeezing them! She was on the pill, so my boner found his way unclothed between her legs, searching for her hole. She moaned when she felt the thick thing opening her slit, and then she moaned even more when it penetrated her! It felt so hot and tight, and fuck, we weren’t alone! We fucked with our best friends with us!
Jessica and Harry looked at us having sex, looked at Holly riding me. “Amazing…”, Harry mouthed, and Jessica just pulled her panties down, spread her legs and sighed: “Lick my pussy. Please…”
Had they done that before? It sure looked like it. Harry knelt in front of her, his shorts now gone as well, his erection proudly sticking out from his crotch, and he went down on her as if he really knew what to do. Oh fuck, it looked so hot when Jessica grabbed her breasts and then his head and started to moan and sigh so loudly now, and then – oh fuck – she looked at me again, greedily, at Holly and me fucking, and I just couldn’t help it anymore, I bucked up and fucked and fucked into my girlfriend’s wet snatch, and I just came and filled her up with my juice, groaning out loudly!
Holly stopped riding and sighed into my face. “Woah…”, she sighed. “That feels so good…” I didn’t know what she meant, me fucking her or my juices deep inside her insides, but my cock got too sensitive, so I pushed her down from me gently.
“Sorry, need a break”, I said.
“Okay”, she said and swallowed. Some juice was leaking from her pussy. She was sweating. She looked at her bff who got eaten out by Harry and who looked at her greedily. “Wanna eat me out…?”, Holly asked with her cute quiet voice, and Jessica just nodded and opened her mouth, showing us her wet lips and tongue. Holly just squatted over her face, and soon her bff started to lick her clean from my leaking juices! What the fuck, how amazing was this! Harry thought so, too, he looked up in disbelief and licked his lips, his boner throbbing.
“Mate, got a condom…?”, he asked in a hoarse voice.
First I shook my head, but then I remembered I had one left from sex-ed-class earlier that month! I’d left it in my jacket, for it somehow made me horny to have one on me. Silly, I know. But I’m thirteen years old and my voice hasn’t broken yet, so I guess that’s alright, isn’t it?!
Anyway, I croaked “yes!” and stood up to help my best friend in need. “Don’t fuck her without it!”, I said when I was leaving, and Jessica groaned: “Kieran, go get it, please…!!”, to which Harry added: “I need to fuck her, mate!”
I ran upwards, naked, my cock dangling from side to side, and found the condom in my jacket. There even was a second one! Neat, I thought, and took them. I was in some kind of haze, I guess, everything looked unreal to me, the floor, the walls, the pictures of Harry as a little kid on the shelf… there was an orgy going on in the basement!!
Soon I headed back, more jumping than running (good thing I didn’t fall!), and in the room the atmosphere of raw sex hit me, again: Harry lay beside Jessica, his thick cock against her hips, and sucked and kneaded her tits. Holly still kneeled above her bff, stroking her clit. It looked so hot seeing them like that! I jumped over to them, tore the package open and handed my friend the condom. He sat up, panted and sighed and mumbled: “Press the bubble, right…”, and I nodded and watched as he gave his cock three or four strokes, so it got fully hard again, and put it on. It looked amazing on his huge cock! Holly apparently thought so, too – she was masturbating herself, staring at it with wide open glazing eyes. And I stared at her – she looked SO HOT with her hair done in braids and her flushed cheeks and her wet pussy. She moaned and sighed all the time, and she moaned even louder when Harry finally shoved his cock deeply inside his girlfriend.
Jessica moaned in relief and pulled him down. They kissed, and he started to fuck, so mount, to pump his hard tool into her, in and out, in and out! It smacked when their crotches met, and her tits wobbled around, and they groaned like rutting animals: “OH AAAHHHHRR YESS!!”, Jessica screamed. “Fuck me!!”
“Incredible…”, I mumbled when I was back on the mattress. My cock was on the rise, again. Holly saw that and licked her lips. I swallowed and croaked: “Suck it…?”
“Yeah…”, my girlfriend sighed and went down on me. Her wet and hot mouth engulfed my cock, and she went up and down on it like a fucking pro. I caressed her hair, her face, it looked so hot seeing my cock insider her mouth! Beside us Harry fucked and fucked, his butt pumping up and down, but then Jessica pushed him off her. “What the fuck?!”, Harry croaked, but soon he moaned in delight again, when his girlfriend mounted him and started to ride on his cock! Woah it looked amazing seeing her like that, her hair flowing downwards all the way to Harry’s chest, her boobs moving with her motions, oh, and then Harry grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, fuck, I needed to see that, so I went behind them, pulling Holly with me.
Now we could see Harry’s condom-covered boycock engulfed in her hole beneath her huge ass, and her trembling cheeks went up and down, oh fuck, she was getting seriously hot by now, riding him wildly! “Amazing…”, Holly sighed, and “Oh Jessy fuck oh YES! YES!! Gonna cum!”, Harry groaned and pulled her down. Jessica’s ass pumped up and down on his cock, smack-smack-smack it went, and she whimpered and cried: “Oh yeaaaah ah ah ah ah FUCKYEAHaaaahhh!!”, when Harry grabbed her ass and held it down and let his juices flow deep inside her, fucking his hips upward and groaning out loud!
Then they stopped. “Be careful when you pull it out…”, Jessica mumbled, and he did as he was told. Holly looked at them. I looked at them. Jessica turned around and looked at me, and I saw the same greedy look in her eyes I’d seen before, but this time she was on fire. She said nothing, got on all fours, and I looked at her ass. It was full, round, juicy and HOT! I was so horny again, I desperately wanted to, NEEDED to fuck that bitch, but my girlfriend was here! I looked at her, not knowing what to say.
But she knew. “Do it!”, she said. “We talked about it. We want you both.”
“Whoooa!”, I just moaned, took the second condom and put it on. Holly even helped me. She gave my cock and balls a last tease with her hands and squeezed my butt, and then she was off to Harry, helping him with getting hard again, sucking his cock. My best friend held her head in his hands and fucked her mouth. “Oh my gaaawd yess…”, he breathed, his wet mouth wide open, and she was drooling and squeezing his balls. In front of me, there was Jessica. She turned around, looked at me, said: “Do me hard, okay? Just give it to me…”
Still I couldn’t say anything, I just did as I was told! One last look to Holly and Harry – she was pulling him on top of her, mumbling “I’m on the pill…” -, then I penetrated my girlfriend’s bff. “Oh yeah…”, she sighed. “I need to cum now…”
I needed it as well, and so I humped her hard. I loved the sight of her hips moving with my thrusts, and I grabbed them, squeezed her ass and hips. It felt hot and AMAZING! Beside us, there was Harry humping my girlfriend. His six-inch-cock deeply buried between her legs, penetrating her. He fucked her as hard as he could, too, and I found that I loved the sight of his pumping bubble-butt and his muscular boy-back, clad in a sheen of sweat! “Oh yes so good do me oh yeah… OH YEAH OH fuck…!!”, Holly moaned beneath him and grabbed his cheeks.
“Oh fuck yeah it feels so good so good, oh yeah, OH YES FUCK ME!!”, Jessica wailed, as our crotches made obscene slapping-sounds every time i thrust my cock deep inside her.
“Oh yeah, take it!”, I hissed and bent down, trying to reach her boobs. I pushed her down and fucked her even harder and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them! They felt amazing, full, firm and soft! With every thrust, her cries and moans were becoming more urgent, now. “AH! AH AH AH!! OH! OH YEAH…!!” She moaned and drooled on the mattress and clawed her fingers into it, and her long hair flowed around them.
Harry and me, our fucking intensified even more, like bunnies we fucked our girls, and he made Holly’s titties wiggle around! They came closer, driven by Harry’s thrusts, and soon I could smell them, their bodies smelled of sweat and hotness, their hair so sweet and musky, oh fuck, now the girls’ faces collided, and they even started to kiss each other! Sloppily they wrestled tongues, but then it was too much for Holly, I guess: One of her hands went between her legs, and she rubbed her clit while Harry was fucking her, and then she started to scream and moan, she hit her climax, oh yeah! I noticed Jessica doing the same now, rubbing herself, “ohfuckgonnacumsoon!!”, she stammered, “OH YEAH oh YEAH!!” I groaned, and then Harry pulled out of Holly, oh fuck his cock was huge, and he roared loudly and wanked himself off hard and shot another load of his semen all over her tummy up to her tits. Jessica saw that and grunted: “Oh fuck Kieran!! Cum on myTITS, will ya?!!”
“OOOooohhhrrrr fuckyeahr!!”, I grunted and pulled out of her, removing the condom. She turned around, stuck her tongue out and shoved her breasts against my cock. I groaned out loud, grabbed it and pumped, my glans on her tongue, “ohfuckhereitCUMS!”, I cried, and a few last shots of my sperm soon covered Jessica’s face and tits…
We all caught our breaths after that.
“Woah that was amazing…”, Harry breathed.
“Yeah mate… and woah did you know about that?!”, I asked.
“No… no, it just happened…”
“Our plan worked so well!”, Holly smiled.
“A little too well…”, Jessica giggled, feeling my sperm on her face.
“Sorry…”, I said shyly.
“No need to”, she said. “I wanted you to do it.”
I let out a sharp breath and felt a little tingle of horniness rising up in me, again! But I was spent – for now. The girls stood up and went to the bathroom to clean themselves, and Harry and I, we put our shorts back on and highfived, when they were gone. “Was this your first??”, I wanted to know.
“Yeah, actually. Not Jessica’s, though. She had her cherry popped already.”
“Could have happened with herself”, I guessed.
“Yeah… woah…”
“I don’t think anyone ever had a better first time!”, I grinned.
“No. Was it yours?!”
“No. We did it last week in our tent, mate!”
“Cool. I mean, hot. Woah…”
We sat down and talked a little more, and then the girls returned, all cleaned up, just wearing panties and shirts. Jessica’s tits still looked amazing. They grinned at us. Jessica said: “Thanks, guys… it was awesome.”
“Yeah”, me and Harry said, nodding! “Thank YOU! Both of you!”, I added and smiled brightly. Holly then sat down next to me and snuggled with me and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re not mad, are you? For us having swapped…?”
“No, it was totally hot, I mean… woah…”
“Didn’t know you were up to such… such kinky stuff, though!”, Harry said.
“Didn’t know it either…”, Holly said sheepishly. “We just wanted to try…”
“Since we found out we liked you both”, Jessica added. “Not in the same fashion, you know… but… well. You saw for yourselves…” She giggled, flushed red as a tomatoe. “Actually, we thought we’d just try mututal masturbation… but then Holly and you…” She bit her lip.
“I just needed to do it…”, Holly said and bit her lip, too. “You all look so… nice, I guess.” She giggled.
“Yeah, you’re both super-hot!”, I said. “But I love Holly!”
“Aaawww, thanks, you’re cute”, Holly smiled and kissed me.
“And I love you, Jessy!”, Harry exclaimed, and they kissed. It was kinda cheesy! “Anyway, I don’t think I ever was that turned on before! And I’m ALWAYS horny”, Harry laughed, and it wasn’t cheesy anymore, lol.
“Yeah me too”, Jessica giggled. “I was dreaming of something like that for, like, a year now…”
“When you frigged yourself…?”, Harry asked.
“Wait… you guys are horny all the time, too?!”, I asked.
“Kind of…”, Jessica said, blushing. “It’s just… hormones, I guess.”
Holly had her glasses back on. As I said, she’s a science nerd, so she said: “It’s normal. It’s biology. You can act on it. It’s okay! It’s even supposed to be good for your health!”, she said, smiling brightly.
“Woah, I never was that healthy before”, I said.
We all laughed, then we talked a little more and decided to continue watching the film. But after another 20 minutes or so something that had bothered me came up in my mind, and I said: “Hey, Jessica… uhm, you said, it’s been your plan…”
“So why did I have to get you condoms??”
She grinned. “You didn’t. I have some with me. But I was busy with sucking your cum out of your girlfriend’s pussy, so I just thought let him fetch them, you know.”
“That’s unfair!”, I laughed and threw a pillow at her. She squealed and threw one back at me. Soon a great pillow-fight emerged and we were all laughing and goofing about, hell, we’re kids, so, yeah, that’s what kids do, I guess. Suddenly we were all over each other again and entwined with each other and, well, I was thirteen, so my cock was on the rise when I felt the half-naked girls (and the boy!) so close to me again. So our squealing stopped after a while and we just lay there, looking at each other, grinning and giggling from time to time.
“So you… have another condom…?”, Harry finally asked his girlfriend.
“Yeah you horndog… wanna use it…?”
She looked at him, again with that wild look in her eyes. I stared at her breasts. They looked awesome in that tight shirt. Holly was behind me, hugging me, playing with my tummy and my nipples. “How… how do you wanna do it…?”, Jessica asked.
“Uhm… I’d like to… you know, it looked so awesome when you were… on all fours, like… doggy-style.” He bit his lip.
“Yeah… I liked that…”, Jessica said, and then she kissed him. Soon they tongue-wrestled sloppily again, and I felt Holly’s hot breath in my neck. She licked me there. “I wanna know how that feels…”, she whispered.
“Nice”, I breathed and turned around to her. My shorts were tented out with my boner. We kissed and embraced and I grabbed her butt again and she grabbed mine and yanked down my shorts. I pulled her shirt over her head and kissed her titties, and then she got on all fours in front of me. Her butt looked so hot and cute in her panties! I pulled them aside so I could see her slit, and I felt her up there. She moaned. “Oh yeah…”
Beside us Jessica knealed, and Harry had his nose and tongue buried between her spread cheeks! Did he sniff her ass?! He licked her slit, I suppose, cause she really seemed to like it. It looked awesome! I grabbed her boobs and squeezed, and she moaned. Woah.
Then she looked at me and stood up, shakily. “Gonna get the condoms”, she said and threw away her shirt. Her naked body looked so hot, her ass and legs and all. She bent down to search for them in her purse, woah…
But I was still fingering Holly. She moaned and sighed, and then she said, looking at me (this time she had her glasses left on): “Go on, Kieran… Fuck me…”
Hearing this from my cute girlfriend just did it for me, I felt the flush coming again. The horny flush. I needed to fuck her! So I just did. “mmmmmmhhhohYESS!!”, she cried. She was tight and wet, and it smacked and smacked again from the very start of our fucking. Soon Harry and Jessica were beside us and mimicked us, and both girls started to moan in unison with our thrusts. It looked so hot seeing Jessica’s tits sway around and her hips move and wiggle, and Harry’s cute ass, his balls beneath it… and Holly, of course, in front of me, going back and forth urgently. Her moans, her hot high-pitched moans ringed in my ear and mingled with Jessica’s; they were deeper, hotter, breathier. Now there was no film-sound to distract us (as if it could have!), so we just heard us: The smacking meeting of crotches, the sound of our heavy breathing and grunting, the sound of the girls moaning! I dug my hands into Holly’s hips and heard Jessica pant: “Yes Harry yes, don’t stop. DON’T STOP!”
Harry sped up, panting heavily, and I did, too, but it was me who got close to orgasm soon! Holly’s moans got louder, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to be able to squirt inside her. “I’m gonna… gonna fill you up!!”, I grunted, and Holly moaned: “YES! YES KIERAN, pump it, oh fuck yess…!!”
And then I came, my cock throbbed inside her and filled her with my juice. I pulled out and fell down, but Holly hadn’t had enough. She kissed me hungrily, panting, and then she pulled me up and towards Jessica’s mouth. The girl stuck out her tongue, and I understood and gave her my cock. It wouldn’t go soft! I sucked Holly’s mouth and fingered her, and Jessica sucked my cock, and Harry was behind her and fucked her hard and fast. It was all so amazing again! His face looked all flushed and sweaty, and his mouth looked hot open, his full lips glistening with spit and sweat. Suddenly Holly moaned: “Can you fuck me again?!” into my ear, and oh yeah, I could, I just pushed her down, mounted her missionary-style and penetrated her again. “Please pull out this time before you cum, yeah?”, she asked, and I grunted and nodded and fucked her.
Now we lay head-to-foot to the others, Harry’s pumping cock right beside our faces, and we could smell them, smell their juices, hear them fucking, his cock and balls clashing against her in such a frenzy! My balls squeezed against Holly’s ass every time I thrust, and she moaned into my face. Her hair was all rough now, and she watched me and them with wild eyes, from time to time grabbing Harry’s legs and balls and butt! I sucked her titties, too, and then I kissed her hard and sucked her mouth, she tasted so yummy! We fucked and fucked and fucked!
Suddenly Harry groaned out, he came! Then he pulled out, his condom filled with cum, and fell down beside us. I wasn’t finished at all! Holly still hadn’t enough either, she was WILD now, bucking up her pussy against me all the time and moaning like hell: “Oh yeeeaah oh oh ah ah Kieran! KIERAN fuuuuck…!!”, and I did. But then I needed to pause, ’cause Jessica pulled me up and sat on Holly’s face! Oh my gosh, so hot! Holly spread her legs as wide as she could, and I took them on my shoulders and fucked her this way. Jessica looked wildly at me, then at Harry, at his cock, who was stiff and hard again, and stuck out her tongue. Incredible! My best mate came closer, and Jessica sucked him, again.
I fucked and fucked and fucked my cock so hard into Holly’s cunt now. Her titties wiggled. “Oh my gooood!”, she moaned into her bff’s snatch, “I’m cumming agaaaaiiiiinnYYYEEEEEESSSSAAAAAAHAHHHHHHhrrrr…!!!” I felt her pussy vibrating around my cock and felt it cumming, too, so I pulled out, and Jessica grabbed my throbbing cock, and I stood up, so Harry and me stood side by side now, I felt his heat and breath, and then his lips, fuck he was kissing me, I kissed him back, he tasted HOT… and his girlfriend wanked and sucked us off both at the same time! I felt Holly’s hands at my ass, my balls, and then her breath at them, “oh yeah, here it cums!”, I cried and wet Jessica’s face again, and after another minute or so Harry shot his last load for today, and she sucked and swallowed it all…
Then she lay down on the mattress, naked and hot, panting. Holly and me cuddled again, and Harry snuggled with Jessica, and that way we spent the next twenty minutes or so, totally spent and satisfied. Afterwards we just cleaned up and played some games and then we parted ways. It was kinda awkward, but not really, if you know what I mean. We told each other we’d liked it and… maybe we’re gonna repeat it!
Anyway, now it’s time for Holly’s next visit. My parents are out, and we have a date. I think I’m gonna ask her to sing that song for me, again. She’s got such a beautiful voice! And then…
…well, I think we’re gonna fuck, hard.


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