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The Magnificent Zafar – Part one

The Magnificent Zafar – Part One
Jason Crow

It was a cold and wet December day when I was lying on my bed in my room. We just moved halfway across the country to this new home in Seattle. I was used to the beaches and heat in Tampa, but due to the promotion my dad had made, we had to move to this cold and wet wasteland. Some promotion! I was completely bummed out by this and had already decided I wasn’t going to accept this without a fight. Last week I turned fifteen, and only had a Skype session to see my old friends from Florida. The rest of the day I had to spend with my parents and little brother. Yay… All in all, you can say that I was in a very dark place in my head.
I had just cleared out my boxes and placed everything in my closet, so my little brother wouldn’t tease me with using my bra as a slingshot or something, just like he did last year. And it wasn’t like I had more things to do. Now I was lying on my bed wallowing in self-pity, as I received an app from a friend in Tampa. Apparently, she got laid and wanted to share that with me. She sent me a selfie of her and her friend making out.
Both bare-chested, so I guessed they either just did it or were going at it. Maybe both. The picture didn’t show any forbidden flesh, but it did leave little to the imagination too. And above all, it didn’t add to my mood. I was feeling left out and completely disconnected from my old friends. I had not met anyone here I liked and was completely dependent on my parents and little brother for human interaction. At my farewell party, things had gotten really out of control. Some douche-bag had brought booze to the party, and a few guys drank themselves totally over the top. Some guy threw up all over our bathroom and another guy passed out on our front lawn. It wasn’t a pretty sight when my parents got home as you probably can imagine. I still don’t know who had brought the booze, but my parents sure gave me hell about it. Now I was still grounded until after the holidays when I would go to my new school for the first time. So now I was alone, lonely, and couldn’t even go to the mall or something to check out some cute boys. I was almost at the point of crying my eyes out, but also felt I needed to get up and do something. Otherwise, I would die alone and miserable. Yeah, I know. I real dark place…
I stood up, straightened my clothes, and took a deep breath. I wouldn’t let anyone get the better of me! My room was cleaned up already, so my mom couldn’t bug me about that. If a girl can’t go out, she’ll find something else to do. I didn’t want to face my mother, because she would give me some shit again so I went up to the attic. Since we moved in, I still hadn’t been to the attic. My dad had put some boxes up there, containing stuff that we would probably never need again, but that was all. The attic was somehow an area where I figured I would be safe to be by myself and maybe find something in these boxes that would be of interest one way or the other. That would at least get my mind of everything.

I quietly crept up the stairs to the attic, so mom wouldn’t know I was up there. I closed the door behind me and clicked on the light. A single light bulb, hanging on a single wire from the ceiling, slowly started to glow. A few moments later it burned bright enough to bring light to the entire attic. I didn’t realize we had such a big attic. It was huge! Right beside the stairs, my dad had stacked our boxes. But when I looked around in the attic, I saw an awful lot of stuff standing around. And also a lot of interesting stuff. I started looking around In boxes, an old closet, and even an old army duffle bag. I put some chairs around a table, so I could place the more interesting stuff on there.

After I investigated most of the attic, I found out that the previous owner probably had served in the army. He (or she) also had an interest in magic tricks. I found a decent amount of card tricks, rope tricks, and even a straitjacket with some handcuffs. They all came with an explanation on how to perform these tricks. I tried some of these tricks and found out I was actually quite talented with magic tricks. I also realized it was already late and that I best go back to my room, so my mom wouldn’t get suspicious.


A few days went by with me practicing the magic tricks. My mood had lightened significantly and my mom had noticed it, which in turn caused her to stop bugging me about the farewell party. I was still grounded, but we were on speaking terms again. I even showed my little brother Kevin my first card trick. It was a really simple trick, but my brother was stunned. This gave me some confidence to continue practicing in the attic and me explaining everything to my mom and dad. They of course didn’t mind me going to the attic to entertain myself and even forbid my brother to go upstairs and bug me or study the same tricks.
This all gave me a lot of privacy and time flew by with my new found hobby.

Between all this practice, I continued to check out everything that was stashed in the attic. I found a working record player with loads of old records, so I could listen to some old music. There were a small electrical heater and even a real comfortable recliner. With all this stuff I had created a cozy place for myself in the attic and was really starting to enjoy our new house. I also found some sort of large case-like closet that was rigged so it could be used as a vanishing cabinet. But one of the best things I found was a complete, portable podium. I could build a podium with a maximum of about 150 square feet, but because it was modular, it could also be smaller. It had curtains and everything. It was perfect to start a career in magic!

Among all the card tricks and the other illusions, I also found a small box hidden in the vanishing cabinet. On the box, it read: “Zafar pendulum – Use carefully!!” At first, I didn’t pay any attention to it because of all the other stuff. But the “Use carefully!!” bit did get my attention. So I opened it and saw a small, gold pendulum on a gold chain in the box. Under the box, there was an old, yellow-stained document.


Now you can use the power of the magic Pendulum created by The Magnificent Zafar.
It’s breathtaking powers most certainly shall make you a big star!
Its movement will mesmerize your subject
To the things you ask, they will not object
Swing the pendulum before their face
In their memory, there remains no trace
Say the words “Brimba Zafara Memosal”
And they will be at your disposal
Use it carefully and use it wise
Before you know it, your star will rise!

The Magnificent Zafar

Okay…. Weird… I took the pendulum out of the little box and examined it. It didn’t look like much, more like a really cheap necklace you can buy at some second-hand store. The document sure looks promising, but also a little unlikely. I decided to give it a try at the little show I planned to give to my parents and brother later this week.

I continued practicing my tricks, so I wouldn’t look too much a fool. I wasn’t nervous or anything, but had enough drive to want to do it right. The few moments I was given access to our computer, which was a lot more than when I had just been grounded, I checked websites about hypnosis. The general consensus was that hypnosis as you see it in the movies is impossible. When people are put under hypnosis, they will always keep a form of consciousness that prevents them from doing things they normally wouldn’t do. There are also a lot of therapeutic types of hypnosis to help people cope with traumas in their lives, or to help remember stuff. I also read a lot of good tips on how to create a good show and, maybe the best tip of all, imprint a trigger phrase. With that trigger phrase, you can bring people back under hypnosis by just saying that sentence. I found it all a little hard to believe and was really skeptical. But hey… if it works it’ll look great in the show, and otherwise I could always blame the subject for not being receptive to hypnosis.

Then, on a Wednesday evening after dinner, we all gathered in the attic. I had been putting up stuff all day to show off my capabilities as best as possible. My mom, dad, and brother sat down on the seats as I climbed on stage. On the computer I had created an opening tune with loud music and a dark voice saying:

“Welcome everyone!! Be amazed by the Magnificent Zafar!!”

And then some bombastic music and loud bangs. I pressed the button to open the curtains and there I was. I didn’t see any harm in borrowing the cool stage name, so from now on, I was the Magnificent Zafar. I decided not to wear the cape and top hat I found. That was too old-fashioned in my opinion. I opted for a short skirt and a tank top. That way it was obvious that I didn’t hide anything in my sleeves. The tricks were a big success! My parents were flabbergasted by my performance and almost didn’t believe I did what I had done. Neither did my little brother, but he was a little bit skeptical and made some comments during my performance. So when the time came to do my hypnosis part of the act, he was my ‘victim’.

Kevin is my little brother, but we’re only separated by thirteen months, so he isn’t thát little anymore. He’ll turn thirteen next month and is really good at swimming. He doesn’t bug me that much anymore and we can get along pretty good for a brother and sister.

“Please, sit down on this chair Kevin,” I said with the friendliest voice I had.

“Okay…” He said a little reserved. “I don’t think you’ll be able to hypnotize me, Laura”

“We’ll see Kevin” I smiled.

Kevin said down on the chair I had placed on the stage. I made a little show with some hand movements and made sure he sat comfortably. I started wearing the pendulum as a necklace, so I lifted it over my head and made a little show with it. I started swinging it slowly before his eyes.

“You’re getting sleepy….. Picture yourself in a large open meadow… You feel yourself softly floating away from that meadow…… Just listen to my voice… Everything is starting to fade away and you can only hear my voice…”

I decided this was enough. I must admit he was doing his best to follow my directions. I didn’t expect that.

“Brimba Zafara Memosal!” I said.

That’s when I saw something happening in my brother’s eyes. The seemed more, I don’t know, focused in some way.”

“Annnnnd… Sleep!” I said.

Kevin went completely limp and was bent over forward, lying on his upper legs with his head hanging down low. Wow…. Did it actually work!?!? Or was this little maggot just playing me? I needed to figure out if it was real or not without making too much of a fool out of him in front of our parents.

“When I say Stand up please, You will stand on your feet, but you cannot talk anymore. You can only bray like a donkey”

I found that a nice idea. Not too much, but maybe enough for him to stop pretending.

“Okay Kevin, Stand up please,” I said, and he immediately stood up.

“Please young man. Tell me your name” I said

Kevin looked me straight in the eyes and he didn’t look asleep. Not anything like a zombie or robot or something as you would expect from watching T.V. shows. I figured he was still right awake with us. So a was a bit surprised when he actually started braying. He didn’t look surprised or anything from the stuff coming out of his mouth. That could still mean two things. My parents started laughing after his answer, but I still wasn’t convinced.

“Please sit down, Kevin,” I said.

Once he sat down I commanded him to sleep again and once again he hung forward over his legs with his head down. I was struggling for a way to find out if it was real or not, without taking it too far in front of our parents.

“When I snap my fingers, you will wake up. You won’t bray like a donkey anymore and are able to talk normally again. You’ll realize the seat is covered in glue, and you won’t be able to stand up. And to make matters worse, I took off your clothes, and now you’re completely naked in front of us all”.

I didn’t know if that would do it, but at least it would be fun! So I snapped my fingers and Kevin sat back up again, looking wide awake.

“How are you feeling Kevin?”

“Good! Thank you. I’m a bit cold though” he said.

“I don’t blame you,” I said. “You should have put on your clothes.”

Kevin looked down and turned beet red! He couldn’t possibly fake this. He quickly put his hands in his lap.

“Where are my clothes!?!?” he asked with a little panic in his voice.

“Right there where you left them,” I said and pointed to a table on stage.

Kevin tried to get up with his hands still in his lap, but couldn’t get up. He tried it in different ways, but whatever he tried, his butt kept stuck on the chair. It was really funny looking at him, trying to get to the table. My mom and dad were laughing really loud and my dad had tears flowing down his cheeks because of all this laughing.

“Can you please give me my clothes, Laura??” he practically begged me.

“Sleep!” and he was hanging over his legs again.

My mom and dad were still laughing. I walked over to Kevin and whispered in his ear:

“When I wake you up, later on, you will wake up. But when I, and only I, say the words ‘Kevin, Eat my shorts!’, you will be under the control of The Magnificent Zafar again and will do anything I say. Do you understand?” Kevin nodded his head as a sign he understood me.

“You’ll also say to our mom and dad, that you just played along with me if they ask you if you were really hypnotized. Is that also clear?” He nodded again.

I walked to the front of the stage and quite theatrically with a lot of hand movements and low voices woke him out of his hypnosis.

“When I ask you to wake up, you won’t remember anything about this. You’ll think the hypnosis didn’t work. You are wearing your clothes and the chair is normal again.”

I looked over my shoulder at my parents. They looked at us with still a big smile on their faces, but also anticipating the moment I would wake Kevin. I gave them a wink and said:

“Okay, Kevin.. Wake up!”.

Kevin blinked once and looked at me with a smile.

“I told you it wouldn’t work, Laura!” he said. And my parents laughed at that.

“It was absolutely amazing sweetheart!” My dad said.

“Yes! It was wonderful! I really liked your tricks, Laura! And Kevin, you should be an actor!” my mom added.

“Thanks!” Kevin and I said simultaneously.

By now I was pretty convinced the pendulum had some sort of magic in it. Or Kevin was as good an actor as my mom said, but I really doubted that. Ah well…. It was a great show and maybe I had gained some hypnotic powers. I didn’t know what to do with that anyway. We all cleaned up together and that was the end of it. My dad encouraged me to do more with it and maybe give another show at my new school. I wasn’t too keen about doing that yet, but maybe I would. He said that he would look around for some open podium night or something and maybe someone at his work would know some gigs. I thanked him and said I would keep practicing.


A few days went by and I was still proud of myself and the show I had given. My dad found someone at his work, who found me a gig at a birthday party. It turned out to be the party of the kid from one of the owners of the company. I said I would consider this, but my dad really wanted me to do it, so he urged me a bit. I still practiced a lot in the attic to learn new stuff and to keep my current tricks under control. I had found a hobby I really liked doing.

Right now it was Friday evening and my parents went out to a party at one of their friends. They finally thought we were old enough not needing a babysitter, so Kevin and I were home alone. We got along pretty well for a brother and sister, so there weren’t any problems. The only thing mom had ‘asked’ us, was to each take a shower and clean our rooms. I had done both things already and was lounging on the couch watching a movie. Kevin was running around the house like an idiot, doing something. Something stupid probably. Mom hadn’t put me in charge or anything, but considering I was the oldest, even though we were separated by only thirteen months, I figured I had to at least tell him he still had to do his chores. So I had already told him twice to clean up his room and take a shower, but he still didn’t listen.

It had gone a bit to the back of my mind with all the practicing and the new gig, but I could try my trigger phrase. This realization hit me like lightning. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Maybe, no probably, it wouldn’t work, but hey! It was at least worth a try right!?

“Kevin, Eat my shorts!” I said.

I saw him blink once and saw a tiny hiccup in his movements, but otherwise, he went on doing the things he did.

“Damn! It doesn’t work.” I thought.

But then I realized I hadn’t given him any orders yet.

“Come over here, Kevin”

He stopped immediately with what he was doing and walked over to the couch. Wow!

“Go clean up your room like mom asked you to and then come back here, okay?”

“Okay,” and he was off to his room.

This was great! Even if he was still faking it, which I doubted by now, I at least got him to do his chores. I pressed play and went back to the movie I was watching. I was really into it when I felt I was being watched. I looked up and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure standing there.

”Motherfucker!!!” I shouted, a bit scared.

It appeared to be Kevin standing there, just looking at me.

“How long are you standing there??” I asked.

“Eleven minutes and twenty-three seconds,” he said looking me straight in the eyes.

“Wow… That’s pretty exact… Mom said we needed to take a shower too. So quickly get your ass in the shower and get clean.” I said and looked back at the TV.

I heard some ruffling behind me and looked back at Kevin to see what he was doing. Apparently, he had taken off his shirt and sweatpants and had his thumbs already in the waistband of his light blue boxer briefs.

“Wowwww!! Stop!!” I shouted. I didn’t want to see my brother naked!

And just like one of those robots in Westworld, he stopped moving entirely. I looked him in his eyes and they looked blank. That’s when I finally realized that I did it! I had hypnotic powers!!! I couldn’t hold back a little shout of victory. That didn’t bother Kevin. He still stood there frozen with his thumbs in the waistband. I looked him over and I noticed for the first time that my little brother had a really fine body. He was getting some abs on his belly and nice muscles in his arms. I looked at his bulge which was fairly big and could also clearly see the outline of his dickhead through the fabric of his boxers. It did make me curious and I felt my vagina moisten a bit. I considered a moment to let Kevin continue but felt I couldn’t do that to him. Jeez… I had moral issues! That was a first!

“Kevin, take off your underwear in the bathroom please, and then take your shower. When you’re done, put on some fresh underwear and come back over here.”

Kevin took his thumbs out of his boxers and walked away. I guessed to the bathroom. I checked out his ass as he walked away. And that sure was a nice ass I thought. I saw its muscles move under his boxers, moving away from me. I looked at the TV again, but my mind kept drifting off to his body, and specifically his penis. Up until now, I had never considered my brother as a male, just a pesky little brother. But now I couldn’t get his fine body out of my mind… I heard the water running and was considering my next move. I decided to wait until he was out of the shower and wake him up. I could always try something later on. I figured I needed to think this through, so I wouldn’t screw things up.

A few moments later I heard Kevin turn off the water, so I paused the movie I wasn’t watching anymore. I looked at the door waiting for Kevin to return. And then he walked in wearing nothing but a tight pair of bright red boxer briefs. Again I couldn’t take my eyes off the bulge in his briefs. It sure looked pretty big to me, but I had nothing but the internet to compare it with. Kevin walked over to the couch and just stood there watching me.

“Okay Kevin, put your clothes on,” I said with a little regret and he started putting on his clothes.

“When I snap my fingers you’ll wake up again and remember you took a shower and cleaned up your room, but you’ll think you changed your clothes in the bathroom. And again, when I, and only I, say ‘Kevin, Eat my shorts!’, you’ll be under my control again.”

I snapped my fingers and Kevin blinked. He acted completely normal again and sat down next to me.

“What are you watching?” he asked, obviously not remembering anything.

“The Crimes of Grindelwald”, but I’m turning it off and go to bed if you don’t mind.

“Go ahead! I think I’ll turn in in a few moments too. Goodnight.”


I went to my room, took off my clothes, and got in bed. My mind kept drifting back to Kevin’s body and my hand found its way between my legs. I couldn’t help it. My pussy was already sopping wet and I quickly found my clitoris and rubbed it fast and hard. I also came really fast and hard, a picture of the underwear-clad body of my little brother in my mind. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Easily top three! I fell asleep quickly after that and dreamt all night about my brother. This was getting a bit disturbing….


A few days went by. I kept thinking about Kevin but figured it would get out of my system pretty soon if I didn’t act on it. Still being grounded didn’t help. Also Kevin, just like me, didn’t have a lot of friends in the neighborhood yet, so he was at home a lot too. At least he had his water polo practice to have some distraction from our situation at home. All I could do was keep focusing on my magic tricks to take my mind off things and try to keep getting better at it.

Every night in bed, I couldn’t help getting myself off, thinking about Kevin. I did wonder several times why I had stopped him taking off his underwear. I guess it was some sort of natural reflex to stop him. At that moment I didn’t want to see him naked, but seeing him standing there almost naked, woke something in me. He was a man. With a dick. Not just a brother who’s sole purpose was to bug me. During these days there was no real chance of putting him under again. My mom or dad was always at home because of all the preparations that needed to be done for us to start at our new school. I still wasn’t sure if I even wanted to put him under again and let him become naked before me. There were also times, mostly at bedtime, I didn’t doubt it and needed to see him naked. I was getting pretty fucked up by all of this.

I was still grounded for five more days, but my mom was getting a little less strict about these rules. She asked me if I wanted to go with her to take Kevin to water polo practice. My first reaction was to say no, but when I thought about it just a little longer and thinking about maybe seeing some hot bodies in their speedos and maybe, just maybe, take my mind of Kevin’s body, I was happy to go.

Kevin was pretty good at water polo. Back home he was the best of his league and one of the main reasons to move to this area and not the one closer to my dad’s work was because of their excellent water polo team. Kevin was placed in a team that varied from thirteen to fifteen years old. That would probably mean that I should see some nice eye candy.

When we arrived, Kevin went to the dressing rooms and my mom and I took a spot on the stands beside the pool. I purposely acted a little uninterested but kept my eyes wide open. Currently, the younger team was having their practice session. I guessed they were ranged from eleven to thirteen and were all pretty much young boys. One thing I learned then and there, is that playing water polo does great things to a boy’s body. They were all nicely built and some already showed some muscle on their tight bodies. Their packages were still pretty small though.

“It’s a nice place, don’t you think?” my mom asked, trying to make small talk. I decided not to be a bitch.

“Yes. I like it, mom. I think Kevin will like it too”

“I think so too.” I think she said that last thing more to herself than to me.

“There he is,” I said and instantly felt my vagina moisten at the sight of him in his speedo’s. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

The boys in his team were indeed easy on the eye. This was Kevin’s fourth or fifth practice and he apparently made some friends. He was chatting with a nice boy about the same age as him, with an almost equally nice body. Kevin’s bulge was a little bit more prominent than the other boy’s, but the other boy had a little more developed chest. All in all, they made it difficult for me to keep sitting still on these benches. I was getting wetter by the minute.

I pretended to be surfing on my phone but was secretly taking pictures of these boys. My mom had a book with her and had started to read in it, so it gave me enough opportunities to take some good pictures. After about half an hour of practice, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my soaked panties, and sat on the toilet. As I browsed through the pictures, I fingered myself to a quick orgasm. I couldn’t help myself, but the picture of Kevin with his friend pushed me over the edge. They were both awesome to look at in their speedo’s.

I decided to leave my soaked panties off and just pull down my skirt. I carried a little handbag like almost every girl my age does and stuffed my panties in there. I went back to the stands and kept feasting my eyes while pretending to look at my phone. My mom was still reading her book and seemed oblivious to the spectacle before her eyes. Not wearing panties and the tight bodies before me kept me horny, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

After practice was over, mom and I waited in the hallway outside the locker room making small talk again. After a little while, Kevin came out with the cute boy beside him.

“Mom, this is Logan,” Kevin said.

“Hi, Logan. Nice to meet you.” My mom said.

“Nice to meet you too,” he said.

“Logan lives in our neighborhood” Kevin stated.

“My mom is waiting in the car,” he said to Kevin.

We all went outside and talked to Logan’s mom. It turned out they lived just three blocks away from us. My mom and Logan’s mom talked a bit and appeared to hit it off pretty good. They swapped phone numbers and even made arrangements to make a schedule to take turns taking the boys to practice. Kevin and Logan talked about some of the tactics they learned during practice which left me feeling a little left out. Currently, both boys were wearing sweats that hid their bodies, so I couldn’t lust after that either. Moments later my mom said goodbye to Logan’s mom. Logan and Kevin bumped shoulders and also said goodbye.

In the car, my mom said she was glad Kevin found a friend close by and that his mom was such a nice lady. Kevin and I both sat in the back and looked out the window. I was still horny as fuck and right then and there decided I would tease Kevin a bit. I moved my butt around a bit so my skirt would ride up a little and I made my legs point his way a bit. I figured that this way Kevin could look up my skirt and could see the folds of my freshly shaved bold pussy if the light was right, which depended on the direction we were driving. It wasn’t very comfortable sitting this way, but it would be a nice distraction. I pretend to still be looking out of the window and after a few minutes, I could hear a little gasp beside me. Yes! It worked. I kept looking out of the window, acting like I didn’t know what was going on. I even shifted a little more, so I would be exposed even more.

I sat like this for a few more miles and trying to look in my peripheral vision for Kevin’s reaction. I couldn’t see it the way I wanted, so I turned my head slightly and looked at him. He had his eyes right between my legs and hadn’t noticed that I looked his way. That gave me the opportunity to quickly check him out. He was currently sporting a pretty obvious erection. I could clearly see it tenting out his sweatpants. I opened my legs a bit showing even more of my dripping wet vagina and kept eyeing his boner from the corner of my eyes. I pretended to be looking out of the front window, so I wouldn’t be busted looking at him. After a little while, we were close to our home and I decided that it was enough. I closed my legs and sat up. I looked over at Kevin who had snapped out of his trance. I forced myself to blush, and then quickly adjusted my skirt. I glanced down at his boner, which caused Kevin to blush and cover it up with his hands.

“I’m sorry” I whispered.

“Don’t be. I didn’t see anything” he lied.

I smiled at him and kissed him on his cheek.

“You’re a great brother”

Kevin blushed again and smiled back, relaxing a bit. I guessed this was the first real-life vagina he had ever seen. It sure made me horny as hell and I was feeling naughty and also felt some form of triumph for giving him an erection. I tried looking at it, but he still covered it with his hands. I started talking to our mom to take the edge of the situation. Kevin relaxed a bit more and dropped his hands. He didn’t have an erection anymore, but his dick was still a clearly visible bulge in his sweatpants. When we arrived home, Kevin and I got out and walked to the front door. On a whim, I gave Kevin a big hug and he hugged me back.

“Glad to see you two are getting along so well,” my mom said and went inside.

Kevin and I let each other go and we too went inside. Our mom started making diner as Kevin and I went to our rooms where I, and I guess Kevin too, got myself off to a quick orgasm.


Two days later I was getting a bit nervous. That evening I would be performing before an audience of about twenty people. My dad had arranged a gig for me at the birthday party of the son of one of his co-workers. I would get 50 bucks for it, so it would be worth the trouble. Kevin even offered to help me. After the event in the car yesterday, he was much nicer to me and also hugged me a lot more. I didn’t mind one bit. I was feeling no objections for lusting after my brother. Seeing him standing there in his underwear had somehow opened the gates of lust with me. I was still a virgin and guessed so was Kevin. I was determined to be devirginized as soon as possible. If Kevin was the one to lose it to, so be it, but Logan was a serious candidate too. Up until ‘the underwear incident’ I never even thought about looking at younger boys, but now I couldn’t take my eyes of these two.

Kevin sure helped me out at the gig. He operated the curtain, handed me stuff, and put it away. All in all the gig was a great success. And we were a great team. As we were putting our stuff away and loading it in our dad’s car, his co-worker came to pay me. He was so impressed, he even doubled the 50 bucks! I thanked him a lot and said it was my pleasure to perform for them. I gave Kevin 50 bucks, a big hug, and thanked him a lot for his help. He gave me a good, firm hug back and said he was glad to help and that these 50 dollars weren’t necessary. I urged him to keep it because he earned them.

Dad came in and helped us put the last things in the car. He was beaming with pride and kept complimenting me. He also said he talked with a lot of people and maybe had some more gigs we could perform at.

“I’m going to need a manager this way!” I laughed.

“Then I’ll be your P.A.” Kevin chimed in.

Back home, after we put everything away, I thanked Kevin again for his great help. He in his turn said he was super proud of his big sister. I never thought about that, but thanked him a lot for his honesty. We both agreed that the next evening we would order pizza and watch a movie or two we both liked, because that Friday night, our mom and dad had some big event at my mom’s new work and would be staying the night there. Being so close to each other now, we both wanted to make it a cozy night for both of us. And on Monday we’d both be starting at our new school, so it would also probably be our last chance to relax like this for a while.

Later that night in my bed I was considering my options with Kevin. I really liked him as a person, but also really liked his body. Would it be right to take advantage of him using my hypnotic powers? After a lot of thinking, I decided I wouldn’t let him fuck me or anything, but I desperately wanted to see him naked, so I would have a nice and accurate picture of him to masturbate to. Where things would lead from there, I didn’t know and would let things play out as they happen.


That Friday morning we both slept in. I was at the breakfast table at around noon, and Kevin still was in his room. I hadn’t planned anything, in particular that day, but then my mom asked me to go to the mall with her, which I gladly accepted. These 50 bucks were burning a hole in my pocket. Eventually, I bought some almost see-through lace thong panties with a matching sexy bra which I of course didn’t show my mom. Together with her I also bought a nice pair of shoes. My mom and I then went to eat something and talked a bit more. She confessed to me that she regretted a bit that they grounded me after hearing the full story, but also said that she had expected me to intervene sooner that evening. We had a good conversation and accepted each other’s point of view. We also decided to leave it at that. My punishment was over anyway and I appreciated my mom’s honesty. Wow!! I really was starting to like the person I had become and not being a bitch all the time. Maybe that was the great plus of us moving across the country.

By the time we got back, my dad was already wearing his tux and putting their suitcase in the car.

“Where were you!?” he said to mom.

“I was having a good time with our daughter” she replied.

“Can you help me please, Laura?” she asked me.

“Of course!”

We both went upstairs. My mom quickly took a shower and I took out her evening dress and underwear and laid it on their bed. When my mom came out of the shower I helped her with her clothes. I had seen her naked a lot of times, but now, as I helped her get dressed, I noticed how nice her body was for a 41-year-old lady. She still had firm breasts and a really nice ass. If this was the future I was facing, I had nothing to complain about. We both decided that a bra shouldn’t be worn under this dress, so she went without. I zipped her up and helped with her hair and makeup. My mom was ready to go in under thirty minutes.

She and my dad thanked me, spoke some stern words to Kevin and me to behave and go to bed at our regular bedtime, and then they were off. Kevin looked at me and smiled.

“Let’s make this a pleasant evening,” he said.

“I agree! I’m going to take a shower and put on my PJ’s” I said.

“Me too. Let me know when you’re ready, then I’ll take a shower and we can order the pizza.”

And we did just that. I took a shower and put on my loose-fitting, sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting boxer shorts. No underwear of course. I called Kevin and he went in to take his shower. In the meantime, I took the bottle of whiskey I took from someone at the party and had kept hidden in my room and sat it down on the table in the living room. I ordered the pizza and booted up our media player. My dad had this hobby that consisted of the best audio and video hardware. We had a real high-end home cinema system in our living room. All I needed to do was select the right movie. I was curious about the fifty shades series but wasn’t allowed to watch it. This was a great moment to watch it I decided. I just needed to get Kevin on board with this one. After I made all arrangements Kevin came down in his PJ’s. Well… His outfit got my attention, that was for sure. I wasn’t sure if he did this on purpose, but damn!! He was wearing practically the same outfit as me. As he walked toward me, I could see his junk moving under these shorts, so I guess he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. And these shorts were short too. I guessed these would fit him about a year ago, but now they were just REALLY short. And his sleeveless shirt showed off his muscles real nice too. It turned out he didn’t mind watching fifty shades with me. He admitted he actually wanted to see it too. He asked me about the whiskey.

“I took it from someone at the party. Maybe we can drink some of it later on” I said.

“Okay…” he said a little hesitantly. ”I’ve never drunk alcohol before”

We settled in on the couches and started the movie. Kevin was sitting to my left on his own couch, obviously relaxing. I sat on the far end of my couch with my legs toward him, so if I wanted, I could give him a peek up my shorts or show some sideboob through the holes of my shirt where the sleeves used to be. I was determined to get him horny. But It turned out Kevin had some plans of his own. He had put his legs up on the coffee table, giving me a great view up the legs of his shorts. I could look up quite far and could even see hints of his right testicle. Or at least I thought it was his testicle. I couldn’t quite make it out with him sitting like this. This was turning out to be really interesting. I was wondering how things would turn out this evening.

Kevin moved his leg a bit more, giving me a little more view up his leg. And then the doorbell rang. Dammit!!! I reluctantly got up and went to the door. I paid the pizza delivery guy and got back in the living room. Kevin had taken his legs from the table and had cleared the table enough for me to place the pizza’s on it.
He had also already poured some coke for both of us.

“Do you want some whiskey with that too?” I asked while pouring a bit of whiskey in my own glass.

“Sure! Why not?” so I poured a bit in his glass too.

I sat back on the couch and started eating the pizza. I made sure I gave Kevin a good view of my boob through the sleeve of my shirt. He couldn’t see my nipple, but I guessed he wouldn’t mind that one bit. Seeing the tent in his shorts confirmed my intention of showing boob worked. We ate and drank in silence after that and focusing on the movie.

The pizzas were gone and on-screen Anastasia was showing off her nice body in all her glory. I was getting a bit aroused by it. Maybe it was also the alcohol kicking in, although I was real careful not to put too much in our drinks. I didn’t want to be drunk, nor did I want Kevin to be drunk. I just wanted to take the edge off it with both of us. But seeing this, I found it the right time to put my plan in motion. I had already figured out I needed to find a way to let Kevin take of his own clothes. The Magnificent Zafar would just help a little. And maybe tease him a bit too.

“Kevin, Eat my shorts!” I said.

Again I couldn’t notice any change in him.


He fell down over his lap again. This was needed to tell him some things.

“When I say you can wake up again, you are fully awake and make your own decisions. But your clothes will feel itchy. They’ll start to feel itchier by the minute. You’ll also answer all the questions I ask you honestly. You can’t lie to me. Is that understood?”

He nodded his head in his lap to let me know he got it. I figured this was a good way for him to take off his clothes and let me see his penis. Oh… How I longed to see his penis!!

“Okay, Kevin. You can wake up now”

He sat back up again and looked back at the television again.

“Do you like the movie?”

“Yes! It’s pretty hot. I got hard during some of the scenes”

I couldn’t help it and laughed. Wow. That honesty thing was working.

“I get it. I’m getting wet watching this too” I admitted.

Kevin looked a bit puzzled at me but eventually gave me a nice smile.

“I’ve never thought about that,” he said. “Girls get horny too of course.”

He started moving a bit uncomfortably on the couch. Rubbing his back against the back of the couch.

“Do you mind if I take off my shirt?” he asked.

“No. Why? Are you hot?”

“No. These clothes are really itchy! It’s annoying”

He stood up and took off his shirt. I didn’t take my eyes off his body as he took off his shirt. I saw these abs again and that V disappearing in his shorts. It was SO hot! He sat down again but now started rubbing his butt on the seat of the couch.

“Better?” I asked.

“A bit. Now it’s my shorts that are still itchy. But I’m not wearing any underwear…”

“I don’t mind if you take ‘em off. You have a nice body and I won’t look if you don’t want me to.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“You’re really nice Laura. And I guess I don’t mind that too much” and he stood up. He turned his back to me and dropped his pants.

I was treated to an extremely nice ass. I could see his dick dangling through his legs, but couldn’t see it good enough. Kevin covered his dick with his hands and sat back down again.

“That’s much better!” he sighed and looked back at the television.

I myself couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

“You look fabulous Kevin,” I said to him in a hoarse voice. “Can I see your penis?”

“Why would you want that?” he asked me with a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

Of course, I couldn’t tell him I needed a more accurate masturbation picture in my mind.

“I’ve never seen a naked boy in real life” I admitted. “And I think you’re really nice to look at.”

Slowly Kevin took his hands out of his lap and shyly looked at me. His circumcised dick was lying on his left thigh. It seemed big on his frame. I guessed it was 4 ½ inches long, but not too thick. His hairless sack was a bit tight, but I could clearly make out his two balls. His whole body was completely hairless.

“What do you think?”

I noticed he was a bit insecure about this.

“It’s fabulous,” I said in all honesty. “You don’t have any pubes yet?”

“I do, but I shave them. I don’t want any hairs peeking out above my speedo’s”

Well. That made sense. I was so turned on by now, I threw all my caution and plans out of the window.

“Can you make it hard for me?”

Kevin then surprised me by asking:

“I can. But it’ll be easier if you take off your shirt, so I can watch your breasts. I’ve ever seen real breasts up close before, but I really want to!”

I didn’t hesitate one second. I lifted my shirt and for the first time let a boy look at my naked breasts.

“Wow! They’re gorgeous!” Kevin said. “And it’s working” he smiled.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off his hardening dick. It came to life with his heartbeat and grew hard in a few seconds. It grew to about six inches and throbbed with his heartbeat and sticking up from his lap.

“Stand up. I can’t see it good enough” I whispered.

Kevin nodded and slowly stood up. And there it was, right in front of my eyes. It was straight with a slight bend to the right at its base. His circumcised glans was red and it had a small clear drop of precum on it. This close I could see some stubble at the base of his dick where he shaved his pubes. He could use a new shave I thought to myself. But I was absolutely mesmerized by his dick. My hand had a mind of its own and I saw it wrap itself around his cock.

“Ohhhh” Kevin moaned.

It was obvious he liked my touch. So did I! His dick was hard and soft at the same time, and it was warm and had an exciting texture and…. I was hooked!! I couldn’t let it go and stop caressing it! Kevin was breathing heavily and moaned again.

“You like what I’m doing Kevin?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh yeah, Laura! It‘s amazing!!” he gasped.

I took his dick more firmly in my hand and moved my fist up and down on it. I paid special attention to his glans and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I pointed it toward me so I could get a better look at the tip.

“Ahhhh… Ohhhh… Laura… This is grfevsae…. AHHHHHHH!!”

I felt his dick growing fatter in my fist. And at that moment his semen spurted out. The first blast hit me by surprise on my chin. The second and third landed on my tits. After that, it dribbled a bit out of his dick. His sperm felt warm on my tits and the drop on my chin dripped down in my lap. Kevin stood there panting and looking down at me with fear in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry Laura!” he said. His voice was trembling.

I didn’t get it. What was going on here?? He just came buckets due to my short hand job. I thought he would be over the moon now.

“What’s the matter, Kevin?”

“I didn’t mean to shoot my stuff! But your hand was so magnificent and soft and I couldn’t stop it!! And now you’re covered in my sperm! I’m so, so sorry!!”

“Don’t worry about it, Kevin!! It was amazing and it was so hot watching you cum and watch it shooting all over me.” I said and smiled my sweetest smile at him.

“Really!? You’re not mad at me?” He asked surprised.

“No! Of course not you silly!”.

I looked at his softened dick with a drop of cum hanging from its tip. He looked down at where I was looking and smiled a cocky smile.

“This was fucking hot!” He said.

This was the first time I heard my little brother use language like this and it surprisingly turned me on big time. I was of course still horny as hell and needed relief too.

“Yeah. It was fucking hot! YOU are fucking hot! Your cum all over my tits is also fucking hot”.

I saw his dick come to life again.

“You like this dirty language?”

“Yeah…. I do. It’s so hot hearing you talk like this with my dick practically in your face and my cum on your tits.” And then, out of the blue: “I want to see your pussy again!”

“Oh… You do, do you?” I said teasingly. “Why would I do that?”

“Because I’ve seen it before in the car, but didn’t see it good enough. I want to see it completely, so I have a better picture in my mind to jack off to.”

I almost forgot the hypnotic state he was still in. Well… I couldn’t blame him for this of course. This was my initial reason for this after all.

“Sit down” and he immediately sat down on our coffee table with the anticipation beaming from his face.

I decided to give him a little show. I saw a striptease online the other day and figured I could more or less mimic it. I slowly and teasingly pulled down the front of my shorts to just above my slit. I slipped my hands in my shorts and gave my wet clit a little rub. A shiver went through my body and a moan escaped my mouth. Kevin had his hand on his dick and was slowly jacking himself off. I turned around slowly, looking over my shoulder at Kevin. I then pulled down my shorts in one slow move down my legs to my feet. Of course, that meant I stood there fully bend over with my ass and pussy toward Kevin.

“Oh… Wow!” I heard him say.

That urged me on even more. I spread my legs a little and slipped a finger between my lips, making sure Kevin saw how slippery I was.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yes! I can see your pussy real good now. And I can feel my balls tingling again…”

There was that honesty again. I stood up, turned around, and put one leg on the coffee table beside Kevin. This gave him an even better view of my pussy and my lips spread some more.

“You shave it too?”

“Yeah. I like it much better without hair. Makes me feel a bit sexier”

“I like it too. I can see everything now. Where does the penis go in?” he asked.

I wanted to give the best show I could, so I spread my lips and showed him the hole.

“Watch this,” I said and Kevin stopped moving his hand on his dick.

I slipped my middle finger in my pussy and couldn’t hold back a moan. Kevin’s eyes got wide and his hand slowly moved again. This was it. I couldn’t stop myself and started fingering myself in earnest. It was so hot being watched by my masturbating little brother, that my orgasm came quick and hard. It was by far the very best I ever had. I felt my legs go weak and fell back on our couch, still rubbing my clit and sliding my finger in my contracting cunt. I kept coming for at least an hour, or at least that’s how it felt to me. At least it was a lot longer than usual.

I heard Kevin breathing and moaning and when I opened my eyes I saw the sperm flying out of his cock and splatting all over his chest and tight belly. That sight added another level to my orgasm and I came again. I laid there panting and tried getting my breath back. Kevin was looking at me with an extremely horny smile on his face.

“Now we’re both covered in my sperm” he smiled.

“Yeah. You’re right. Give me a minute and I’ll clean it up” I panted.

“Uhm… We could also take a shower” he timidly said.

As I was recovering I looked at Kevin and smiled. It was an erotic sight to see. His penis was halfway down and had another drop of cum hanging on it. On his chest, I saw the cum sliding down toward his dick.

“You’re right. Great idea! Do you want to go first?”

“Uh. I figured we take one together.”

“I know. I’m just teasing you” I laughed. “Let’s go upstairs”

Kevin walked behind me as we went upstairs.

“You sure have a fine ass Laura” Kevin giggled behind me. His face was practically at eye level with my ass going up the stairs.

“Thanks,” I said and exaggerated the swaying of my ass, trying to make it sexier.

I turned on the shower and fiddled with the water temperature. I was bent over a little bit doing this with Kevin standing behind me.

“This is a real nice thing you have here” I heard Kevin say and a moment later I felt his hand caressing my left bum.

It was nice having him touch me. I pretended to be fiddling some more, but the water already had the right temperature. I looked back over my shoulder and saw him smiling and looking intensely at my backside. I stopped the fiddling and stepped in the shower.

“Ahhh. This is nice. You getting in?” I asked as I let the water wash his cum off my body.

Kevin of course wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste and came in. We have a pretty big shower with one of these rain showerheads. We both stood under the stream, facing each other. Kevin sighed too as he got clean. I looked at the water running over his fantastic body and realized I was still quite horny. But mostly I was feeling a lot of affection toward Kevin. His head was tilted back toward the water and on a whim, I gave him a big, tight full-body hug pressing as much of my body as I could on him. My nipples hardened as I pressed them on his chest. Kevin hugged me back and his hands cupped my ass. I looked him in the eyes and kissed him on his lips. As the water cascaded over our bodies I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue on his mouth. Kevin quickly caught up and opened his mouth too. We started Frenching and I cupped his phenomenal ass too.

Between us, his dick was fully hard again and trying to get up. Now it was pressing at the front of my pussy. I couldn’t ignore it. I liked it and from the back of my mind the thought came up to let my little brother fuck me and take my virginity. Apparently, the thought had lingered there for some time, because it didn’t bother me at all, nor did I feel any hesitation about it. Kevin moved his ass back a little, which meant his dick slapped against his belly and was now pressed between us. We kept kissing pretty hardcore and as I pressed myself even more against him, a little moan escaped his mouth. I abruptly let him go and got down on my knees, my eyes leveled with his dick. I looked at his dick again in full close-up, took it in my hand, and lowered my mouth on it.

“Ohhhhh… Laura! Yess!!” Kevin moaned as I gave my first blowjob.

I did everything I ever read on the internet to make this the best blowjob I could give. I lapped my tongue around his head and under his glans, moved my mouth over his shaft while making my lips hard and soft in the process, every now and then I pressed his dick against my palate. While doing all this, my left hand played with his hairless balls. I really liked his balls… Above the noise of the water running over us, I could hear Kevin’s moaning increase. His hips were moving now too and he was practically fucking my mouth. I kept up as much of the action of my tongue and lips as I could, but moved my hands on his ass to feel his tight muscles move as he fucked my mouth. I was SO turned on by all this, I was on the verge of coming, without even touching myself.

“Ohhh… Ah ah ah ah…. I’m cumming Laura!! Watch out!” Kevin almost screamed.

I had already made up my mind and wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste as much of him as I could. Moments later I felt his dick grow even stiffer, Kevin pushed his hips forward and let out some sort of primal grunt. And there it was. His dick pulsed and kicked in my mouth as I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat. And another one. All in all, I felt three big spurts and two smaller ones. My mouth was now filled with my brother’s cum and I tried to taste it as good as I could. But my mouth was pretty full now with his dick and a lot of cum, so I needed to swallow a bit. I made sure I left a bit in my mouth to savor the taste. With a little pop, I took my mouth off his now softening dick. I stood up while rubbing my body against Kevin. I’ve never been this horny before in my life. It felt like my pussy was on fire! I kissed him hard on his mouth again and slipped my tongue in his mouth. We were now both tasting his sperm, but Kevin didn’t seem to mind.

“That was amazing!!” Kevin said as we broke our kiss. I never came this much in such a short time.

“I know. I couldn’t help myself” and I smiled the most wicked grin I could muster.

“I guess you probably didn’t expect to get your first blowjob from your big sister, did you?”

“This wasn’t my first blowjob” he simply stated, staring blankly into my eyes.

“But it was absolutely the best blowjob. That’s for sure!” he added enthusiastically.

Right. Still that honesty. I needed to fix that.

“Thanks. But, wait. Not your first blowjob?” I asked him, waiting for that honest answer.

“No. Brian and I sucked each other off a few times before we moved over here.”

I knew Brian. He was Kevin’s best friend back home in Florida. He was nice, but not nearly a cutie like Kevin. I accidentally saw him in his underwear once at a sleepover and noticed he was a scrawny kid. On top of that, he had braces and a goofy haircut. So no. Not my type.

“Okay…. How come?”

“We both read about it and saw it online. We wanted to know what it felt like. Brian offered to give me one if I gave one in return. So we did just that. The second time we did it to each other at the same time. It’s called a sixty-nine.”

“I know that you dummy!” I laughed. “I didn’t know you did those things. I’ve never done anything more than just kissing. Until now that is…”

Kevin laughed at that comment and I started laughing because of Kevin laughing.

“Anything more I need to know about your sex life?”

“Brian and I did it one more time on the last sleepover. We didn’t kiss, so I didn’t have any experience with that. Until this day that is” and he laughed again.

“Right… My little brother had more sex than me..” I said, pretending to be gloomy.

“Don’t worry about that. You’ll find someone you like”

“I already found someone I like,” I said and looked him deep in his eyes. “I think I’m in love with you Kevin…”

“Well…. That’s great news because I love you too” he said, looking at me real serious.

Knowing he couldn’t lie, and his deep and intense look caused the butterflies in my belly to do flip-flops, loopings, and a lot of other stuff to make sure I noticed them. Damn! I really was in love! We kissed another passionate kiss while hugging each other again. After a few minutes, we broke the kiss and I turned off the water.

“If we stand here any longer, we’ll look like raisins,” I said.

“You’re right. Let’s get out. Uhmm…. I’d like to dry you off. Is that okay?”

“Sure! I’d like that.”

Kevin got out, which showed me his perfect ass again. He took a towel, turned around to look at me, and quickly dried himself. I looked at his penis flopping from left to right as he dried his back. It was an awesome sight. After that, he took a fluffy towel and started to dry me off. I laid my head on his chest, so he could dry my hair. While he was tenderly drying my hair, I was looking down the front of his body and saw his penis swaying with every move his body made. I was in love with Kevin, that much is true. But I was also very much in love with his dick! I was getting hypnotized myself this way!

Kevin was doing his best to make it as tender as possible. He dried my back and my butt but didn’t inappropriately touch me. He even dried my boobs without trying anything. This was both sweet and frustrating because I wouldn’t mind one bit if he touched me there. When he started doing my feet and legs, he sat on his knees. This put him at eye level with my crotch. At first, he started with my feet and slowly worked his way up my legs. This also made him look at my pussy. Suddenly he bent forward and kissed me on it. He didn’t lick, suck, or nibble. Just a sweet kiss. His hands were now right between my legs. At that point, he dropped the towel and moved his hands even further upwards. I couldn’t hold back a moan as his fingers started to probe around between my legs. I instinctively spread my legs a little more to give him better access. He kissed my pussy again, but this time I felt his tongue poke between the furrow of my lips. As the tip of his tongue touched my clit, I almost cried but could hold it back so it was just a loud moan. His fingers probed some more and I felt a finger enter me. Kevin started licking me for real now and I felt one of his fingers enter me even deeper. Sparks were flying before my eyes.

“Ohhhh…. Kevin!!! Grsssjjeeehrrgg” was all that came out of my mouth at that point.

I was now reaching the point of no return. Kevin’s tongue kept flicking over my clit and his finger was inside of me all the way now. He started moving his finger in and out of me, so he was fucking me with his finger. All the time flicking the tip of his tongue over my clit. He added a second finger and started using his entire tongue on me, which even increased the intensity. I felt him moan on my pussy and that was the trigger for me.

“Aaaarghhh!!” I grunted a low moan and came. And I came hard.

I felt my legs going weak and tumbled down over Kevin. At that point, everything went black….


When I opened my eyes, everything was a bit blurred. After a few moments, I could make out Kevin’s worried face. I was a little disoriented, but pretty quickly figured out we were in my parents’ bedroom.

“What happened? Are you okay??” I could hear Kevin was really worried about me.

“I think your wonderful tongue and fingers, knocked me out. Quite literally” I smiled lovingly at him.

“WOW! Really!? You were out of it for a few minutes. I didn’t know what happened, so I picked you up and carried you to the nearest bed”

I felt a lot of love for Kevin at that moment. A warm glow washed over my body. I was also very aware of my pussy still contracting every now and then and it felt like I was on the verge of another orgasm. I’ve never felt like this before. It was like one long orgasm still happening. I couldn’t place it, but it was awesome!

“Come here!” I said and I stretched out my arms inviting Kevin for another hug.

He got my intention and started to hug me while he was still standing beside the bed. I pulled him down, which caused him to fall and lay half on top of me. We both started giggling. Kevin then moved and laid down next to me and kissed me hungrily on my mouth.

“I was worried about you” he seriously said to me.

“I’ve never had such a powerful orgasm! Not even close! THANK YOU!!” and I kissed him too.

Kevin placed his hand on my left boob which caused me to moan in his mouth.

He was lying on his side, his leg draped over me. I could feel his hard dick against my hip as his hand massaged my tit and his fingers played with my hard nipple. My pussy was still lightly contracting and the frequency of it was increasing now. I rolled on top of Kevin without breaking our kiss. I was straddling his waist and felt his hard dick pressed against my still sopping wet pussy. I kept hugging and kissing him and ground my pussy against him. We were both moaning in each other’s mouths. I rolled back, taking Kevin with me, so we were now lying in the traditional missionary position and still making out pretty hardcore. I broke the kiss and looked Kevin in the eye.

“Will you please fuck me, Kevin? I want you to be my first.”

He looked at me with both lust and fear in his eyes and then nodded.

“Yes. Of course! I want that for a long time. Ever since I saw your tits for the first time as you came out of the shower!”

Oh yeah… honesty. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, but I’d figure that out a little later. Right now all I wanted was to feel my little brother’s dick inside me and fuck my virginity away.

“Go for it…” I whispered.

He lifted himself up a little and took his dick in his hand. He started poking around, which caused me to see sparks before my eyes again. This was already amazing now. I couldn’t wait for him to enter me.

“This the place?” he softly asked.

I felt the tip of his dick at the entrance of my pussy, which caused it to contract sharply again.

“Ohhh… Yessss. That’s it! Push it in me now!” I urged him on.

And then I felt it. I first felt his glans enter me. I could clearly make out the rim of his head going deeper and deeper inside me. I was so wet by now, he could enter me in one swift motion. But Kevin was agonizingly slow while sliding it in. I guessed he didn’t want to hurt me, but the opposite was true! I wanted his dick all the way inside me! Right now I could feel my lips closing around his shaft and the top was still touching every nerve ending I had in my pussy. I was still contracting and orgasming lightly. I became aware of his balls touching me and the movement of his dick had stopped. I couldn’t think too clearly now and I heard myself panting and moaning.

“Ohhhh…. Laura… I’m all the way in… This is awesome!”

“Ohh… Fuck me! Fuck me now, little brother!! FUCK ME!” I heard myself say.

I felt like I wasn’t completely in control anymore. I wrapped my legs around him, trying to get him deeper inside. I placed one hand right above his butt and the other in his hair. I started to feel his dick moving inside me. This caused my light orgasm to be more prominent and my pussy started contracting harder.


I opened my eyes and looked him deep in the eyes. I was a little unfocused, but the look on Kevin’s face was priceless! It was a look of concentration and pure bliss. With my hand, I felt his butt moving and his dick was constantly sending sparks and fireworks before my eyes. If I had died and gone to heaven, I would have believed it. I’ve never, ever felt this good before. Right then the orgasm hit me quick and hard.


My pussy was contracting sharply and trying to pull my brother deeper inside me. Through the sparks, I saw his face screw up and he pushed himself as deep inside me as possible. He was cumming too!

“Ohhh… Laura… I’m cumming!”

I felt the tip of his dick was right at the entrance of my womb. And at that point, I could feel spurt after spurt entering my womb. It caused me to cum again… Or still…. Or…. Oh, I didn’t know. The last five minutes were one big, no giant, orgasm. Kevin had gotten me so worked up, horny, and beside myself, that I really felt like I was in heaven.

My pussy kept contracting around his dick as it softened a bit. Kevin was lying on top of me, breathing heavily.

“Are you dead?” I giggled.

“This was fabulous!!” He panted.

“I know….”

Even though Kevin came for the fourth time now in a short time, his dick only went soft a little bit. I squeezed my pussy around it a few times, causing him to shake a little. I kissed him on his cheek and whispered in his ear with the sexiest voice I could find:

“Can you fuck me again please??”

He looked up at me and smiled. His dick got fully hard in a heartbeat and he started moving again and the sparks before my eyes were back again. After a little while, Kevin asked if I wanted to be on top. We turned over without him leaving me. As I sat on top now, the tip of his dick was constantly poking at my cervix. It was nice, but giving complete control to Kevin felt better for me. He was now playing with my tits and I could see that Kevin was enjoying himself and it wasn’t bad for me either, so we fucked like this until Kevin pushed himself up against me and came the fifth time that evening. I still came a few times, but not the full-blown orgasms I had before.

After this, we laid beside each other and got under the blankets. We were both totally spent by now. I cuddled up against Kevin and we both decided to fall asleep in our parent’s bed. Since they would be back late in the evening tomorrow, we wouldn’t get caught sleeping in their bed naked. Kevin kissed me on my head and I pressed my pussy against his leg, trying to get even closer to him.

“I love you” we whispered at exactly the same time and both giggled about it.

“Good night, little brother”

“Good night, big sis!” and I drifted off in a very, very happy sleep.

END Part One

Copyright 2020 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Wow. That’s it. My first. Completely written by me, Jason Crow. And yeah…. I know!! Hypnotism doesn’t work this way, so don’t bug me about it! 🙂 Once again a pretty long story, but I guess I can’t make short stories. I need the character development. Ah well… Maybe the next one…. For this one I have a few more things In my mind. Laura has the power of The Magnificent Zafar, so why not use it a bit more?!? With that in mind, I decided about halfway that this must me a multipart story. I’m not sure how many parts it’s going to be, but at least two. If you have any suggestions what to do with this story, I’m happy to hear it and maybe will use it in the next part. Just drop a message on the website (https://jasoncrow.eu/blog) or an e-mail: jasoncrowwriter@outlookl.com

By the way… The names Kevin and Laura weren’t chosen randomly. I fan e-mailed me some info about his (sex)life and I asked him if I could use their names. So there it is Kevin, hope you like it!

And of course: Dixi ego in potestate ‘anglicus

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  1. Avatar for Anonymous

    Pretty good start and I agree with the length since it really allowed you to escalate things between the siblings at a good pace.

    The Pendulum was an interesting find and I liked the rhyme.
    Also the way you had Laura do some shows was a nice addition as well.
    Overall this was a good start.

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