Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 10 – Risk
Day 3.

The rest of the day wasn’t that eventful. I expected it to be way more intense with us planning all sorts of stuff and trying to get as much information as possible. But it was none of that.

The news had dried up. All our social media feeds weren’t updated anymore. The last post I could find was almost nineteen hours ago. We didn’t have the tv in here, but I guessed there wasn’t any broadcast anymore.

”Why are the lights still on? You said the electricity would go down soon.”

”I don’t know. I just figured this would happen, as it always does in zombie books and movies,” Joel said, looking up from his phone.

”And we’re still online too.”

Joel looked thoughtful.

”Most of these systems are fully automated, so there really is no reason for it to go down,” Joel said after a few moments.

”But why do they go down in the movies?”

”Good question, ” Joel said, and then his eyes lit up. ”Zombies walk around!” he suddenly shouted.

”Yeah? So?” I responded, not impressed.

”Don’t you get it? Suppose a zombie in a nuclear power plant shuffles into the wrong room. In that case, he’ll probably be creating a major short circuit!” and he looked at me hopefully.

He looked at my blank face and sighed.

”Now the people are just dropping to the ground. They can’t break anything by simply lying down.”

”Ah! I guess you’re right!”

I realized again that Joel was an intelligent guy. He could think this stuff through.

”So we’ll probably have power and internet for weeks. Maybe months,” he continued.

”Well… At last some good news!” I sighed. ”We’ll die with the lights on.”

”Don’t, Mia. We are not going to die.”

”I’m sorry. I just don’t see a way out of this, ” I said, a bit glum.

”I know. Me neither. Yet! But in a few days, things will be completely different. And by then, we can start thinking about how we’re getting out of here. I promise. We’ll just have to wait it out for a few days.”

” I guess you’re right. I think I’m just a bit bored right now.”

”We can play Risk?” Joel proposed.

This caught me a bit off-guard. The last time Joel and I played Risk was about two years ago. Our dad didn’t allow it any longer because we both played it frantically.

“I noticed it lying under your bed when I was working on lifting the door,” he continued.

”I hid it there because of dad. Otherwise, he would have thrown it out.”

”So?” Joel asked hopefully.

The following seven hours flew by. It seemed I would win for a while, but due to sheer luck, Joel won the game. I wasn’t a bad loser, but I hated to lose a game of Risk from Joel.

He was the same, so he didn’t brag or tease me with it. I could win the next game just as easily, and then the tables were turned. We both learned not to brag the hard way.

During the game, we heard two more screams outside. Both times we looked at each other and were quiet for a few minutes.

“I’m sure the screams will stop eventually. These bugs can’t live forever,” Joel said, primarily to himself.

As we were putting the game away, I thought of something.

“Are the animals dead too?”

“Ehh,” Joel said and looked confused. “That’s an excellent question. I sure as hell hope not because that’ll be the end of the world.”

“And we’ll have to become vegetarians,” I giggled.

“I’m serious, Mia. If the animals die too, there’s no way the earth can survive. They play an essential part in the reproduction of plants and stuff. If that food chain is broken…” Joel trailed off.

“You’re right. I didn’t think of that. Fuck!”

As if on cue, we heard another scream in the distance, and we looked at each other again.

“Let’s kill the lights. I don’t want to attract desperate people still wandering around,” Joel whispered. “I think we shouldn’t put them back on either and keep the noise down. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the movies, it is that such a situation brings out the worst in people.”

I killed the lights and started working on our dinner. The streetlights provided enough light for me to see what I was doing. We sat at my desk and ate our dinner. Our talk toned down to a whisper.

“We did get dad’s old ham radio in here, didn’t we?” Joel asked.

“I think so, yeah. Why?”

“I guess it probably won’t work, but maybe there’s some news on the old radio signals. That radio can receive a lot of channels, even the really long-range ones.”

“If you say so. I don’t know how that stuff works,” I responded with my mouth full.

“Dad showed me once, so I hope I can get it to work. But like I said. It’ll probably be nothing but worth a shot. I mean… The internet isn’t down, but still, there’s nothing to be found online. So why would there be any on the radio? But hey! It’s not like we’ve got other plans tomorrow,” he smiled.

After dinner, we both played some games on our phones. Despite the incident this morning, the thought of going to sleep in the same bed with Joel again was making me feel horny. During the day, flashes of Joel’s dickhead peeking from under the blanket flashed through my head several times.

I knew I had to suppress these feelings, but I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to see his dick. See him jack it. See it spurt its sperm. Caress it. Taste it…
I quickly snapped out of this whirlpool of thoughts. I looked over at Joel, feeling flushed and noticing my pussy was soaking wet. Joel saw me looking, and I smiled.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Almost ten.”

“I’m not too tired, but I think I’m turning in. Shall we play some more games on our phones and call it a day?”

“Sure. Games on our phones…” Joel smiled.

“And maybe some…” I whispered as I put away the plates of our dinner and pretended to be extremely busy.

As I turned around, Joel already took off his shirt and was looking at me. I only had to drop my spandex shorts, but I hesitated slightly. It felt to me as if we were about to cross a line. But I immediately liked the idea of crossing that line, so I dropped my shorts and looked at my brother.

“You look really hot in that thong, Mia,” Joel said as he looked me over.

I wanted to see him drop his pants, so I thanked him and crawled into bed, my eyes never leaving his body.

After he dropped his pants, I noticed the bulge in his boxers. He wasn’t hard. I knew that from what I saw the first night. But he wasn’t entirely soft either. Did I have that effect on him, I wondered.

As he crawled in next to me and took his phone, I glanced at my brother and felt myself starting to blush. Joel looked at me, questioning with one lifted eyebrow.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no. It’s just… well…” I inhaled deeply, “is it wrong that I’d still like to masturbate. Like… now?”

Joel started smiling, which put me a bit at ease.

“I was literally just thinking the same thing,” he grinned. “And I immediately felt bad about it.”

“So… we’re both horrible people?”

“Nah. Just horny, I guess,” and he laughed.

“I don’t know what it is, but I really like doing this. I mean… I already liked it a lot, but with you beside me, I like it way better!” and I blushed again.

“I know what you mean, sis. It’s boring as fuck, sitting inside a room all day. But the idea of masturbating keeps my spirits up, I guess. Is that weird?” Joel asked, looking insecure.

Joel wasn’t a caveman type of guy, but he wasn’t too sharing about his feelings either. So him saying this was a big deal, I realized.

“No! No way. This isn’t weird at all,” I assured him, “I know exactly what you mean. You know the world has gone to shit, but your personal needs still trigger you. I thought about this a lot too, today. I couldn’t figure it out but finally figured ‘what the heck.’ You know?”

I could see Joel’s body language change. He let go of the tension in his body and relaxed visibly.

“So…” Joel started, “fancy another session?”

“Absolutely!” I said, already taking off my underwear.

Joel started moving too, and after a few seconds, I heard the sound of his underwear hitting the floor.

I slid my hands between my legs, sighing happily, and glanced over at Joel’s moving hand under the blanket. His eyes were closed, and he appeared to be in the zone already.

“Don’t you need lube or something?” I asked, curious about his technique.

“Huh?” Joel asked, obviously disturbed.

“Lube. When there’s something about jacking off in the movies, a guy spits in his hand or uses hand lotion or something.”

“Nah. I don’t need it. I just hold ‘it’ loosely in my hand and slide it up and down, you know?” Joel said, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Uhm… no?”

“What do you mean, no?”

“I never actually saw someone do it,” I softly said, feeling flushed, horny, embarrassed, and curious at the same time.

“You didn’t? Not even online?” Joel asked, surprised.

I noticed his hand had stopped moving, and he was looking at me. We were both quiet for a few moments.

“Uhm… I can show you how I do it. If you want,” he eventually said, blushing a bit.

“SURE! I’d like that!” I said, way too eager. “I mean… If you don’t mind…”

“I guess not. If you don’t mind seeing me naked,” he said shyly after being silent for a few seconds.

“Oh. I don’t mind, Joel,” I said as casually as I could.

Joel kept looking at me, but he didn’t move. I was SO anxious to see his dick and to see him beat it. But Joel was too shy to start.

“If it’s easier for you, I’ll take off my clothes too,” I offered, hoping to urge Joel on this way.

“Would you do that?” he asked, surprised.

“Sure! It’s only fair, isn’t it?”

“Uhm… If you don’t mind… I… Uhm,” he stammered.

It was evident that I needed to take the lead here. I felt my heart beating in my throat as I started lifting my top. Before I could chicken out, I pulled it off and laid it by my thong, next to my pillow. I felt Joel’s eyes on my bare breasts as I deliberately had left the blanket down around my waist.

“Wow, Mia. You are…” Joel said, obviously lost for words.

I glanced over at my brother and noticed his eyes were glued to my chest. Seeing him admire my breasts made me suddenly feel less self-conscious. A little seductive even. Not wanting to wait any longer, I slowly started pushing down the blanket.

Slowly but steadily, my brother’s hard dick came into view. The red, fat dickhead came first. During our baths when we were younger, I already saw he was circumcised, although that didn’t quite register back then. This morning, when his dickhead peeked out, I thought back of those days.

We’d play in the tub and were way too young to care about the differences between boys and girls back then. Sure, we noticed our differences, but that was it.
Joel’s balls came into view, and I was mesmerized by what I saw. Now that I could look at my brother’s dick unobstructed, I could size it better. It was almost six inches long and with big balls under it. His shaft wasn’t too thick, but the mushroom-shaped, fat dickhead made it look fabulous.

But the best part of what I saw was his pubes. Pictures and videos I saw online all showed hairy dicks. Thick bushes of pubes and very hairy balls. Joel’s balls only had a few wisps of hairs on them, and he just had a small patch of pubes above his shaft. Other than that, his body was hairless.

I tore my eyes away from Joel’s fascinating dick and looked him in his eyes. He didn’t notice me looking as his eyes were roaming all over my body. I was lying there completely naked for my brother to see, and he didn’t waste the opportunity. Knowing I had this effect on my hot brother made me feel all tingly inside and even hornier than I was before.

“You look… Phew…” I said to Joel. “Ahem… It looks quite big.”

“Huh? What? Oh… I uhh…” he stammered and finally looked at my face.

“Your… penis,” I pointed.

“What about it?” he asked, obviously confused.

“It looks big,” I laughed nervously.

“Oh. Well. It’s not the biggest in class, but I’m quite close,” he beamed.

“So… weren’t you going to show me?” I asked, looking directly at his stiff dick.

“Oh. Yeah. Right,” and he took his dick in his hand, immediately sliding it up and down.

This was by FAR the most erotic thing I ever saw in my whole life. I slid my hand between my legs and started masturbating too.

“You see. I just hold it semi-loose in my fist, creating just enough friction to…” he stopped and looked at the action between my legs.

“I’m sorry, Joel. But looking at you spanking it got me going,” I blushed and let out a small moan as my finger brushed against my clit for the first time since we started this.

“Don’t be sorry. Ohhh… I wanted to ask how you… ahhh… did it,” and his fist was going faster up and down on his magnificent dick.

I just had to watch his hand. And his dick. And his jacking. And his balls. And… Ohhh!! This was amazing!

“Ohh… So… How do you do… ahhh… it?” Joel asked, looking at my crotch. “Do you slide your finger in, or…?”

“Hmmm… I just rub the outside of my… pussy and over my clitoris. Ohhh… And when I’m getting… OHHH… Close, I some-ahhh-times… slide my fingers inside, so I cum harder and… Ohhh fstr…” I managed.

“OHHH… This is fucking hot!” Joel panted and draped his leg over mine again.

We lay there masturbating side by side and looking at the other, both panting and moaning heavily. Joel’s fist was going faster and faster, and my pussy had never ever been this wet before. I was on the verge of cumming, and was wondering if I should warn Joel.

“OHHH… Mia… I’m almost AHHH… there. If you want to… OHHH!!!” Joel moaned loudly as his fist stopped moving.

My eyes widened as I saw the first spurt leaving my brother’s dick. It flew out of it with a nice arc and landed just below his chin. I saw four more spurts until I felt my pussy contracting and just had to shut my eyes close, letting the best orgasm EVER wash over me.

It took me a few minutes to recover. But after I opened my eyes and looked at Joel, he had a shit-eating grin on his face and looked at me lazily.

“Now THAT was fucking amazing, sis! I never thought that letting you watch me would be such a big turn-on. Fucking hell!” he kept panting.

I glanced down his body, and with his softening dick and cum-covered chest, he looked even sexier than before. I wasn’t ready to speak yet, as I pulled my hand from between my legs.

“You came too, right?” Joel asked.

“Holy shit! Did I come? The best ever!” I managed.

“Did you… ehm… stick it in?”

“No. Didn’t have the chance. I came SO hard the moment you came. I… Waah!” I sighed.

“I know,” Joel laughed. “If we grow tired of Risk, we can always do this. Damn!”

I had to laugh too. Mainly because he was so right. No matter what happens, if it was up to me, we’d definitely do this again.

“You look pretty hot, Joel,” I whispered in the silence that followed.

“You should see yourself, Mia. The hottest chick in town,” he said with a giggle, but I could feel he was completely honest with me.

Joel reached under the bed, took a towel, and started cleaning the cum off his chest. I wanted to feel it, taste it and put it inside my pussy, but I wasn’t sure how Joel would react to it. So I decided to let it go and maybe try it another time. Considering Joel’s reaction, I figured there would be a second time.

“I’m tired now, Mia,” Joel yawned as he put the towel back under the bed.

“Me too. Good night, big brother,” I said, pulling up the blanket.

“Only by four minutes,” Joel said as he put his arm under me and pulled me close.

As I snuggled up against Joel, I was feeling relieved we crossed this line. I was so at ease with him. It felt natural to do this stuff with him. And snuggling up naked against my equally naked brother only added to the sense of feeling at ease with each other.

“Good night,” I heard Joel whisper as I drifted off to sleep.

End of Chapter ten

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