Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 9 – Killing time
Day 3.

The movement beside me startled me at first. But after a few seconds, I realized it was just my brother Joel moving in my bed. I opened my eyes and, judging by the light in the room, it was still early. I guessed it to be around six a.m. I was lying on my side, facing the wall, so I looked over my shoulder to check on Joel.

I saw he was lying on his side too, but facing away from me. The blanket was pulled down, and both of us were exposed from the waist up. I was suddenly aware of my lack of panties and was glad I was still wearing my top.

As I reached for my panties and quietly pulled them up, I realized Joel was completely naked. After all the boxer-clad glances I got yesterday, I was curious as hell how his penis looked. But the moment this thought entered my mind, I immediately dismissed it. He was my brother, damnit! I shouldn’t think like this! He was doing everything in his power to protect me, and I was only lusting after his body.

I loved my brother dearly. And, considering the circumstances, there was no one in the world I’d rather be with now than with Joel. He’d give his own life for me if he had to. I felt so much love for him at that moment. So I turned over, draped my arm over his chest, and cuddled up against his back. Joel let out a small gunt, but that was all. I figured I wouldn’t sleep anymore, but I would at least feel safe and maybe doze a little bit this way.

I was wrong. I woke up again feeling something poking against the bottom of my hand that I had draped across Joel’s chest. I opened my eyes, and this time it was way brighter inside my room. Judging by his breathing, Joel was still asleep. The eerie quietness outside was creepy as fuck, but being here with Joel gave me a natural comforting feeling.

There was that poke against my hand again. It took me a moment for it to land. But when it did, I instinctively pulled my hand back.

“That’s Joel’s erection!” I thought.

But the moment I pulled back my hand, I was sorry I did. A small part of me wanted to feel it, caress it, judge its size, fondle it… But before I had a chance to casually lay my hand back, Joel stirred. He was waking up.

“Grmph…” Joel grunted and looked back over his shoulder to see what was going on. “Morning, Mia”

“Morning, Joel,” I responded and turned onto my back.

Joel turned to his back too, and I had to hold back a gasp as I saw the tip of his dick peeking out from under the blanket. This was just a tiny flash, but enough for me to see the fat dickhead. Joel pulled up the blanket quickly to hide his dick, and I decided to act cool and pretend I didn’t see it.

“Sleep well?” Joel asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Surprisingly well. You?”

“Me too.”

I avoided the obvious elephant in the room but was dying to find out what Joel thought of the previous night.

“I guess the much-needed relief last night helped me sleep this well,” Joel continued.

“It did, didn’t it?” I tried.

“Yeah. I’m glad we chose to do this, Mia,” Joel said, looking me in the eyes seriously.

“Me too! And I’m glad you liked it because I liked it a lot too!” I said with relief in my voice. “Wanna do it again?”

“I was hoping you’d ask. Whenever I can, I jerk in the morning. It’s my favorite part of the day,” Joel said and smiled a mischievous smile.

We both laid still for a moment, looking at each other. Joel moved first, and his hand slid under the covers.

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I slipped my hand inside my panties, rubbing all over my wet pussy. I laid my elbow back on Joel’s chest, and the next minutes we laid there masturbating silently.

I was nearing my orgasm. All the time, the image of the tip of Joel’s dick was in front of my eyes. It’s poking against my hand was on the top of my mind the entire time too. As I was ready to insert a finger and go for the end-zone, Joel draped his leg over mine. He was panting heavily also, and as I turned to look at him, he just smiled.

“It’s nice… to… feel your… movements…” he panted.

I just nodded and was blown away by how much such a small act could impact my senses. I saw Joel’s other hand disappear under the covers, and moments later, his eyes crossed.

“I… OHHH…” he groaned.

Seeing my brother cum beside me was more than enough trigger for me to climax too. I felt my body stiffen as the waves of pleasure washed over me.
As I laid there panting and feeling my orgasm fade Away, I noticed Joel hadn’t moved, and our legs, hips, and arms were touching. I heard him panting too. I guessed because of my recent orgasm, my senses were on full blast, which caused me to feel practically every hair, bump, and muscle on my brother’s body.

“This is nice,” Joel said, his panting slowing down.

“It is. Kinda takes your mind off things, you know?”

“Can you face the wall again, please?” Joel asked.

I turned over, felt Joel moving around, and eventually getting out of bed.

“I’m done. You can look now if you want.”

I turned on my back and felt lazy. There wasn’t any need to get out of bed, so I stretched and looked over at Joel, who was standing beside my bed, looking down at me, smiling.

“What?” I asked, slightly worried my boobs fell out of my top or something.

“Nothing. It’s just that… You just look wonderful when you wake up and with this light,” he said, and I could see a blush spreading across his face and chest.

He was standing there, beside my bed, in his boxers, and his slightly muscular body seemed to be glowing. His boxers had a nice bulge in them, and in my eyes, he could easily pass for a Calvin Klein underwear model.

“Well… You don’t look too bad yourself,” I smiled, still stretched out on my bed.

“I thought of something last night. I think we need to create something so we can put some stuff outside the room and still be able to reach it. Get dressed, so we can eat and talk about it,” Joel said as he was pulling up his pants.

“But I don’t wanna get dressed,” I pouted.

“Then don’t. I don’t care,” Joel giggled. “But we need to find a way to get our ‘toilet’ out of the room, or we’ll die of suffocation knowing how much you can stink!”

“OH! You Jerk!” I shouted, acting offended.

I threw my pillow at him and started laughing.

“I guess you’re right. As always,” I said, getting up and acting defeated.

“I AM serious about getting dressed, Mia,” Joel said after we stopped laughing. “If you don’t want to, I don’t care.”

I looked him in the eyes, trying to size him up. Then it dawned on me that he must be just as curious about my body as I was about his. I thought about it for a minute and decided to let him have some fun too. I could wear my short sweat shorts for comfort and a tiny bit of modesty, but I’d keep my tank top and leave my bra off.

The moment I stood in front of my closet with my back toward Joel, I noticed something and decided to turn it up a notch. I quickly pulled down my underwear and figured I’d grab a fresh thong from my closet. Our dad would’ve had a heart attack if he knew I wore a thong. I only owned two: a plain black and a laced red one. I heard Joel clear his throat behind me, and I figured I’d tease him a bit longer. I pretended to look for the right pair and stalled as long as I figured I could get away with, all the while showing Joel my naked backside. I picked the plain black one, and as I pulled it up, Joel cleared his throat again.

I looked over my shoulder, and it was apparent Joel was checking me out. I loved the effect I was having on him but couldn’t prolong pulling up my pants any longer. Instead of sweats, I decided to go for my spandex workout shorts. They weren’t too short, comfy, and I guessed Joel would like that also. After I made sure I was covered correctly, I turned around. Joel stood there blushing, but he didn’t say anything.

“What is it?” I asked, knowing perfectly well what was going on.

“I… Uhm… It’s…” he stammered and cleared his throat again. “I didn’t know you had a thong.”

“I bought it last month. But I didn’t want dad to know.”

“Right… That makes sense,” he said and started smiling. “You look amazing in it, Ellie. You’ve really got a nice body. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

“That’s sweet, Joel. But you already told me I look amazing,” I laughed. “Seriously. Thank you for taking care of me, Joel!”

I stepped toward him, and we hugged each other firmly. After a few moments, we heard a loud scream outside, reminding us of the delicate situation we were still in. I looked at Joel and saw his smile had vanished. The cheerfulness I felt this morning was immediately gone too.

“Let’s eat,” Joel said with a low voice.

“Right,” I responded. “I’ll try to make us something. But we’re down to canned food, so don’t expect anything tasteful.”

We ate our breakfast which consisted of canned tuna, spam, and some bread, in silence. All the while, I felt silly sitting here in my spandex shorts and tanktop. I glanced over at Joel and saw the serious expression on his face. We were in a very, very fucked-up situation. Our dad was dead in the next room, we’d probably be inside this room for maybe weeks if the food would last, and we were just thinking about getting off. That scream was a brutal wake-up call for me.

“I feel bad,” I confided to Joel.

“Me too. What were we thinking? We need to make sure we survive all this, you know?”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes and looked at Joel. The moment he saw me, the stern look on his face vanished, and he came over to me to hug me. The moment I felt his strong arms holding me, I started crying.

“I’m SO confused, Joel!” I sobbed. “I mean… dad is dead, and we don’t have a clue about what’s going on outside. And all I can think of is how good you look in your underwear.”

I didn’t mean to say that last bit. It just came out of my mouth. I immediately felt embarrassed, but Joel didn’t respond. I kept crying, and Joel kept comforting me. All the while, my face pressed firmly against his chest, feeling protected in his strong arms.

“For what it’s worth…” Joel started as my crying was almost over, “I was thinking the same about you, Mia.”

That caught me by surprise. Sure, I teased him a bit last night. And I guess every boy would get a boner when he sees a bit of side-boob. But it never occurred to me that Joel liked to look at me too. I lifted my head to look at him.

Joel smiled shyly and started drying my eyes. He kept holding me with one arm, and I wasn’t ready to let him go yet. I don’t know how long we sat there, but I was glad Joel was there to comfort me as I regained my composure.

“You think I look nice?” I finally asked softly.

“You look fabulous! Especially in that thong. Heck! If you weren’t my sister, I’d definitely want to fu… uhh, date you!” Joel said and quickly cleared his throat.

“Right… How romantic,” I laughed.

“Sorry about that.”

“Did you get any from Kelsey?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

“What kind of question is that? Why would you want to know about your brother’s sex-life? Well… Lack of sex-life, that is,” he sighed.

“It isn’t like we’ve got anything better to do, and it takes our mind away from the real problems.”

“No. She didn’t give me any. I haven’t even got laid yet. How about that?” Joel said in a slightly annoyed tone. “If one of these bugs comes flying in, I’ll die a virgin. If there weren’t any other ‘real’ problems, I’d be fucking pissed about that!”

He looked at me seriously, and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Joel looked at me and tried to be all serious, but I saw a smile spread across his face after a few moments. The next thing I knew, we were both laughing loudly.

“Same here, bro. Still sparkling new. I did break the seal, though,” I said between laughs, and I could see the confusion in Joel’s eyes.

“Ah! You mean your hymen!” he said after a few moments of thinking.

“Yep,” I giggled because of Joel’s discomfort with the subject. “Brandi let me borrow her dildo a few weeks ago. It hurt a bit, but at least now it won’t when I lose my virginity.”

“Okay… Maybe a bit too much info?” Joel said, looking at me with an odd face.

“Don’t be a pussy! You’ve also watched me go to the toilet. How’s that for oversharing?!” I responded, and we both burst out into laughter again.

It was true. We did have that bucket in the room to take care of business. We decided Joel could pee straight into the sink in the room, and I would ditch my pee from the bucket there. If we used enough water to wash it away, it would still be mildly hygienic.

We didn’t have to do number two yet, but I had to think about what Joel said this morning. Okay, we’ve pretty much lost our privacy. But the other person could turn around, so we could keep a little dignity. But the smell would get nasty pretty quickly.

“What did you have in mind for placing stuff outside our room?” I asked, changing the subject to a less awkward one.

“Nothing. It just occurred to me last night that we need to find a way to ditch the unhealthy stuff. It’s not just the poo. Food that’s gone bad doesn’t smell too nice either.”

“You’re right. We didn’t think that one through. Maybe…” I trailed off.


My idea was to use the last big piece of plastic and make some sort of a dog flap in it. We’d cut two lines in it, approximately twenty inches apart, and put pieces of tape over them. When we needed to slide something out or in, we’d remove the tape, put our arm through the opening, and do our thing. This way, we didn’t have to open the whole door, and we’d be relatively safe. We would have to open the door only once this way and immediately put the plastic in the opening.
I explained it all to Joel, and he loved what I came up with. His idea was to just kick holes in the door and hope for the best.

We spent most of the morning planning and creating the plastic sheet. We made sure all the necessary tape was within reach, and we created a lever, so we were able to lift the door from its hinges.

We talked it through a few times until we were both confident we could do this. The way we planned this, there were only a few seconds in which a bug could fly into the room. We accepted that slight chance, as it was way better than the alternative.

“Three… Two… One… GO!” Joel counted.

Joel opened the door, placed the box to stand on in front of the opening, and immediately put the plastic on the doorframe’s top. I taped it shut against the wall and quickly did the same with the door’s right side.

I looked at Joel, and he was done with the door. He laid it on its side, and with a big push, it slid into the living room, hitting the couch, and miraculously stayed on its side. The moment the door left the room, I taped that side of the door shut, and we were safe.

“YEAH!!” Joel shouted.

“WHOOO!!” I yelled and hugged Joel, glad we managed to get this done.

Joel hugged me back, and I briefly felt his hands on my butt. It lasted only a second or two, and I guessed he did it by accident. The moment his hands left my butt and wrapped around my upper body, I felt a very slight disappointment but immediately banned that feeling from my body.

End of Chapter nine

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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