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Smoky Mountains – Chapter 12

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 12 – Task time
Day 4.

I opened my eyes and was greeted by a pair of young breasts with hard nipples. I had to blink a few times to make sure it was real. They were almost boy-like nipples on two small globes of flesh. Her breasts were way past the puffy nipple stage but still needed to grow. To me, this was the breast size I liked best.

Then I realized that I was looking at Ellie lying in bed beside me. During the night, the sheet came down, and now she was lying there almost completely naked. By chance, the sheet still covered most of her vagina, but I could see a few strands of pubic hair peeking out from under the sheet.

I realized I was getting hard from looking at her. This was just too weird. Maybe Robert was right, and I was bi since I found it quite challenging to look away. Ellie was still asleep and looked amazing lying there. She looked a lot like Ryan, with a few differences, of course. They were unmistakably siblings. That much was clear. I gave my dick a few tugs in an attempt to get the pressure off a bit.

Ellie started moving, and I looked at her face and saw her eyes began to blink. She needed a moment to realize where she was but started smiling at me when she saw me looking at her.

“Good morning,” she softly said and stretched.

Immediately after she started stretching, she turned to her belly and looked at me flushed.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Adam,” she whispered.

It took me a second to understand what happened. Ellie must’ve realized she was lying there almost entirely naked and felt the need to cover herself.

“Why are you sorry?” I asked, noticing again how much her ass looked like Ryan’s.

“I don’t mean to offend you.”

“You’re not offending me, Ellie. Not in any way.”

“I’m not? I figured you wouldn’t like to see your niece’s nude body,” she looked serious but still blushing.

“I really don’t mind. In fact, I actually like looking at you,” I replied, now blushing myself.

Ellie, still lying on her belly, scooted over and hugged me. I felt her perky breasts pressing against my chest as I hugged her back.

“I’m glad you don’t mind. Our mom… My mom would never allow me to sleep like this, let alone in the same bed with my Uncle. So thank you,” she said, and I could see her eyes tearing up.

“You’re welcome? I guess?” I replied with a typical schoolgirl tone of voice, trying to divert the attention and avoiding the difficult subject of Ryan’s death.

Ellie stopped hugging me, turned to her back, and pulled up the sheet. She looked at the ceiling and sighed.

“I’ll go and take a shower and make us some breakfast, okay?” I said, reaching on the floor for my boxers.

“Okay. Just call me when you’re done, and I’ll hop into the shower after you.”

“Sure thing,” I said.

I hesitated a second if I should put on my boxers. I decided not to make too big of a fuss about being naked, so I took my boxers, held them in front of my groin, and stood up. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to show Ellie my penis or if she was ready for it yet. So I made sure to keep my boxers firmly pressed against my penis and balls and walked out of the bedroom.

“Cute butt,” Ellie giggled as I walked by.

I looked over my shoulder with mock annoyance. But I couldn’t keep a straight face for long.

“You’re not the first one telling me that, girlfriend!” I responded with an overly gay accent.

After we ate our breakfast, we each went out working on our separate tasks. It was still hot as hell, so we were both dressed the same as we were yesterday. I started by asking SHIVR to give Ellie the same permissions as I had. She was responsible enough, and since we’d be down here for possibly a long time, she might as well have all the controls too. And the possibility that I might die also was probably the best reason to elevate her permissions.

I tried calling Ellie’s mom two more times but immediately was sent to her voicemail. I noticed my previous messages were still unread in WhatsApp, so I didn’t bother sending new ones.

I clicked on the TV, and now the TV option wasn’t greyed-out anymore. I opened it, and the live TV option was launched. As I checked the channels, I was getting even more worried about our situation. Most channels were sending out static or the standard ‘we are experiencing technical difficulties’ screen.

That wasn’t a big surprise. But there were three news channels still broadcasting live, and what I saw there was pretty disturbing.

The picture was as if it was a regular broadcast. The clock in the corner, the scrolling headlines at the bottom, and the desks’ typical background. The significant difference was the anchormen lying on the desk or hanging back in the chair. If I didn’t know any better, they fell asleep behind the desk.

It was a very creepy sight to see. There wasn’t any movement, but still, you’d expect the broadcast to continue at any moment. But after a few minutes, it became painfully clear this wouldn’t happen.

I surfed all available channels, and besides these news channels, there was a lot of static. Not a single channel was broadcasting an emergency broadcast, as one would expect.

The eeriest thing on TV was the standard cartoon channels. They obviously had some automated system because I saw one channel with a Road Runner episode. Another one was airing Tom and Jerry.

After I was sure the TV wouldn’t help us, I switched it off, made myself a fresh cup of coffee, and walked over to the crops room.

With the help of SHIVR, I got a good picture of this room and how we were supposed to use it. There were special lights in the room, and the temperature-controlled air had added water and a hint of fertilizer in it. SHIVR could also manage the automated irrigation and nutrition system if she was informed about which plant was growing in which spot of the room.

The seeds for the plants were located in a separate fridge-like cabinet. And SHIVR had detailed instructions for us on how to extract new seeds from the plants that grew from them in order to keep sufficient sources for future needs.

So I figured if we’d let SHIVR handle the crop growth and check how it’s going every other day. The door needed to remain closed as much as possible. So not going in there too much was for the best.

I entered the hallway and looked through the lab window, wondering what I would find in there. I finished my coffee, put the mug on the floor, and went into the lab.

The lab itself was… a lab. Considering its location, it was terrific. It had all the things needed in such a lab. And I’ve seen my fair shares of labs from the inside, so I was pretty impressed.

I turned on the computer and waited for it to finish booting. As I waited, I looked around. All the standard equipment was here. There was one thing that caught my attention. The cooler in the corner was buzzing. I knew this brand of coolers. This buzzing meant it was cooling at around its maximum capacity. Through its glass door, I could see around fifty ampules of some sort. I didn’t know what it was yet but was hoping Robert’s computer would tell me.

His password was easy to guess by me, and after I spent hours browsing and scanning through his files, I wasn’t much wiser than when I started. I was getting more and more frustrated as I sat there trying to find answers.

The formula in these ampules was still unknown, and there wasn’t a label or something on it to give me a clue. Only numbers 238 through 287 were printed on them, but no reference to these numbers could be found.

The searching on the computer got the better of me, and I suddenly felt furious and alone. Why didn’t Robert leave me any info on how to find answers? Or even what was down here. Did I even know Robert? I mean… considering everything that was going on down here? I knew his work for the government implied that he had to keep secrets for me, but this was straight-out ridiculous.

I checked my watch and suddenly realized how hungry I was. This wasn’t strange, considering it was past six already. Ellie and I saw each other briefly when we made lunch. Well… I was done making my lunch when Ellie walked in. She was obviously engrossed in her task, so we hardly spoke a word.

I turned off everything and went to the control room, expecting to find Ellie there. The door was open, but Ellie wasn’t there. There was a notebook lying on the table with a lot of notes in it. That girl had been busy.

I wasn’t worried, but I was curious where Ellie was. The moment I turned around to go look for her, she walked out of the kitchen, carrying a big glass of water. As the door opened, Ellie looked at me and smiled.

“You’re hungry too?” I asked.

“I am. I was wrapping things up when I realized how late it was.”

“I’ll start working on dinner. You wrap up here, okay?”

I started working in the kitchen, and after a few minutes, Ellie joined me. I noticed she looked a bit hyped.

“How did you do today?” I asked as we sat down at the table.

“Fantastic! I think I know everything there is to know about this shelter. SHIVR talked me through pretty much everything. SHIVR is more like Jarvis than Alexa or Siri, you know?”

“I noticed this myself in the crops room. I didn’t think of it that way, but I guess you’re right. But good to hear you’ve learned about the shelter.”

“Yeah. SHIVR even helped me blurring out Ryan’s body on the external video feeds. That way, we can view the outside footage without the constant possibility of suddenly looking at Ryan’s body.”

That was a very clever thing Ellie had done. I didn’t want to mention it, but in a week or two, Ryan’s body wouldn’t be something we wanted to see. It’s not like we wanted to look at it now, but after the decomposing kicks in… I felt a shiver going down my spine at the mere idea.

“That is an excellent thing you’ve done, Ellie. We’ll bury him when there’s an opportunity, but this is a safe way to deal with it until then. I’m impressed.”

Ellie started to blush. I guessed she wasn’t used to getting compliments. But I was genuinely impressed by how well she handled this.

“Thank you, Uncle Adam. But there’s more. A lot more.”

As we ate our dinner, Ellie explained a lot of stuff she’d asked SHIVR to do and the things she found out doing it.

“Look. According to everything we, well actually SHIVR, found online, the entire world is overrun by something. If you look around online, there is a massive pool of data available. I mean… Facebook, and Twitter, of course. But also video and satellite footage, millions of communication channels you can easily listen in on. We added all up, and we’re not entirely sure yet, but it appears to be some kind of bug that came out of the hole in the ground.”

“A bug?” I asked, surprised. “I figured it was something in the air.”

“A bug IS something in the air,” Ellie giggled. “But I know what you mean.”

“Yeah… Well… Uhm… It’s just..” now it was my turn to blush.

“Just kidding, Uncle Adam. Together, SHIVR and I reconstructed pretty much the whole cycle up until now. At first, it was that hole in Brazil. We saw that on tv.”

“Right,” I added. “We figured out it had something to do with all this. But what was it?”

“Well,” Ellie continued, “before the hole ‘did’ anything, there was a second hole near Beijing. But the Chinese government kept it hidden from the news as long as they could. And we were too focused on our side of the pond to notice.”

Ellie took a bite to eat and a sip from her glass before she continued. I was getting more and more curious about what she found out.

“After, or at the same time as China, we still don’t know that for sure, a third hole appeared near Johannesburg. This hole was about half the size of the other two but still quite significant. But by the time that third hole appeared, all eyes went to Brazil because of the smoke.” Ellie said and made air quotes at the word smoke.

“It wasn’t smoke?” I asked, surprised.

I realized I’d stopped eating and had to force myself to continue.

“No. It wasn’t. Looking back, it was pretty obvious it couldn’t be smoke. The tectonic plates over there were way too thick to let magma or something like it through. No. They were bugs. Literally billions of little, flying bugs. They swarmed out into every direction, which was another indication that it wasn’t smoke.”

“Fuck! Really?” I said in disbelief.

Ellie smiled at me, knowing how good of a job she did and because I never swear in front of them.

“Really. And that’s when the shit hit the fan. One bite of these tiny bugs, and you’re done. You don’t stand a chance. They spread so fast that the news stations couldn’t keep up. We guess that only the military knew it and was able to respond. But only a very tiny part of the military was saved because many dead soldiers are lying around we saw on satellite and video footage.”

Ellie took a dramatic pause, allowing both of us to finish our meal in silence.

“And then? What happened next?”

“The other holes did the same. Bugs came flying out, killing everyone they bit. The whole planet was overrun by them in less than eight hours. Eight hours! No government plan or prepper was prepared for this. Not the speed and definitely not the threat itself.” Ellie said sadly.

“I guess not. They were ready for terrorists and alien invasions and nukes. But not a tiny killing bug. Any idea where it’s from? Is it alien? Or a failed experiment of some sort?”

“No. We’re not sure. There isn’t any hint of alien or science-lab origin to be found. If I had to bet, I’d say it’s Mother Earth cleaning up our mess. But that’s a bit philosophical. I admit. But I just can’t find any other explanation.”

I was stunned. Both by what Ellie said and mostly how well she did her research.

“You know what the worst part is?” she asked.


“There are a few dozen other shelters like this. They are all able to connect…” Ellie inhaled deeply, “none of them are responding.”

“Shit…” I whispered, totally blown away.

“There are still a few signs of life on the planet. Some people hid from the bugs. Some accidentally and some deliberately. So we’re not entirely alone. But all these people can be counted on one hand if you ask me.”

“Thank god! We need to find a way to reach them.”

“We tried posting stuff on Facebook and the other socials, but none of them are accepting new posts. I guess you’re right about their fail-safe mechanisms.”

“So you didn’t reach anyone yet?”

“No. I honestly wouldn’t know how we can do that. But I’m also very worn down by all the work today, so I figured we’d look for something together when we had a good night’s sleep,” Ellie yawned.

“I guess you’re right. Wanna check if we can find some series or movie on the TV?” I proposed.

“Okay. I’d like that. Maybe it gets my mind of this shitty mess. But I also wanna read my book some more. It’s a nice story so far, and I’m curious how it unfolds.”

“No problem. Tell you what. Since you’re tired and did an amazing job, I’ll clean up here. In the meantime, you check the TV for something interesting. How’s that?”

“Great! And thank you!” Ellie said, gave me a quick hug, and was off to the living room.

Her boyish ass showed off nicely in that pair of red panties. The look of her ass as she left the kitchen sent my mind back to this morning, and I could feel myself stiffening at the thought alone. So I quickly started cleaning up to get myself focused on something else than that pretty naked girl’s body.

We watched some lame-ass anime she found, but we turned it off about halfway through the movie because we both didn’t like the story. The fanservice was also completely over the top, with big-breasted girls in too tiny bikinis.

“Well… That was bad,” Ellie chuckled.

“Yes. Yes, it was.”

“You only say that because you’re gay and don’t like to look at women,” Ellie continued.

“I think you’re wrong on that part, Ellie. I’m not the typical gay man you think I am. I DO like to look at women. I like the way they look and find breasts very interesting. I just find it difficult to connect with women on a romantic level. I did have sex with a few women in the past, and I actually liked it. Not as much as sex with Uncle Robert, but it was still pretty good!”

“Really? I didn’t know that. But I guess it makes sense,” Ellie said more seriously now.

“But I still miss the penis between their legs,” I stated with a straight face.

Ellie looked a bit puzzled, but as soon as she saw the corners of my mouth move up, we both lost it and started laughing.

A few minutes later, we were both in bed. Naked and reading. As we went to bed, we each turned around as the other undressed. We didn’t talk about it. It just happened. There was also a glass of whiskey on our nightstands, but we both agreed this was the last night we did this. We needed to keep an eye on our supplies, which also included the good stuff. It was still unclear how long we’d be down here, so being careful was the sensible thing to do.

“Uncle Adam?” Ellie asked as I was putting my book Away.

“What is it, Ellestar?”

“I know we agreed to stay on our sides of the bed. But… uh… I did like the way we cuddled last night. It felt… safe?”

I looked at her and her puppy eyes. I knew it was a bit inappropriate for a middle-aged man to cuddle up naked with his equally naked niece. But so was jerking off an eleven-year-old boy. Besides, she asked for it. And what harm could it do anyway?

“Sure, Ellestar. And you’re right. It did feel nice. Less… I don’t know… alone.” I said, extending my arm.

Ellie took the hint and snuggled up against me. I felt one of her breasts pressing against my chest and did my best to ignore it, so I wouldn’t get hard. THAT would be awkward for sure!

“Good night, Uncle Adam. Sweet dreams,” Ellie said and kissed me on my cheek and cuddled back into her spot on my side.


I dozed off quickly into a dreamless sleep. But I woke up after I felt movement beside me and figured it was Ellie returning to her side of the bed.
As I settled for more sleep, I noticed Ellie’s hand lying very low on my belly and close to my dick. And Ellie was still cuddled up against me. I wasn’t sure, but her body appeared to be pressed even more against me.

I also realized I was fully erect, which happened more often during the night, of course. But with Ellie’s hand so close to it, I was a bit anxious that she might bump into it or something.

I lay completely still, hoping my erection would go away. That’s when I noticed Ellie’s hand inching down toward my dick.

“Uncle Adam?” she whispered softly.

I was incredibly struggling internally. I needed to let her know I was awake. But I was very curious about what she had in mind with her hand. And I was suddenly extremely horny with the thought of her touching my dick.

I figured I’d act asleep and find out what she was up to. If it was enough, I’d act like waking up and give her the time to get in her original position. That evil voice inside my head had won again.

“Good,” Ellie softly whispered, and her hand inched down further.

I noticed I was holding my breath and forced myself to act as if I was asleep. So I slowly let out my breath and pretended to breathe in and out deeply.
I really had to focus, though, at the moment her hand reached my dick. She touched my dickhead first, of course, and slid further down to feel my shaft.

“Oh, wow!” Ellie whispered again.

Her hand began fondling around, judging my shape and size. She even cupped my balls and moaned softly. As her hand moved back up again, I noticed rhythmic movement beside me. It took me a second, but I realized she was masturbating while fondling my dick.

This had to stop. But it felt way too good to feel her hand on me, so I decided to let her have her orgasm. And the moment the thought of her orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, she stopped. She lifted her hand and just stopped.

Now I was confused. Did she come? Did she suddenly realize I was awake? As I laid there contemplating and figuring out my next move, I felt the sheet move a little.

Moments later, I felt her hand on my belly, near my dick again. She’d sneaked her hand under the sheet to get a better feel. And the moment she touched my leaking glans, I was glad she did.

“Oh… Better,” I heard her whisper as her movement increased.

She started groping and feeling everywhere. If I wasn’t awake, I’m sure her actions would’ve woken me up. Also, was her masturbation more and more noticeable now as the whole bed moved.

“Ohhh… mmmmhh…” she moaned softly.

She wasn’t jacking me or trying to get me off. This was just for her own pleasure, which probably turned me on even more.

“AH! AH! AHHH!!!” She moaned a lot louder, and her whole body stiffened.

Her grip on my dick was firm but considering the fact that she was cumming beside me, not unpleasant. It was challenging to keep lying still and acting asleep. I was turned on by all of this beyond belief.

She was panting hard and still had her hand on my dick. She was gently petting it like a dog from bottom to top.

“Damn. It’s big,” she whispered between pants.

She laid there for a few minutes, petting my dick and getting her breath back. Until she gave it one last pet, moved her hand out from under the sheet, and turned on her side, facing away from me. A few minutes later, I heard her breathing deepen and realized she was sleeping.

I felt I couldn’t sleep. Not even if I had a horse tranquilizer. I was so worked up and filled with adrenaline that I had to do something about it. So I snuck out of bed, held my boxers in front of my groin again, just in case, and went to the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed how flushed I was. My dick was still rock hard. I sat down on the toilet and went for it. It only took me about ten strokes before I felt I was cumming. I aimed my dick down and let out a loud grunt as my sperm splashed into the water.

After coming down from my orgasm, I let the events sink in. Why didn’t I stop her? Was it the booze? Was I a perv? I did something similar to her brother. So was I a perv? Or did I just miss the sex with Robert? But then again… I didn’t give her any hints or signs in this direction. SHE was the curious one. SHE was the one who did this.

I couldn’t figure it out. But I did know I liked it. And I did like how she looked. And she was a funny and intelligent girl. So should I talk about it? Should I ignore it?
Eventually, I decided to sleep on it. I couldn’t do anything about it now, and maybe it would all be clearer in the morning. So I flushed, sneaked back into the bedroom, and carefully slid back in bed. Ellie didn’t move, which was good for now.

Despite what I expected, sleep came quickly.

End of Chapter twelve

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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  1. Avatar for Tom

    Wow. 2 more great chapters. Ellie’s curiosity is exciting and it will be interesting how he and she progress

    Two thumbs up (and something else is now up)

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Thanks, Tom! Good to see you’re having fun!
      Stay tuned for more…

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    Jason! omg, this story is great!
    It is so well written, the plot is crazy rad.
    And all the characters discribed so good in not to many words.
    I had to get used to the switching of the locations and characters, but i got it lol

    Only one flaw, the chapters can not come quick enough!!


    An Avid reader

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Good to see you’re enjoying the story! I was a bit worried about the location / character switching at first. But I figured once you’re past the first 6-8 chapters, you’ll get the idea. According to your comment, I’m right 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words and stay tuned for more!

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