Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 13 – Waking up
Day 4.

I felt Joel’s naked body spooned behind me. His muscular chest pressed against my back and his soft dick lying against my butt with his pubes tickling me every now and then was amazing. Joel’s hand was draped over my chest, and his hand rested just below my breasts.

I LOVED waking up like this. Finally, I could feel my brother’s body against me in all its glory. By the way he was breathing deeply, I figured he was still fast asleep. Considering the lights outside, it must’ve been around eight.

I didn’t want to wake up yet. The way we were lying was way too nice. The thought about last night with Joel’s sperm arcing out of his dick filled my mind, and I was instantly horny.

I tried not to move too much and gently moved Joel’s hand up a bit and let it rest on my right breast. His hand draped itself naturally over the globe of my breast, almost cupping it, and I felt my nipple harden instantly.

It was hard to suppress a big sigh and the guilt I felt earlier lingered a bit. But soon enough, I realized again that I shouldn’t feel guilty. The situation wasn’t going to change in any way, and being so close to my twin brother, only made us stronger.

Lying there thinking about this, I figured I’d never fall asleep again. But just lying here with Joel was good enough. But after a short while, I was awakened from my light doze by something. I opened my eyes and immediately realized what was going on. We didn’t move, and Joel’s hand was still lying on my boob.

But the reason why I was awakened put a smile on my face. A big smile. I felt Joel’s dick stir a bit, and moments later, it was hardening against my back in the rhythm of his heartbeat. Joel’s breathing had become shallower, and I figured he was waking up.

Feeling his naked boner pressed against my back made me instantly awake. I moved my butt a tiny bit to get a better feel of this fantastic piece of flesh. The moment I did this, I felt Joel’s hand tentatively squeezing my breast. I guessed he was sizing it up and trying to figure out what he was holding. He also involuntarily ground his dick against my back.

The smile on my face got even bigger by all of this. Feeling Joel wake up like this, his erection against my back, and his hand on my boob was an incredible experience. I noticed he was squeezing my breast again and suddenly moved his hand down as if he was stung by a bee. He must’ve thought he did this during the night and didn’t want me to notice. But I would have none of that. I took his hand and placed it back on my breast.

“This is nice,” I whispered softly.

Joel froze, and I could hear him swallow audibly. His dick twitched against my back, and he held his hand perfectly still.

“O… Okay,” he whispered back.

I realized I needed to take the edge of the situation and turned my head a bit in an attempt to look at Joel.

“Did you sleep okay?” I tried.

“Huh? Oh. Yes. I slept great.”

“Good. Me too. I was out like a light. I usually sleep naked, so it was nice to do it again. I guess that helped me a lot,” I chuckled.

“You do? Ehm… Me too. So it’s a good thing we did what we did then. Isn’t it?”

“It is. I’m glad we did. And not only so we can sleep in the buff…”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Joel asked, a bit confused.

“Well… For starters, it’s great to wake up like this. I mean… In your arms with you pressed against me,” I said and pressed my butt a bit firmer against my brother’s boner. “I really like feeling your WHOLE body pressed against me.”

“I’m sorry, Mia. I always have this in the morning,” Joel said, obviously embarrassed.

“Don’t be, silly! I know boys have morning wood. But I like the way it feels. It’s… I don’t know… hot, I guess?”

“Yeah… Well… This is pretty hot too,” Joel said and squeezed my breast firmly and massaged it a bit.

“Hmmm…” I purred, “and that’s the second thing I like about this. We can openly masturbate now without having to be all careful about it.”

“It WAS pretty hot watching you last night, Mia,” Joel whispered in my ear. “Wanna do it again?”

“Sure!” I said enthusiastically, not feeling the need anymore to hold back.

I didn’t like the fact that Joel let go of my breast. But the prospect of what we were about to do, made up for that. Moments later, we both laid on our backs, and Joel pushed the blanket down to expose our naked bodies. My eyes immediately went to my brother’s dick again and, just like last time, felt an incredible urge to touch it. But I just wasn’t sure how Joel would take it.

We didn’t start right away. Instead, we just looked at each other’s bodies. I noticed Joel’s erection bobbing a bit with each heartbeat, which was fascinating to me. My pussy was tingling and dripping wet from looking at Joel’s dick and feeling his hand on my boob. So I just had to start. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I figured Joel would follow soon after me.

But as I slipped my hand between my legs and kept focusing on his dick, he didn’t take it in his hand. Instead, he just kept his eyes between my legs where my hand was working its magic. I didn’t mind this. I had a perfect view of his erection, and the idea of being watched turned me on intensely. So I quickly got in the zone.

“Eh… Mia?” Joel asked.

“Hmmm?” I responded, slowing down my fingers a bit.

“Uhm… do you mind if… uh… I um… take a closer look?” he stammered.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked, a bit confused, and stopped masturbating completely.

“Well… It’s just that… I can’t see too much from here. I mean… With me, it’s quite obvious what I’m doing. But with you…” Joel trailed off, and he had the cutest and pleading look in his eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Ah! Is that what you mean. Uhm… Sure. I don’t mind you looking,” I said casually but felt myself getting even wetter at the prospect of Joel’s face so close to my pussy.

Joel started smiling, got up on his knees, and scooted over, so he sat beside my hips. I noticed his boner bouncing in front of him as he moved on the bed. His eyes were glued to my crotch as he settled in, resting his butt on the heels of his feet. His hardon was sticking up proudly from his groin.

With Joel in place, I decided to give him a good show. I spread my legs widely, so my right knee was touching Joel, and my other one was against the wall. With my right hand, I opened up my labia. Joel bent over a bit, and I could feel his breath on my soaking wet pussy.

“See this?” I asked Joel, “this is my clit, and it’s the best spot on my body.”

“Oh wow,” he whispered.

“And this…” I said as I slipped my middle finger in, “is where the dick needs to go in AAAHHH.”

“Oh my god,” Joel said, sat up a bit, immediately took his dick in his hand, and started jacking it furiously.

“It’s all glistening. That’s because you’re… wet ohhh… isn’t it?” Joel asked with an incredibly horny look on his face.

“Ahhh. Yeah. This is… oohhh… so hot. No one… hmmm… ever watched me do this. But OOOHHH… I like it,” I moaned as I took my finger out and started rubbing around my pussy.

“This is fucking awesome… ohh…” Joel panted as I watched his hand flying up and down on his dick. “AHHH I’m gonna cum soon! You?”

“It’s just… I’m… ahhh… yeah. Any hmmm time NOW!!” I said a bit too loud as I felt my pussy started to spasm, and my orgasm took control.

I was lost in my pleasure and had to close my eyes. But a moment later, I felt something on my belly and quickly looked down. Joel still sat on his knees, his head was thrown back between his shoulders, his hard dick in his hand, and I could see four more spurts flying out of his dick. The sperm splashed all over my lower body and hand as I was still rubbing softly to prolong my orgasm.

But the moment I realized I was being coated in my brother’s cum, I came again. Not as hard as the first time, but I definitely came a second time.

I was returning to earth as I felt Joel drop back into the bed beside me. I noticed we were both panting heavily. I for sure wasn’t able to speak yet and had to get my breath back after two orgasms in under a minute.

Joel surprised me by putting his arm over my chest as he moved over and cuddled up to me.

“I’m… That’s… wow…” he stammered.

I could only nod and still had my eyes closed to let the good feelings last as long as I could.

“Did you like it?” Joel asked carefully.

Now my eyes flew open, and I looked at my brother. I couldn’t resist and kissed him hard on his mouth.

“I fucking LOVED it!!” I said loudly after breaking the kiss.

“Sssh,” Joel hissed. “Not too loud, remember?”

“I’m sorry. But it’s just that… wow! You know?”

“I know. This was sexy as fuck,” he giggled.

“I am a bit sticky, though,” I said, looking down at the mess Joel made.

Now it was my chance to feel my brother’s cum, so I scooped up a bit and held it between my fingers near my face. I examined it, sniffed it, and licked some of my fingers.

Joel looked at me wide-eyed as I did this. I exaggeratedly tasted it and then smiled at him. Brandi said it tastes good. Now I know.


“And what?”

“Does it taste good?”

“Yeah. Not bad,” I honestly replied.

It wouldn’t be on my favorite foods list, but it was okay. A bit salty and sweet at the same time. Joel then surprised me by scooping up some of my belly and putting it in his mouth.

“You’re right. Not too bad,” he smiled.

“Sure… Are you saying you’ve never tasted your own cum? I’m not buying that, mister,” I laughed.

“Of course I did. It’s just been a while, and I thought I’d get you to laugh when I did. Mission accomplished.”

We both started laughing and were totally at ease with being completely naked together. Joel got up and handed me a towel, and started peeing into the sink.
I cleaned myself and sat up straight on the edge of the bed, not bothering to get dressed yet. My eyes were glued to Joel’s firm butt as he had to tense the muscles to get the job done properly. He had to stand on his toes a little in order to aim into the sink, which caused this muscle tension. I loved it!

I wasn’t quite sure if I should get dressed or not, but since Joel started putting on his clothes, I decided to join him.

End of Chapter thirteen

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