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Smoky Mountains – Chapter 14

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 14 – Changes
Day 4.

After another awful breakfast, Joel started fiddling with the ham radio, and I looked at what he was doing for lack of anything else to do. It didn’t appear to me Joel knew what he was doing. And considering the number of swearwords he mumbled, I knew I was right.

After half an hour, I was bored out of my mind and restlessly started wandering around in my room. After I did my forty push-ups and sit-ups as I usually did every morning before all this started, I was done. Joel was still messing around with the radio, and I didn’t feel like doing anything. As I laid there on my back, listening to the static coming from the radio, I heard a bark outside. It sounded like a gunshot in the deafening silence around us.

I immediately sat up straight and looked at Joel, who looked back at me with his eyes wide as saucers. We moved over to my bedroom window, and Joel pulled back a small corner of the curtain, so we both could look outside. The moment he did this, I realized it had been over a day since I looked out. There were bodies on the ground everywhere, but I chose not to look at them. In the middle of the street stood a big German shepherd. His tongue hung out of his mouth, and he looked around. All the while, his tail was wagging from left to right.

He sniffed around on the ground between the corpses before entering the house across the street through the open door. Our neighbor was lying in the door opening, but the dog stepped over him and entered the house.

“ Well… Thank god the bugs didn’t attack the animals,” Joel whispered.

“Yeah… I guess he’s desperately looking for food, don’t you think?” I whispered back.

“No. Not desperately, I think. A lot of doors are probably open, and there must be food everywhere. It’s just that the dog has to go look for it himself instead of the owner giving it to him. Dogs like this will manage. I doubt if Paris Hilton’s chihuahua will,” Joel said, chuckling softly.

“That chihuahua doesn’t have to go and look for food. It is going to be the food itself,” I added.

We kept looking at the door, and after about five minutes, the dog came back out and continued walking down the street. The dog acted a bit confused, but other than that, he seemed fine. We looked after it as it disappeared from our view.

“Have you seen the bodies?” Joel asked softly.

“No. I deliberately didn’t… Fuck!!” I exclaimed after I involuntarily looked at a body nearby.

What I saw was totally unexpected. It had been a little over three days since they were bitten by the bugs, and I expected them to still be recognizable. A body wouldn’t decompose quickly. Especially considering it was mid-November with the colder weather outside. But when I looked at the body lying just outside our yard, my blood ran cold.

The body was completely mummified. There’s no other way to describe it than that. The skin was pulled tightly over the bones. It was like looking at a horror movie where a person was cursed or something and aged instantly. The hairs were still on its head but were very thin. Teeth were showing because of the retracted skin on its face. It was terrible to look at, and I diverted my eyes quickly and sat back on the floor.

“Oh my god…” I whispered.

“I know. It looks awful,” Joel said.

“What the fuck happened, Joel?” I asked with panic in my voice.

“I don’t know! But it’s fucking creepy! That’s what it is!” he said, a little panicky himself.

He put the curtain back in place and turned around. I could see the fear in his eyes. But I could also see he was thinking of something. But I just had to do something, so I hugged him, and he immediately hugged me back. We sat like that for a few minutes before Joel gently broke the hug.

“You know,” he started, “this could be a good thing.”

“A good thing? How? These people look like fucking mummies!”

“I know. But at least they won’t start to decompose this way. What do you think that would smell like with billions of dead people? That stench would be in the atmosphere for years!”

It took me a moment, but eventually, I realized he was right. I couldn’t decide which was better or worse, but they were both bad options. That much was clear.

“Guess you’re right. But hey! We saw a living dog! That’s some good news, isn’t it?” I tried, mainly as an attempt to cheer myself up.

Joel started working on the radio again, and I started yet another solitaire game on my phone. Candy Crush had stopped working yesterday, so I figured I was limited to local games only. As I almost finished the first game, I noticed it started raining outside. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but it did linger in my head. Halfway through the third game, it suddenly occurred to me.

“Do you think these bugs can fly in the rain?” I asked Joel. “I mean… Mosquito’s can’t. Can they?”

“Good question,” Joel said, looking at me thoughtfully. “I think mosquitoes don’t die when it rains but considering their weight and build, I guess to them, a raindrop is like getting hit by a car to us. They just have to take shelter, and they’re good.”

I googled a bit, and Joel was about right. They can fly in the rain and won’t die. But usually, they take shelter. Some described it as fighting with a balloon. You can punch it hard, but because of its small weight, it just flies off. To the mosquito, it’s about the same. It has a strong exoskeleton and large wings, which causes the raindrop to ooze around it. The mosquito can usually escape it just before it hits the ground.

“I guess something similar is true for these bugs. That is a weakness in their design,” Joel smiled after I read the article to him.

“Can be. But I still don’t want to go outside with these freaks flying around. Rain or no rain.”

“Not right now, no.”

Joel went back to messing around with the radio as I finished the game on my phone. I was getting better and better at it, but after my sixth game, I started searching for something else to do.

“Sssshhh… thisssssss…. Broadcast…” came out of the radio.

Joel tweaked the big button a bit, and eventually, we heard it clearly.

“This is the U.S. government emergency broadcast system. There has been an attack on our country. We don’t know who or what caused it yet. We strongly advise you to close all your doors and windows and stay inside. There is no need for panic, but please stay indoors until ordered otherwise.”

After a pause and the usual beeps before the broadcast starts, the message was repeated.

“Well… that wasn’t much help,” I mumbled.

“Fuck. I doubt if there’s even a government or army left,” Joel said as he switched off the radio.

“Was that all you could find?” I asked.

“For now. I spent a lot of time trying to figure that piece of shit out. But I think I’ve got it now. I’ll check for more later, but right now, I’m fed up with it. Next, I’ll try sending something too. Maybe someone will hear that. Wanna play another game of Risk?” he smiled weakly.

“Yes! Please! I’m bored out of my mind,” I said with noticeable relief in my voice.

The following five and a half hours flew by. I did notice Joel taking glances down my tank top, which I found surprisingly exciting. I didn’t bother with underwear this morning, so I knew that he would get a good look down my top when I bent over. Halfway through the game, I started sitting Indian-style, which meant that Joel could look up my short sweat shorts. The small, barely hearable gasp from Joel gave me the assurance he could see my pussy.

I really enjoyed teasing him like this, and judging by the lump in his pants, Joel was okay with it too. He wasn’t OK with losing, though. I put my arms in the air the moment I won, exposing most of my belly in the process.

“See!” Joel exclaimed, “You deliberately distracted me!”

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.

“I could practically see your boobs when you moved the pieces on the board. It was way more than just a bit of cleavage. That’s pretty distracting, you know?”

“I’m sorry, Joel. I didn’t realize I distracted you,” I said, smiling my wickedest smile.

“Sure… Well, congrats, sis!” he said, extending his hand for me to shake it.

I shook his hand and wondered why he didn’t mention looking up my shorts. Ah well… I won. That’s all that mattered. We ate our dinner in silence together, after which Joel went to search for more broadcasts with the radio.

After I cleaned up, I turned around and walked to the door. Through the transparent sheet we had hung in front of the door opening, I looked longingly into the living room. More space to move around, the television, a shower down the hall. Oh god! A nice, relaxing shower! I sighed deeply as I stood there.

I was about to turn back around when I noticed something. On the ground were four or five black little dots I didn’t notice earlier. Maybe the light coming in through the living room window cast a different shadow because now I could see it clearly.

I kneeled down to take a closer look. I flipped on the flashlight on my phone and immediately realized what I was looking at. These were the bugs! The best way to describe them is like flying ticks. A small body with massive jaws that were too big for the body. Their wings were tiny and looked like wings from a ladybug but without the dots.

“Joel?” I softly said.

“What?” he asked, a bit annoyed.

“I think you want to see this.”

With a loud sigh, he stood up and came over to me. He kneeled beside me and looked at where my flashlight was pointing. His annoyance vanished, and he looked intrigued.

“Are these…” he whispered.

“I think so. They look dead, don’t you think?”

Joel looked around, got up, and took my ruler from my desk. Next, he got on his knees again and slid the ruler over the ground. He moved it under the plastic sheet toward the bugs.

“What are you doing!” I asked, a bit panicked.

“Don’t worry. The gap I create this way is too small for them. I just want to check if they’re alive.”

He inched the ruler toward the nearest bug, and I realized we were both holding our breaths. The moment he hit the bug, I felt my heart trying to beat itself out of my chest. The ruler hit the bug, and nothing happened. It didn’t fly away, no big beak with large teeth trying to bite the ruler like in a cartoon. Nothing. It just rolled on its back, and that was it.

Joel tested this on three more bugs that were within reach, and the same thing happened. The fourth and fifth were out of reach, and we didn’t feel comfortable enough yet to open the flap, but we assumed the result would be the same anyway.

“They’re dead,” Joel said, king of obviousland.

“No shit!” I laughed. “That’s good news, right?”

“I think so. I don’t know if all of them are dead, but this is a good start!”

I high-fived Joel, and we both had big smiles on our faces. First the dog and now this. I was feeling a bit better after the events of today.

“Are you done with the radio for today?” I asked.

“I guess…”

“And uhm… Does that illegal streaming service you installed still work?” I asked carefully.

“One sec…” Joel said, checking his phone. “Yup. Wanna watch something?”

“Well… I wouldn’t mind watching a movie with you. Even on a small screen like your phone.”

“I’d like that a lot too,” Joel said, blushing.

“Why are you blushing?”

“I was just thinking… You know… In bed… Without…”

Joel got redder by the minute as he was trying to explain himself. I liked how his shyness prevented him from talking freely. I obviously knew what he wanted. Heck! I wanted it too. A lot! But I wanted to hear him say it.

“Without?” I asked teasingly.

“Well… You know. Like we sleep now. Like… Naked?” He finally managed.

“Oh, that! Sure.” I said, acting like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

I hesitated a slight second. But up until now, seducing Joel meant an intense orgasm. So my hesitation was gone before I knew it. And because of the way Joel reacted to my body, shyness wasn’t an issue anymore either. So I dropped my sweats, lifted my top, and stood gloriously naked in front of my brother for him to look at my body.

“We’ll watch it in bed, okay?” I said, smiling at my brother’s probing eyes.

“Oh… Okay…” Joel said hesitantly. “You look fucking amazing, Mia!”

And just like that, his shyness was gone. He must’ve figured out how much I liked showing myself and looking at him. I looked him in his eyes and smiled seductively.

“Well… Thank you. So do you. Let’s cuddle and watch that movie, okay?”

I got in bed, and before I could take a good look at Joel as he undressed, he was in behind me. I guessed he didn’t want me to see his boner. Maybe he didn’t want to offend me by getting hard over me. I don’t know, and it was fine with me. I’d probably see it anyway later tonight.

Joel sat up against the wall and stuck the selfie stick between the mattress and the wooden side of the bed, so we could both look at it without needing to hold it. I lay on my side and curled up a bit, so my head was lying on Joel’s chest, just below his ribcage. I could feel his muscles under my face and could see his flawless skin up close.

We had the blanket over our lower bodies, so we were still warm enough. Joel laid his hand on my side and caressed my side and back as we watched the movie. I could hear Joel’s heart beating as we laid there, which was hugely comforting. During the film, Joel regularly shifted to the point some pubic hairs were peeking out from under the blanket. I could clearly see the base of his incredible dick from where I was lying.

This was too distracting for me, and all I could think of was my big brother’s dick. I felt an incredible urge to touch it. I laid my hand just below my face and above his pubes. His abs felt magnificent under my fingers, but right now, I had another goal. Joel didn’t move, which was a good sign. He just kept rubbing me over my back.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t resist any longer. In one swift move, I slid my hand down his belly, over his pubes, and wrapped my hand around his soft dick.

“Ohhhh…” Joel moaned, but he didn’t stop me.

At last! I had my hand around the piece of flesh I longed for for days now. I felt it growing stiff in my hand, and within seconds it was as hard as it felt against my butt this morning. The hardness of it surprised me, but I didn’t expect it to feel as soft as it did at the same time. I was fascinated by it!

I let my hand glide up and down over it, hearing Joel moan as I did this. It felt like nothing I ever felt before, and I was hooked! With my hand holding my brother’s dick at the base, I moved it around to examine it closely. My face was close enough to see all the details clearly, and I could almost kiss it. And, judging by his moans, Joel probably wouldn’t mind.

“Ohh… Mia… What are you doing?” Joel whispered between his moans.

“After looking at you last night, I wanted to try it too and figure out what it feels like,” I whispered back, my eyes never leaving this glorious tube of flesh in front of my eyes.

“But…” Joel tried but was silenced immediately as I started moving my fist up and down over his dick.

I wanted to make my brother cum. I was determined to make him feel as good as I possibly could. And I wanted to watch up close how the cum flew out of his dick. That was all I wanted right now. The feeling of the soft skin around the rock-hard shaft. The big spongy dickhead. The way his dick thickened at the base. The way Joel reacted when I rubbed over that little nub at the top back of his dick. Just where the glans seemed to come together and where it was connected to the shaft. All of it was new, hot as fuck, and gave me a constant tingle inside my soaking pussy.

My hand moved over Joel’s dick in a steady motion. This morning I’d watched how Joel did it and was mimicking it the best I could. I looked intensely at his cock and could see some precum oozing out of the slit on top of his glans. I had to fight the urge to lick it off and instead smeared it over his glans, making it slippier by the minute. As I started doing this, Joel’s moans increased significantly. Good! I was on the right track.

“Ohhhh… Mia… It… hmmm,” was all he could get out of his mouth right now.

I slowed down the pace and slid my hand down to grab his balls and play with these a bit. I hadn’t touched them yet. Of course, I knew these were highly sensitive, so I gently let my hand and fingers caress them, examining their size and texture at the same time. His dick pointed toward his navel now, mere inches away from my face. I noticed the color of his dick was the same as the rest of his skin, a light chocolatey brown, much like my own skin color.

But my quest wasn’t over yet. So I very slowly inched my hand back up his dick, alternating between squeezing it and letting it loose a bit as I moved up. As I reached the top, I again smeared the precum over the tip and started jacking him again.

“AHH! OHHH… Mia, this is MMMMM…” Joel moaned. “Look ou…. Cumming soo… OOOHHHH…”

“Cum for me, Joel! Shoot it!” I heard myself moan.

I never talked this dirty. But then again, I’ve never been in such a situation before. I didn’t think what to do when Joel came. Where I was lying with my head now was in the middle of the blast zone. But I wanted to see how he came. I wanted to taste his sweet, salty cum again, I…

Joel’s dick grew fatter, and I felt his belly muscles tense under my cheek. I didn’t have any more time to figure it out. I opened my mouth wide, and as I felt the cum shoot through his dick under my fingers, I aimed it at my mouth. The first spurt missed me and flew over my head, and I felt it landing behind my head and some of it in my hair. But the next spurts all landed inside and around my mouth. From my nose to my cheek, I was covered in cum, and on my tongue, I felt the same thing I tasted this morning, only warm this time.

Seeing Joel’s dick spurt made me almost cum. Without touching myself! I felt that tingle between my legs as if I was about to orgasm. Seeing Joel’s spurts go down to a dribble, I slid my hand between my legs. The moment my finger hit my clit, I knew it would only take a second to cum too. So I rubbed it again and let my brother’s cum swirl through my mouth. The feeling of tasting something so personal, private, and kinky, combined with my rubbing finger, pushed me over the edge.

I spasmed while still lying on Joel’s belly. He must’ve noticed what was going on as his hand moved from my back to my front, where he softly started pinching my nipple. I didn’t cum for a second time because I was still cumming. But the added stimulation caused some sort of secondary wave on top of my already intense orgasm.

I never came this hard or long before, and as I came down from it, I swallowed Joel’s load. Another tingle ran over my spine, but it wasn’t enough for a second orgasm. I didn’t need one either. This was great already! I turned my head to look at Joel, and he looked down at me, still panting heavily.

The moment he saw my face, he started laughing. I must’ve looked like some cheap porn slut after the money shot, and I started laughing too when I realized this. To emphasize the effect, I licked my lips clean with my tongue and tried getting as much of his cum in my mouth as I could. The added bonus was that I learned I liked Joel’s cum. A lot!

Joel started caressing my hair, and we stopped laughing. With his free hand, he took the towel off the ground and handed it to me. I wiped my face clean, and while I was at it, cleaned Joel’s belly too. I hesitated just slightly, but his dickhead needed cleaning too, so I cleaned it also and dropped the towel back on the floor.

“That was…” Joel started.

“Shh… Let’s just enjoy lying like this,” I whispered, and Joel stopped talking.

The phone was still playing the movie, and Joel quickly took the selfie-stick, removed his phone, and shut it off. There wasn’t much light coming from that small screen, but feeling the complete darkness wash over us, was very relaxing. We laid there quietly for a few minutes, and I felt myself dozing off.

“Let’s get comfy, so we can sleep. Alright?” I heard Joel whisper.

Joel slid down and was lying on his back now. He extended his arm, and I nestled myself in the curve between his neck and shoulder, also lying on my back. We both laid near the edge of the bed, but it fitted and felt really cozy. Joel bent his arm, and his hand was resting directly on my boob, which felt nice. I draped my right hand over his body, down his belly, and touched his junk against my hand. I cupped his balls and felt extremely happy like this. If I’d die now, I’d die a happy girl.

Joel’s hand was massaging my boob openly as I yawned. I just had to feel it again and awkwardly slipped my hand upward a bit and held my brother’s soft dick in my hand for a few seconds. I felt it harden a little bit but couldn’t keep this up for long and cupped his balls again, glad I could openly touch him now.

Joel kissed me on my head, and I felt myself drift off, slipping into a dreamless sleep.

End of Chapter fourteen

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