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The Vlog – Part 1

The Vlog
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The Vlog – Part 1

Natalie gave an exasperated sigh and stared angrily at the ceiling of her bedroom. She was lying on her bed, naked, her hands between her legs, fingers wet from the dampness there. She was trying to get off, but every few seconds there was a –


There it was again. A bump and a round of high-pitched giggles from her little brother’s room next door. She didn’t know what her brother Jacob and his friend Luke were doing in there, but it was getting on her last nerve.

The fifteen-year-old tried to ignore it once again. She slid two fingers from her right hand into the gripping wetness of her pussy while the fingers of her left raced in a tight little circle around her clit, not quite touching, but still being stimulated by the nearby pressure. Her slender teen hips began to lift up off the bed as she felt a warmth beginning to spread out from her middle and a tingling start at her feet. Her finger moved more urgently inside her young cunny. She needed to cum so bad and –


“Ahr!” the girl cried in exasperation. She fell back to the bed, her hands out to either side, her pussy aching for release, for relief. From next door she heard more muffled laughter and talking.

Knowing she’d never be able to finish herself off with whatever the boys were doing, she wiped her fingers on her sheets and got up angrily from her bed. She reached down and grabbed up the bikini briefs she’d taken off earlier, and stepped into them. Then she slipped on a pair of tight pink shorts and a little yellow spaghetti strap shirt.

The laughter of the boys grew louder as she opened her bedroom door. A few steps took her to Jacob’s door, which was covered with signs warning against trespassing and the zombie apocalypse. She ignored the signs and opened the door. The boys looked up, laughter in their eyes until they spotted the anger in hers. They were in a tangle on the floor.

“Hey,” Jacob said cautiously, recognizing his older sister’s warning signs.

“What are you retards doing?” she demanded, hands on hips.

Jacob looked nervous, not sure what he’d done wrong, but Luke didn’t know Natalie as well. He scooted forward and grabbed Jacob’s iPad, which was propped up nearby and hit a button. “We’re making a video,” he explained. Then he held up his phone, which was paused on a picture of two people in some weird pose.

“What kind of video?” Natalie asked, curious despite herself.

“It’s a challenge video. I’m going to put it on my YouTube channel and it’s called the yoga challenge.” He stood, bringing the phone closer. “See, it has all these different poses,” he pressed pause and the video went forward, demonstrating various yoga poses. “You have to try to do them and you record it all. It’s a challenge.”

Natalie eyed the boy suspiciously. “You have a YouTube channel?” At the boy’s nod, she asked, “Have you done challenges before?”

Luke shrugged. “Nah, just gaming videos mostly, but people keep asking for ’em.”

“Yeah, I bet,” Natalie said.

“What’s that mean?” the boy asked.

“It means YouTube is full of old perverts who get off watching cute boys do all these weird challenges,” Natalie explained, then blushed as she realized she’d just called the boy cute. He was though.

Twelve years old like her brother, Luke was the opposite of Jacob, blond to her brother’s black hair, tan to her brother’s paleness, pale blue eyes to her brother’s dark gray. Both were very good looking boys though, she could admit to herself, slim, athletic, with perfect bone structure. Luke’s hair was cropped short on the sides and back, and longer on top. Jacob kept his long, cascading in gentle waves to his shoulders. Each boy was under five feet tall.

“Like pedos?” Jacob asked.

“Whatever you want to call them,” Natalie said. “They troll all these channels owned by boys and ask them to do all these challenges so they can get off watching it.”

Luke shrugged. “I just wanted more views,” he said, a bit disappointed.

“Oh, you’ll probably get tons of views,” Natalie said, “but you’re doing it all wrong.” Natalie didn’t consider herself an expert by any means, but she’d had a bit of experience in the area with a friend who had a YouTube channel when she was eleven. The girl had quickly learned that the videos where she accidentally flashed a bit of panty or even a quick, mostly flat-chested nip slip would get her tons of views. Soon enough, the ‘accidents’ weren’t quite as accidental. She had over two million views on one of her vids before her parents found out and made her delete her account.

“Wrong how?” Jacob asked, sitting up, interested. He’d been lying back on his elbows.

Natalie wondered for a moment if she should say anything. She felt sure she could help these boys get lots of views on their videos, but if her parents, or Luke’s parents found out, there might be hell to pay. She thought about what would be involved, basically sexualizing her little brother and his friend, and she felt a little tingle of warmth between her legs. The weirdness of that feeling surprised her a bit, but also helped her decide to help.

With authority, she marched past the boys and settled herself on the edge of Jacob’s bed, flipping her long, dark hair back off her shoulder. She leaned back a bit, thrusting out her chest subtly. She knew Jacob was always looking at her, and Luke was just as enamored. Justly so, she knew. She’d inherited her mother’s beauty, and although she’d never be very big breasted, what she had was firm and high and molded against her thin shirt. She felt her nipples growing stiff at the thought.

“I can help you guys get tons of hits on YouTube,” she said, catching each boy’s eyes. She looked to either side then, catching a whiff of some strange smell. Jacob’s bed was unmade, the blue sheet twisted up behind her, his pillows askew. She realized that she was just smelling the boy’s sweat and suddenly wondered if her little brother jacked off yet. She imagined that if he did, it was probably right here in this bed, and the thought made her feel weird.

Seeing that the boys were waiting for her, she continued. “Look, there’s basically…” she thought for a moment, “like, three types of people that are gonna look at your videos. One is other boys like you, looking for ideas, or comparing your vids to theirs, hoping you can sub each other, that kinda thing. The second kind is girls, and probably some boys, who just think you’re both cute and watch you so they can giggle over you with their friends and talk about how cute you are.”

Jacob and Luke shared a look then, part excitement and part embarrassment. Jacob asked, “What’s the third kind?”

“I told you,” Natalie said. “The pervs. Those are the guys, and probably even some women, who like little boys like… you know… sexually. Those are the ones that are gonna give you your views, because there’s tons of them and they’ll keep coming back and watching the same vid over and over. Plus they all have playlists of vids they like that they share, so a vid they all like will get bounced all over the place.”

“I don’t know if I want a bunch of pervs watching us,” Luke said hesitantly.

Natalie shrugged, not caring one way or the other. “Up to you,” she said, “but if you want views, that’s the group you have to go after.”

Then Jacob, always the practical one, asked, “So what are we doing wrong then? Should we do a different challenge?”

Natalie focused on her little brother. “The yoga challenge is okay,” she said. “I’ve seen girls doing it before. The girls who get the most views though are the ones who wear less clothes, or tighter clothes.” She gestured at them. “Look how you’re dressed. It’s all wrong.”

The boys looked down at themselves. Each was wearing typically baggy shorts, Luke’s in khaki, Jacob’s in shimmery blue, as he was dressed for the indoors in a pair of gym shorts. Luke wore an over-sized soccer shirt and Jacob a black t-shirt featuring a smiling poop emoji.

“What’s wrong with it?” Luke asked.

“Do you really wanna do this?” Natalie asked. “I’ll help you if you’re serious, but if not tell me so I can go back to my room.”

Luke, who really was desperate for more views, was the first to nod and say, “We wanna do it.” Jacob nodded his agreement.

“Okay, but that means you listen to me and do what I say, okay?” The boys nodded.

“Okay, first, take off your shirts,” Natalie instructed.

The boys looked at each other for a moment, weighing their commitment, then they each shrugged and peeled off their shirts. Natalie found herself admiring their upper bodies. They obviously weren’t as muscular and sexy to her as older boys would be, but she could see the potential there in each boy, and there was a certain alluring attraction to their youth.

Natalie had gone all the way with a boy who was a year older than her just a few months before, then he’d immediately dropped her and left town for the summer. She hadn’t heard from him a single time, and when school started up again he basically pretended she didn’t exist. She’d felt betrayed, and it also left her with a newfound sexual itch that she just couldn’t scratch. She wasn’t the type of girl to fall casually into bed with just any boy, so she’d been frustrated for months. She wondered if that wasn’t somehow coloring the odd attraction she was feeling as she stared at her brother and his friend.

“Okay, that’s the tops,” she announced. “Now honestly, if you wanted tons of views, you should probably do it in your underwear,” then she increased the volume of her voice to override the sudden cries of protest, “BUT I realize you probably aren’t gonna do that.” The boys quieted and she continued. “So you’ve got two choices. You can either wear something real tight, like those jammer things you have, Jacob,” referring to the knee-length skin-tight trunks her brother often wore for his diving competitions.

“Those are for swimming,” Jacob protested.

Natalie shrugged. “Either that, or something really loose, so you get lots of shots up inside them at your underwear.”

The boys each blushed. Jacob said, “Everybody will see our… you know.”

“SMH, Jacob,” Natalie spelled out, with rolled eyes and a sad shake of the head. “That’s the whole point. That’s all they care about. They want to see you shirtless, and as close to naked as you can get on YouTube. If you want the views, that’s what you have to do. Anyway, Jacob, you wear those swim things in front of tons of people when you dive. And seeing up your shorts isn’t like they are actually seeing anything,” she said, directing the comment at Luke. “It’s just the tease.”

Luke, looking a bit skeptical, shrugged and said, “I guess we could try it.”

The more submissive of the two friends, Jacob agreed. He got up and went to a drawer and grabbed two pairs of jammers. Natalie, seeing this, said, “Maybe not both of you in them. It seems a little… fake maybe. Jacob, you wear a pair, and let’s find some short shorts for Luke.”

“Short shorts?” the blond boy asked.

“Shorts like Jacob has on, but shorter,” Natalie explained. “So when you do some of those yoga moves, they’ll ride up and you can see your underwear. Oh, are you wearing boxer-briefs or regular briefs?”

“Boxers,” Luke said with a slight blush.

“That won’t work,” she said. “It’ll look stupid under shorts. Jacob, give him some briefs to wear, and I’ll get him a pair of my shorts.”

“Girl shorts?!” Luke asked, appalled. “And wearing Jacobs undies? That’s gross.”

“Oh, shut up,” the girl said, exasperated. “His underwear are clean, at least the ones in his drawers,” she said with a suspicious glance around the room, “and my shorts will look just like boy shorts, but they’ll be a bit shorter.”

Natalie hurried to her room, wondering at her eagerness. She still felt a bit of residual horniness from earlier, but now it was mixed up with the excitement of this video and the challenge. She rummaged around in her clothes, looking toward the back of her shorts drawer to the stuff she still had but was too small for her. She finally pulled out a pair of light blue shorts which she hoped wouldn’t look too girly on the boy. Not that she figured that would probably hurt anything.

When she returned to the room it was to find Jacob already dressed in a pair of his jammers. They were black with coruscating purple and blue lightning up the sides. She tossed the shorts to Luke, who nearly fumbled them and announced to her baby brother, “Too busy. Plus black is a bad color. It just washes into the camera and you can’t see anything. What about those plain gray ones you had?”

Jacob blushed. The gray ones were one of the first pairs his mom got him, and he’d quickly stopped wearing them, embarrassed by the way they showed off his junk. He didn’t want to say that to his sister though. In fact, he didn’t want to say anything to her and so he knew he’d just go ahead and wear them, embarrassed or not.

“Try those on,” Natalie instructed Luke. “Change into the gray ones,” she told her brother. “Yell or something when you’re ready.” Then she returned to her room.

As Natalie sat on the side of her bed she imagined the two young boys stripping down together, looking at each other’s naked bodies. She wondered if they’d ever played around together. Luke spent the night all the time, and they both slept together in Jacob’s full-sized bed. She felt a tingle race through her as she imagined the two of them playing with each other’s dicks and she wondered what was wrong with her. Not only were they both twelve, but one of them was her own brother.

Before she could consider it further, she heard a muffled shout from the other room and she rose to join them. Jacob was wearing the gray jammers, hands over his crotch, looking decidedly nervous. Luke was wearing her blue shorts. They weren’t nearly as long as the shorts he’d been wearing before, but they weren’t unnaturally short or anything. They also looked loose enough in the leg that she thought they’d ride up really well during the right pose.

“Cool,” she said with a grin.

Natalie volunteered to be the camera person. She instructed the boys to ignore her, as she didn’t want to be officially involved, but she also knew that the best, most alluring shots, couldn’t be achieved with a still camera shot. She allowed them to introduce themselves much as they had in their earlier attempt, and although seeming a bit shy at first over the way they were dressed, they soon seemed to forget all about that and get into the fun of the challenge.

Natalie for the most part just stayed out of their way, documenting but not interfering in any way. They were basing the challenge off a website which Luke had up on his smart phone. It displayed a man and a woman in a variety of different poses which Luke and Jacob would then attempt to duplicate. Luke had experience editing videos from his gaming vlog, and he’d dress it up and put in stills of the poses to show viewers the poses they were trying to achieve.

So Luke and Jacob would reference the pic on the phone, and then scramble to duplicate the pose while Natalie moved slowly around them, searching for the best camera angles. She tried to think like a dirty old man, and concentrated on what she thought they would want to see. So in her hands, the camera lingered on hairless armpits, small brown nipples, flat stomachs, smooth thighs, rounded little asses, and most especially on their little bulges. She tried not to be too obvious about it, but she didn’t try really hard.

Jacob’s crotch was the easiest to see of course. In nearly every pose the boys attempted, her baby brother’s little penis lump was on display to one degree or another. Having never really paid all that much attention to it before, she found herself intrigued and a bit surprised. He had more down there than she’d have expected, having not seen it since he was probably around five or six, and she found herself wondering what it would look like hard.

As for Luke, she was mostly getting shots of his cloth-covered balls up the legs of his, or rather her, shorts. She saw that he was wearing gray briefs, and she managed to catch quite a number of shots at the soft, round lump of his balls inside them, as well as the swell of his young penis through the shorts from time to time.

As the challenge continued, Natalie found herself growing more and more aroused. She actually began to worry towards the end if she was going to end up with a visible wet spot on her shorts as her panties soaked through. She grew more upset at having missed the opportunity to get herself off earlier, blaming that on the throbbing between her legs.

Finally, the challenge ended. The boys, happy with their fun, stood with arms on each other’s naked shoulders as they smiled into the camera and said their goodbyes and asked their viewers to like and subscribe. Then they finally signed off.

Feeling a bit flustered, Natalie handed off Luke’s iPad, spoke a few words to the boys that she couldn’t even remember later, then hurried back to her room. She didn’t even bother locking the door behind herself, immediately stripping and flopping onto her back on her bed. In moments she was recreating the scene from earlier, both hands between her legs, two fingers plunging rapidly in and out of her young, gripping pussy, while two others fiddled rapidly at her swollen clit. As she bit her lower lip to muffle her cries, her slim hips lifted up off the bed, her legs tensing, and then she began to shake as waves of pleasure finally washed over her body.

As Natalie hovered there, body locked rigidly at an angle, pussy sucking madly at her invading fingers, she had a vision of her little brother between her legs, his stiff young dick filling her cunt, while Luke knelt beside her, his slim preteen cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She practically choked, trying to keep from crying out her pleasure as she heard the faint sounds of boyish laughter and talking from next door.


A week passed. By the time Friday rolled around, the boys’ video was up to nearly 37k views. The boys were ecstatic. Luke said he’d never gotten over 200 views on any of his videos. He’d picked up tons of new subscribers, and although the video generated a whole bunch of creepy comments, the boys were ready to try again with a new challenge video. They came to Natalie for advice.

The fifteen-year-old had given it some thought through the week, having kept herself up to date by monitoring the progress of the video on her own. She was amazed by some of the comments, but she also kept them in mind as she planned the boys’ next challenge. She’d also done a bit of research on her own, to see what kinds of challenge videos kids were doing. She thought she’d come up with a good progression, as she wanted to ramp the boys up slowly, giving the pervs out there more and more each week without plateauing early, or getting banned from YouTube.

Natalie had gone back and forth between two narrowed down choices for the next challenge, and finally decided on the ice bucket challenge. It was one that nearly everyone did, and with the proper preparations and executions, she thought it would give the pervs more of what they wanted while allowing the boys to have a lot of fun, which she thought would be just as important.

Luke showed up Friday afternoon ready to spend the night, or more likely the weekend, with a backpack of clothes and such. Natalie had an idea that the kid didn’t have much of a home life, considering the amount of time he spent at their house.

Of course, hers wasn’t all peaches and cream either. Their dad had left their mom a couple of years before, and they saw him for maybe one afternoon a month, if he wasn’t too busy. Her mother worked all the time, often for fifteen or sixteen hours a day, leaving very early in the morning and not returning until after they were in bed. Sometimes a whole week would go by without them seeing her. It fell to Natalie to make dinner and keep the house from falling apart.

As soon as Luke arrived the boys began clamoring for them to begin with the shoot. They decided to film in the backyard. It was sunny out and the stained pine fence that surrounded the yard was high enough to provide them plenty of privacy. Natalie first sat them down to go over some instructions and ideas for the video, then, when she felt they were sufficiently prepared, they got started.

Natalie was once again filming with Luke’s iPad. As rough as the kid’s home life might have been, at least his father indulged him with gifts; likely out of guilt, much like her own dad with her and Jacob. So Luke was armed with the newest iPad, which allowed them to shoot in 4k. The pervs and all the horny little girls and boys who watched their vids would be able to see every little detail of the boys’ bodies.

At her call of action, the boys came through the back door from the kitchen to the patio. Luke began with, “Hey, it’s your boy Luke, AKA Thunderkid, and my best bud, Jacob AKA… Jacob!” The boys grinned, staring into the camera, very likable and cute.

Luke clapped his hands and pointed at the camera and said, “You folks out there seemed to like out last video a lot, and so we listened to your requests and we’re bringing you another challenge video. As you probably already read, it’s the dreaded ice bucket challenge!”

“Brrr!” Jacob said, hugging himself and giving a fake shiver.

The boys proceeded to joke and play around a bit while Natalie continued to film, always conscious of what she thought the viewers would want to see. She followed Luke and Jacob as they filled two buckets of water at the tap in the back of the house. She filmed as they filled each bucket with half a bag of ice that they’d bought for this purpose. The boys were naturals on camera, funny and engaging and, she had to admit, cute as hell.

At her instruction they were each dressed similarly in khaki shorts that reached below their knees and large soccer shirts, much as Luke had been dressed the week before. Luke was in yellow, red, and white. Jacob was in blue, green, and black. They’d taken off their shoes and socks earlier.

After awhile the ice had had a bit of time to melt and the boys continued to joke around in anticipation of the challenge to come. At a signal from her, they became more focused and in a loosely rehearsed speech, Luke announced that they were ready to proceed. He explained that neither wanted to get their clothes wet, so the boys looked at each other and gave a carefully choreographed clap. They were playing a bit of a joke. The video would be edited at this point to make it look like the boys’ clothes had magically switched places, with Luke in Jacob’s outfit and vice versa.

To accomplish this bit of movie magic, the boys slowly slipped out of their clothes, being careful not to move from where they were standing and to put each foot back where it had been after stepping out of their shorts. They handed their clothes to Natalie, who in turn helped them each put on the other’s boy’s clothes. She couldn’t help sneaking peeks of the boys in their underwear.

After getting dressed again, the boys gave each other comic looks and talked about screwing up their magic trick and about trying again. This time they handed their clothes again to Natalie, who laid them over the back of a nearby lawn chair.

She noticed that Luke seemed much more relaxed this time, and found it funny that Jacob still seemed a bit reluctant, funny because, as she’d pointed out before, he regularly displayed himself before people, and not just in jammers, but sometimes in super skimpy Speedos. After a pause for the edit, each of the boys was left dressed in just their boxer-briefs, Luke in baby blue with a white waistband, Jacob in gray and a black band. They stood there a bit self-consciously for a few moments, smoothing their underwear, unconsciously touching themselves.

Natalie had wanted the boys in briefs, but each twelve-year-old was still slightly reluctant and she figured the boxer-briefs would play well enough on camera. Now, as filming resumed and the boys joked around and kidded each other about being in their underwear, Natalie took the opportunity to zoom in on them a bit, getting shots of their young dicks through the thin cotton material. She wasn’t too blatant about it, but she was perhaps a bit more than subtle. She was trying to walk the line of what YouTube would permit as well as not wanting people to think there was a total pervert behind the camera. There had already been questions on the last vid about who was holding the camera, which she’d instructed the boys to simply ignore.

Natalie had worked out some instructions beforehand, so when she moved around, the boys, who were busily flexing their nascent muscles, turned subtly to keep in front of the camera, which put them in the perfect light so that the camera picked up every inch of their smooth, hairless bodies. The boys had been told that they shouldn’t hesitate to touch their dicks through their shorts, but she realized now it had been an unnecessary comment. Boys, she’d noticed, could barely be restrained from touching their little penises. She’d often wondered what it would be like, to have that thing always down there, sticking from you, sometimes hard, sometimes dangling around. Every guy certainly seemed to be in love with their own dick, and seemed to love to touch them about every chance they got.

Jacob had expressed the worry that if they touched themselves on camera, they might get hard, but Natalie had assured him it wouldn’t happen in front of all of them, and privately thought that it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if he did. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to use it, because she knew there was a line on YouTube and she had to be careful not to cross it, but if Luke or her baby brother got half-hard or something, that would probably be great. Plus, she’d come to realize that she secretly wanted to see it.

So she found herself a bit fascinated as she watched the boys joking around, their hands reaching down every few seconds to pinch, squeeze, lightly slap or otherwise manipulate their young dicks. The boys both seemed to be about the same size down there, but in their underwear it was hard to tell, and she also knew that there was no real comparison between soft and hard dicks. In any case, she made sure the camera caught every second of it, but when she felt she had everything she needed she gave the final signal, instructing the boys to get on with the actual challenge.

She followed them over to where the buckets were sitting in the shade, but then signaled them to walk closer, so they were in the sunlight. In order to stretch it out, it had been decided that they would go one at a time, instead of dumping their buckets together. They’d done a trial run with empty buckets, so when they sat their buckets on the ground, Luke ran back and grabbed a green plastic step stool, which he placed behind Jacob, who stood there nervously, hands covering the little bulge in his undies, cupping himself protectively. Natalie watched her baby brother squeezing his dick, not even aware of what he was doing, and she grinned, knowing the pervs would go crazy.

Then, thin arms straining with the weight, Luke stepped up on the stool behind Jacob and asked, “Are you ready?”

Jacob started to answer, but before he could get a whole word out, Luke dumped the bucket. The raven-haired boy gasped and squealed, and Natalie could tell that he desperately wanted to run around and work off the shock, but she’d been very firm with her demand that the boys stay in one spot and restrict their movements as much as possible so that she could get the best film.

Later on that night, armed with the raw footage, Natalie would watch this part of the video over and over, using the step feature to go frame by frame. Luke struggled to get the bucket up high enough, which is why they’d included the step stool. Then the water came cascading out of the bucket in a shimmering wave, crashing over her brother’s head. There was a look of shock on his cute face as his long hair was plastered to his scalp and neck, the wavy locks stretching even longer. The water raced quickly downwards, reaching his gray briefs in just a couple of clicks. In moments, his underwear went from light gray to dark gray and where there had been a rounded lump from his balls and what might have been another lump beside it, there was suddenly a very visible tube of flesh just to the left of a rounded sac.

Natalie risked a slight zoom into her brother’s crotch then, wanting to catch as much detail as possible. As she watched later, she saw his hand come down and squeeze. He’d been told not to touch anything, as she’d seen a lot of boys on YouTube in damp underwear who ruined the view by pulling out the front of their briefs, allowing in air and breaking the molding effect. Jacob seemed to remember just afterwards and moved his hand, but his squeezing had only pronounced the effect, moving his dick more to the side and making the whole thing even more visible.

Amidst much squealing and jumping around, it finally came around to Luke’s turn. Jacob struggled even more with the bucket, squeaking as some of the water sloshed over and ran down his front, helping again to mold his underwear to his young penis. Then he managed to get the bucket up high enough and it was Luke’s turn to scream and jump up and down in place as his body was soaked in freezing cold water.

Watching later, Natalie also spent several minutes repeatedly watching this section. Luke’s baby blue boxer-briefs, lovingly hugging his young dick already, turned darker blue as they were hit with the water, and his penis became instantly visible. It was easy to see that the blond boy wasn’t quite flaccid. His cock was pointing mostly upward, although more to left than center, and the head was pressing against the thin cloth, so that when the underwear became wet it almost surrounded his dick on every side, molding itself around at least three quarters of his width and his full length, which Natalie’s best guess as she watched the footage over and over with a finger working in her pussy that night was close to four inches.

Four inches or not, Luke wasn’t so far into puberty that his squeal as he was soaked was any less high-pitched than Jacob’s. Again, Natalie had zoomed in a bit on Luke’s crotch, but she pulled back after a few tantalizing seconds as the boys began to dance around and laugh about what they’d just done. Then they stood together, arms around each other’s shoulders, each in their wet, clinging underwear, and invited their viewers to like and subscribe and offer suggestions for their next challenge. The last was unnecessary, as Natalie already knew what she was going to have them do next, but it made the viewers feel more invested.

After stopping the camera, Natalie joined the boys and they all talked about how the shoot had gone. Natalie was wearing sunglasses and was glad, as she could look at the boys’ bodies without them realizing where her eyes were focused. She noted that Jacob’s little penis seemed even smaller than ever in his wet undies, no doubt because of the cold and wetness. What surprised her was that the cold and clinging wetness seemed to have the opposite effect on Luke, who was angling himself and using his hands to attempt to nonchalantly hide what was obviously a full-on erection. Natalie tried to make it seem that her eyes were locked firmly at the same level as theirs, but in fact she was staring as much as she could at the cute little blond boy’s crotch, feeling a little thrill each time she got a glimpse of his straining boner.

Finally, Luke announced that he wanted to get out of his wet briefs, so the boys gathered up their shirts and shorts and headed inside, Natalie following and shutting the kitchen door behind her. The boys were whispering as they walked away from her, and she could see Jacob’s head turned in such a way that she was sure he was looking at his friend’s crotch and then there were hushed boyish giggles as the pair headed up the stairs.

Staring guiltily after the boys, Natalie stepped into the kitchen, alert for any noise signaling their return, and backed the video to the point where Luke’s underwear got soaked. Then she zoomed in until his crotch filled the screen in exquisite 4k detail and bigger than full life size. Not fully hard, she thought once again, but certainly on the way there. She felt a throbbing between her legs as she ran the video forward in slow motion, and felt ridiculous. A fifteen-year-old girl panting over a twelve-year-old boy was about as weird as a seventy-year-old man with a twenty-year-old girl. Hell, probably weirder, because at least people would be thinking about how lucky the old guy was. Nobody would think she was anything but a weird perv.

That didn’t stop her from staring at the screen though, watching Luke’s bouncing dick, feeling the heat and growing wetness between her legs. Guiltily, she pressed a hand against her pussy and felt her knees go weak. Making sure to close out the video, she set the iPod on the counter and rushed up the stairs. She heard the boys talking in hushed voices as she hustled past her brother’s bedroom, and then she was pulling the door closed behind her and flopping down on her bed.

Natalie lifted her hips, skinning her shorts and panties down to her knees and spreading her legs, which forced them down to her ankles. She slid her left hand up under the camisole top she was wearing and lightly squeezed her braless tits. Her other hand slid between her legs, feeling the heat and moisture there. She shuddered as she slid a finger between her swollen lips, then bit her lower lip as she slowly slid that finger into her pussy. She felt herself close around the invading digit, sucking at it eagerly.

This time she imagined it was Luke’s cock entering her. He was certainly thicker than her finger, but not as thick as two, so she let one do for now. As she began to work her finger in and out of her tight teen cunt, she squeezed and pinched her stiff nipples. Through the wall she could hear laughter, and wondered what the boys were talking about. She wondered what they thought about her filming them, seeing them displayed like they’d been, in those wet, clinging briefs.

Natalie turned her head, pressing her face into her pillow as her orgasm rolled over her, muffling her cries of pleasure. She lay there shaking for several seconds, feeling the rippling waves roll through her pussy, the racing tingles shooting throughout her body. Finally, she lay back, breathing heavily, shorts and panties still around her ankles, her left breast exposed, her hands out to her sides, her juices drying in the little black triangle of hair between her legs.

What the hell am I doing? she wondered.

End of part 1

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Tattoo on my Heart
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I walked through the door, and smiled as the girl behind the counter looked up and grinned at me. “Hey, can I help you?” she inquired.

I leaned up against the counter and grinned back and replied, “Yeah, I have an appointment with Jennifer.”

She turned and said, “Jennifer, your appointment is here.”

Jennifer was about 5’8”. She had dark blue hair, a number of piercings, and was covered in tattoos. She walked up and stuck out her hand. “I’m Jennifer. You must be Josh.”

“That’s me,” I said, taking her hand.

She led me to the back of the shop and showed me a chair. It looked like something from a doctor’s office. Or maybe a barber shop. I sat and she asked, “So, what are we getting today?”

I handed her a manila envelope. She opened it and extracted several photos. They were all shots of me when I was about thirteen years old. I said, “I want a full body portrait of myself at that age.” I held out my right arm. “On the inside of my forearm,” She looked at my proffered arm and the faint scar that ran up the middle of it. I explained further, “He should be nude.” I watched her eyebrow quirk up at that. “He’s also very sad. Devastated. Grief-stricken. He represents my lost innocence, which was rather cruelly ripped away at that age. I also want him to be winged. Typical, white feathered angel wings. I’ve come to think of him as sort of my guardian angel.”

“You’re your own guardian angel?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. I like to think that maybe someday I’ll sorta be reunited with him. That I’ll maybe somehow regain some of that innocence.”

She nodded thoughtfully and pulled out a pad of paper. She started sketching quickly. After a couple of minutes she turned the pad and asked, “Am I on the right track?”

I looked and said, “Yeah, but no covering himself up. The fact that he’s sort of displaying himself without shame is what says ‘innocence’ to me.”

She shook her head with a small grin. “Can’t say I’ve ever drawn a naked kid before. Hope I don’t get arrested. So, I guess I need to ask… uh… circumcised? Not?”

I replied in the affirmative and she sketched a bit more. Finally she turned the pad again. “This is just a rough idea. I can flesh it out, but I’d rather just do it directly on your arm if that’s ok. I feel more comfortable with that. I will sketch your face though.”

“Perfect,” I told her. The little boy angel was posed in such a way, with his drooping wings, that it really seemed to convey that sense of sadness I wanted. She took some more time making copies of one of the pictures and doing some more sketching. Then she applied a transfer of the face and sketched in the rest of the body on my arm in ink. Finally, she readied her tools and started tattooing.

“So,” she asked after a minute, “what’s the story behind your tattoo?”

“Well,” I began, “you have to understand that I didn’t have the best childhood….”


I was feeling a bit excited as I exited Oak Hills Junior High and unlocked my bike from the rack. Today was the day. I, along with half the student body, had been waiting for weeks, but today was the day.

I cut across the school grounds to Fifth Street and headed west. There were a few other kids ahead of me, and some behind, but that was ok. I realized it was going to likely be pretty busy, and as I couldn’t actually buy anything I wasn’t in a huge rush.

Oak Hills, Iowa wasn’t a very big town. Actually, it was a really small town, located right on the Mississippi. So the news several weeks ago that we’d be getting our very own comic book shop had been huge among many of us kids.

I wasn’t the biggest comic book fan, although I did like them when I got a chance to see them. My best friend Robert got them from time to time. However, there were rumors that there would be some arcade games, collectibles, and all sorts of other neat things. Mostly, though, it was just the novelty. Imagine, a place catering primarily to kids in Oak Hills. Other than a couple of decades-old pinball games at Pizza Express there was hardly anything for a kid to do in town.

I hit Lake Street and turned right, heading north fast, but not too fast, my longish blond hair streaming out behind me. I wondered, as I often did, why it was called Lake Street when it was on a river and not a lake. Lake Street was the small town’s main thorough-fare. Less than a half mile later I saw my destination on the right. The glowing sign, which for weeks had read ‘Coming Soon’ now announced, ‘Grand Opening’.

I could already see over a dozen bikes and nearly as many cars parked out front. The high school lets out forty minutes earlier than the junior high, so the older kids had a head start on us. I pulled up in front of the place, but didn’t immediately dismount. I was always a bit wary around other kids, especially older, bigger kids.

I was pretty small for my age anyway, and my looks tended to get me a bit of trouble, although I was never quite sure why. Something about the way I looked just tended to make some kids mad. It was a mystery to me, and I often found myself staring into my bathroom mirror, trying to figure it out. I was pretty sure I wasn’t ugly. In fact, I thought I was pretty nice looking. My features were a bit elfin. I had blue eyes which seemed a bit large to me. My lips I felt were a bit too big as well. My hair was usually shaggy and too long. I didn’t get haircuts very often, so my hair was usually either very short, or too long. Sometimes I imagined I looked a bit like a girl, and I wondered if that was what bothered some people. Once I had a girl tell me that she’d kill for my eyelashes, but I couldn’t figure out what it was about them that she’d liked.

Standing outside the store still astride my bike I watched the crowd through the large windows. There must have been thirty-five or forty kids in there milling around. After about five minutes I heard a shout to my right and turned to see my friend Robert pull up on his bike. He skidded to a halt, showing off with a grin.

“Hey, Josh!” he said as he maneuvered over to my side. “It’s finally open, huh?”

Robert wasn’t the brightest kid, although he wasn’t the dumbest either. Still, he did have sort of a flair for the obvious. We’d been friends since we were six. Lately I’d begun to sort of wonder why. We didn’t have a whole lot in common. I suppose it was just habit by that point. Besides, he was one of the few kids who didn’t seem to instantly dislike me for no discernible reason.

We parked our bikes and ventured into the store. I was struck first by the smell. It had the scent of newly painted walls and Pine-Sol. There were wire racks on most of the walls, filled with various comic books. There were also a couple of wooden bins in the middle with the same. Graphic posters covered most of the wall space. To the right were three arcade games. I recognized Mortal Combat. To the left of the games was a display of action figures and other toys. There was music playing in the background, barely heard over the excited pitch of young voices: some sort of classic rock I didn’t recognize. I only saw two girls in the place.

On the left side of the store was the counter, fronted by a glass display case with several rare comics and equally rare action figures inside. Behind the counter was what I took to be the owner of the store. I hadn’t seen him before. He was a big guy. Over six feet tall and built like a football player. His head was bald. Probably shaved. He had a light brown goatee and a smile as he waited on a line of kids, chatting and laughing with each one. I was really sort of struck by his smile. He could have looked tough, he had an earring and at least a couple of tattoos, but that smile told you he was a really nice guy. Even from where I was I could see he had kind, blue eyes.

Robert dragged me through the store, looking at this and that. He picked up several comics along the way. His parents weren’t rich or anything, but he got an allowance. He knew I didn’t and, like the good friend he was, he offered to buy me something if I liked, but I politely declined. I didn’t like feeling I owed anyone, even though I knew Robert would never ask to be repaid.

We spent about thirty minutes in the store. At one point I allowed Robert to talk me into playing Mortal Combat with him. I figured that was ok because he got as much enjoyment out of it as I did. Finally we went up to the counter where Robert paid for his comics.

I was looking at the items in the display case when I was startled by a deep voice very nearby. “Nothing for you today, kiddo?”

I looked up to see the store owner leaning over the counter, his face maybe a foot from mine. He had that same smile on his face, the same kind look in his blue eyes. For some reason, I felt myself blushing. “I… uh… I don’t have any m-money,” I stammered.

“Hey, that’s ok, kiddo,” he replied. “Money or no, you’re always welcome in here. I hope to see you around.”

“Uh… thanks,” I said. “I will. Be around, I mean.”

The man grinned and handed a bag of comics to Robert. “Ok guys, take care now,” he said, before turning to the next kid in line.

I followed Robert to the door. He was already talking excitedly about our visit, as if I hadn’t been there with him the whole time. As we opened the door I glanced back and was surprised to see the owner was looking at me. He smiled and I found myself lifting my hand, offering a small wave. He smiled bigger and waved as well. Then I was out the door.


It was after eight by the time I got home. I’d gone to Robert’s house after we left the comic store. We sat in his room and read comics and then his mom invited me to dinner. Robert’s mom invited me to dinner a lot. I’d long ago stopped trying to beg off. She knew a bit of what my home life was like. I was secretly grateful, although I was too embarrassed to say so. She wasn’t the greatest cook in the world, but she was better than what I’d come up with on my own. My own mother never cooked.

I tried to be quiet as I entered. I kicked off my shoes at the door. Not to lessen the noise, but because I didn’t like to track dirt inside. I was making for the stairs to head up to my room when I heard my mom’s voice. “Josh, is that you?”

Who else would it be, I thought, a bit bitterly. “Yeah, Mom,” I called out, one foot on the first riser, hoping that would be an end to it.

“Get in here,” she called. I sighed and trudged into the family room. She was sitting on the sofa in a worn housedress, as per usual. She had a large, chipped ceramic mug on the coffee table half full of vodka. An equally chipped and dirty ashtray was overflowing with cigarette butts. I wrinkled my nose at the smell. Actually, the host of smells. Each more unpleasant than the last.

My mom was thirty-one, but she looked to be at least in her mid to late forties. Her face was slack with drunkenness. There were dark circles under her watery eyes. She smelled of stale cigarettes and cheap booze. She had her eyes on the tv, some reality show. “Empty the ashtray,” she instructed woodenly.

Wanting to get away as quickly as I could, I grabbed the ashtray and carried it into the kitchen, checked that there were no burning embers, then emptied it. I then took a couple of minutes to clean up some dishes that hadn’t been there this morning. At least she’d eaten something.

“I need that ashtray,” she called. She didn’t say it angrily. My mom wasn’t a mean drunk. She wasn’t mean when sober either, although those times were few and far between. She was mostly just indifferent. She didn’t ask about my day, or school, or where I’d been. She didn’t care when I came in, or even if I came in, I’d imagine. She’d pretty much been like this since my father died when I was five. I vaguely remembered some happy-ish memories, but those grew fainter over the years. Now I just avoided her as much as I could.

Placing the ashtray on the scarred coffee table I hurried up the stairs to my room. My haven. I had a sign on the outside that read, ‘Keep Out. Josh’s Private Property’. Not that it was really necessary. My mom couldn’t work up enough interest to care what might be behind that door. Still, I locked it behind me, out of habit.

I didn’t like my house. It wasn’t really messy, as I kept it clean. I vacuumed and dusted once a week. I took the trash out regularly. I kept the kitchen swept and mopped and the counters clean. I even cleaned my own toilet and scrubbed my shower once a month. Still, the place was dingy and smelled, from the cigarettes and booze, which often ended up on the sofa and carpet in the family room.

My room was different. My room was bright and airy. I had a corner room, so I had two windows, one facing the backyard, and one on the side. I kept them open as often as the weather allowed. I’d nailed in weather stripping around the doorframe to help keep out the smoke smell that managed to make it upstairs. Luckily mom only smoked downstairs. She’d used to smoke in her room, but she’d stopped sleeping in her room several years ago. She rarely seemed to leave the couch anymore.

When the Iowa weather grew too cold to keep the windows open I used air fresheners to keep my room smelling sweet. I’d painted the walls myself just a couple of years ago. Bright white. My bedroom and bathroom were the cleanest in the house. I cleaned the bathroom my mom used downstairs, but not as thoroughly as I did my own.

I didn’t have much on my walls. I preferred the clean brightness of that white paint. I had a large periodic chart on one wall. Not that I was that into science or anything, but last year my science teacher Mr. Spencer had given it to me when the school provided him a new one. I thought it looked cool. Very… ordered. I had a small desk to the right of my door as you walked in at which I often did my homework. My bed was to the left, between the two windows. It was neatly made, as always.

Under the side yard facing window, to the right of the other, were the bookshelves I’d made with scrounged cinderblocks and wood slats that I’d spray-painted white. They were filled with paperbacks. Most had come from garage sales around town. My mom got a couple of checks every month out of which she would always give me a little bit of money to buy essentials. Food was purchased with food stamps. She had her booze delivered. Whenever I managed to save up a couple of dollars I’d ride through town on the weekends visiting garage sales, looking for new books. I did have a small tv as well, but we only got basic cable and I didn’t find much on that interested me.

Sitting on the end of my bed I pulled off my socks. I balled up each one and tossed them towards my clothes hamper in the corner. I swished one but the other hit the wall and bounced away. I got up with a sigh and grabbed it, then dropped it inside. Then I pulled off my shirt and dropped it in as well. I stepped up to my desk and emptied my pockets. I just had my house key and my little book of lunch vouchers for school. Then I stripped off my jeans. They joined the rest of my clothes in the hamper. My white briefs were next.

Naked, I left my room and took a left, heading to the bathroom. I looked to see that I had a fresh-ish towel hanging on the shower rod. I remembered removing it from the linen closet just yesterday, so it wasn’t too dirty to use again. I shut and locked the door behind me. It wasn’t out of any sense of modesty. I commonly walked naked between my bedroom and the bathroom. I doubt my mom had even been up the stairs in maybe three years. Again, my locking the door was just habit.

I turned on and adjusted the water in the tub. Once it was about two inches deep, I climbed in and lay down on my back, my head opposite the drain. Then I waited. Over the last few months I’d grown to love the sensation of lying still in the tub as the water slowly rose around me. Each millimeter it rose was like a tingling massage against my skin. I could feel my penis rise in anticipation. I watched it as it slowly filled with blood, growing fatter and longer, finally lifting up off my belly altogether to hover, bouncing slightly, pointing at me.

It wasn’t very big, although I hadn’t begun to think or care about the size of it until recently, since we now had to shower in school, where I was often teased. I wasn’t the shortest boy in my gym class, but I nearly was, and I was one of only three boys who didn’t have any pubic hair yet. Both of those other boys were taller than me. Teased about the size of my dick, I’d begun measuring it, checking those measurements against any and all books I could find at the library or on rare trips to the Lakeview Mall’s bookstore with Robert’s family. It was currently about three and a half inches long and close to three-quarters of an inch thick. Unfortunately, I had yet to find any definitive word on whether or not that was normal for a boy my age. All the books said was that about five to six inches was average for an adult and they said nothing at all about thickness. It was a frustrating bit of research. Looking around at the other boys in my gym class didn’t help much. While I certainly seemed to be smaller than many, I didn’t seem to be the smallest, but it was so hard to tell considering that everybody’s dicks seemed to vary in how wrinkled up they were. Some, like mine, seemed to hang almost their full length, about three inches for me, while others, which were much hairier and much fatter than mine, stuck out only a couple of inches. Unless I could see all my classmates with hard-ons I doubted it was a mystery I was going to solve.

I shivered as the water reached high enough to spill into the hollow of my chest. I could feel it lapping against my balls as well. Over the next several minutes I luxuriated as the water eventually rose to cover every inch of me, last, and most deliciously, the sensitive, bobbing head of my dick. Then, the ritual over, I turned off the tap with my right foot, sat up and reached for the shampoo.

After lathering up my hair, I grabbed the soap. I started with my armpits, then my arms, followed by my chest. I slid the bar of Irish Spring over my stomach, careful to dip a soapy finger into my bellybutton. After that I lifted each leg clear of the water, rubbing them with the soap, sliding my fingers between each toe.

Finally, I lay back again. After rinsing my hair, I arched my back, then lifted my hips out of the water and got a good lather going in both hands. I dropped the soap then and began to wash my crotch, my slippery hands sliding all around before finally gripping my hardened penis in my left hand and washing it with my right. I was careful not to get any soap into the pee hole, having learned that stinging lesson before. I washed the smoothly wrinkled sac holding my olive-sized balls. Then, my back beginning to quiver with the strain, I reached my right hand between my legs and began to wash my butt, even going so far as to slide a soapy finger inside, which always made me shiver.

In fact, washing my butt hole was a relatively new experience. The inside of it at least. Several weeks ago I’d been lying in the tub after washing myself. I’d been experimenting with new things to do in the shower. Ok, new ways to masturbate, which was itself a relatively new experience, something I’d only discovered about four months previous. On a whim, I removed the shower head, leaving just a single thick stream of water to splash against my dick as I lay in the tub. It wasn’t particularly great. It felt ok against my dick, but if I moved the wrong way the stream would hit my balls, which caused a wince. Too much like being hit in the nuts. I was about to give up on the experiment when I moved the other way. That stream of water hit the area between my balls and my butt hole and it felt good. I then lifted my legs up and put my feet on the rim of the tub. In this position that stream of water hit right against that sensitive pucker down there. The sensation was glorious and grabbing on to my dick had caused an almost instant and very intense orgasm. Since then I’d found that a finger felt very nice as well.

This time I fingered my ass for a couple of minutes, before finally flipping over in the tub, half floating. My crotch was still soapy. Reaching both hands beneath me I formed a nice tunnel two fists long, not that I really needed the second one, and began to thrust while water sloshed and threatened to go over the side. It only took a few seconds before that exquisite feeling started below my balls, that throbbing which quickly exploded outwards through my dick, making me gasp while my whole body shuddered.

I usually didn’t think about much when I was masturbating. I’d read that fantasies were common, but I didn’t usually have them. Oh, sometimes I’d have a thought about some vague, shadowy figure touching me, but that was about it. I didn’t think about girls much, certainly not to the degree my classmates seemed to. I did sort of like looking at some of the boys in the shower at school, but I think that was mostly so I could compare myself to them. I’d tried one night to fantasize intentionally. I decided to think about Robert, since he was my best friend, but I just felt silly, thinking about how embarrassed I’d actually be if Robert said he wanted to touch my penis.

After a few moments I rolled onto my back and just lay there, my dick throbbing, my chest and belly heaving. My ears were underwater so I could hear nothing but the beat of my heart, which eventually slowed along with my breathing. Eventually I stood and unplugged the drain. Then I turned the water back on, and clicked on the shower. I grabbed the conditioner and put it in my hair while I rinsed my body. Clean then, I rinsed out my hair and then shut the water off. Using my hands like a squeegee I sloughed the water off my smooth body, then opened up the curtain and reached for my towel.

After drying off and hanging the towel to dry I made my way back to my bedroom. I took my brush from my desk and stepped in front of the full length mirror inside my closet door. I watched myself as I found the part in my hair and carefully brushed it to the side. Satisfied, I stopped and just stared at myself, as I did a lot these days. I liked the way I looked. I was small for my age, only 4’8”, and 83 pounds last I’d checked. I wasn’t muscular, but I wasn’t overly thin either. My belly was flat, and while I didn’t have a six pack by any means, I didn’t have any baby fat there either. My chest wasn’t too thin. My dime sized nipples were a pinkish brown. At rest my penis was about three inches long, laying over my little ballsac, which had grown a bit darker in recent months, and now hung lower. In fact, my left ball hung a little lower than the right, a fact which had worried me until I read that it was pretty normal.

Turning, I stared over my shoulder at my butt. I wasn’t sure how to judge a butt. It was just… a butt. I’d been told on a couple of occasions, both times by grown up women, that I had a bubble butt. I wasn’t sure what that meant. It didn’t look particularly bubble like to me. My legs were smooth and hairless like the rest of me, except down around my ankles, where I’d just recently noticed some small hairs growing in a ring. I kept waiting for some blatant sign of impending puberty, but so far I’d been disappointed.

Shrugging, I sat down at my desk to do my homework and wait for my hair to dry. I rarely bothered getting dressed anymore after my nightly shower unless my mom called for me to come down and do something for her. For about the last year I’d taken to sleeping nude, so it seemed silly to wear something between bath and bedtime. Of course, this meant that my dick tended to be stiff a lot more often than it probably would have otherwise. I would often find myself playing with it as I read or watched tv, and I would usually masturbate one more time before going to bed. Sometimes twice. My orgasms didn’t yet produce any sperm, yet another sign of puberty I was awaiting.

Later I lay in bed, drifting off to sleep. I found my thoughts drifting to my trip to the comic book store. Eventually I realized I was thinking about the owner, about the way he’d smiled at me, and more importantly somehow the fact that he was watching me when I’d turned around as I was leaving. Why had he been watching me? It seemed important somehow. He’d been waiting on another kid, but he’d taken the time to watch me leave. I eventually fell asleep without solving the mystery.


The next couple of weeks went by uneventfully. My life was pretty routine. School, clean the house, avoid my mom as best I could. I usually had dinner with Robert’s family, but not always. I started to feel a bit guilty if I was over there too often, so at least two or three nights a week I’d stay at home and make a frozen pizza or something else easy. I usually shared these meals with my mom, worried that she wouldn’t eat on her own otherwise. Which isn’t to say that I ate with my mom. I’d just give her a share and then retreat to my room with mine. Sometimes she’d eat what I gave her. Sometimes she wouldn’t. I’d learned to stop worrying about it. I could only do so much.

I didn’t go to the comic book store again. I wasn’t avoiding it exactly, but as I didn’t have money to spend, it seemed silly to torture myself. Still, I found myself thinking about it more and more. Or at least the owner. I still wasn’t sure why.

Finally, I woke up on a Saturday towards the end of April feeling restless. I had about four dollars saved up and I thought about doing my rounds of the local garage sales. As I dressed, I realized that I wasn’t in the mood for garage sales. I decided I’d go check out the comic book store instead.

I only lived about three blocks south of the Junior High, which meant I only had about a five minute bike ride to the comic shop. I pulled up only to see that it was closed. I realized I shouldn’t be surprised. I was used to getting up early even on the weekends because you wanted to show up early at garage sales before all the good stuff was gone.

Rolling my bike closer I checked the sign on the door. The shop wasn’t open till nine on Saturdays. I didn’t have a watch, but I figured it was probably not even eight yet. Sighing, I turned my bike around and was about to head off when a big, black truck pulled into the lot in front of me. The truck parked right next to me and before I could decide whether to take off or stay, the driver’s side door opened and out stepped the man I presumed to be the owner.

He was wearing jeans and a tight black t-shirt. On his feet were what looked like work boots. He saw me and gave me a grin. Then he tilted his head to the side and his smile grew wider. “Heeeeeeyyy, kiddo. Long time, no see. Haircut, huh? I almost didn’t recognize you.”

I just stared at him, my mouth hanging open stupidly. I’d only seen him once, over two weeks before, and he recognized me? Not only that, recognized that I’d had a haircut just the day before. “It’s pretty short,” I said, although I couldn’t have said why I was suddenly channeling Robert. Why was I so nervous all of a sudden?

Incredibly, the man reached out and rubbed his hand over the top of my head. Not just rubbed like you’d rub a dog’s head or something, but his hand rubbed firmly, yet gently over the top of my head, down the back, and ended up on the left side of my head, cupping it almost. “Looks good,” he said.

I found myself wanting to press my face into that hand and just blinked slowly as he removed it and gave me a squeeze on my shoulder. “Come on in,” he said, walking past me. “You’re early, but I make exceptions for my special customers.”

Special costumers? I wondered, turning to follow him. He unlocked the door and ushered me in to the dim store. I heard the door shut behind me and his footsteps as he walked over to the right. There were a series of clicks as he tripped the breakers, and lights began blinking on overhead. I just stood there watching as he went behind the counter and began doing things, moving papers and opening boxes and other things.

After maybe a full five minutes had passed in silence, he looked over at me and grinned. “You don’t talk much, kiddo. What’s your name?”


“Well, Josh, I’m Michael. You can call me Mike if ya like. My friends all call me Mike.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said automatically.

Mike smiled. “Polite, too. So what brings you to me this a.m., Josh? And why did you wait so long to come back?”

I shrugged. “I don’t usually have much money, so…”

“And you do today?” he asked. “If you don’t, that’s ok, too. You’re always welcome, as I think I told you when we met.”

I nodded. “I have a little,” I admitted.

“Well, don’t feel compelled to spend it if you don’t want to,” he said. “No pressure. You’re welcome to just hang out if you want. Do you like comic books?”

I nodded. “They’re pretty cool, I guess. I don’t have any of my own though.”

“Who’s your favorite superhero?”

“Spiderman, I guess,” I replied. “And Batman.”

“The Dark Knight,” Mike announced in a dire tone, making me grin just a bit. He grinned as well. “You’ve got a nice smile,” he said. “You should do it more often.”

I found myself blushing for some reason. I saw him give me a gentle smile, but he didn’t say anything.

“Hey,” he suddenly said, “maybe you can help me out. You willing?”

“Uh… sure,” I replied.

“Great. Just head out to my truck, would you? There are three boxes in there I need. You shouldn’t have any trouble with ’em; you look like a pretty strong guy. They’re in the backseat. It’s unlocked.”

I went outside to his truck. Opening the half door behind the driver’s door I saw the three boxes. They were only about 1 foot square. I leaned in to grab the first one. The inside of Mike’s truck smelled like leather and what must have been his cologne. It smelled really good. I found myself just standing there, inhaling it. Finally, I realized what I was doing, and with another blush I grabbed the first box and carried it back to the store. Mike was there to swung the door open for me.

“Just put it on the counter there,” he instructed.

I did so, and then went out for the next. We repeated the process. Finally, I grabbed the third box and swung his truck door shut with my hip, and then my butt, leaning back against it till it clicked. Mike was there again to hold the door and he followed me as I headed to the counter. As I was sitting it next to the others I felt a hand brush twice against my ass. I jumped, surprised.

“Sorry,” Mike said, holding his hands up as if to show he was unarmed. “You got some dirt on you when shut the door on my truck.”

“Oh,” I said nervously. Unable to think of anything else to say, I said, “Sorry.”

Mike laughed. “Not your fault, I should keep my truck clean.”

“I mean I’m sorry for jumping,” I tried to explain.

Mike grinned. “Hey, my fault again. I shouldn’t go around grabbing young boy’s asses. Bound to get me in trouble.”

The smile he gave me then was so infectious I couldn’t help but giggle.

“There’s that smile,” he said. I grinned wider. I couldn’t help it. There was just something about this big man that made me feel so at ease.

We spent the next hour talking while I helped him around the shop. The boxes I’d grabbed had contained comics and he told me where to put them around the store. He told me that he’d just moved here from Arizona. He wasn’t married, and he didn’t have any kids. I told him a little bit about myself. I didn’t talk much about my mom, and he didn’t ask, but I got the feeling he knew or guessed more about her than I shared with him.

Over the next couple of weeks I was at the shop every day. Sometimes I only stopped in for twenty minutes or so. Sometimes I spent three or four hours there. I began to do errands for Mike, like go pick up lunch or dinner for him from a local restaurant. In return he’d give me money for the games, or the comic of my choice. I felt a bit guilty at first, but he assured me I was helping and that my help was worth something.

I was really thinking about Mike a lot, too. He was just so nice, and so much fun to hang around. He was really funny. You’d think a guy who looked like he did would be more… serious, I guess, but he could be really goofy. Like, busting out bad dance moves goofy. But it wasn’t just that. I began to feel… well, safe I guess. Even when other kids were around I was just really relaxed when I was with him. It was sort of a new feeling for me.

I found myself thinking of him at other times as well. More embarrassing times. Like at night, or in the bathtub. Sometimes I’d find myself holding my stiff dick in my hand and realize that I’d been thinking of Mike. Just sort of innocent thoughts at first, I guess. Like his smile or the way he smelled. But after awhile, I found myself wondering what he’d look like without a shirt on, or even pants. I was finally fantasizing.

When I was with him I found myself paying closer attention to how he looked. Like I said, he was a big guy. Like a football player. He was six foot three I’d learned, and about two hundred and twenty pounds. None of that was fat though. He often wore tight t-shirts and you could see he wasn’t fat at all. He did shave his head, he told me. One day he let me rub it. It was so smooth. Like a bowling ball. After that I touched it a lot. I loved to rub my hands over it for some reason, and he was always happy to let me, even later in the day when it would grow a bit stubbly.

One day, a couple weeks after I’d met him that Saturday morning, I hugged him. It just sort of happened. I’d been at the shop for a couple hours. We’d mostly been alone and having a good time talking. I figured it was time to go and before I even really knew what I was doing, I just hugged him. I could tell he was sorta surprised at first, so was I!, but then he just relaxed and hugged me back. Finally he tousled my hair and said, “See ya around, kiddo.” He always called me ‘kiddo’. I thought at first it might be something he said to all kids, but I never heard him say that to anyone else. It made me feel special.

After that, I hugged Mike whenever I saw him, both hello and goodbye. Then, well, just whenever I felt like it. I liked being in his arms. I liked the way they felt around me. He was really strong, but I never worried he’d hurt me or anything. Even when he play choked me, like he did sometimes, like he was Homer and I was Bart. I just liked being touched by him in general. He would often rub my neck and shoulders. I tended to wear shirts that had the collars way stretched out, so much that often one of my shoulders would be exposed. It was just a thing I did that year. I don’t really know why.

Sometimes we played this game I made up. Well, it wasn’t really a game, just a thing we did. I don’t remember how it got started. Anyway, the way it worked was, I would sometimes go up to him and press myself against the front of him. I would try to push him so he’d back up, but only using my body. So I’d press into him, and he’d press back. Like tug-of-war, but in reverse. One day, we were doing that when I realized all of a sudden that I had a serious boner. I didn’t even realize it until that second. It was pressing hard into Mike’s thigh, and I jumped back, really worried he’d noticed and would think I was some sort of pervert or something. Luckily he didn’t seem to have noticed. I told myself after that I wouldn’t play that game again, but the next day I did again before I even thought about it, and I got a boner again just like the first time. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to do it again, but I didn’t stop. I also told myself that Mike didn’t realize I was getting a boner and pressing it against his leg, but I think he did know and pretended not to. I also thought once that he started to get a boner too, but he stopped the game that time because a customer came into the shop.

In this way, April turned to May. At the end of May, school let out. I was really happy, knowing I’d be able to spend more time with Mike. Even better, Mike told me that he was hiring some help for the summer so he’d have more time to spend with me. I was surprised by how happy I was actually. It was a pretty new feeling for me. Being around my mom didn’t bother me as much. Even school had become easier. And not just the part about being around other kids. My grades actually got better. I was never a really bad student, but I wasn’t a great one either. In sixth grade I’d finished with a C average, and I’d been heading for that again. Mike had heard about that and encouraged me to study harder, saying I was too smart for C’s. I ended seventh grade with a B+ average.

By then I had finally accepted that I had a bit of a crush on Mike. I was really worried about what that meant. I’d been called a fag and queer and a homo in school for years, but I never really thought much about it. Was I really gay? What did that even mean? I mean, I knew technically, but it was all pretty confusing. One thing was sure; I was spending more and more time thinking about Mike. I no longer felt embarrassed thinking about him when I jacked off. I would imagine we were lying in bed together, naked, his strong body holding me. I wasn’t really clear on the details of what we’d do together, but I knew he’d touch my dick, and I’d touch his. I often wondered what it would look like. How big it would be. What it would feel like in my hand. I often found myself staring at Mike’s crotch when I was around him, and I’d concluded that it must be pretty big. The thought both frightened and excited me.


The week after school let out I begged Mike to come to the river with me and Robert. Of course Mike knew who Robert was by then. I’d introduced them, worried a little bit, I admit, that Mike would like Robert as much, or more, than me, but I soon realized he didn’t. Mike agreed to take us to the river.

Not that it was much of a drive or anything. The river ran right along the west edge of town. The public beach was less than a mile north of Mike’s shop. That morning Mike met me and Robert out in front of his store. We climbed into the back of his pickup while he loaded up our bikes and we headed up the street.

Arriving at the beach, we found it already pretty crowded. There were maybe thirty people there. Mostly mothers with younger kids, but a few older kids and a couple of guys Robert and I knew from school. The three of us walked across the beach. We stopped about twenty feet from shore and Robert and I both stripped off our shirts and kicked off our shoes. We were each wearing swim trunks. Robert’s were longer than mine, in the newer style. Mine were fairly short. I turned to look at Mike. He was wearing sweat pants cut to the knee and another of his tight black t-shirts.

As I watched, almost breathlessly, Mike tugged off his shirt. It was the first time I’d ever seen him without a shirt on. I first noticed how hairy he was. His chest and belly were covered in light brown hairs that glinted golden in the sunlight. He’d told me that if he let his hair grow out he would be blond like me. His stomach was flat, and his chest was wide. On his left arm was a large dragon tattoo. I’d seen it before, as the tail peeked below his sleeves and I’d asked to see it once. It looked bigger now. His right arm had a colorful Japanese style tiger, the head of which stretched up to his shoulder.

“You ok, kiddo?” he asked, making me realize I’d just been standing there, staring at him. I could only nod. He grinned and then reached down and stepped out of his gray sweat pants. He was left wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts. They were really short and I felt my eyes widen as I took in the obvious lump there.

Again, I might have just stood there staring, but Mike suddenly called, “Last one in’s a rotten egg!” and then dashed past me.

I recovered quickly and pelted off with Robert after him. We managed to tackle him just as he reached the water’s edge and we all went in together. The water was COLD!

We all jumped up immediately, screeching like girls and danced away from the water, causing a couple of mothers and several little kids to laugh. Finally, we dared each other to go back in again. Nobody did. Mike finally solved the problem by grabbing both Robert and me, one under each arm, and running back into the water with us. It wasn’t as bad the second time, thank goodness.

For the next hour or so we learned that Mike was known to kids he’d known through his life as the human jungle gym. We climbed up and down him like he was anyway. He could also throw a kid really far. That was fun. He started making up different kinds of throws. There was one where he’d grab us by the bottom of our feet while crouching, then explode upwards, lifting and tossing us. There was one he named ‘The Stiffy’, which made us laugh. It was called that because it called for us to lie as stiffly as we could, while he’d either tip our whole body over, or sorta throw us like a javelin. One was called the slam dunk. For that one, we’d hug our legs to our chests, curling into as small a ball as we could, then he’d lift us out of the water and, with one hand on our butt, slam us back down into the water like a basketball through a hoop. Eventually, even the two guys I knew from school joined in, and Mike was tossing all four of us around like we weighed nothing.

When Mike grew tired, he’d just stand far out in the green river water, about shoulder deep to him. Robert and I each clung to one side of his body, straddling his hips. As we sat there, tight against him, I felt myself growing hard, even with the cool water. I didn’t bother trying to hide it, not sure if he’d notice or even care. I just laid my head on his shoulder and enjoyed his arm around me.

Eventually Mike announced that he was too pruney and it was time to go. I didn’t want my time with him to end and asked if we could go home with him. After a moment of deliberation, he agreed. We piled back into the truck, Mike up front, having changed under a towel from his cut off shorts back to his sweat pants. I got a little sweaty thinking that he must be naked otherwise. Robert and I hadn’t thought to bring towels, so Mike said we could air dry in the back.

I had never been to Mike’s place before, and I was excited. I was surprised to learn that he lived only three blocks south of me, in a small apartment complex. Robert and I climbed out of the truck and followed Mike inside to the small lobby. He then led us downstairs to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs were a door to the left, which led to his apartment, and a hall to the right which led to the communal laundry room. Mike unlocked the door and let us in.

“Ok, into the bathroom, both of you,” Mike announced as he shut the door behind us. “Get out of those wet clothes and let me throw em in the dryer. I’ll find something for you to wear.”

It was a studio apartment. To the right of the door was a small kitchen with a bar. Ahead against the left hand wall was a queen-sized bed. To the right of that a sofa and a tv. Straight ahead, on the wall between the bed and the tv, was a desk with a computer on it. The bathroom was off to the right and down a short hall. Mike directed us to the right, trailing behind us. He ushered us into the small bathroom, stepping in behind us to open a door and hand us each a towel.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, then shut the door behind him.

Robert and I looked at one another and then nervously began stripping off our shorts. We’d shared a gym class last year, so we’d seen each other naked, but it had been a year. I found myself sneaking peeks of Robert’s body, and caught him doing the same to me. Robert was about six inches taller than me. He was an average looking guy, not ugly, but not exactly handsome either. He was lean like I was, but more stretched out. His muscles were bigger. So was his dick. It was soft and wrinkled from the damp of our shorts, but it was still about three inches long. Mine had shrunk to about one inch, I was embarrassed to see, so I figured that probably made him bigger by a couple inches. It was fatter than mine. He also had a neat little bush of pubic hair that was maybe an inch wide and less than that tall. I even thought I saw some curly hairs on his nut-sac. I was embarrassed and dried off quickly, holding the towel in front of me when I was done.

Just a few seconds later there was a knock at the door. “Everyone decent?” Mike called out. At our affirmation, the door opened and Mike handed us each a pair of cotton shorts. I wasn’t sure whether or not it was my imagination which made me think that his eyes were roaming a bit over my body, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make sure I was covered more than I was, or to furtively move the towel away and give him a little peek, just to see his reaction.

The door shut again before I could make a decision and we each pulled on our shorts. They belonged to Mike so of course they were big on us, but they must have been older ones, because they were staying up, even on my slim hips. Of course, the top was actually about halfway up my stomach and they ended about mid-thigh on me. I could tell they were probably skimpy on Mike. I exited the bathroom first and I stopped short as I cleared the short hallway and saw Mike standing at his dresser, his back to me, just pulling up a pair of black bikini briefs over his naked ass.

I must have made some sort of noise, because Mike turned and saw me standing there. “Hey, they fit,” he said with a grin. He grabbed and pulled on a pair of shorts, but not before I got a look at the big lump in his tight briefs. There was so much hair disappearing down into those briefs.

I lightly shook myself and walked into the room, grinning and modeling the shorts. “Like they were made for me,” I joked.

Robert came out behind me also modeling. His fit a bit more securely than mine did. Mike instructed us to go grab our wet things and we followed him down the hall to deposit them in one of the dryers. Back in the apartment, Mike offered us each a Mountain Dew, which we accepted.

Robert was immediately drawn to Mike’s computer. He asked if he could play around with it, and Mike agreed, powering it up and showing him a couple of games he had. Neither of us had computers. They weren’t very common in Oak Hills at the time.

While Robert sat engrossed by the computer, Mike and I drifted to his bed. Lying there amidst his blanket and pillows, I felt so relaxed. I could smell Mike in the bedclothes, but it was stronger than I was used to. More intimate somehow. I eventually found myself lying on the bed to the left of Mike. I had my arms behind my head, and didn’t I see Mike look at each of my armpits when I’d done that, exactly as I did nightly, looking for that one wispy hair? Mike, for his part, was stretched out beside me, his head propped up and resting in his left hand. His right hand had found its way to my chest, and it drifted there lightly, rubbing up and down across my naked skin. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I don’t remember what we talked about, but we conversed quietly while Robert sat at the computer, oblivious to us. My eyes were closed and I was just enjoying the feeling of Mike touching me. It felt so nice. Sensual, yet not sexual somehow. Up and down, around and around. His fingers repeatedly passed over my small nipples, which eventually stiffened into tiny nubs. Each touch there sent tingles through me.

Eventually, after a lull in the conversation while Mike’s hand never stopped, I slid open my eyes to see Mike just staring down at me. Not at my eyes though. I followed his gaze and realized that, with my leg cocked the way it was, the overly large shorts Mike had given me had slid down my legs and gaped open, leaving my crotch in shadow, but otherwise fully exposed to his gaze. Mike didn’t realize I was watching him. At that moment, my dick began to stiffen. I felt it rise up off my balls. Not wanting to embarrass either of us, I shut my eyes, coughed, and moved my legs together. When I opened my eyes a moment later Mike was looking at me.

“Hey, thought you were asleep there for a second,” he said with a soft smile. His voice sounded a bit hoarse to me.

“I think I almost was,” I told him.

“Well,” he said, “I think it’s probably time you guys got going. Your parents are going to wonder where you are.”

I knew Mike probably realized that wasn’t the case for me. I wondered then why he wanted me to leave. Maybe he was embarrassed? I didn’t know. As I stood I tried to see if Mike had been affected the way I had, but one of his pillows was draped across his hip, hiding his crotch from me. My own dick was sticking straight up, but I quickly thrust my hand into the pocket and gripped it tight, hiding my condition as best I could.

Mike had me retrieve our shorts from the dryer. By the time I returned he’d gotten out of the bed, but if he’d had a boner, it was gone now, as was mine. Robert and I changed then Mike helped us get our bikes from the back of his truck and we headed home.

That night as I lay in bed, my stiff dick in my hand, I thought about that afternoon. I tried to remember the look on Mike’s face as I realized he’d been looking at my dick. How long had been looking, I wondered. Did he like what he’d seen? Was it just curiosity? How had it made him feel? What would have happened if I hadn’t moved, if I’d just let my dick grow harder and harder while Mike watched? I imagined Mike reaching out and taking my dick in his hand. I shuddered with an orgasm.


Mike and I grew closer over the summer, and I fell further and further in love with him. Only a couple days after our swimming outing I kissed him for the first time. It was a lot like that first hug. I’d been at his house for a couple of hours. We’d been sitting watching tv. Mike had this big wicker chair sorta thing. It was shaped sorta like a satellite dish I guess. He’d sit in it and I’d sit between his legs, my back to his chest.

Anyway, we’d been watching tv when I realized it was getting late. Turning around in his lap, I hugged him, then on impulse leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the lips. His eyes widened and we grinned at each other. After that, I always greeted him with a kiss and said goodbye the same way.

I was spending a lot of time at Mike’s house. I started showing up earlier and earlier on the days I knew he didn’t have to work. He would always keep the door unlocked for me. One day I got there so early he was still in the shower. I was concerned at first when I didn’t see him, but then I heard the water running. I went to the bathroom and the door was open. Standing in the doorway I called out to him. After getting over his surprise he seemed ok talking to me, so I just sat on the toilet seat while he showered. I couldn’t help trying to imagine what he looked like in there, and the urge to peek was strong, but I was sure I’d get caught. Mike, for his part, was careful to dry off in the shower and not exit until his towel was wrapped firmly around his waist. Still, I could see the long lump of his penis through the towel.

One day, in June I think it was, I asked him if he masturbated. I’d been building up to the question for days and I was a nervous wreck when I finally blurted it out. He was startled at first, but then admitted that he did. In fact, he told me that eighty percent of all guys did it, and twenty percent of guys lied about it. I thought that was pretty funny.

About a week later I asked him when he got his first pubic hair. He could tell I was nervous I think. He told me he was a late bloomer, and he was almost fourteen. I still think he said that just to make me feel better.

Towards the end of summer, Mike told me he wanted to meet my mom. I’d told him all about her by that point, and I was horrified by the thought, but he insisted, saying that with all the time we were spending together it was only right that she meet him. The meeting went pretty much as expected. She barely said a word, barely glanced away from the tv. At least I got a chance to show him my room, which he was very complimentary about, but I could tell he was sad about it.

It was also around this time that I finally got to see Mike naked for the first time. I’d been asking him for weeks if I could spend the night with him. He always turned me down gently, saying that it just wasn’t right. I sorta knew what he meant. I’d heard of dirty old men touching boys and stuff like that, but nobody would think Mike was like that. Besides, I pretty much wanted him to touch me. In fact, we’d grown really touchy over the summer.

While Mike always wore jeans and a t-shirt at work, at home he was never in more than a pair of shorts. I didn’t wear much more that summer. If I was wearing a shirt when I went to his place, I always took it off, first thing. As we would sit watching tv together in that big wicker chair Mike’s hands would constantly be touching me, rubbing my chest and shoulders, or my stomach. In fact, if he wasn’t touching me, I’d grab his hands and set him to it. That’s how it started in the first place. In fact, Mike never seemed to do anything that I didn’t instigate, a fact I didn’t really think about until later.

Anyway, back to seeing Mike naked. As he wouldn’t let me spend the night with him, I figured I’d go the other direction. One morning I set my alarm early. I entered his apartment while it was still dark. Pulling off my shirt, and nearly pulling off my shorts after a brief hesitation, I started to climb into bed with him.

Mike woke up and looked at me. “Josh? Is everything ok?” he asked. He glanced over at his clock. “It’s five-thirty in the morning.”

“Everything is fine,” I told him. “I just wanted to come over. Go back to sleep.”

He shook his head and lay back. “Crazy kid,” he muttered and then he was back asleep.

He was lying on his back. I was on his right side, lying on my side facing him. I snuggled against him, my right arm across his chest. I just lay there for a time, feeling his chest rise and fall against my arm, feeling his heat seep into me. I knew Mike slept naked. It was one of the many things we’d talked about over the summer. So I knew that if I reached down just a bit more, I’d touch things I’d only dreamed about. Or I could pull back the covers and see it. I didn’t though. I just lay there against him, lulled by his soft breathing.

When I woke up a couple of hours later, it was light and Mike was dressed in his usual pair of shorts, making us breakfast. He didn’t scold me for coming over early. So two days later, on his next day off, I showed up at the same time. He barely reacted this time as I crawled into bed with him, asleep again almost instantly. However, this time I couldn’t sleep. I was too wired. I’d actually taken my shorts off this time, and being in bed with Mike in just my underwear had me excited and nervous.

As before, I stretched my arm out across Mike’s broad chest. Over the last couple of months I’d come to love his hairy chest and stomach. I loved to run my fingers through those tight curls. It felt like fur to me, and I often teased Mike that he must be half bear. He once teased back that I was half bare, so we were even.

This time, I couldn’t help myself as my hand drifted downward over Mike’s stomach. It felt like I was moving so slowly. Glacially. I was so afraid he’d wake up and catch me. Finally my hand found his thick pubic bush. I was amazed at all the hair there. Against the blade of my hand I could feel the solid warmth of his cock. I didn’t move. My hand grew sweaty and I wanted to move it that extra tiny bit, and really touch him, but I didn’t dare.

How long I stayed like that, I don’t know. It must have been a couple of hours, and I surely dozed in and out during that time. Eventually, I felt Mike stirring. I shut my eyes and deepened my breathing, in order to feign sleep. Mike rolled a bit on his side, and I heard him make a little noise, as if surprised to see me. At the same time, the weight of his floppy dick slid over the back of my hand to hit my wrist. I didn’t move a muscle.

Mike then scooted down to the end of the bed so as not to have to crawl over me. By this time there was enough sunlight coming through the small basement window to see by, and as I cracked my eyelids open I saw Mike walk by the side of the bed on his way to the bathroom. In front of him, thrusting out of that thick bush of hair that I’d felt but not yet seen was Mike’s big dick. It was soft, but it still looked massive to me; thick and long, hanging down well over the big, fleshy ball sac beneath. I sucked in an involuntary breath, but by that time Mike was past me.

I lay there as I heard the toilet flush, then the sounds of the fridge opening and closing and some pots and pans being moved around. I couldn’t get the sight of that big dick out of my head. It had been… awesome. At least half a foot long, I was sure. I was unsurprised to note that my own smaller dick was straining upward. I longed to touch it, but I was still feigning sleep.

Eventually, after my erection subsided, I allowed the smell of waffles to rouse me. I pretended to wake and slid out of bed. “Morning, sleepyhead,” Mike grinned. “Cute undies.”

I looked down, having forgotten that I’d stripped off my shorts. I was wearing blue boxers with little pictures of Spongebob in his tighty-whities on them. I thought they were sorta cool, but then I thought to wonder how they’d look to an adult like Mike and I blushed. I hurriedly pulled on my shorts.

“They’re ok,” I mumbled.

“Didn’t figure you for a boxer man,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Mike shrugged. “In my day, only old men wore boxers. Can’t get over the fact that kids think they are cool now.”

That was the last time I wore boxers.


A few days before school was to begin, Mike got me into his truck and started driving without telling me where we were going. Eventually I realized we were heading for the Lakeview Mall.

“Do you need something from the mall?” I asked.

He drove in silence for another minute or so, glancing at me from time to time. I started to get nervous, although I couldn’t have said why. Finally, he said, “Look, Josh, school is starting in a couple of days. I know you don’t have any new clothes, and I know your mom isn’t going to be getting you any, so I’m going to buy them. I don’t want to hear any arguments either.”

I stared at him a moment, my mouth working, but no sound emerging. A rush of emotions went through me and I wasn’t sure what I was feeling or what I was supposed to be feeling. I finally looked at him, and saw how nervous he was. Then I just leaned over and hugged him. “I love you, Mike,” I finally whispered.

“I love you too, kiddo,” he said, obviously relieved that I wasn’t going to fight him on it.

I hadn’t had new school clothes in years. The new clothes I got, I got from garage sales, or sometimes Robert’s mom would give me his hand-me-downs. Mike let me get three pairs of pants, several shirts, and even plenty of underwear. Briefs this time. The cool ones in different colors, not tighty-whities. I tried to tell him how grateful I was, but he just waved me off, seeming to be embarrassed.

On the way back home that day, loaded down with bags of clothes, I finally worked up the nerve to ask a question that I’d been thinking about forever. I asked him if he was gay. He looked at me for a few moments without answering. As the silence drew out, I was afraid I’d offended him.

I was about to offer an apology when he said, “Would it matter to you if I was?”

“No,” I said. “Of course not. If you are, that’s ok. Or not. I don’t really care.” But I did care. I worried more and more that I was gay. Well, not worried exactly. I knew how I felt about Mike. If that was gay, I was ok with it. Maybe I worried that if Mike wasn’t gay, that he’d never come to feel about me the way I felt about him.

“Well,” he finally said. “I’m not attracted to men, if that’s what you mean.”

That seemed an odd answer for some reason. “Does that mean you like women then?”

Again, he was silent for long enough to worry me, then he said, “Not really, Josh. I’ve dated women before, but I don’t anymore.”

“Why not?”

“I choose not to.”

“So you don’t like anybody?”

Mike turned and smiled at me. “I like you, kiddo. That’s enough for me.”

I leaned back against the seat of his truck and smiled. It was enough for me, too.


There were fewer early morning sleep-ins after school started. I still tried to show up early on weekends, but Mike sometimes worked on weekends so I only got the chance a couple of times in September. On the first occasion I once again found my hand searching out his pubic hair, questing until my hand was again resting against the warm length of him. This time I managed to move that hand back and forth, back and forth, still not touching with anything but the side of my hand, as if it were only an incidental touch and it somehow didn’t count. Still, the side of my hand stroked until I felt him stiffen and grow, sliding up over his belly till it pointed at his chin, but again, I was afraid to grab it.

The second weekend, I finally worked up the nerve to touch it. To really touch it, although my fingers only danced along his length. I was still too nervous to take it in my hand like I really wanted, to wrap my fist around it. I listened so carefully to Mike’s breath on those occasions, paying as close attention to the pattern of his breathing as I imagined a safe-cracker must to the sound of falling pins.

I was still over at Mike’s most evenings, though. As the weather grew too cool for shorts, I was forced to wear jeans to Mike’s house. However, he kept the place as warm as he always did. He was from Arizona and he said a house should be warm enough to be able to sit around in shorts year round. That left me a bit over warm in my jeans. Eventually I asked him if I could take them off when I came over. He said he supposed it was ok.

So, when we sat in our big chair and watched tv in the evening, I would most often be dressed in just a pair of briefs. This gave Mike a lot more skin to touch, and I was getting the feeling as the months went by that Mike very much liked to touch my skin. Sometimes I had to move his hand to an area to get him to start, as if he were reluctant, but once started, he didn’t seem to grow tired of it. Both of his hands were constantly caressing me, my chest and belly, my sides, my arms. Eventually, as I stopped wearing pants there, my outer legs and my inner thighs.

The only barrier to his touch seemed to be cloth, and the less I had of it, the more of me he touched. I would most often sit with my legs spread apart, knees wide, my feet together, my crotch sort of suggestively thrust out. I didn’t really plan it that way, it was just a result of the way I sat. At first I wondered if Mike would stare at my crotch, as he had that summer. The small lump of my penis and underneath that my balls were plain to see in the soft cotton of my briefs. Even plainer to see as Mike’s fingers caressed me.

At first, in the beginning of each evening, Mike’s hands would rarely dip below my bellybutton above, or about mid-thigh below. However, as the night would progress, my legs would spread wider and his fingers would creep closer and closer to waistband and leg-holes of my briefs. Eventually my dick would begin to harden, stretching up against the fabric, eager for attention. I was embarrassed at first, seeing that small pup tent there, then increasingly excited. I knew Mike had to see it. In fact I’d grown increasingly aware of Mike’s hardness against my back, or under my ass, depending on how I was sitting. I could feel him throbbing against me and the thought thrilled me. Surely he had to see how excited I was in return. However, neither of us mentioned it. We would each ignore that straining lump in my briefs, and the longer, thicker one against my back, as Mike’s fingers grew closer and closer, until the side of his fingers would be lightly brushing against my cloth-covered nuts.

It never went beyond that. As much as I began to suspect that Mike wanted it to, he always managed to stop himself about that time. Even in the face of my abject need. One night the feelings grew so intense that I reached out and grabbed Mike’s wrists where the sides of his fingers brushed lightly against my balls, his hands in the sweaty hollow between my legs. I grabbed his wrists and I gasped as my dick spasmed, jumping visibly in my underwear as an orgasm ripped through me. Neither of us said a word about it.

As October arrived two things happened. Finally. The first was that I woke up one morning to get ready for school. I made my way to the bathroom to pee and as I pushed down on my morning boner to avoid splashing I noticed that I’d finally gotten my first pube. In fact, not just one, but three. All at the same time. They were each nearly an inch long, straight, silky and golden. I was overjoyed. I so wanted to tell Mike, but I wasn’t sure how to do so.

That night as we sat and watched tv, I thought about it. At one point, Mike got up to grab a drink from the kitchen. I went to the bathroom. As I stood there I got what I thought was a brilliant idea. I checked my crotch once more, disappointed I didn’t find what I was looking for, then finally pinched myself down there. Returning to the kitchen, I hopped up on the bar.

“Hey, Mike?” I called.

“What’s up, kiddo?”

“Is this a mosquito bite do you think?” I asked. I pulled my underwear a bit to the side by the right leghole, just far enough that one of my silky little pubes was showing.

Mike bent down to look at the self-inflicted red spot and his eyes grew wide. “I don’t know if it is or not, kiddo, but you got a pube!”

“Yeah,” I couldn’t help but grin. I was so proud.

“Well, let me see then,” Mike said, seemingly as excited for me as I was.

I hesitated for a moment. What did he want to see? How much? How much did I want to show him? I quickly settled on pulling the front of my briefs down far enough to expose my pubic mound and just the very base of my dick.

“Wow, three!” he exclaimed, bending close to look. Then, mock choking up with emotion, he hugged me and cried, “My little boy is growing up!”

The other thing that occurred in October was that I finally started shooting a little. I’d been lying in bed on the night of October third, stroking my dick as usual. Finally, I felt my orgasm rising, but it actually felt more intense than usual. It felt like something was shooting through my dick. When I finally looked down I saw three little dots of liquid on my belly. It was clear liquid, not white like I heard sperm is, and it was sticky, but I’d read enough to know that this was pretty normal. I wasn’t sure how or if I should share this information with Mike.

However, the ability to start shooting a bit caused me a new and embarrassing problem. Namely, pre-cum. I started secreting more and more as the days went on. During evenings at Mike’s house my straining boner would produce a widening wet spot where it pressed against my briefs. I know Mike noticed because for a few days after the first time he was much more careful about touching me too close to my underwear.

One of the things Mike and I had discovered about each other was that we shared the same birthday. As November twelfth approached I went to Mike with a single request for my birthday – I wanted to spend the night at his place. He was reluctant at first, but I didn’t give in this time. I begged and pleaded and even flirted, if awkwardly. Finally, he relented.


Our birthday was on a Sunday that year. As I had school Monday, we decided to celebrate a day early. We started the day off with lunch in the city. Mike was wearing a black suit with a blue silk tie. I’d never seen him look so handsome before. He was like a GQ model or something. I didn’t have a jacket, but I had a white button up shirt. It had belonged to Robert. Mike had lent me one of his ties. I didn’t have any dress pants either, but I had a decent pair of khakis. Mike said I looked great. We certainly got a lot of looks.

Lunch was great. It was like being on a real date, and that’s secretly the way I thought of it. I desperately wanted to hold hands with Mike across the table, but I was worried he wouldn’t, so I didn’t try, not wanting to be embarrassed. Still, Mike surprised me by ordering for me from the waiter, so that was cool. He said, “And the handsome young gentleman will have the-” well, I don’t remember what I had exactly, but it was cool all the same.

While we were at lunch, we exchanged gifts. I’d made a leather friendship bracelet with some cool colored beads. I was sort of embarrassed that it was so cheap. I wish I’d had the money for something more expensive, but Mike insisted that he loved it. I thought I actually saw him wipe a tear away. He put the bracelet on immediately, and even showed it off to the waiter. Mike’s present to me actually came in a leather bound jewelry case. It was a gold necklace with a pendant. The pendant was gold too and had hieroglyphics on it. There was a snake, a bird, some wavy water, another bird and an arm. Mike said it spelled out Joshua. On the back it was engraved, ‘All my love, Mike’. I didn’t just wipe away a tear. I cried for like five minutes. Mike held me the whole time.

After lunch, Mike surprised me by taking us to an art museum. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it to be honest, but we really had a great time. Mike made everything fun and interesting. He seemed to know a lot about art. Or, as he said it, he at least knew what he liked.

It was late by the time we got back to Mike’s apartment. The plan was to just go right to bed. I was practically trembling with anticipation, but I thought Mike looked nervous. The apartment was warm as always. I was already removing my clothes as Mike kicked off his shoes and removed his suit jacket. He slipped it onto a hanger, and then removed his tie. I was already down to my underwear, a pair of powder blue briefs, as I watched Mike remove his slacks and carefully hang them on the same hanger as his jacket. He was left standing in black socks, a white dress shirt, and a pair of black bikini briefs which I could just barely see under the shirttails.

I walked up to Mike and handed him my tie, then hugged him from behind. “Thank you for a wonderful birthday,” I said, my face pressing against his back.

He turned and knelt in front of me. “No, thank you, Josh,” he said. His eyes were so full of emotion that I felt myself choking up. “I’ve never had a more perfect birthday,” he said. He wrapped his arms around me, pressing his face against my chest. He kissed me there gently. Then I bent over a bit and our lips touched gently.

We’d been kissing fairly often over the last couple of months. In addition to my hello and goodbye kisses, I would try to sneak one whenever possible. Sometimes when watching tv on his lap I’d turn around for a quick kiss. Well, a kiss anyway. Our kisses weren’t as quick as they used to be. Our lips would linger, longer and longer, pressing harder and harder. These kisses caused my dick to quiver like nothing else. It was like there was an electric wire connecting my lips to my groin. Mike was always the one to break the kisses. I’d have kissed him forever if he’d let me. I knew he was trying to keep them short, and I realized that he was losing that internal battle.

This kiss was the longest yet, the most passionate. For just a moment I actually felt the tip of Mike’s tongue push into my mouth. He broke away from me like drowning man surfacing, gasping for air. He held me out at arms length and I saw his gaze drop automatically to my groin. My four inch dick (yes, I’d grown a bit over the summer) was obscenely poking against the restraining cotton. It was less than a foot from Mike’s mouth. I watched him lick his lips, and then swallow.

Finally, he stood, and then tousled my hair, as if nothing had happened. Just a little innocent horseplay, but I wasn’t feeling innocent and I knew Mike wasn’t either. My hand dropped to squeeze my stiffness as Mike turned his back and removed his shirt. He actually started to ball it up and toss it, but at the last minute he looked down and instead, back still to me, used the shirt to cover his crotch and walked over to sit on the side of his bed. He sat the bundled shirt in his lap as he bent over to remove his black socks.

“Josh, do you mind getting the light?” he asked.

“Can’t we keep them on?” I asked. Mike might have been ready for bed, but sleep wasn’t in my plans at all, and I wanted to be able to see him. We compromised. I shut off the overhead light, but only after switching on the small desk lamp next to his computer. It wasn’t perfect, but it would provide enough light to see by.

When I turned to the bed, Mike was already under the covers over on the left side of the bed, against the wall. His socks and the crumpled white shirt were on the floor. “Are you still wearing your underwear?” I asked. “You always sleep naked.”

Mike swallowed and nervously smoothed the sheet over his stomach, flattening it. “Josh, I’m not going to sleep nude with you here tonight. It’s just not right.”

“But you’ve been naked in bed with me before. Lots of times,” I explained as I crawled into the bed. I rolled onto my left side to watch him.

“That’s different,” he said. “You got into bed with me. We didn’t go to sleep together.”

“But most of the time you knew I’d be there in the morning,” I pointed out to him.

“I… you’re right, Josh. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s… God, Josh,” he said, exasperated. “There are a lot of things I shouldn’t be doing. Things I shouldn’t be feeling. You just confuse the hell out of me. Do you… I mean… have you got any idea how much trouble I could get in?”

“I’d never tell anyone, Mike,” I said, hugging him. “You know that. I love you.”

“And I love you,” he replied, hugging me back, pressing his face against the top of my head, kissing my hair. “It’s not that, it’s just… you just don’t understand. Some of the things we’ve done… the lines I’ve crossed… I love you, Josh. I do. Too much.”

“How can you love someone too much?” I asked, rising up to my knees and sitting back on my heels. “You’ve never done anything to me, Mike. Nothing bad. Nothing I didn’t want you to do. I even want to do more stuff with you.” I paused for a minute, uncertain, and then said, “Do you think I’m ugly?” It was my secret fear.

“I… what? Ugly? Josh…. How could….? Josh…,” he reached out and took me by my arms, his hands squeezing my biceps almost painfully. “Listen to me, Josh. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. More beautiful than any painting or sculpture we saw today. More beautiful than any painting or sculpture ever made. Man, woman, boy or girl, you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Do you remember the second time we met? In front of my store?”

I nodded, my chest tight.

“Don’t you realize how I remembered you from the first time? Because you were impossible to forget. You were like some angel that first time I saw you. Like some angelic being from Heaven. I could barely bring myself to talk to you, afraid that you’d disappear like a mirage. Josh… you’re gorgeous.”

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. He thought I was beautiful! So many years of worry and uncertainty blown away in an instant. But, if that were true… “But I don’t understand,” I said in a small, soft voice. “Then why won’t you… love me?”

“Oh, Josh. I do love you. More than you know. I don’t just love you… I’m so IN love with you that it hurts. But, you don’t understand. Hell, I don’t understand, but I know there are consequences, Josh. What we’re talking about… making… love, with one another… there’s just no way of saying how that would affect you, Josh. Your… sexual development. The way you grow up viewing sex and sexuality.”

“I’m fourteen years old,” I said, a bit indignantly. “I know what sex is.” Well, I did. Mostly. “And I love you. I love you, Mike! I’ve loved you forever. I want to do… sex… with you. I’ve wanted to for so long! And I know you want to with me. I know you do, Mike. So, how could that be wrong? If we both want something, if we both love each other? How could that ever be bad?”

“Josh…” Mike began, his face anguished. I didn’t let him finish. I leaned forward quickly and pressed my mouth to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and straddled his legs. I pressed my body against his, kissing him as passionately as I’d ever dared.

Mike didn’t respond for a moment. I was sure he was telling himself all the reasons not to, thinking of all the terrible things that could happen. I felt warm tears on my face and I wasn’t sure if they were his or mine. Perhaps they were both of ours.

Eventually I felt Mike’s hands on my back, pulling me tighter. He let out a soft moan, and then his tongue slipped between my lips. He swirled it around in my mouth. I instinctively used my tongue against his. I was amazed by how it felt. This was electric. This was what I knew sex had to be about. My dick, which had softened during our talk, surged back to life, poking insistently against Mike’s hairy belly.

Then Mike’s hands were on my ass, cupping, squeezing, and pulling me tighter. I heard myself moan this time, and then I was making greedy little whining sounds into Mike’s mouth. I felt Mike’s cock then, pressing against my balls between my legs. Mike’s hands left my ass for a moment, going to his own crotch, and then he pulled me tight again. This time I could feel the long, thick, length of him burning against my belly. I ground my crotch against his, eliciting another moan from him.

My hands went to Mike’s chest, rubbing, feeling that thick fur slide between my fingers. I felt Mike’s hands slip under the waistband of my briefs and cup my bare ass. I pushed my hands downward, over his belly… then lower. With a gasp I broke our kiss and leaned back.

I looked down. Our crotches were still joined. The large wet spot in my underwear showed where the head of my dick pressed against the left side of Mike’s cock, at least four inches of which protruded from the top of his briefs. I just stopped and stared, not even breathing.

I’d known Mike’s cock was big, but I wasn’t prepared for the sight of it hard and erect. It was about two inches thick, more than twice as thick as my own. He was circumcised like me, the red head thick and fleshy looking. His cockhead was wider even than the shaft, unlike my more streamlined look. The shaft, what I could see of it, was thick and veined. As I watched, it pulsed and a dollop of pre-cum oozed from the large slit. I could see and feel the wetness against my belly where he’d leaked before.

I finally drew a shaky breath, realizing I’d stopped breathing. I must have wakened some last sense of reservation in Mike because he started saying, “Josh…”, but I interrupted him but reaching out with my left hand and pushing down the front of his briefs as far as I could while grasping that thick shaft in my right. Mike gasped.

It was everything I’d dreamed. So hot in my fist. So hard. I could feel it throbbing, feel the wetness of another stream of pre-cum running over my fingers. I couldn’t even get my hand all the way around it. I squeezed it, eliciting a groan from Mike, then I began to jack it up and down, watching what was left of his foreskin rising and falling to partially hide and then reveal that wide, spongy head.

I suddenly looked up to find Mike staring at me. “It’s really big,” I said softly, feeling a bit like Robert, saying something so obvious.

“I…” Mike began, but he didn’t seem to have anything else to say.

“I want to see all of it,” I said, reluctantly releasing my grip so that I could grab the sides of Mike’s briefs. I tugged in vain for a moment before Mike realized he had no choice, and lifted his hips enough for me to yank them down. I rose to my knees so I could twist to the side and slide them off his feet. Mike spread his legs wide and I knelt between them.

Fully uncovered, it seemed even more massive. It rose from his groin like an obscene plant stalk, eight inches, thick and muscled, or so it seemed. It lay against his hairy belly, its base hidden in a large bush of brown hair. His balls looked like small eggs in his hairy sac.

Before I even realized I’d done it, I found myself lying on my belly between Mike’s legs. My face was inches from his crotch. From this distance I could smell him, the smell I’d grown used to from his bed, but so much stronger, sweat and musk and… sex. That’s what I smelled. It was the smell of sex. I inhaled it greedily.

Holding myself up on my left arm, I reached out my right and once against claimed my prize. I felt Mike’s pulse against my palm. I pulled his cock closer. “Josh, you don’t-” Mike began, but I shut him up by pressing my lips against his penis, right under the head in that upside down V area that I knew was extra sensitive. I kissed like I was kissing Mike’s mouth, all passionate lips and tongue. Pulling back a moment, I licked my lips, tasting the wetness there. His pre-cum tasted much like mine, sort of sweaty. I then licked it like I would an ice cream cone. I licked all the way down the shaft, even nuzzling my face into Mike’s big, hairy balls, then I licked all the way back up, ending with my tongue against his pee hole.

Mike groaned as I slowly lowered my lips around the tip of his penis. Wider and wider until the whole head was in my mouth and I could feel my lips stretched tight against the flared ridge. I took a moment to try to figure out what it tasted like. As best as I could figure, it was no different than sucking on your thumb or licking your arm. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I had been dreaming of doing this for months and I tried to imagine what I thought would feel good. I began to suck lightly while I used my tongue to lap at, and circle around, the head. Mike gave an involuntary thrust of his hips and another inch of his cock slid into my mouth, almost choking me. I backed off enough that just the head remained.

“Sorry,” he said. “Sorry.” I felt his hands on the back of my head. He ran his fingers through my hair, caressed the side of my face and the back of my neck. His hips settled again and I moved forward to keep him in my mouth. I began to use my right hand to stoke his shaft up and down. At the same time I let my mouth take in more of him. He seemed to like that. I could feel him shuddering. I began to slowly move my head up and down, taking nearly three inches of him inside me on each downward slide.

I’m not sure how long I sucked him. I was lost in the moment and lost in the rhythm of it. My hips were doing a slow grind, pressing my throbbing dick against the mattress. My mouth rose up and down, my fist pumped, my mouth sucked, my tongue danced. Mike’s breathing grew louder and more ragged.

“Josh,” he chanted softly. “Oh, Josh, my beautiful Josh. Oh, God.”

Suddenly, Mike’s hands gripped my shoulders and squeezed. “Josh!” he gasped. “Josh, stop… I’m going… Josh, I’m going to cum!”

But I didn’t stop. I sucked harder. I began to suck more eagerly, my hand rising and falling faster and harder.


Mike gasped, and then my mouth was suddenly full. Mike’s whole body stiffened and he began to shake as hot liquid blasted against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I swallowed quickly, nearly gagging, but it was only a moment and my mouth was full again. I could feel his sperm squirting out of the sides of my mouth as I attempted to swallow everything.

Finally the spasms slowed, the jets of hot cum decreasing in volume. With one last spurt across my tongue Mike’s body collapsed backwards with a groan. I swallowed again, then used my tongue against his pee hole, searching for more, wanting to make sure I’d gotten it all. Finally, I pulled back, staring at Mike’s glistening cockhead. I let go of his dick long enough to wipe at the corners of my mouth. I looked at my fingers to see his white semen coating them. I carefully licked my fingers clean. I couldn’t describe the taste.

Mike looked dazed, but his eyes were on mine. “That’s the weirdest taste ever,” I said.

Mike chuckled and shook his head with amusement. “My beautiful Josh,” he smiled. “So full of surprises and hidden talents.”

I grinned at him, taking that for the compliment I was sure was intended. I rose to my knees then, and straddled his hips. I pressed my body against his, my chest against his, my mouth finding his. Our tongues swirled and I wondered if he could taste his own cum and what he thought about that.

Finally I pulled back. “I love you, Mike,” I told him staring into his blue eyes.

“I love you too, kiddo,” he said softly. He took my head in his and pulled me forward, placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. Then he looked me in the eyes again and grinned. “Your turn.”

A moment later I was on my back, Mike stretched out on my left. His left hand caressed my cheek as he leaned in to kiss me again. His tongue swirled in my mouth a moment, and then it was gone. He captured my bottom lip and then bit it lightly, twice, a third time. It felt amazing. Then he was kissing my cheek. He brought his left hand to my chest and began rubbing me there as he kissed his way to my left ear. I squirmed beneath him as he began licking and nibbling at my ear. I’d never imagined anything like it. Then his tongue was in my ear and I heard myself whimpering.

From my ear, Mike kissed his way down to my neck. He covered me with kisses, occasionally shocking me with the heat and wetness of his tongue. Then he was kissing my upper chest. Down further and he lifted my left arm over my head, exposing my armpit. Then his tongue was swiping against that smooth, hairless expanse. I writhed underneath him. After more nuzzling licks, each more delicious than the last, Mike’s lips moved to the right and found my nipple. He slowly circled it with his tongue, and then shocked me as he lightly blew against it. It stiffened instantly. Leaning in again, he took the tiny nub between his teeth and bit it lightly, over and over again while his lips suckled me. I thought I’d die. I didn’t imagine it was possible to feel pleasure like this. This rivaled every jack off session I’d ever had, every sensual bath. I was floating on a wave of ecstasy.

Mike moved to my other nipple next, repeating the procedure. At some point as he nibbled and sucked I felt his hand move down to my right hip. His fingers gripped the side of my briefs and pushed downward. I automatically raised my hips and felt my little cock slap against my groin as it was caught for a moment and then released. Mike could only push them down as far as my calves, so I reached down and pushed them over my feet and off. I straightened my legs again, imagining I could feel a breeze against my now naked body. I was naked in bed with Mike. I couldn’t believe it.

Then Mike’s hand was on my side, caressing me up and down. I gasped when I felt his forearm brush lightly against my sensitive penis. Back and forth it went, just barely touching, just enough to make me yearn for more, to press my skinny hips upwards, but Mike kept moving his arm back, teasing. Meanwhile, his mouth moved down over my stomach, kissing and licking, while the muscles underneath rolled and writhed. I felt his tongue dip into my navel, then swirl around.

Mike’s tongue left a glistening trail of wetness as he moved down across my pubic mound. Then he stopped. I opened my eyes to see him staring at my stiffened penis. It bobbed there, quivering. I could see and feel the wetness of my leaking pre-cum. It formed a small puddle at the base of my thin shaft, flowed around the mostly hairless root and down either side of my tightened scrotum, leaving twin trails as it wet my inner thighs.

I felt Mike’s eyes on mine and I met them. “You’re so beautiful, Josh,” he said softly. “So perfect.”

One last niggling worry I’d carried with me that needed to be addressed. “I’m not too… small?” I asked.

Mike shook his head. “You’re perfect. You’re the perfect size.” Mike used his left index finger then to trace the length of my dick, from my balls to that same sensitive inverted V I’d first kissed on his cock. He was touching me! His fingers slid to the side and he took me lightly in his hand. I shuddered. His thumb rubbed that sensitive spot, circling, slick there from my pre-cum. I made some small, greedy noise in the back of my throat and lay my head back, my eyes closing.

Mike’s fingers closed tighter around me. Using three fingers he slowly began to jack me up and down. All of my attention was on my cock then. Warmth suffused me, spreading out from my groin in growing waves. Then I felt hot wetness surrounding the head of my dick and I knew Mike had taken me into his mouth. It was more than I had ever imagined in any of my feverish masturbatory fantasies. Liquid heat. Like lava or something. His lips moved down, taking more and more of me, then settled against my smooth groin, tickling the dozen hairs I now sported there, all four inches of my boyish member throbbing inside that delicious heat.

Then he was drawing upward, his mouth forming a vacuum which drew all that warmth to the sensitive head of my dick. His hand was on my balls then, the hairless skin there slippery with pre-cum. He rolled my small orbs around gently, and then his hand was moving between my legs. I spread my legs wider without a thought. Then his finger was circling the pucker of my butt hole, making me gasp in surprise. Circling tighter and tighter, then pressing, gently at first, then more insistently, using my leaking fluids to lubricate and ease the passage of that questing digit.

I gasped and my back arched as Mike’s thick finger penetrated me, sinking to the first knuckle in my sweaty ass. It reached deep. Deeper than I’d ever managed and then it began to rub somewhere inside me.

I could feel my orgasm coming now. Like a tidal wave, like a Mack truck. I grabbed Mike’s head and began thrusting uncontrollably. I was talking, saying something, but I have no idea what. I was out of control. Mike stopped bobbing his own head and just held still as I worked my hips. Quick, short jabs, again and again, while his finger rubbed and rubbed and my pleasure grew and grew, to heights I hadn’t imagined possible.

Then I was coming. I stiffened, my back arching, my toes curling, my hips quivering a foot off the bed, my hands gripping Mike’s head, my groin pressed desperately against his mouth, the roughness of a day old beard like sandpaper against my sensitive skin. I could feel myself emptying my balls into Mike’s mouth, what felt like a load to equal Mike’s, though I knew it was probably no more than a thin squirt or two.

Finally, my paralysis ended. I sank slowly back to the bed. My arms fell to either side of my body. Mike’s head had followed me down, his mouth still wrapped around my now overly sensitive cock. I pushed his head away, unable to form the words necessary to ask him to release me. I felt his finger slowly slip from my ass, and I felt a tiny ache of loss there, of emptiness.

Mike gently licked my groin, lapping at my balls, around the base of my penis, cleaning up the last traces of my sticky pre-cum. Then he was crawling up to lie beside me. He curled himself around me. His left arm gathering me against him protectively. His left leg over mine. He kissed the top of my head. I could sense him smelling my hair. He caressed my face.

I’m not sure how long we lay there like that. After the ebbing pleasure allowed me to think, my head was filled with a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Mostly I was filled with wonder and a sense of contentment like I’d never felt. Then I heard a noise.

I looked at Mike and saw tears on his cheeks. He noticed that I was looking and his face crumbled. He looked stricken. “I’m sorry,” he whispered then. “Oh, Josh, I’m so sorry.”

I felt my heart breaking. I reached out and hugged him desperately, my face against his neck, suddenly fighting tears of my own. “No,” I whispered harshly. “Don’t be sorry. Please, Mike. Don’t. We didn’t do anything wrong. I love you! Please believe me. Please be happy. I’m happy and I love you so much!”

Mike hugged me close, stroking my hair. “Shhh,” he said. “Shhh, Josh. You’re right. I’m sorry I said that. You’re always right. I’m not sorry. I love you, too. So much. So very, very much.”

I fell asleep in his arms.


I woke up Sunday morning still in Mike’s arms. My head was against his chest and resting on his right arm. I was on my side with one arm across his chest and one leg over his. I had my usual morning erection and it was snuggled warmly against Mike’s thigh. I reached down and quickly found Mike’s cock. It was as hard as mine.

Looking quickly to see if Mike was awake, which I shouldn’t have bothered to do since I could hear his light snoring, I pulled back the sheet that covered us. In the sunlight which streamed through the basement window everything was much clearer and brighter than last night. I carefully moved into a sitting position, my legs crossed, so I could get a better look.

Mike looked so sexy lying there. His right arm was under the pillow under his head. His left, which had been around me, was now resting on his side. I loved how hairy he was, from his armpits, to his muscular chest. Down across his flat stomach, rising and falling with each breath. There was a thick line of hair that surrounded his navel and led down to the even thicker bush of hair around his penis. It was all a light brown color which shone with glints of gold in the sunlight. Mike’s balls hung heavy between his legs, each testicle clearly outlined in the wrinkled skin there. They were also covered in hair. In this light I could also see that Mike had pubic hairs that actually grew out of his dick itself for about an inch up the shaft. I didn’t know hair grew there.

I noticed for the first time a small scar on his right side, at the lower part of his stomach. I figured it must be an appendix scar. I traced a finger over it lightly, feeling the satiny touch of the scar tissue. Then I ran a finger the length of Mike’s cock. I traced the veins there, not just the thick ones which bulged the skin, but the blue ones that were visible underneath. Reaching down I hefted his balls in my hand, once again impressed by their size. I rolled them gently around my palm.

“What are you planning on doing with those?” Mike asked, startling me.

I looked at him and grinned. I released his balls and grabbed his stiff cock. I began slowly jacking it, rubbing my thumb over that sensitive spot as he’d done for me last night. “Whatever I want,” I replied.

“Yes, master,” he said with a smile and a wink. “Whatever you desire.”

“Does that mean you’re my slave?” I asked, teasing.

“A slave to love,” he said. “Ready to fulfill your every desire, to grant your every wish.”

“Every wish?” I asked. Wow, was he serious? Anything I wanted?

“As long as you keep doing that,” he laughed.

“What if I do this?” I asked, then bent over and gently wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I bobbed my head a couple of times. I pulled back, swirled my tongue around it clockwise a couple of times, and then took it back in my mouth. Then I pulled back and gave him a grin. “Well?”

“Anything,” he promised, then exclaimed, “Damn, you’re sexy, Josh. Watching you, like that… I just can’t explain it. You look so much like some innocent angel, with all that curly blond hair and your beautiful face, and then you wrap your lips around… well, the contrast is sexy, trust me.”

“You still think I’m beautiful?” I asked, rising to my knees. My four inch erection was already shiny with dripping pre-cum. I slowly caressed my body with my hands, my chest, my stomach, while moving my hips slowly side to side. I played lightly with my dick, jacking it a little bit, rubbing my balls. Mike watched me avidly. I really did feel sexy. Excited, and powerful somehow. I could see how his eyes drank me in.

“More beautiful than ever,” he assured me. “You are the very picture of sensuality. My very own Eros.”

“What part of me do you like best?” I teased, thrusting out my hips.

“I like all of you equally,” he said, “but that is a particularly lovely part.”

“Do you want to suck it?” I asked, growing more excited.

“Desperately,” he grinned. “In fact, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do more.”

“I thought you liked all my parts the same,” I said, turning on my knees to show him my ass. “Don’t you like this part?”

“It’s a glorious ass, Josh. One in a million. The ass that launched a thousand ships.”

“Do you want to… fuck it?” I asked in a sly whisper, tripping only slightly on the dirty word. I was worried what he would say. I’d dreamed of it every since I found out about anal sex in one of my books. It sounded scary, especially after that first time I saw Mike’s cock. Even soft it had seemed huge. In the bath at night I’d begun sticking first two, and finally three fingers into my rectum. I couldn’t stick them in very far, but I’d had the idea to stretch myself out for Mike when the time came. Now, having seen how big it was when fully erect, I was sort of scared by the thought, but still willing to try. If Mike wanted to, that is. At least I thought I was.

Mike quirked an eye at my use of the word ‘fuck’ and I think he was about to give a silly reply, then he seemed to realize I was serious. At least partly serious. I glanced at that big, throbbing cock again and my feelings were mixed.

“Josh,” Mike started, “we can’t do that. You’re too yo-“ he stopped himself from saying ‘young’, which I appreciated, and continued with, “small. I’d hurt you.”

“You might not,” I said. “I’ve been… practicing. Stretching… down there. With my fingers.”

Mike shook his head, clearly dubious. “I’m just too big, kiddo. And you’re too small. As much as I might like to… and trust me, the idea turns me on like crazy; I just wouldn’t want to risk it. Besides… what we talked about last night. The things we did… I know we worked that out. I don’t feel bad about what happened. I don’t. But that… Josh, it’s just… I don’t know… major.”

I wasn’t ready to give in, but I could tell Mike was, so I changed tactics. “Will you suck me then?” I asked.

Mike looked relieved. “Just try to stop me,” he grinned.

I smiled in return and moved over to him and straddled his chest. Seeing what I was doing, he made some minor adjustments so that his head was propped up a bit higher on his pillow. Then I pushed my hips forward. Mike reached for my dick.

“No hands,” I said with a grin.

Mike gave me a sly look. “Ok, master. No hands.”

I inched my hips forward till the head of my cock brushed against Mike’s lips. He opened his mouth to take me in, but I backed away. Forward again, and then I backed away. “Ok, have it your way,” he said, closing his mouth.

I grinned, and then pressed my dick against his lips. His mouth stayed shut. I began to move back and forth, rubbing my leaking cockhead from side to side, smearing his lips with my pre-cum. His mustache tickled. Finally the tip of his tongue poked out. I began a thrusting motion, rubbing the underside of my dick against his tongue. My pee hole bumped his nose. Thrusting upwards even more, I was able to set my balls against his tongue. He began to lap at them, poking at each of my small balls. Finally he opened wide and took my whole scrotum inside the warmth of his mouth. I could feel him swirling them around in there.

I grabbed the hand that had tried to grab my cock before and I brought it to my ass. Mike quickly realized what I wanted and grabbed on with both hands. I loved how big his hands were, how he could so easily hold each globe in each hand. Pulling back so he’d release my balls, I reached down and aimed my dick at Mike’s mouth. He eagerly swallowed it. I gasped.

“Put your finger in, Mike,” I whispered. “In my butt.” It felt a little bit weird saying that, but I knew I could tell Mike anything and he wouldn’t laugh at me.

He pulled one hand off my ass and brought a finger to his mouth. He pushed me back a bit so I’d remove my dick from his mouth. He started to wet his finger, and then stopped.

“I have a better idea,” he said. Then he lifted me in his strong hands and quickly had me on my stomach with my head at the foot of the bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I felt his weight settle around me. He leaned over me and pushed his face through my longish hair to nuzzle the back of my neck. I could feel the heat of him hovering over me. The only part of him that touched me though was his mouth, and his cock, which I felt settle between my calves where they lay together beneath him.

Mike didn’t answer. He just nuzzled my neck, and then began to kiss and lick his way downward. I shivered as he lightly licked the fine golden hairs in the small of my back. Then he spread my legs and I felt him settle himself on the mattress. I swallowed as Mike began to kiss and lick each firm, pale globe of my ass.

As caught up as I was in this new sensation, I couldn’t help but ask, “Mike, what’s a bubble butt?”

Mike chuckled. “Where did you hear that?”

“A couple ladies said I had one. Do I?”

“A bubble butt is just one that’s nicely rounded. A lot of guys have a sort of flat butt. Most people I know prefer a nice, round bubble butt, and yes, you have one. A perfect one, in fact,” he said, giving me a big kiss on my right cheek.

I giggled a bit, but that turned to a gasp when I felt Mike spread those cheeks. “Mike?” I asked uncertainly.

He didn’t answer. Instead I felt the rasp of his beard as he settled his face between my legs. Then I felt the warmth of his breath against my sphincter. Was he… ? My breath caught. Yes, he was. That was his tongue. Oh, man. I’d read about this once, but I couldn’t imagine that people really did it. I found myself shuddering as that hot, wet appendage circled and twirled against my butt hole. And then I felt the pressure as he began to push it inside.

“Mike!” I exclaimed as his tongue speared my ass. It was incredible. So different from my fingers. So warm and alive. It began to move in and out, around and around. Meanwhile, Mike squeezed and kneaded my asscheeks.

I began to whimper and tried to lift my ass, wanting more. Mike suddenly lifted me by my hips. “On your knees,” he said hoarsely.

I quickly pulled my knees under me, leaving my ass sticking up obscenely. An instant later and Mike’s tongue was back at work inside of me. One of his hands worked its way under me and between my legs. He gripped my throbbing, little dick and began to jack me slowly.

As good, hell, as wonderful as his tongue felt inside me, I felt a sudden emptiness that needed to be filled. “Stick your finger in me,” I begged, my voice muffled against the mattress where my hot breath had turned the sheet damp.

Mike’s tongue was suddenly gone, quickly replaced with his finger. No niceties this time. He just pushed it straight in to the hilt. It took my breath away. I felt his mouth on my balls then, taking my little nuggets back into the warm protection of his mouth. His finger began to work itself in and out.

“Another,” I managed to gasp. “Put one more in.”

Mike hesitated a moment, then withdrew his finger. I felt him reach in and rub it over the head of my dick, lubricating it with my pre-cum. A moment later, it was back, with a friend. I groaned at the delicious stretching sensation as two of his thick fingers pushed inward past the tight ring of my sphincter. His two fingers were easily the size of three of mine, so I was as stretched as I’d ever been. But, I wanted more.

“One more, Mike,” I said softly.

My balls dropped out of his mouth as he released them to say, “Josh, I don’t know.”

“Please,” I begged. “Just one more, please. Oh man, it feels so good.”

After a pause his fingers withdrew. Even that temporary emptiness ached inside me. Mike began to push again. I could feel the pressure growing and growing as that ring stretched further than ever. I winced as it became painful and I must have made some small noise because Mike stopped.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m f-fine,” I managed. It was becoming less painful as he held still there. “Keep going. Please, Mike.”

Once again the fingers began to push. He was inside me at least an inch now, maybe more. It was a bit painful, but nothing I couldn’t manage. Finally, he began to pull them out. Not all the way though, just till the tips remained inside, then he pushed them back in again. The next time he pulled back I pushed my ass at him, wanting them back. He obliged. Then his other hand began to jack me again. My dick had softened a bit, but it instantly stiffened under his ministrations. Then I felt his tongue back at work on my balls.

As his fingers worked in and out of me the pain diminished and then was finally gone, leaving just a wonderful stretchy warmth down there. I began to rock in time with his delving fingers, with the rhythmic jacking of my cock. I realized my breathing was very loud. I was panting like a dog.

“Come for me, baby,” Mike said softly. “Come for me.”

I so wanted to give in to that desire. I could feel my impending orgasm out there. Nearing. Making me tremble. “No,” I said softly. “No, no, no.” Then louder, “No.”

I rose up to my knees then, forcing Mike to remove his fingers. Again, that emptiness yawned inside me. I flipped around on the bed, pulling Mike’s arm so that he’d turn onto his back. I eyed the big wet spot where his cock had been pressed against the mattress, saw that big member throbbing as it settled against his belly. I quickly straddled Mike’s hips, surprising him. Then I was kissing him, hungrily, my tongue spearing boldly into his mouth. I felt Mike wrap his arms around me.

I slowly spread my legs until I felt Mike’s huge cock under my ass. I began to move against it, sliding back and forth, my balls against him, my dick lost in his sweaty pubic hair. Mike was returning my kiss with just as much hunger. Then I reached down beneath my body, questing till I found his cock. I wrapped my hand around it, my fingers just below the ridge of his fat cockhead, slimy with his pre-cum. Positioning myself, I maneuvered the tip of Mike’s cock until it was pressing hotly against my tight pucker. Then I began to push backwards.

It took a moment for Mike to realize what was happening, and then he grabbed me by my slim hips. “Josh, no, we can’t,” he exclaimed.

“Let me try,” I pleaded, still pressing. My asshole was spreading wider and wider. “I need it.”

“Josh…” he began, but then it was too late. With a final push and a grunt I felt that thick glans slip at last past the fiery ring of my anus. I paused there a moment, breathing heavily, but there was very little pain, just an uncomfortable tightness. Mike tried again. “Josh…”

“It’s in,” I said, voice tight. “You’re in me.”

“Are you ok?” he asked worriedly.

I nodded wordlessly. Then I began to push again. Mike moaned as more of his cock slid into me. I took another inch before I backed off a little bit. Taking a breath, I bore down again. This time I had at least three inches. I backed off, then pushed again, the friction thrilling me, and Mike too, to judge by his moans. I opened my eyes to see that his were shut. His hands held my hips, but gently, letting me go at my own pace.

I pushed again, and then more. I was fuller than I’d ever been. I felt stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey or something, and I managed a small laugh at that thought.

“Something is funny?” Mike asked, sounding a bit amazed. It made me laugh harder, which did strange and wonderful things to my insides.

“I was thinking that I felt like a stuffed turkey,” I told him.

Mike snorted with laughter. “You crazy, crazy kid,” he said affectionately. “Are you sure you’re ok? Am I hurting you? We don’t have to do this, Joshy.”

Joshy. It was the first time he’d ever called me that. I vaguely remembered being called that when I was a little kid. I grinned. “I like that,” I told him. “Joshy.”

“My beautiful, wonderful, crazy Joshy,” he smiled.

“I swear I’m fine,” I told him. “I’m better than fine. You feel so good inside me, Mike. I’ve been thinking about this forever. You’ve got no idea how many times I jacked off thinking about this.”

“Probably as many as me,” he confided.

I was shocked, although I realized I shouldn’t have been. “You really did?” I asked. “You thought about doing this… while you did that?”

“For months,” Mike said. “You’ve got no idea how crazy you’ve made me, Joshy. All those nights in front of the tv, staring at your stiff, little cock, wanting so desperately to touch it, to touch you. Everywhere. To make love to you like we did last night… like we’re doing now. So many sleepless nights thinking about you lying alone in bed, touching yourself, wishing it was me.”

I was shocked again. “Then why didn’t you?” I asked. “Didn’t you see how much I wanted you to? All I wanted every day was to come here and be with you, to have you touch me. And you always came so close. I just wanted you to do all those things you said. Sometimes I didn’t even make it all the way home, I was so horny. Sometimes I’d run into the laundry room and jack off. Why didn’t you ever just… do it?”

“I was scared,” Mike said. “I’m sorry, Josh. Part of me knew what you wanted. Of course. I’d have had to be blind not to, but part of me told myself that you didn’t understand what you were asking, or that maybe you weren’t even aware of what you were doing. I was an idiot.”

“You were,” I affirmed. “I should stop right now and not even let you… ravish me.”

Mike laughed and again, my insides did a somersault. “Ravish you? Is that what I’m doing?”

“Well,” I said, “I guess really I’m ravishing you. But I should still stop. To punish you.”

“You want to stop?” he teased. “But won’t you miss this?” And then he did something, flexed or pushed or something, and his cock jumped and swelled inside me.

I gasped. “Do it again!” I said. He did it again, reminding me just what we were doing. Slowly I drew away till only that fat cockhead remained trapped inside me, and then I pushed once again. This time I kept pushing… pushing… until there was nowhere else to go.

We both lay there gasping. I could feel him in me. All of him. All that thick, throbbing length. I was a stuffed turkey in truth now. Slowly, oh so slowly, I sat back up, feeling things shift inside me, until I could rest my hands against Mike’s chest. I looked down to see my dick, looking soft and small now, resting in the hair of Mike’s belly.

Mike seemed to know what I was thinking. He reached forward with his right hand and took the tip of my penis between his two fingers. He began to pull and squeeze until my dick began to lengthen again, then he slowly began to jack me as I became more erect.

“You did it,” Mike said.

“I did it,” I said with a grin. “It’s so big.”

“And you’re so damned small,” he said. “I feel like a rapist or something. How you can manage that is beyond me. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” I said, rocking a bit, wiggling to feel where everything was. “Am I doing it ok?”

“I suppose you are, but this is my first time, too.”

I was perplexed. “When you said once that you didn’t like women anymore, and that you didn’t like men, I finally figured out that you must like boys. Like me. I… I guess I always thought you’d had other boyfriends before.”

“You’re the first and only boy I’ve ever loved, Joshy. The first I’ve ever… touched. Not that I haven’t been tempted before. Yes, I like boys, but you’re my first.”

“We’re both our firsts,” I said with a grin. Then just to drive the point home I lifted my ass several inches and then slid back down.

“First and only,” Mike said with a soft moan.

My hands pressing against Mike’s chest, I began to rock back and forth, riding that wonderful thickness. I noticed that Mike’s eyes were glued to where we were joined.

“Can you see it?” I asked. “Can you see it going in and out of me?”

Mike looked up at me. “Do you want to see it?” he asked.

I nodded eagerly.

Mike carefully lifted me off him. His bulbous cockhead exited with an audible plop sound. He laid me down on my back then reached behind him. Next he grabbed two pillows and carefully placed them under my ass. Finally he grabbed each of my feet and pressed so that my knees bent.

“Grab your knees,” he instructed.

I did, pulling my legs tight to my chest. Mike then knelt before me and took his big cock in his hand. He moved it against me, spreading around all that leaking pre-cum. As I watched, he gently began to press it into me. The mushroom head entered much easier this time. Slowly he began to feed me more and more, inch after inch filling me. Watching that long snake disappear inside me was amazing. I was shocked at how widely stretched my tiny asshole looked.

“You’re so beautiful,” Mike exclaimed when he was all the way inside me. “I love you, Joshy.”

“I love you, Mike” I replied.

Then Mike began to fuck me. There it was. That supposedly awful word. But that’s what we were doing. Fucking. Finally. Mike was fucking me. Fucking my ass with his big cock. My eyes were locked on his hairy, muscular body as he began to drive himself in and out of me. He started very slowly, making sure I was comfortable, but as he realized that I wasn’t in any pain, that I was in fact loving every minute of it, his speed began to increase.

Mike gripped me by my hips as he really began to fuck. I had my right hand around my dick, jacking myself steadily. I could feel my right knee against my cheek. My head was moving from side to side, as if I was denying something, but I couldn’t stop it. I was gasping like a dying fish. Mike’s cock was moving in and out of me ever faster. I began to feel his heavy nut sac beating against my asscheeks. I kept flashing on that pale spear as it impaled me again and again.

My eyes drifted shut and I lost myself in that thrusting rhythm, the meaty smack of flesh on flesh. I felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long, though I felt like I wanted this to go on forever. Mike was panting loudly above me now.

“Close, Joshy,” he gasped.

“Come inside me,” I said, opening my eyes and staring him in the eye. “Shoot in me.”

That seemed to push him over the edge. With a grunt he slammed deep inside me and held himself there, shaking, as I felt his hot cum splash deep in my bowels. His swollen, spasming cock was the last little bit I needed. My four inch cock bucked once in my hand, and then I was spurting thin streamers of watery boycum across my sweaty belly. Even after I’d squirted my last tiny bit, I could see my little pee hole gaping open and closed, like a gasping fish.

Mike slowly lowered himself to his hands and then gently gathered me against him and rolled over onto his back, keeping me cuddled against him, his softening length still deep inside me. I lay there on top of him, my head on his sweaty chest, while my breathing slowed. After some time Mike’s cock slid out of me. I once again felt that yawning emptiness inside as his spent seed dribbled out and down over my balls.

After another five or ten minutes, it’s hard to tell, I raised my head. Mike met my eyes with a small smile. “We did it,” I said. He smiled and nodded.

I slowly sat up. I looked down at Mike’s cock, soft and glistening and still big. Just above that my four incher was anything but soft. I asked, “Can we do it again?”

Mike just laughed.


We did do it again, but not before Mike made us breakfast and we both took a shower. In fact, we did it a lot over the coming days. In every conceivable place and position. We screwed in our big chair, me in his lap, my back against his chest. We screwed on the sofa. We screwed with me sitting on the bar and him standing. We screwed in the cab of his truck, our windows fogging the glass so bad we couldn’t drive for twenty minutes after. We screwed at the shop, both in the storeroom in the back, and lying on the floor behind the counter. Once I even crawled under the counter and sucked Mike off while he waited on a customer.

I began to spend every night at Mike’s house. Not just the evenings, but the whole night, wrapped in his arms. I’d check in every once in awhile to see if my mom was ok, but she didn’t seem to miss me.

When Christmas break finally released me from school, Mike took me to the city. For three days we stayed in a hotel, ate in nice restaurants, and went to movies and the theater. We bought a tree for his apartment and decorated it. I hadn’t had a Christmas tree since I was five years old.

On Christmas Eve we went to bed by the glow of blinking Christmas lights. The bottom of the tree was surrounded by presents. Mike had insisted on giving me money to spend, and since I was spending it on him, I was happy. I was happier than I’d ever been.

On Christmas morning we were awakened by a loud knocking on the door. In a panic, we both jumped up out of bed. Mike pulled on his shorts and I hurriedly stepped into a pair of briefs and then slipped back beneath the covers.

Mike opened the door to find two policemen there. They asked if I was there and I had to get out of bed. I saw their eyebrows raise as they saw me in my underwear. They told me to get dressed.

It seemed my mom had passed out during the night, as always, on the couch. However this time she managed to do so with a lit cigarette. The house had burnt down with her in it. The police and firemen thought that I must have been in the house too, but on finding no signs of me they talked to neighbors, who talked to Robert’s parents, who talked to Robert, who told them to talk to Mike.

As I couldn’t go home, I was taken to a temporary shelter. They wouldn’t let me return to Mike’s place. The next day I was interviewed by the Sheriff. He wanted to know what I’d been doing at Mike’s. In his bed. In my underwear. He wanted to know how long I’d been staying there, and mostly he wanted to know what Mike had ‘done’ to me.

I told him Mike and I were friends and nothing more. That he was nice to me and let me stay there cause my mom was a drunk. He didn’t believe me. For the next four hours he, two of his deputies, a social worker and a therapist all took turns questioning me. The Sheriff seemed to get angrier and angrier as the hours wore on. Finally, he began threatening me. He knew what we’d done, he claimed. If I was just honest it would be ok. Nobody would be getting into trouble. I just had to tell the truth. Otherwise, I would be going to a group home, never to see Mike again. All I had to do was tell the truth and it would all be over. Just tell the truth.

So I told the truth. Some of it anyway.

Of course, they had lied. The next day Mike was arrested. I was sent to a group home. Mike pled guilty to everything they charged him with, not wanting to make me have to go to court and testify. I wish he had. I wanted to. I wanted to scream it to anyone that would listen, that I loved Mike and he loved me and we hadn’t done anything wrong.

Mike was sentenced to a year and a day in prison, as well as 10 years probation. Five weeks later he was dead. He’d been stabbed seventeen times by two men in prison.


Jennifer sat in silence, the tattoo machine finally going quiet. She looked down at her work, grabbed a paper towel and some water and wiped my arm clean. I looked down at the perfect picture of myself. So sad. So lost, and I felt that loss hit me in that hollow place in my heart.

“So what happened to you?” she asked me. She’d been mostly quiet while I related my story. I hadn’t given her all the graphic details of course, but I’d told her a lot of it.

“Robert’s parents took me in for a few months,” I told her. “I tried to commit suicide the first time about a month later. Pills. The second time was a few months later. Slit my wrists in the bathtub. They got rid of me after that.

Probably for the best. It was a small town. I was suddenly ‘the boy who was molested’ to everyone in town. I was looked on with either pity or derision.

I went through a lot of therapy of course. They spent a long time assuring me that I’d been a victim of a horribly sick person who just used boys like me for their own perverse pleasures. It was sickening. Their world view just couldn’t cope with me, with the love I felt for Mike. With the love I knew Mike had felt for me.”

I sighed. “On the anniversary of his death I burnt down the Sheriff’s department. Still blamed them for his death. I still do, actually. I was sent to juvie after that. Till I turned eighteen. When I got out, I joined the Army. Wanted the toughest, most punishing thing I could find. I went infantry, then Airborne, and then into the Special Forces. I got two Silver Stars for bravery. It was just a death wish really.

Lying in the hospital after being wounded the second time I finally started asking myself what the hell I was doing. I was still so full of hate. Then I met this little Iraqi boy named Jamail. He used to hang around the base. He didn’t have any parents. Just a street kid. I didn’t fall in love with him, but I did come to love him. I spent months cutting through red tape, but I managed to find him a family in the States. Then I left the Army.

When I got back to the States, I let the Army pay my way through college. I got my bachelors in psychology. Now I work with kids. Victims of abuse mostly, the truly abused. I try to make sure that others aren’t abused by the system that’s supposed to look out for them.”

Jennifer was looking again at the pictures I’d brought in. She held one up to me. “I guess that’s Mike?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“He looks nice,” she said. She didn’t seem to know what to say, and I could hardly blame her.

“He was,” I assured her. Then, “He’d like the tattoo. Thank you.”

Then she surprised me. And herself, I think. She hugged me fiercely, and with her head near my ear ,she whispered, “I’m sure he loved you. I think he’d be proud of you.”

I hugged her back, feeling the sting of tears. I thought he’d be proud of me, too.


Copyright 2024 – Rwxxx13
All rights reserved

Yes, really! The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another story or chapter. Even though I think it deserves a decent ending, I’ll never write and end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – 2

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 2
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Sharon Martin woke up the next morning and felt her nose wrinkle. Cigar. She could smell it on Stan, but just barely. She knew from experience that if he’d been with his cronies playing poker all night that he’d be reeking of cigar and cigarette smoke. This was just a hint, with soap underneath. Another nail in his coffin as far as she was concerned as she imagined it could only be a result of his having showered earlier in the night and then perhaps smoking a cigar on the way home to cover up his night with his illicit lover. She wondered for a moment who it might be, if she knew the woman, but then realized that she simply didn’t care.

When her husband had stumbled into the dark room last night she’d felt her heart flutter, thinking for just a moment that it was Tyler coming to visit her in the night. In the cold light of morning, fully sober, she felt a pang of guilt over what had happened. She’d jacked off her twelve-year-old son. Who did that? Still, lying there listening to the soft snores of her estranged husband, she could admit that the entire experience had given her more sexual excitement than she’d felt in years.

She lay there for a few minutes remembering it. The sight of her son’s perfect little cock, his angelic face and body, his adorable little moans and grunts of excitement. She imagined what it would be like to hold his slim little body in her arms, the warmth of him as he slid his young cock into her eager pussy. She was used to being engulfed by her husband during lovemaking. At six feet tall, Stan was eight inches taller than she was. Conversely, at five foot four, Sharon was six inches taller than Tyler’s four foot ten. What would it be like to have a lover smaller than she was?

Giving up on the idea of sleep, she rolled out of bed, careful not to wake her husband. Turning to look down at him, she saw that he was spread out as always, taking up two thirds of the bed. He was dressed in a pair of loose boxers and his hairy stomach rose like a small hillock before curving down to man boobs that were a good bit bigger than they’d been the year before. Between his legs, two inches of cock peeked out of the left leg of his boxers, the circumcised head thick and meaty. Sharon didn’t feel the slightest bit of excitement looking at it. In fact, she actually felt a bit repulsed.

Into the master bath, she peed and washed her hands then pulled a brush through her hair. She wasn’t planning on going anywhere or being seen, but it took little effort to spruce up a bit. Thinking of Tyler, she went and added a dab of perfume between her breasts. She was bra-less under her t-shirt, and pausing briefly she pulled on the same shorts she’d been wearing the night before over the panties in which she’d slept.

Thoughts on Tyler, she quietly opened and closed her bedroom door, leaving behind Stan and his soft snores. In the back of her mind, she’d been wondering what the day would bring. She was nervous and a tiny bit fearful about the repercussions of the previous night. How would Tyler react to her? Would they travel further down the rabbit’s hole, or course-correct back to a more normal mother son relationship? What did she want to happen?

Sharon found herself in front of her son’s door. She listened closely, but didn’t hear anything from within. She hesitated, part of her wanting to open the door and look in on him, part of her afraid to do anything which might take her down this strangely alluring path.

In the end, her recent years of frustration and loneliness won out and she gently opened the door.

Tyler’s bed was just to the left of the door, with his head at the wall and his feet towards the window opposite. Her son was fast asleep, his mouth open just slightly, soft breath sliding in and out as his chest rose and fell. His hair was a bit tousled, mostly covering his eyes. His head was facing to the left and his left hand was curled up under his cheek. His right hand lay against the mattress near his hip. The sheet which covered him, white and covered with little blue sharks; hammerheads, great whites, bull sharks, was across his waist, just below his navel. She could tell that his right leg was stretched out straight, while his left was bent at the knee, which was pointing towards the wall.

Opening the door, she was hit again by the slightly funky odour of her son’s room, but this time, rather than mildly repelling her, she found herself strangely drawn by the musky smell. With a glance back at her own bedroom door, she took a step into the room and stood looking down at her son. Biting her lower lip nervously, she carefully reached down and ever so gently pulled back his sheet.

Sharon straightened, staring down at Tyler, her breathing already quicker in her chest, feeling her nipples stiffening. Her son wasn’t even hard, but the sight of his little penis was enough to send a thrill through her. Between his legs his small dick squatted upon his pale groin, nothing visible but the pinkish little head and a tiny wrinkled stalk. The tiny blond hairs she knew were there were invisible in the shadow the sheet cast upon him. His small balls hung below, cradled in the crepe-paper skin of his little hairless sac.

She longed to reach out to him, to take that soft little thing between her fingers and feel it stiffen as it had the night before. Sanity reigned however, and with a tremendous struggle, she backed out of his room, gently closing the door behind her.

Feeling as if she’d just escaped something, she hurried down the stairs. The morning sunlight was shining through the windows, illuminating dust floating in the beams of light. She figured she may as well get some cleaning done. Breakfast first though, she decided.

On the way to the kitchen, she spotted something near the couch. She knew what it was immediately. Tyler’s underwear. Apparently he’d just left them where they lay last night. She bent and picked them up, then stood looking at them, turning them over in her hands. Curious, she brought them to her nose, catching the same funky smell she’d encountered in his room. She quickly discovered the crusty little bits of dried semen where he’d shot into them. Feeling an illicit thrill, she touched her tongue to the spot, feeling the cloth grow damp as the slightly glazed stain melted against her tongue, giving her the faint taste of his immature seed. She felt another thrill race through her.

Sharon deposited the boxer-briefs into the laundry and then went about making some breakfast.

The smell of bacon roused Tyler. With a low, satisfied growl, he stretched, feeling his muscles unkink. Then, sensing a bit more coolness than he was used to, he glanced down to see his naked penis staring up at him, throbbing with morning wood as seemed to happen pretty much every day now. He reached down and squeezed himself contentedly before freezing as he remembered what had happened the night before.

He lay there for a few long moments, young dick continuing to throb in his fist as he relived the scene between him and his mother. He remembered the embarrassment of his nocturnal emission, of seeing his mom hovering over him while his cock continued to spurt his thin boycum into his underwear. Then his mother pulling off his cummy shorts and cleaning him, like a baby, the shame of it. Then the bizarre switch from shame to excitement as his twelve-year-old dick grew in his mother’s hand, stiffening until he was fully erect, and then the most insane part of it all, where she actually jacked him off, stroking his pubescent dick until he spurted his watery essence everywhere.

Tyler shuddered with the memory and the current sensation in his cock. He realized he was gently jacking himself, and while part of him wanted to take the time to bring himself to what he imagined would be an epic cum, a more urgent part was telling him that he might not make it over that line before another bodily function superseded the proceedings. In other words, he had to pee. Bad.

So, little dick bouncing stiffly, Tyler jumped out of bed and raced across the hall to the bathroom, so worried about making it before his bladder burst that he forgot to even bother getting dressed. In the bathroom, he found his cock was so hard that he couldn’t press it downward enough to get a proper angle into the toilet bowl, so he put his right arm out to brace himself, then leaned far over so that the thumb hooked against the base of his boner would allow him to pee without making a mess of everything. It took a moment for his brain to convince his bladder that it was okay, and then, with a great sigh, he was able to let go with a strong stream.

As the pain in his bladder faded, Tyler let go another sigh and tapped his dick, which was still as stiff as ever, knocking off the last couple of golden droplets. That’s when he sensed he wasn’t alone. Startled, he looked up to find his dad standing in the doorway.

Standing there in his boxers, half hard himself as evidenced by the bulge poking the front, his father scratched his hairy belly. “Where the hell’s your underwear?” his father asked, glancing nervously away from his son’s erection. “What if your mother caught sight of you and your stiff little pecker? Get to your room and put on some damned clothes.” Then his father continued down the hall.

Tyler rushed back to his room, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. He could feel his cheeks burning. First his mom had seen him, and now his dad. And his dad had said he had a little pecker, and while he knew that, hearing it just made him feel worse. He’d really wanted to say something to his old man about how his mom had already seen his ‘stiff little pecker’ and she seemed to have liked it well enough to jack it off, but the thought of that, not just saying it, but remembering it had happened, was so embarrassing he shuddered at the thought even now.

Smell of bacon still floating in the air, Tyler looked around for his PJ’s and then remembered he hadn’t worn them, but instead had worn just his underwear. Then he remembered that said underwear had been left downstairs by the couch, messy with his sperms and he’d come upstairs naked after what had happened with his mom. He hoped that his mom had gotten to them before his dad saw them.

He felt weird about putting on fresh underwear since he hadn’t just taken a shower, so he grabbed the shorts he’d been wearing yesterday off the floor. As he was about to pull them on he caught sight of himself on the full length mirror hung on the back of his bedroom door. Baby blue shorts hanging in his hand, he stepped forward to examine himself, something which seemed to occupy more and more of his time these days.

Tyler didn’t play any sports, mostly because he couldn’t work up enough enthusiasm in either of his parents to take him to practices and games, but he was still an active kid and in good condition. Puberty was being kind to him; his skin was still perfect and, while he hadn’t gained as much height as some of his classmates, neither was he suffering from any of their gangliness.

His chest was beginning to gain some definition he thought, and his stomach was flat as a board, even showing little ridges along the muscles there, especially those that dipped into his groin, that coveted V-cut. There was a clear line across his groin where the skin which was exposed to the sun was dark with a tan, and the bits down below that no one ever saw were pale. In amidst all that paleness, his cock, which he told himself was a full four inches now (it was, if he pressed the end of the ruler into the silky-haired base of his dick a bit uncomfortably) rose straight and proud, his young balls hanging loosely below, the left just a little lower than the right.

For a moment he stood there fingering his young erection, torn between the need for bacon and another, slightly more primal one. He knew his dad would be expecting him downstairs any second, and he also knew how his dad could eat bacon. He weighed the choices in his mind for just a moment, and then began to determinedly jack his cock.

This was no leisurely jack-off session like he often had in bed at night, or in the tub. This was like those times at school when his young dick was so hard he thought it would break off and he scuttled through the halls with his backpack held awkwardly in front of his crotch, sure that everyone knew he had a hardon. Then he’d race to the bathroom and find an empty stall and push his pants and underwear down over his skinny hips and madly jerk himself off, trying desperately to silence his gasping breaths and the rapid skin on skin sound as he stroked himself to orgasm.

This is what he did now, his body hunching over a bit as his muscles contracted, hand racing over his throbbing boner, the sound of his hand hitting his crotch a rapid tattoo. With his left hand he scratched and squeezed his hanging balls, feeling them contract more and more as he rushed towards his climax. Then, with an explosive sigh he pushed his hips forward and threw his head back, his cock throbbing wildly in his fist as he peppered his mirror with watery droplets of boy jizz.

Breathing heavily, he turned and sat on his bed, cock still in hand, feeling hot cum slide down over his fingers. Not for the first time, he licked the sweetish substance from his knuckles, savouring the exotic, oily taste of it. Reaching back between his legs, he squeezed his dick again, then his little balls, making sure he got all the cum out, which he wiped onto his sheets. Then, heart beginning to return to a normal rhythm, he slipped on his shorts and a t-shirt, ready for that bacon.

Just before he exited the room, he grabbed a pair of underwear out of his hamper and used them to wipe off the mirror as best he could. Mostly he just smeared the stuff around. Then he headed downstairs, nervous to confront his mother. Would she say something? Well, probably not in front of his dad. Man, this was going to be weird.

Sharon accepted a kiss on the cheek and a half-hearted squeeze of her breast as Stan came up behind her, pressing his half-hard cock against her ass. She might have wondered if this was some sign of interest if he didn’t have his phone in his hand. The phone made her suspicious. With a mumbled ‘good morning’ Stan sat at the kitchen table and immediately started eating from the plate she sat in front of him. The phone was close to hand.

As Sharon finished making up the next plate, Tyler came into the kitchen. She couldn’t help looking at her son differently now, and she knew her eyes must be sparkling as she took in his youthful beauty and vibrancy. “Hey, kiddo,” she said with a smile, stepping up to set his plate on the table while giving the boy a squeeze around his shoulder.

“Hi, mom,” the boy said softly. He was looking at her, gauging her. She couldn’t imagine the thoughts going through his head.

Taking her own plate, Sharon sat at the table and began to eat breakfast with her son and husband. About two minutes later, Stan’s phone rang and he grabbed at it eagerly.

“Hello?” He looked at his wife. “Oh, hi Paul. Yeah?” A look of consternation, a bit forced Sharon felt. “But that’s my whole weekend. Can’t Gary do it?” Sharon was sure she could hear a faint voice on the other end of the line, and she was pretty sure it was a female voice. “Okay, Paul. I understand. Yeah, sure. Okay, I’ll see you on Monday then.”

Stan shut off the phone and sat it back on the table. “Well, shoot,” he said. “That was Paul.” Paul was his boss. “I’m sorry, hon, but it looks like I have to fly to Kansas City. Bob was supposed to do a presentation for a potential client, but his kid had to go to the hospital last night and Paul wants me to take it over.”

Sharon knew it was bullshit. Who did presentations on machinery sales on the weekend? Her husband was obviously off to spend the weekend with his new floozy. She glanced over at Tyler and thought that she had her own secret and realized that she didn’t care what Stan did.

“Well, that’s just horrible, Stan,” she said, commiserating. “I hope they realize how dedicated you are to your job.”

“Might just get a raise out of this,” he said, shovelling the last of his eggs and bacon into his mouth. Then he was pushing his chair away from the table and with quick apologies he raced up the stairs to shower and dress.

Tyler, also finished with his meal, grabbed his plate and his father’s and walked the dishes over to the sink. He was about to walk past his mom when she hooked an arm around his waist. “Thank you for cleaning up, honey,” she said.

“S’okay,” he mumbled. It felt weird, this new intimacy with his mom. He wasn’t used to her touching him.

“Maybe,” Sharon began, “after your father leaves, we can…” and her hand slipped from his waist, down over his hip, and then down over his left asscheek, “talk.”

Tyler swallowed nervously. His mom’s hand on his ass felt weird, but it also felt good. Great even. She was gently caressing and squeezing him and he began to blush as he felt a familiar tightening in his groin.

From less than a foot away, Sharon saw the lump begin to form in the front of Tyler’s shorts. The shimmery polyester began to push out more and more, until Sharon realized that her son must be going commando. Within moments the bulge in his shorts was pushing straight out and then the place where his little cockhead was pressing grew even higher as he became fully erect.

This time it was Sharon who swallowed nervously. It was right there. There was no doubt that Tyler was fully erect, his young cock poking obscenely against the thin material of his shorts. She realized her hand had grown still on his ass, and she squeezed him lightly, watching as his cock lurched. How easy, she thought, it would be to simply pull down the front of his shorts and take his cock into her mouth. It was mere inches away. She imagined she could feel the heat of it against her cheek.

Tyler was suffering from a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, he was burning with embarrassment. Without his underwear, it was obvious that he had a boner. It was also obvious that his mom was fully aware of it, as she seemed to be staring right at it. On the other hand, his mom was staring right at his boner, and caressing his ass, and while that carried with it a level of strangeness, it was also exciting as heck.

“Would you like that, honey?” Sharon asked. Her hand left her son’s ass then and moved to the inside of his right thigh. She caressed the silky smooth skin there, slowly drifting higher, until her hand was up inside the loose leg of his shorts. She felt the growing heat of him as her hand rose higher and higher, and could feel his tenseness against her and heard his increased breathing. “Would you like to talk after your father leaves?”

“M-mom,” Tyler said breathily. His mom’s hand was sliding ever upward on his thigh. “D-Danny is coming.”

“Hmm?” Sharon responded, only half aware of what he was saying. Her hand was high up between her son’s legs now, and the boy’s hidden erection was lurching in his shorts. He jerked as her index finger finally came into contact with the feverish flesh of his ball sac. She had just scratched a fingernail lightly over that hairless skin when what Tyler had said broke through the intensity of her focus. “What did you say?”

“Danny,” Tyler practically whispered. His mom’s finger was touching his nuts. Just very lightly brushing back and forth over the sensitive skin there. He felt his dick throbbing crazily. “Remember? Danny is spending the night.”

Danny, Sharon thought. Tyler’s little friend. She remembered then that it was their week for the boy to spend the night. The two boys were inseparable and had been trading Saturday sleepovers for years. A quick glance at the clock over the stove showed that the boy would likely be arriving within the hour. Fuck. She felt the way her pussy was throbbing between her legs, the way her nipples were poking against her shirt. She looked at the throbbing bulge in her son’s shorts and felt the heat of his sexy little nut sac against her fingers. Fuck.

Concentrating, Sharon could hear the water in the pipes which told her that the shower in her bedroom was still going. Heart suddenly hammering in her chest, she suddenly spun to the left, while simultaneously pulling Tyler around so that he was facing her head on. Then, without warning, she yanked his shorts down to his knees. Tyler gasped in surprised. Sharon’s eyes locked on her son’s gorgeous little erection. Like a snake after prey, she shot forward and took Tyler’s cock into her mouth.

“Mom!” Tyler gave a strangled cry as his cock was suddenly engulfed in the heat of his mother’s mouth. His whole body tensed and contracted as he felt the suctioning pressure of her lips around him, the teasing of her tongue against his acorn-sized glans, the eager squeezing of his ass as she pulled him tight against her.

Sharon found herself humming tunelessly as she worked her mouth up and down on her son’s four inch erection. He was so hard in her mouth, like a steel rod covered in silky hot flesh. His firm ass flexed and tensed in her hands. She struggled to concentrate on the sound of the water in the pipes but her son’s eager groans of pleasure, so high-pitched and sweet, such a shocking disparity, fought for her attention. She worked her mouth on him eagerly, sucking at him, bobbing her mouth up and down on his short length, the faint scent of his barely pubescent crotch in her nose. Then she dropped her left hand between her legs, squeezed her thighs around it, pushing and pressing, feeling the rising pleasure.

After some time Sharon became aware that Tyler’s hands were on either side of her head and that he was awkwardly pumping his skinny hips, driving his small cock into her mouth. There was no rhythm there, just an instinctive movement made clumsy from the intense pleasure which was coursing through him. With a gasp he stiffened and pushed his crotch against her face, his whole body tensing as the taste of his watery jizz flooded her mouth. As the small load filled her mouth, Sharon felt her own orgasm rush over her, her pussy spasming against her hand.

Tyler stood there, his cock buried deep in his mother’s mouth. He could feel it twitching as he shot his boyish load. His mind was awhirl with shock. He couldn’t believe his mom had just done that. Put his thing in her mouth! Was even now sucking his hot sperms into her throat. His mom! It felt so wrong, but so fantastic at the same time. As she continued to suck lightly at his cock he was about to say something, because the sensation was suddenly too overwhelming and he was shifting uncomfortably. That’s when he heard heavy footsteps on the stairs.

At the same time Tyler stiffened in shock, Sharon also became aware of the sound of Stan’s approach. Thinking quickly, she quickly pulled her mouth off Tyler’s cock and then whipped out her left hand and pulled him against the table. She felt him struggle against her for a moment and she stiffened her grip.

Stan appeared in the archway to the kitchen holding a suitcase and finding his wife still sitting and Tyler standing at her side. He wasn’t aware that his twelve-year-old son was naked from the waist down, his shorts pooled around his ankles. He was too caught up in his own thoughts to notice anything off in their stance or demeanour. “Okay, you guys,” he said, “I’ll see you on Monday after work. Sorry about this. Have a good weekend.”

Tyler let out a breath and looked down. His shorts were still around his ankles, but his shirt was just long enough to cover up any hint of skin below, especially pressed up against the table. Of course, his dick was still half hard, so it was pressed rather painfully against part of the underside of the table.

Sharon heard the front door close and saw Tyler take a step back, revealing a half-hard cock, shiny with her saliva and red from her sucking. She could still taste him in her mouth. She reached out and took him gently in her hand, caressing him as he rose quickly into another full erection. Then she looked up and caught his eye.

“Did you like that, honey?” she asked.

Tyler, unable to think of what he could possibly say to that, simply nodded.

Sharon grinned. “It’s too bad Danny is coming over,” she said. With a last squeeze, she released his dick, which snapped against his belly. “Maybe we can talk more tomorrow,” she said as she rose from the table and headed up the stairs.

Tyler looked down at himself as his mother exited the kitchen. His dick had shrunk to half it’s size, and it poked out beneath his t-shirt, a dwindling little nub. His heart was still a bit fast, both from the blowjob and the fear of being caught by his dad. The thudding of the man’s footsteps on the stairs had not only frozen him in place, but brought home to him just how wrong this thing was with his mom.

She’d given him a blowjob. A blowjob! He had no idea how to feel about that. Of course it was wrong, but it was a blowjob, and he instantly decided that was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Besides, it wasn’t like he and his mom had a typical sort of mother son relationship. She wasn’t the type to hug him and call him sweetheart and bake him cookies and tuck him in at night. Mostly she complained to him about the messes he would make and he tried to keep out of her way. He had no idea what had changed, but wasn’t a hot blowjob better than a cold shoulder?

He didn’t know if this whole thing would somehow come back to bite him in the ass, but in the meantime he figured he might as well roll with it and see what happened. Maybe she’d do it again. He felt himself start to stiffen again at the thought and so he reached down and pulled up his shorts, squeezing himself through the thin cloth.

He was just wondering what to do with himself when the doorbell rang. It was then he remembered Danny and he rushed to greet his friend. Danny grinned when the door was opened.

“Dude,” Danny smiled.

“Dude,” Tyler replied, and they bumped fists. Tyler stepped aside to let Danny enter. The other boy had his backpack over one shoulder. He was dressed in orange cargo shorts and a blue tank top that left him bare from armpit to halfway down his ribs.

“What do you wanna do first?” Danny asked.

Go upstairs and get a blowjob, Tyler thought. What he said was, “Mario Kart?”

With that the boys headed upstairs. Danny was a frequent flyer in Tyler’s home. The boys usually traded off weekends, staying at Tyler’s home one weekend and Danny’s the next. Danny had bunk beds, which Tyler thought was pretty cool. When they stayed at his house they shared his full sized bed. They’d been doing it for years, but just recently it had begun to get a bit… awkward.

Puberty was knocking on their doors, and with it came a certain amount of shyness. For years they’d shared Tyler’s bed, sleeping in their underwear or skimpy pyjamas. They’d taken showers together on numerous occasions, and even compared boners. That was before though. Over the past year or so, there had been no showers together. When each boy returned to the bedroom after taking his individual shower, their backs were carefully turned as they pulled on their underwear. There were no boner comparisons. In fact, a couple of weeks ago they’d been watching porn together with the sound down well after Tyler’s parents had gone to bed, and there came a moment when they each became aware that the other boy was sporting a Hardin and they awkwardly shut down the PC and went to bed, careful not to touch or even look at each other as they got into bed.

Now, as they gathered around Tyler’s Nintendo Switch, Tyler couldn’t help wondering if Danny had ever had a blowjob. Is that something he could talk about with his friend? What would Danny say if he knew Tyler’s mother had given him one? Then, distracted, he began to wonder what Danny’s dick looked like. He hadn’t seen it in awhile. He knew his had grown at least a little bit since then. Had Danny’s? Did the other boy jack off like he did? He knew he probably did. He remembered that time they were watching porn and they had both gotten boners. He wondered what would have happened that night if he’d just whipped off the sheet and started pounding his pud?

Before he knew it, Tyler had another hardon. He hunched over, and pulled out the bottom of his shirt, attempting to hide it. He thought he saw Danny looking away guiltily.

Down the hall, Sharon took a last shaky breath and turned off the shower. She leaned against the wall for another few seconds, getting control of her breathing while the aftershocks of her latest orgasm shuddered through her. She’d just meant to shower, but the memory of Tyler’s small cock in her mouth had overwhelmed her and she ended up bringing herself to not one or two, but three powerful orgasms as she stood and finally sat in the shower, knees too weak to hold her.

Using a squeegee, she cleaned the water off the glass partitions of the shower, then grabbed a towel and quickly dried herself. Even now, the fluffy towel felt wonderful between her legs and over her breasts. Mostly dry, she stepped to the mirror over the vanity.

At thirty-one, Sharon didn’t look a whole lot different than she had at twenty-one. She was five-foot-four and slender. Her breasts were on the smaller side, but looked proportional to her more petite frame. She told herself that they were just as firm as they’d been when she was eighteen, and she wasn’t far from wrong. Stan had offered to have them ‘upgraded’ as he said, but she’d declined. Maybe someday if they did start to sag, but she liked them as they were. She had small, boyish areolas barely bigger than her nipples.

Her hair was damp, but when dry was usually in a pixie cut with short sides and long bangs, all in golden blonde. Her features were fine and a bit elfin, set off by brilliant blue eyes. Her hips were narrow, her ass small and athletic, and the hair between her legs a little two inch rectangular strip of dirty blonde curls. She got regular waxes to keep her asshole and the sides of her pussy bald. Not that Stan cared anymore.

After drying her hair and putting on a minimum amount of makeup, Sharon went to her closet and tried to think about how to dress. As soon as Stan had received his phone call she’d imagined wearing something skimpy for Tyler. Something to turn her son on and get him excited about her body. Did the boy ever think about her that way, she’d wondered. However, now Danny was here. She kicked herself for forgetting the other boy would be there. She couldn’t dress sexy now. Could she?

The more she thought about it, the more the idea began to excite her. She didn’t pay all that much attention to Danny. The boy had been hanging around Tyler since the kids were in the second grade, and he was just a part of the background, much as Stan and Tyler had become. Still, she was a woman, and she was aware when a male was appreciating her. She’d gotten that vibe from Danny more and more over the last year or so. The thought had amused her a bit, but nothing more. Now she wondered.

She had to admit that Danny was very cute. Pretty even. Although younger by a couple of months, he was a bit taller than Tyler, and had about fifteen pounds on him. He wasn’t fat at all. Far from it, but where Tyler had her slight, feathery build, Danny was a bit more solid and… sensual. Was that the right word? There was a softness about Danny. His stomach was flat, although without some of the definition that Tyler had there. Thinking about it, Sharon finally decided it had to be the boy’s ass. Now she was surprised to realized that she’d actually noticed it. Yeah, it was definitely his ass. While Tyler had a firm, muscular little ass, Danny’s was a bit fleshy and round. A gorgeous bubble-butt.

Danny was blond like Tyler, but more platinum than gold, with startlingly lovely hazel eyes. Those she had definitely noticed. He kept his hair short, but spiky in the front. The more she thought about him, the more excited she became. Maybe she could seduce both boys at the same time. Maybe she could have one of their cocks in her mouth while the other worked inside her pussy. Sharon suddenly shook her head, wondering where these images were coming from all of a sudden. Was she really doing this? This was crazy.

Sharon found, with equal amounts of frustration and amusement, that she had no idea how to go about seducing two twelve-year-old boys. After her shower, she’d put on a pair of grey yoga pants without any underwear. Her ass looked amazing in them, and you could not only see her mound and the divot made by her outer lips, but you could even see the little airstrip of fuzz if you looked close enough. Up top, she left off a bra and wore a form fitting spaghetti strap shirt which lovingly hugged her smallish breasts while clearly showing her nipples.

The problem was getting the boys to notice her. Thinking about it later, she realized that Tyler had so trained himself to stay out of her way, that the boys were used to spending hours up in his room or outside. They didn’t spend much time in the ‘public’ areas of the house. The one exception to that was the kitchen, and Sharon was happy to whip up soup and sandwiches for the little guys, which she announced while standing framed artfully in Tyler’s bedroom door.

She smiled inwardly as she caught the boys’ lingering looks as she told them about lunch and then led them to the kitchen. Rather than leave them to their meal, she lingered in the kitchen, ostensibly cleaning up, but mostly just wiping down clean counters and putting dishes in cupboards. She could feel their eyes on her. However, she had no idea how to go from giving them a show to getting into their pants, or getting them into hers. Just stripping seemed not only crass, but likely to spook one or both of them. Her inability to close the deal was frustrating her.

Danny laughed and Tyler looked down, focusing on the screen for a moment. The boys were watching Guardians of the Galaxy, Tyler’s favourite movie. He’d seen it about a hundred times, but he was finding it hard to concentrate. What was going on with his mom? he wondered. First, she was dressed like… well, not like a mom. She looked hot, even he had to admit. He’d also seen Danny’s eyes lingering on her, although Danny’s appreciation for his mother’s charms was no surprise. At least the other boy no longer talked about it. It was embarrassing.

She’d also made lunch for them. She never made lunch anymore. Tyler couldn’t help but think that it was somehow related to the whole new weird sex thing. Was she saying she wanted to do sex stuff again? He wasn’t against the idea, but Danny was here. That was actually the confusing part. He’d expected that she would act the same way she always did since his friend was over, but she was being nice and dressed like… a woman or something. Did that mean she wanted to do something with Danny, too?

He sat there, unfocused, barely aware of the movie that was playing as he wondered what it all meant and how he felt about it. He tried to imagine what it would be like to see Danny doing stuff with his mom. Would she suck his dick, too? What did Danny’s dick even look like now? He hadn’t seen it in like a year. Did he have any hair yet?

Tyler shifted uncomfortably, realizing he was getting a boner as he sat and thought his best friend’s stiff cock being sucked by his mom. The boys were sitting on the floor with their backs against Tyler’s bed. There was nothing he could pull into his lap without being completely obvious about it, so he just pulled his knees up and casually dropped his hands into his lap, where he could feel his boner throbbing against his fingers. A few moments later, Danny pulled his knees up as well, but it never occurred to Tyler that he’d done it for a similar reason.

Dinner was sloppy joes and tater tots. That at least wasn’t weird. Tyler’s mom still made dinner every night. The weird part was that she usually ate in the living room, but this time she joined them and made small talk with them. Tyler got the distinct impression that she was showing off her boobs and he kept looking away when he saw how stiff her nipples were. Danny couldn’t take his eyes off them, causing him equal parts anger, embarrassment, and excitement.

After dinner the boys headed up to his room. As long as Tyler could remember, the rule was that after dinner he had to take a shower, and then he was allowed to watch TV or whatever until his bedtime, which was nine during the week, but eleven on weekends. When they got to his room, Danny eagerly volunteered to go first, which was fine with Tyler.

As he watched his friend leave his room, he thought back to when they would shower together. That had always been fun, but they had stopped awhile ago, worried that it seemed ‘gay’. Every boy’s biggest fear at school seemed to be that someone would think they were gay. Still, he missed the showers.

Familiar with the routine after years, Danny grabbed a towel out of the linen closet inside the hallway bathroom, the one Tyler had to himself. He envied Tyler that, as he had to share his bathroom with a little brother and a little sister.

Danny envied Tyler in a lot of ways. His house for one. Tyler’s dad had a lot of money and so the house was much nicer than Danny’s. The bathroom alone was great, with marble counters and slate floors and a huge glass shower with a console thing which lit up with a cool blue light and did all sorts of other things.

Danny pulled off his shirt and carefully folded it before setting it on the counter. He also envied Tyler his mom. He knew it embarrassed his friend, but she really was hot. The first time he figured out what the term MILF meant, he knew it applied to Tyler’s mom. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d jacked his cock thinking about her. And tonight was… wow. He’d never seen her dressed like that before. In fact, as the thought came to mind, his dick immediately began to stiffen. He squeezed himself through his shorts.

Danny wasn’t only hot for Tyler’s mom, though. In the past few months, he’d probably spent an equal amount of time masturbating to thoughts of Tyler. He didn’t know why. He’d never used to think of his best friend like that. He’d always been a bit intrigued when they bathed or showered together, or compared their tiny boy boners, but now that he could no longer do either, the desire to do so had grown until it occupied his thoughts regularly.

In fact, the thought of seeing Tyler’s dick had so overpowered his thoughts lately, that during the last three overnight stays with his friend, he’d felt up the other boy. The first time had been both nerve-wracking and frustrating. Tyler still wore the same shorty PJ shorts he’d been wearing for the last year or so, but he always wore underwear under them. So while he could easily get a hand into the little opening by unsnapping a button or two, it was almost impossible to get any further. He’d satisfied himself that first time just caressing Tyler’s dick through his underwear, bringing it to at least half an erection, until he’d shifted in his sleep and Danny had snatched his hand back, pretending to sleep, his heart pounding furiously.

Danny unsnapped his shorts and pushed them down over his hips. He folded them and placed them on top of the shirt. He was left wearing a pair of pale blue briefs with white trim. His young boner was straining madly at the material, creating what he thought was an impressive bulge. He wondered what Tyler’s mom would think if she could see it.

The second time Danny had felt up Tyler he’d waited until he was sure the other boy was fast asleep. Tyler didn’t snore, but his breathing changed when he was fully asleep and Tyler waited for that while he lay thinking about what he was going to do. He’d worried he might fall asleep, but his heart was beating too fast to allow that.

When he was sure Tyler was asleep, Danny had called his name softly. His friend had always been a pretty heavy sleeper, but he couldn’t afford to take any chances. He didn’t know why he’d felt compelled to do it, but he was sure it wouldn’t be a good thing if it somehow got around what he’d done. Not that he really thought Tyler would tell anyone, but again, he couldn’t afford to take the chance. If Tyler no longer liked him… well, he couldn’t bear the thought of that.

Sure that Tyler was asleep, Danny had scooted closer and placed his hand on his friend’s naked chest. That close, he’d been able to smell the shower-fresh scent of the other boy. His skin was like silk under his hand. He’d longed to be able to hug Tyler, and to feel him hug him back. He’d imaged them lying naked in each other’s arms and felt his cock immediately stiffen between his legs.

Sliding his hand down over Tyler’s stomach, he’d eventually reached the waistband of his PJ’s’s. With a deft and careful twist of his fingers, he’d unsnapped the three little snaps and spread the sides open. Then he’d laid his hand upon Tyler’s dick. He’d felt the warmth of the boy’s crotch under his hand and he’d lightly caressed him with his palm before feeling around with his fingers, trying to sort out what he was touching. He’d soon identified the soft little worm shape of his shaft, the rounded little acorn of his glans, and down below the cloth-covered lump of his small testicles.

Eventually, his caressing hand and fingers had elicited a response, and he’d felt Tyler’s cock stiffening under his ministrations. Soon it was fully erect and Danny was worried his friend would somehow hear his heartbeat and awaken. He was touching Tyler’s hardon. He’d tried to imagine what it would look like, how long it was, and how thick. He was pretty sure at the time that his own dick was bigger, and he’d wanted to press himself close enough to slide his own stiff cock right up against Tyler’s, so he could truly compare them, but he was afraid to move more than he was already.

When Tyler had made a noise, a little moan which might have sounded adorable at any other time, Danny had immediately pretended to be asleep. After two or three minutes, which seemed like an eternity, he’d risen once again to his elbow and reached out to carefully reconnect each of the three little snaps, thrilling at the sensation of Tyler’s boner twitching against the blade of his hand.

That had been two weeks ago. Last weekend they’d stayed at his house, each in their own bunk-bed. A couple of years before they’d have shared the top bunk, but they’d gotten too big, so when Tyler stayed over his, little brother would lose his bed for the night and have to sleep in his sister’s room. Nine-year-old Jesse didn’t mind though, because he worshipped Tyler.

Danny slipped off his briefs. He had to use the mirror on the back of the bathroom door to examine himself, as he was too short for the vanity mirror to reflect anything below his waist. Danny was perhaps half an inch from five feet. His hair was always a wild mop, no matter how he tried to tame it. It was a brilliant mop however, as he was a platinum blond so bright that it was nearly white. His eyes were listed as hazel on medical forms, but that didn’t do them proper justice. Around the outside they were turquoise, with a star burst of orange in the centre, which itself was outlined in a thin band of light green.

Danny was a slender boy, but not at all skinny. There was a slight definition to his chest, but it wasn’t necessarily muscle. His stomach was flat, but rounded, and his ass was high and fleshy while still being very toned. His face was more round than Tyler’s but again, not chubby in any way. His nipples were a bit large for a boy, about the size of a quarter, and puffy, but the tiny pointed centre was just as tiny as any other boy’s.

The tween was completely hairless from head to foot, other than the usual little blond vellus hairs which glowed golden in the right light. His legs were smooth, his thighs like silk. Between his legs he sported his only obvious sign of pubescence. Fully erect, Danny’s cock was pointing straight at the ceiling, quivering. If Danny was just under five feet, then his young cock was just under five inches. It was not only long for a boy his age, but thick at one and a quarter inches wide. He was also a shower, so even soft he had an impressively large dick for a twelve-year-old. He was circumcised, but there was a surprising amount of foreskin remaining, enough to cover about a quarter inch of his fleshy glans. He pulled that down now, exposing the sharp ridge of his mushroom shaped cockhead.

Squeezing himself, Danny leaned into the shower and twisted the knob which would start the rain shower head. The little nozzles which peppered the large head lit up in neon blue. There were other knobs, all of which Danny had explored in the past. There was the waterfall, which let out a wide sheet of water, which felt great on his neck. There were the two nozzles which sprayed straight out, which was cool because one would hit his chest while the other sprayed directly on his dick. Then there was his favourite, which was the wand. Attached to a hose on the side was a seven inch metal wand which released a small, directed spray of water. You could turn it up high to clean your butt, or turn it down low and play it lightly over your balls and dick, which felt pretty amazing. Danny had come many times doing that, imaging it was Tyler or Tyler’s mom touching him.

Tyler. Danny sighed as he got into the shower, feeling the warm water cascading over his naked flesh. He imagined what would happen after Tyler fell asleep. He knew he’d try feeling him up again. He was determined to get his hands around Tyler’s naked cock. He wished the other boy didn’t wear underwear under his shorty PJ’s. He’d tried to subliminally plant the idea in his friend’s brain by doing just that the last two times he’d stayed over. He actually thought it might be working, because he was almost positive Tyler had started to get a boner earlier and it didn’t look like he’d had any underwear on to contain it. Of course, his own dick had responded, so both boys had ended up with their knees on their chins, trying to pretend everything was normal.

The last two times he’d stayed over, he’d showered after Tyler, and after returning to the room to dress, he’d put on just his own pair of shorty PJ’s and no underwear. The boys had no problems showing each other their butts, but neither turned around, as much as Danny wanted to do so. He wanted to see Tyler, but he also wanted Tyler to see him. He had a plan tonight though. He had a speech all planned about how it was bad to wear constricting clothing to bed, so Tyler should just wear his PJ’s without his underwear. He’d even looked it up on the internet and found to his surprise that it was pretty much true.

He’d been sleeping in the nude since then, and found that he really liked it. Of course, about a week after he’d started that habit, his mom had come in to wake him up for school, and when he hadn’t gotten up right away she’d whipped his sheet off him. They’d sorta been stuck there for a minute, wide eyed, because Danny had a huge morning boner. She’d finally said, ‘Looks like the puberty fairy has struck’, and then told him to get dressed for school. He still slept in the nude, but his mom no longer tore his sheets off. She did have a few awkward conversations with him though, about things like condoms and masturbation and sex in general.

Danny was thinking about that moment with the sheet, although in his head it was Tyler’s mom yanking his sheet back instead, when the bathroom door opened. The door had never locked, but he’d long gotten over the fear that anyone would intrude. In all the years he’d been coming to Tyler’s house, nobody had ever busted in, until now.

Danny gasped and tried desperately to cover himself when he saw that it was Tyler’s mom, but his cock was still stiff and it wasn’t easily covered by small hands.

“Oops,” the woman said, although she didn’t seem all that surprised to find him in the shower. She did raise an eyebrow as she stared at his crotch though, and Danny tried harder to cover himself, feeling his boner sliding slickly against his wrists while he clutched his large, hanging ballsac.

Tyler’s mom had an armload of towels, which she turned and put into the closet, although she never took her eyes off him. She shut the closet door.

His boner chose that moment to slide wetly to the side, escaping between his wrists. He looked down at it, seeing the thick head and half his shaft plainly exposed before he was able to manoeuvre it back behind his concealing hands.

“I think you need another hand to help control that thing,” she said with a sly smile. She held up a hand, as if to say she had a hand he could use and he blushed bright red. Then she turned and left the bathroom with a tinkle of laughter.

Twenty minutes after he’d left, Danny returned to Tyler’s bedroom wrapped in a towel and clutching his dirty clothes to his chest. Tyler was sitting on his bed with his back against the headboard, playing a game on his iPad. “Hey,” Tyler greeted his friend. He found his eyes drifting to the front of Danny’s towel. Was that lump there his friend’s dick? He hurriedly looked away.

“Hey,” Danny responded. Tyler didn’t notice his reddened face.

Tyler watched as his best friend bent to stuff his dirty clothes into a plastic grocery bag in his backpack. Tyler wondered what would happen if he ‘jokingly’ got up and snatched Danny’s towel away from him. It was only a fleeting thought though, and he was too chicken to try it.

Danny straightened, clutching his thin blue shorty PJ shorts. He turned his back to Tyler and took off his towel, which he tossed over the back of the chair in front of his desk. Despite himself, Tyler found himself staring. It was easy to see that Danny spent a lot of time outdoors without a shirt. His lightly muscled back flexed, all tan flesh leading down in a gentle curve to the pale flesh below, which started at the abrupt swelling of Danny’s ass. There was something compelling about his friend’s ass, he’d always felt. He’d heard girl’s talk about it in school, always giggling afterwards, but Tyler didn’t think it was because they thought there was anything funny about it.

Danny’s ass was full and rounded, but it flexed as he lifted one leg and then the other and stuffed them into the legs of his PJ’s. Tyler found himself wishing his friend would turn just a little bit so he could see his dick. He shook his head at the weirdness of the thought.

“I was reading this thing online,” Danny said as he grabbed his towel off the back of the chair and turned. “It was really interesting.”

“What was it?” Tyler asked. He was wondering if he would be able to see the outline of Danny’s dick in his PJ’s, if he lowered that stupid towel. He noticed he hadn’t put on underwear. He also noticed idly that there were tiny pinpricks of stiffness in the middle of Danny’s large nipples.

“They were saying that wearing too many clothes to bed is bad for you,” Danny said. Tyler thought he heard an odd inflection in Danny’s voice. “I guess it cuts off your circulation or something and that can cause problems as you get older.”

“I only wear PJ’s,” Tyler replied, shrugging.

“And underwear,” Danny was quick to point out. Then he gave an overly casual shrug while continuing to fold his damp towel. “I sleep naked when I’m at home.”

“Naked?” Tyler asked, his mind exploring the possibility. As the towel grew smaller in Danny’s hands, his eyes went to his friend’s crotch. Was that a fold in the fabric, or the tube of Danny’s dick? The shorty PJ’s were about the same as his, ending about mid-thigh with an elastic waistband and three little snaps to hold them together.

“Well, not here obviously,” Danny said, spreading his arms to indicate his shorts. Tyler swore he could make out part of Danny’s dick, but was confused because what looked to be the dickhead was so low that it would make Danny’s dick much bigger than he could imagine it being. “Still, you should think about sleeping naked. You know, when I’m not here. And not wearing underwear with your pyjamas.”

Tyler shrugged, tearing his eyes away before Danny caught him staring. “I guess,” he said noncommittally. Then he scooted to the end of his bed and stood. “Gimme your towel,” he said, tossing his iPad onto his bed. He’d hang it up in the bathroom until it was dry enough for the hamper.

With his friend’s towel in hand, he headed to the bathroom. Would his mom notice if he wasn’t wearing underwear beneath his PJ’s? Would she care? Maybe he could see her tonight, after Danny was asleep.

Danny waited anxiously in Tyler’s room as his friend showered. He’d taken Tyler’s place on the boy’s bed and had his own iPad out, but he wasn’t paying much attention to it. Would Tyler put on his PJ’s without his underwear? If he did, then Danny knew he’d be able to easily access his best friend’s dick after he was asleep. He imagined himself caressing it and feeling it stiffen in his hand. Before he knew it, his cock was rock hard. He looked down at himself, saw how his dick was straining against the thin cloth of his PJ’s. He could see the head clearly outlined, even the peehole was discernible.

Manoeuvring a little bit, Danny opened the middle snap and fed his cock into the opening. He loved the way his dick looked straining up to him, naked yet clothed. He gently ran a finger up the underside of his penis, feeling the tingly sensations race through his groin. He’d been too shocked by Mrs. Martin’s visit into the bathroom to jack off, which he liked to do pretty much every time he took a shower these days.

He couldn’t believe Mrs. Martin had seen him naked. And not just naked, he knew. She’d seen everything. Hard. And much like his mom, she’d just stared for an uncomfortable amount of time. He wrapped his fist around his cock as he thought about it, the way her eyes had locked on his pubescent dick.

She’d smiled, Danny remembered as his fist began to move lightly up and down on his straining boner. She’d smiled and said something about lending him a hand, like she wanted to touch his dick. Danny slid further down on the bed, his legs straightening before him as he continued to work his fist up and down on his cock. The door was open, so he’d be able to hear if the bathroom door opened, but Tyler had barely started his shower so he should have enough time for a quick wank.

After a minute he unsnapped the other two buttons so he could open up his shorts and get his hand inside so he could squeeze his big balls. He wished for a moment that he was home so he could get some lube, although his hand on his cock felt pretty great already. He tried to imagine it was Mrs. Martin’s hand, the hand she’d seemed to offer earlier. She was stroking his cock and whispering in his ear. What would she say? Something about how big his dick was and how much she wanted to suck it.

Danny shuddered. That was it. She’d want to suck his dick. In his mind he was imagining her bent over his lap, her lips locked around his cock, her mouth moving up and down. Then it was suddenly Tyler sucking his dick, his best friend’s eyes staring into his eyes as his lips worked up and down on his boner.

Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Danny felt the tingles racing through his small body intensifying. He began to tremble and he felt that pulsing sensation deep inside him, somewhere under his balls he thought, and he was whimpering, and then his slender hips were lifting up off the bed as his cock lurched again and again in his fist, the pleasure so intense he could barely stand it.

Finally, his hips settled and he gave a shuddering sigh, his cock still throbbing madly. After a moment he stiffened. Had he heard a noise? Stuffing his big dick back into his PJ’s, he hurriedly snapped the buttons and swung himself out of the bed. He stepped to the door and looked both ways, but there was nothing there. Shrugging, he went back to his iPad, his cock slowly softening.

Sharon stood in her bedroom, her back against the wall, hidden to the left of her open door, her heart pounding wildly. Her thoughts were full of the scene she’d just witnessed.

The plan to bust into the bathroom had completely backfired. Well, not completely. She knew the boys would be showering right after dinner, so after they’d gone up to Tyler’s room, she’d followed, going to her bedroom. She’d waited until she heard the water running and then gave it another minute or so. Then, grabbing a stack of towels, she’d snuck down the hallway to the bathroom. The lock had been disabled years ago, in case Tyler were to slip in the shower or something.

With a smile, she’d slipped into the bathroom, expecting to see Tyler naked in the shower. That had been the plan. She’d been sure that Tyler always showered first. She’d thought to get a look at her sexy son, maybe even get in a little bit of ‘play’ before he went back to his friend. She’d been shocked to find Danny instead.

The second surprise had been Danny himself. She’d known he was a gorgeous kid. Wet and glistening in the light of the bathroom, small muscles shifting, he was a thing of beauty. As beautiful as Tyler certainly, his hair a golden halo around his head, even wet.

Then there was the boy’s cock. That was the biggest shock of all. Tyler’s cock had been about what she’d expected of a twelve-year-old boy, and having seen it, that was her new standard for what boys his age should look like. Danny’s cock broke that mold. She’d been amazed to see an adult-sized cock on such a small boy. It wasn’t Stan’s eight incher of course, but it was still shockingly large for a young boy.

She’d put away the towels, mesmerized by that big preteen cock, and then said something to him that she couldn’t remember even now. Then she’d fled downstairs. She’d stood in the kitchen for awhile, thinking about Danny and Tyler and her body ached for both of them.

She still didn’t know what the hell to do about it though. Danny had looked scared as hell when she’d walked in on him. She was worried he would say something to his mother. Danny’s mom was a police dispatcher, and while not a cop herself, she knew a lot of them. She had to be really careful about how she dealt with Danny, and as much as she might want to get her hands on that dick of his, she told herself she would have to keep her attentions solely on Tyler. At least for now.

With that thought, she thought she’d give her earlier plan another try. The shower had just started up again a few seconds ago. Walking quietly up the stairs, wanting to avoid a meeting with Danny, she was caught as she came to Tyler’s bedroom.

She nearly gasped, giving herself away. Instead, she pressed herself to the left side of the hall, as far from Tyler’s door as she could. On Tyler’s bed, fully exposed to the hallway, lay Danny, his cock in his fist. The boy’s five inch cock was sticking up from the fly of his pyjamas, thick and throbbing. The spongy cockhead was wide and flared, glowing bright pink. Danny’s hand was stroking himself smoothly, his hand making easy movements up and down the silky stalk.

Sharon could see the boy’s flat stomach tensing as he jacked himself. The rest of his body was obscured by the angle. She felt herself trembling as she stared, telling herself to move before she got caught, but locked in place by the erotic display. She’d seen Stan jack himself a few times when they were younger, but it had never had this kind of effect on her.

After a short time, which seemed much longer, Danny used his left hand to unsnap his shorts and stuffed his hand down inside to play with his balls. She couldn’t seen the boy’s nuts, but the pure expanse of naked flesh from his navel to the base of his cock shocked her and she realized it was the complete lack of pubic hair which made the sight so alien, so exotic, and erotic.

Soon the little boy was arching and lifting up off the mattress. She waited, longing to see the spurting arc of boyish cum, but after a few moments of watching his cock jerking in his fist, she realized it was a dry come. Then she realized how precarious her position was and with every bit of hurried stealth she could muster, she crept down the hall to her room, where she ducked behind the door just as she was sure she heard something in the hallway.

After that, she experienced one of the longest evenings of her life. She had to do something, but couldn’t do a thing. Every time she thought of just walking into Tyler’s room buck naked and asking for a fuck, she’d realize how stupid an idea it was. Seduction was too slow, and anything else was practically rape and likely not to succeed or if it did, for word to get around. Whatever courage she’d had earlier which had allowed her to whip down Tyler’s shorts and suck his precious little cock was no longer in her.

The best she was able to manage was changing into a pale rose baby doll nightie. The lacy design on the cups just barely hid her nipples, and the sheer bottom showed off the equally lacy red panties she was wearing underneath.

Gathering her courage, she’d gone down the hall towards the sound of gunfire and explosions. The boys were watching TV and they were a sight. Each boy was sprawled on the floor with their back to Tyler’s bed. They were shirtless, and each wore a nearly matching pair of shorty pyjamas; Danny in baby blue, and Tyler in pale yellow.

The boys looked up as she framed herself in the doorway, asking what they were watching. She was pleased to see their eyes widen as they took in what she was wearing. They stammered out a response and Sharon smiled at them and then gave a fake yawn and stretched, which caused the bottom of the sheer nightie to lift and expose her lacy red panties, themselves sheer enough to show that she didn’t have a full triangle of pubic hair. What she did have was lost behind the lace. However, Sharon wouldn’t know if the boys would even know enough about women to realize this fact.

Hands reaching into their laps while their knees rose was plenty of indication to Sharon that she was having the desired effect, however she felt herself at a loss as to how to proceed. Should she join them on the bed? Should she step in front of the television and offer to strip? Should she mention the obvious erections they were trying to hide? Every idea she had seemed to be worse than the last. In the end, frustrated, she retreated back to the safety of her bedroom, burning with frustrated sexual desire.

She finally decided that she would wait until after the boys were asleep. If she could wake only Tyler and bring her son back to her room, then she could get some satisfaction. It wouldn’t be both boys together, but she wanted desperately to be with her son anyway, so it’s not like she was losing anything. She turned on her own TV, too distracted to pay much attention, while her mind built fantasies about what she’d do with Tyler once she got him alone.

The End

Just like with the other stories: No! There isn’t any more of this story. And Rwxxx13 isn’t going to write it, because he sadly passed away. And I’m also not going to write another chapter either. Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me so I can post it here. But since it isn’t my story, I’m not finishing it. Rwxxx13 is just too good at writing smut, and I’d feel uncomfortable finishing it.. So stop bugging me! 🙂

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – 1

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 1
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Twelve-year-old Tyler walked out of the bathroom, a thick towel wrapped around his thin hips. A curling stream of mist followed him into the hallway, along with the smell of freshly showered and shampooed boy. In his bedroom, he unwrapped the towel and tossed it, pleased when it landed squarely on the bedpost where he’d aimed. He was just stepping into a pair of gray boxer-briefs when the door opened.

Startled, the boy turned to the side, presenting his backside to the bedroom door instead of his profile, and nearly stumbled, trying to quickly stuff both feet through the correct holes and pull his underwear up. “Mom!” he cried.

“Oh, hush,” Sharon Phipps said laconically, barely glancing at her naked son. “I’ve seen your ass a thousand times.” Then, “You didn’t make your bed.”

“I made it before school,” Tyler complained, finally fixing his underwear around his hips and turning to face his mother. “It just got messed up later,” blushing as he said it, realizing that it was messed up because he’d come home and immediately torn the bed up getting out his pillow, which he’d taken to humping whenever the urge struck, which was pretty often. In fact, he sneaked a guilty glance at the pillow sitting there in the middle of the bed. He’d avoided putting the pillowcase in the laundry because of the growing stain which was starting to form since he’d started squirting recently. Luckily, he’d turned the pillow over when he’d finished earlier so he could rest and stare at the ceiling while he recovered his breath.

Sharon placed the armload of laundry which had brought her into her son’s room on the end of the rumpled bedspread and took a suspicious look around the space. She began to fussily straighten it, fluffing the pillow and putting it back into place. She didn’t see Tyler’s suddenly held breath or hear the sigh of relief as she folded the bedspread back over top of it.

Tyler’s room always smelled a bit funky these days. She knew his father had had a recent talk to him about hygiene at her insistence, but she wasn’t sure how much good it had done. “It smells in here, Tyler. Can’t you open up a window? It’s so dark. You’re going to need glasses if you keep this up.” She meant spending time in a dark room, but Tyler’s mind immediately went to something he’d heard about going blind if you played with your pecker too much. Did she know?

To distract himself, Tyler went to the load of clothes and began to rifle through them. “Where’s my pj shorts?” he asked finally.

Sharon shrugged. “If they were in your basket, then they’ll be in the next load.”

“But what am I gonna wear?” the boy complained. It was Friday night and Tyler got to stay up later than usual and watch TV assuming his homework was done and he’d showered. Both criteria met, he was looking forward to watching some shows he had saved on the DVR.

“Wear what you’re wearing,” Sharon said wearily. She’d had a long day at work and her kid whining about a pair of threadbare shorts that were getting too small on him anyway wasn’t making things any better. She just wanted to get a glass of wine and her book and relax for a bit.

“But they’re underwear,” Tyler said, as if that explained everything.

Sharon gave a put-upon sigh. “Tyler, they cover up just as much as those ratty shorts. I’m done with laundry for the day, so do you want to watch TV or do a load of laundry?”

“TV,” Tyler answered sullenly, seeing her foul mood and knowing the only correct answer.

Somewhere near midnight, Sharon sighed and closed her book with a soft thump. She hadn’t meant to stay up reading so long, but the romance novel was downright steamy and the action had kept her hooked. Now, feeling horny and frustrated and more than a bit tipsy after four glasses of wine, she flicked off the light which overlooked the chair upon which she was curled up and prepared to head up to her bed.

Sharon knew her husband Stan wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours yet. He played poker with his friends on Fridays. Or so he said. She had her suspicions. She’d met his friends and they weren’t worth the kind of time he supposedly spent with them.  Not to mention that she couldn’t remember the last time he’d bothered to crawl on top of her to do his ‘husbandly duty’.

Clicking off the TV, she heard a noise and glanced over to see Tyler stretched out on the couch. She’d completely forgotten he was there. The boy was deeply asleep. She was about to call out and tell him to get his ass up to bed when something made her stop. Taking a step closer, her eyes still adjusting to the darkness as the only light was that which was spilling in from the foyer, she confirmed what she thought she’d seen before. Tyler seemed to have a hard-on.

At first she was amused. Then a wave of embarrassment almost made her turn away. Finally, curiosity and a hint of something else, probably the wine and residual horniness from her book, made her step closer and look down at her sleeping son.

Tyler was on his back, his left side to the back of the couch. His right hand was under his head, which was turned to face the back of the sofa, and his left was lying on his chest. His underarm was exposed, and she could see with no surprise that it was completely hairless. Sharon wasn’t surprised because she still considered Tyler to be a little boy, despite the recent changes she realized must have been happening, like the hygiene issue.

Still, pausing to take a more objective look at her son, she could see subtle changes which were obviously precursors to his impending maturation. He was a bit broader in the chest, and the muscles there and in his stomach were more defined. His thighs, still slim, seemed more muscled, and she was surprised to see some light blond fuzz down at the lower part of his calves. Also, most glaringly, was the bulge in Tyler’s briefs.

The lump there wasn’t big by any means. He was still twelve after all, but it was bigger than she’d have imagined it would be, and obviously quite hard. In fact, she could almost swear that she could see it throbbing through the cloth. As she had the thought she felt a stirring between her legs which nearly shocked her into moving. She remembered when her husband used to get hard like that. She wondered if Tyler would grow to be as big as his dad.

As she watched, Tyler moaned in his sleep and gave a little push of his hips, making his stiff penis push even more insistently against his restraining briefs. She was suddenly struck by the extreme sensuality of the boy. She noticed that his tiny nipples were nubby pinpricks on his chest, that his left hand was vaguely drifting across his body, as if in search of something to stroke.  Did Tyler masturbate? she wondered.  She tried to imagine such a thing, and was shocked when an involuntary shudder rippled through her.

Tyler had always been a beautiful boy; something in which she took some measure of pride. She’d had him when she was only nineteen, and she could almost pass for his older sister. Or so she told herself. They both shared her slim, willowy grace. He had her blond hair, which he wore short and draped artfully over his brow, and her wide, expressive blue eyes, the high cheekbones, cupid’s bow lips and delicate features. She was only five foot four, and she wondered how tall Tyler might grow. Stan was six feet and dark, nothing like her boy.

Sharon was able to admit in that moment that she’d simply been going through the motions of life for some time now. Her son and husband had basically become people she cleaned up after due to some lingering sense of duty. Perhaps that was how she was able now to see the young boy in front of her not so much as her son, but as a separate, sexual being, full of needs and desires of his own.

Not even realizing she was doing it, Sharon found herself pulling an ottoman around so that she could sit down at Tyler’s side. Eyes now fully adjusted to the dim light, she found herself staring at that slim tube of flesh pressing up against the thin cotton briefs. Every few second it would twitch, and she wondered what thoughts were going through his head. Without any conscious intention to do so, Sharon reached out.

It wasn’t until she felt the heat of her son’s penis against her fingers that she realized what she’d done. She almost pulled her hand back then, but the throbbing she felt against her fingers was answered by a throbbing deep in her center. Instead she pressed, sliding her index, middle, and ring fingers up along the thin shaft while her thumb and pinky rode the sides.  She couldn’t believe she was doing this; touching her son’s penis.  What kind of mother did this?  However, it engendered in her a sort of hunger and possessiveness she found hard to deny.

Tyler’s cock wasn’t very big. From where she imagined the base to be, to the tip of what she knew to be a circumcised head, he wasn’t even five inches long. Longer than four she felt, but certainly not five, and perhaps a bit thicker than his father’s thumb. Stan was eight inches. She didn’t care. There was a spark of excitement in her pussy she hadn’t felt for a long time while touching Stan’s dick. As she gripped the little acorn shaped glans, she slid her finger up over the tip, and was surprised to feel a hint of moisture.

Pulling back her hand, Sharon could see a dark spot on Tyler’s briefs where she’d just pressed. She pressed there again, then gently circled the tip of his penis with her finger. Tyler moaned and squirmed, making her heart beat as she released him.

After a moment, Tyler subsided, a vaguely needy expression on his face. His left hand clenched on his chest and his right slid from behind his head, nearly hitting her as it moved down to lie on his hip. Finally she reached out and with her long nails teased the boy’s little ball sac. She grinned as she felt them writhe against her fingers and Tyler moaned again. Carefully taking a handful of cloth, she squeezed it inward around the boy’s cock, allowing her to lift his penis upright and nearly get her fist completely around it.

Now she could really feel it throbbing, and the dark spot at the tip grew. Sharon realized her left hand had drifted to her braless tits and she pinched her left nipple through the t-shirt she was wearing. She saw that she was causing Tyler’s boxer-briefs to ride up his legs, and down his abdomen. She was very curious to see his crotch. To see if he had any hair down there yet. She’d have never imagined before tonight that he did, but now she was thinking otherwise. However, she was very worried about getting caught in such a compromising position, and there would be no explaining the condition of his briefs if he woke as they were now.

Getting hold her herself, she released her son’s cock. She carefully pulled the little legs of his briefs back into place, so they weren’t bunched up against his balls. The waistband was still riding very low, showing a lot of pale skin. In fact, the tip of Tyler’s young dick was nearly free. Deciding to risk a quick glance, she hooked a finger on either side of his erection at the elastic band and lifted up and back, exposing about half of his length. The sight of that stiff young cock, so paradoxically innocent and wicked, sent a shock through her. She gently stroked a single finger along his silky length, feeling the sweaty moistness and heat of his groin, and shivered as she smoothed the cloth back into place, her hand gently cupping the wildly throbbing bulge there.

Sharon’s heart was beating so hard she was sure Tyler would somehow hear it and wake. Amazingly, without even touching herself, she could feel the incipient signs of an orgasm building between her legs. She continued to rub at the hot bulge under her hand, her fingers every few seconds stopping their up and down motion to rub gentle circles around that bundle of nerves just under the head of the boy’s cock.

Sharon’s mouth was dry, and her heart was in her throat. She wasn’t thinking about what she was doing. She was just acting. She squeezed her thighs tightly together and felt herself start to go. Not the most intense of orgasms, but amazing for being hands-free. Under her fingers, she felt Tyler’s cock give a sudden lurch and the boy gasped. She hurriedly put her hand on his chest, feeling the dampness of his skin and the beating of his heart.

Tyler’s eyes shot open. He’d been dreaming. He wasn’t sure about what. Someone had been touching him. Down there. He thought it might have been Hannah Carter, a girl in his class with beautiful blonde hair and small, but perfect breasts. She’d been rubbing his…

But it wasn’t Hannah he saw in front of him, but his mom, and between his legs… he could still feel it. That feeling he got when he did what he’d so recently learned to do to himself from his fourteen-year-old cousin Ryan when the boy had stayed overnight with them at Thanksgiving. He could feel the last dying lurches of his dick, the hot liquid spreading over his groin.

“Honey,” Sharon, asked, “are you OK?” She looked down quickly and could see a spreading wetness in Tyler’s briefs. “I was going to wake you. I thought you were having a nightmare.”

Tyler was pretty sure this was the nightmare. He could feel the wetness seeping into his crotch and he realized what must have happened. All that talk in school about wet dreams and emissions. It had never happened to him before, but he guessed it finally had. And in front of his mom!  He turned crimson and began to reach down between his legs.

Sharon looked down, as if just noticing her son’s predicament. She reached out and took his hands. “It’s OK, honey,” she said gently. Tyler struggled for a moment, but she finally got caught his eyes, for a moment at least, and repeated, “It’s OK. It’s perfectly normal, Tyler. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Mom,” Tyler begged, but it was barely a whisper.

“Wait right here, honey,” she said. As soon as she stood, Tyler began to sit up. “I mean it, Ty,” she said, using a nickname she realized she hadn’t used in some time, “lie down and wait right there.”

Tyler subsided. The one thing you didn’t do was disobey your parents. Still, he couldn’t help but cover himself, feeling the sticky mess against his fingers and soaking into his crotch. Tyler didn’t squirt much. He’d only been producing more than a droplet or two for a few weeks. It was never more than a thin, watery spurt followed by a couple of droplets now, but it sure felt like a lot as it squirmed around his dick and balls.

Sharon was back in just over a minute, which seemed like a lifetime to both of them. She sat back on the ottoman and gently pulled Tyler’s hands away from his crotch. She had a warm washcloth in her hand. “C’mon, kiddo,” she said, using yet another forgotten nickname. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Tyler’s eyes widened with alarm. “Mom! I can clean it!”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, as if he’d just claimed he could fly an airplane, or pay the rent. Laying the washcloth across her leg, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of Tyler’s briefs and said, “Up.”

The way she’d said it, so sure he’d obey, caused Tyler to lift his backside up off the sofa before he’d even really had a chance to considered not doing it. He felt his underwear quickly being slid down his thighs, the coolness as the air hitting his exposed genitals, and then they were slipped off his feet. She gently slapped away his last effort to cover himself and, mortified, he squeezed his eyes closed and turned his face away, his fists clenched tightly to his sides.

Sharon just stared for a moment. Now that she’d gone this far, she found herself a bit disappointed and confused. She still felt the lingering warmth of her orgasm glowing between her legs, but seeing Tyler spread out naked before her wasn’t inspiring the type of excitement she’d anticipated. With the additional light from the bathroom added to that from the foyer, Sharon could see much better.

“You don’t have to be so embarrassed, honey,” she assured him, mostly to be nice.

Tyler did indeed have some pubic hair, she could see. Not much, just a sparse dappling of silky hairs at the base of his little penis, which was now curled up to less than an inch long, just a pale pink nubbin, shiny with moisture. She wiped at it with the washcloth, feeling it move underneath her fingers like a little worm. She worked the washcloth over his little balls, each about the size of a large grape, the sac lightly wrinkled and apparently completely hairless.

“We’ll get you cleaned right up,” she said with forced cheerfulness as she spread her son’s legs a bit and slid the washcloth down into the juncture of each thigh, cleaning up the wet stickiness which coated the sides of his small balls and had soaked down into the creases.

Tyler wanted to die. He could feel his mom washing his nuts and he could hardly believe this was even happening to him. He was twelve. He was practically a man and she was washing his naked crotch like he was a baby that had just wet himself.

Feeling embarrassed and a bit ashamed over what she was subjecting him to, especially after being the cause of it all in the first place, she said, “Tyler, look, you’ve got some hair growing down here. I had no idea you were so grown up.”

Oh my god, Tyler thought. She can see my hairs. He didn’t think he could get any more embarrassed, but on the other hand a part of him was a tiny bit proud that she was seeing them. He’d actually been imaging different ways over the last few weeks that he could get her to notice that he had some hair down there. The problem was that he didn’t want her to see his dick, which he was pretty sure was small. It was certainly smaller than his cousin’s.

Sharon almost stopped when Tyler didn’t respond, but reasoned that she might as well do a thorough job now that she’d started it. So she pinched a bit of her son’s remaining foreskin between her left thumb and forefinger and lifted his soft little penis. She stretched it out so that she could wipe it well with the washcloth.

“You know, it really does happen to almost all boys,” she assured him. Then, as she squeezed his little pink cockhead to make sure she’d gotten the last of his boyish jizz, she felt it. A stirring.

Sharon knew she should release him then. If she let go right then, she could play this whole thing off and it would soon be just a slightly embarrassing encounter between mother and son, to be laughed about in the future. She didn’t let go, though.

Tyler’s heart sped in alarm. Not now, he begged silently. Between his legs he felt the all too familiar sensation of his dick growing. Right in his mother’s hand! He concentrated with everything he had to try to make it stop, trying to imagine the grossest stuff he could think of, but to his horror it just kept getting stiffer and stiffer.

In a deeper, more throaty voice, Sharon heard herself saying, “That’s normal, too, Tyler,” as her son’s cock continued to grow in her hand. “Nothing to be ashamed of.”

But there was something to be ashamed of, because instead of releasing it, she was staring as her twelve-year-old’s cock grew in her palm. “You really are growing up, honey,” she said softly.

Now she released it, only to watch it hover there over his mostly hairless groin, throbbing, fully erect. She saw that she’d slightly overestimated its size, probably due to the briefs adding a bit of bulk. He was probably just under four inches, but that didn’t detract in any way from how excited the sight of it made her feel. Sharon had always considered herself a woman who liked big cocks, and she wasn’t sure if it was just something about Tyler’s cock in particular, but the sight of his thin, throbbing young dick was quickly warming her again, and she could feel that her nipples were almost painfully stiff.

“Do you have any hairs here?” she asked, gently lifting his little sac into her cupped palm. She rolled the small testicles around with her thumb. “Not yet? Well, they’ll come soon enough,” she said softly.

She released him again, and they sat in silence for about twenty seconds. Tyler wondered if this nightmare was finally over. To his shame, his cock was as hard as it had ever been and fully exposed to his mom. He knew she must be looking at it, but he was afraid to check. Sharon finally sighed and said, “Well, now I feel bad.”

Confused, Tyler turned and cracked one eye. “Why?” he croaked.

“Well, just look at you, darling,” she said, indicating his throbbing erection.

Tyler rose to his elbows and couldn’t help but glance down at himself. He felt a strange mixture of the pleasure the sight of his boners always gave him as well as shame that his mother was seeing it. His mom explained, “I can’t help but feel responsible. If I hadn’t been touching you…”

“It’s OK, mom,” Tyler was quick to assure her. Even though he knew it was because his mom had been touching him down there, he couldn’t let her think that was the reason. She’d think he was some kind of perverted freak. Was he some kind of perverted freak? “It’s not your fault. It happens all the time.”

“All the time?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Tyler blushed. “Well, a lot,” he allowed.

“And when it does,” she said, “you…?” and she made a shy jacking motion.

Tyler blushed again and once again tried to reach down to cover himself.

Purposefully misunderstanding his movement, Sharon reached out and grabbed his right hand in her left. “It’s not fair to make you do it, honey,” she said. Then she reached out with her right and wrapped her fingers gently around his throbbing erection. Tyler shuddered. “If I caused it, then I should have to fix it.”

Fix it!?! What did that mean, fix it? Tyler’s mind raced.

So saying, she began to gently jack her son’s cock. This was so much more intense than jacking him through his underwear. His young cock was all heat and hardness, smooth and silky. She couldn’t get over how hard it was. Stan’s cock had never been this hard. And right after coming only minutes before.

“Mom?” Tyler asked, terribly confused. He knew there was something wrong here. Your mother wasn’t supposed to touch your dick, was she? Well, not like this anyway. Still, he couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. So much better than when he did it himself. Her hands were so soft, and they moved in ways his hands didn’t know how to move.

“Does it feel good, honey?” Sharon asked, twisting her hand on his little erection, making the little blond boy squirm. She could see his stomach muscles bunching and his thighs tightening.

Tyler could do nothing but nod, still propped on his elbows, his eyes locked on her moving hand.

“Just lie back, Tyler,” Sharon said, and with her left hand she forced him onto his back. Her hand began to rove then, exploring his small, slim body, from his hairless armpits, across his slim chest and flat stomach to his silky-haired groin. Meanwhile her right hand kept up an intoxicating rhythm on his preteen cock, teasing him, always backing off before he could climax, her years of marriage having made her an expert in the art of masturbation.  She then took his stiff penis in her left hand, and with her right, she coaxed his legs apart.  As he spread them for her, she used her right to teasingly caress his silky inner thighs, from behind his knees, then down to his crotch where she teased his wrinkled little scrotum with her long nails, causing Tyler to squirm and twitch.  He was letting go little mewling sounds of pleasure which rippled right through her.

Sharon looked at the little pink head of her son’s cock winking in her fist, tiny droplets of precum oozing, and she longed to take it into her mouth, but she somehow felt that would be going a step too far. Using only her thumb and forefinger to form a loose circle around his slim shaft, stroking him with agonizing slowness, watching as it practically thrummed, her palm growing damp with his leaking precum, she ran her long nails from his little balls, so tight now in their little sac, down until she could circle his tiny pink rosebud.

Sharon teased her son’s asshole, able to tell from his reaction that it was a completely new sensation for him.  Finally, she slid her fingers a bit upward and began to press and rub about an inch below his young balls, feeling for that tiny firm spot she knew would be his growing prostate.  She knew she had the right spot when the boy began to shudder beneath her.  Then she leaned in close to whisper hotly in his ear, “Are you ready to come, baby?”

“Uh-huh,” Tyler, his high-pitched voice full of need.

Tyler moaned in frustration when his mom’s hand left his throbbing dick, and then gasped a moment later as he felt the now-cool washcloth spread out over his crotch. His mother grabbed him again then, and not in the teasing manner of before, but in a much more aggressive way.  She did some kind of twisty thing to his dick, some rubby move with her thumb, and suddenly he felt it, that feeling, only more powerful than he’d ever felt it before, and suddenly his slim hips were up off the couch and he could feel a powerfully pulsing… thing deep inside him, right where his mom was pressing and rubbing, begin to thrum while he gushed what felt like gallons of sperms into the waiting washcloth.

“That’s it, baby,” Sharon cooed as she felt Tyler’s cock lurch in her hand.

She watched eagerly as her son’s cock exploded, one watery spurt of boyish cum about seven inches long, overshooting the washcloth, stinging her wrist, and then another about four inches long, and then two or three big droplets which soaked immediately into the cloth. She gently closed up the damp cloth, washed the last bit off his stomach, and then squeezed his little cockhead for any lingering boyjizz. Tyler shuddered and sighed, coming back down to lie on the couch.

“That’s my beautiful boy,” she purred. Then she kissed him lightly on the forehead. “Can you get yourself up to bed?”

Tyler nodded absently, and feeling satisfied with herself, Sharon headed up the stairs to her room.  She was somehow keeping it together, in spite of her desire to simply whip off her panties and go back and sink her pussy onto the boy’s throbbing little erection.  She stared with confusion at a sensation on her left wrist, and then without a thought brought it to her mouth and licked at the wetness there.  Her knees buckled a bit then, as the sweet taste of her son’s watery jizz filled her mouth, but a hand on the railing saved her and she rushed awkwardly to her room.  

She began to shuck her clothes immediately after she closed the door behind her. Naked, she headed to the bathroom drawer where she kept her main toy, a seven inch vibrator, two inches smaller than her old favorite which she’d gotten rid of as it seemed to make Stan nervous. With her hand on the drawer, she changed her mind and went to her bedside table. There she searched around a moment until she came up with an LED flashlight she kept for power outages.

The flashlight wasn’t something she’d ever thought to attempt to masturbate with before. With shaking hands, she removed the little clip holding the cloth handle to the end, but that left her with a four inch tube, just about the width of her husband’s thumb. She barely managed to collapse onto her bed before she was slipping the tip inside, shuddering with the shock of the cold metal, and in spite of that she couldn’t help but imagine Tyler crouched over her, his slim young cock sliding into her gripping pussy. As her cunt seemed to pull the flashlight inward, warming the cold metal, she found herself whispering, “Fuck me, baby. Fuck momma’s pussy!”

Outside the door, hard little cock in hand, little ears were listening.

End of part 1

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