Chapter 7 – Next steps

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 7

“You sure you’re ready?” I say to Audrey as she’s preparing to go to school again.

It’s been a few days since the funeral, and we both agreed that it’s the best thing for Audrey to pick up her everyday life as much as possible.

I kiss her on her forehead, she grabs her backpack, and waves at me as she rounds the corner and disappears from view. I still feel sad about Glenn’s passing, but caring for Audrey takes off the edge for me. At least for now.

My day consists of a lot of practical things, like calling my landlord and canceling the rent for my apartment. After that, I order a U-Haul truck to move my personal stuff. The apartment is fully furnished, so no need to haul over big pieces of furniture.

Next up is my call to Jack. The knot in my stomach grows bigger as I pick up the phone. I hate calling Jack to tell him I’m out. But he takes it really well and is very understanding about it.

“It isn’t a real surprise, Scott, ” Jack says, “I mean… you were already talking about getting out. And now you have to take care of that girl. I get it. And don’t worry about it.”

“Thanks, man. I wasn’t sure how you’d react. But…”

“I know. Like I said, don’t worry about it. If you ever want to come back, just give me a call. And if I need your advice or anything, I won’t hesitate either,” he laughed.

“You’re going back to the island?”

“Yeah. We’re going back there tomorrow. We’ve got some intel about the Colombian side planning something. So we’re needed to… well… you know,” Jack says calmly.

“I get it. Have fun,” I smiled.

“We will,” he chuckles, “and you’re still coming over to Mike’s place next month, right?”

The crew members took turns organizing a barbecue semiannually. Of course, I wanted to be there one last time.

“Wouldn’t want to miss it for anything.”

“Great! Oh, and I’ll mail you that last paycheck tomorrow morning, okay?”

“You’re the best, Jack!”

“Take care, man!”

And that was that. No more special forces. As of now, I’m just an ordinary civilian who takes care of a preteen girl. The mere thought about it is both very liberating and suffocating at the same time.

“Now. Let’s look at this,” I hear myself say as I booted Glenn’s PC.

I giggle at talking to myself in this big, empty house. Glenn’s PC is, in fact, an eight-year-old iMac. As I work my way through all the documents, spreadsheets, and other studio-related stuff, I get frustrated about how slow that thing is. Glenn never really believed in using photoshop and only used basic filtering and enhancement options of this software.

But I’ve gotten quite good with this kind of tool over the past years, so I get online, wait a few moments, and start searching for a decent computer to help me do this.

After I go back and check the documents, I notice the bank balance is fine. More than fine, actually. Thank God for that! But I see one thing that worries me. The order book is pretty empty at the moment. So, to make this a success, I need to focus on getting some new assignments.

After searching around on the web for a bit, I put out a few online ads. They don’t cost too much, and maybe this will get me on track. Besides the ads, I call a few of Glenn’s regular clients to let them know that the studio is still in business. Their response is mostly positive, and I get a few pointers to look into for potential work.

I spend all day finding work and continuity, and I’m so engrossed in it that I’m startled when I hear the front door open. I almost jump from my chair, and my heart is beating in my chest. Then, I reach for my pistol at my hip in a reflex. But, of course, there is no pistol, and when Audrey walks in, I immediately let my guard down.

“Hey! How’s it going?” she asks, letting her eyes roam over the messy desk.

“It’s going,” I respond, smiling weakly.

“Can I do something to help?”

“Nah. You worry about your homework, ” I hear myself say, dreading I’m basically becoming my dad.

Before I can say anything else, the phone rings. It’s the studio’s landline!

“Aquinas pictures, how can I help you?”

Audrey looks at me with anticipation of what this call is about. I quickly learn I’m talking to the owner of a suntan studio with several salons in the area. They want to put out an ad campaign on billboards and magazines and use their twin boys as their faces. The company they hired created a few background pictures with the setting and accompanying texts. They need shots of the boys against a green screen so they can easily be placed in these ads. The lady wants to know if I’m available and willing to take this assignment.

When I explain this to Audrey, she starts smiling and hugs me tightly.

“That’s great! Maybe some more work will follow because of this!”

“Yeah. Who knows? It’s a lot of exposure in the area. Oh! She also wants me to take portfolio pics for the twins to use. She’s convinced they’re destined to have a big modeling career,” I chuckle, quite familiar with over-enthusiastic parents already.


“Yeah. She found me through the ad I put online this afternoon. Guess that was a good idea.”

“I also talked about you to a few of my friends at school. Some girls want their portfolio shots taken too.”

We talk some more, but eventually, I have to send Audrey to the study to do her homework. Thankfully she doesn’t object too much because I hate to be that guy that’s on her heels constantly about this stuff.

After dinner, we prepare the studio for the shoot the next day together. Audrey is determined to help me out and keep the studio alive. We carry out the green screen, put it in place, and clean up. Since Glenn died, we didn’t come in here anymore, and it is a bit of a mess, so it’s a lot of work to make it look all shiny and professional.

It’s already late when we are done, so we head upstairs together. I quickly hop into the shower while Audrey gets her school bag ready for the next day.

As I exit the bathroom with a towel around my waist, Audrey sits on the bed, waiting for me. She’s dressed in her favorite pink hipster panties and plain blue bra. I know I shouldn’t look at her this way. I know it is immoral! I know she’s too young. I know all that! But she’s a young woman with a killer body! How can I not find this attractive?

I feel a stir behind my towel and just have to look away to prevent a very awkward situation from happening. Of course, I blame it on not having an orgasm in over a week, but deep down, I know better.

“Your turn, Lil’ Bit. It’s a school day tomorrow, so hurry up, kay?”

She gets up and heads to the bathroom, and as she walks away, my eyes are glued to her pert, tight ass. I put on a pair of plain black boxer briefs and crawl under the covers. I scroll through my phone as I wait for Audrey to finish.

Audrey walks in with a towel around her torso a few minutes later. The top is tugged under her armpits, and the bottom is barely long enough to hide her ass and pussy. Her hair is still damp, and she’s drying the last bit with a second towel. I look at her face and notice she’s a bit flushed. She keeps fiddling with her towel, and I can see something’s up. I’m curious what it is, but figure that if she’s got the urge to tell me, she will. So I leave it at that and pretend to be engrossed in my phone.

“Uhm… Scott?” she finally asks.

I look up from my phone and ask, “What’s up?”

“I… uhh…”

She’s clearly struggling to find the right words, and I feel a bit sorry for her. But I honestly don’t know what she’s up to, so I can’t help her.

“I really like sleeping with you in the same bed. Way, way better than just by myself in my own bed…”

“But…” I say, filling up the silence that follows.

“Well, I don’t like sleeping in clothes. I never had to before. I tried it now for a few nights. And I tried several different outfits, but it’s just…”

I didn’t expect this one. Of course, I know she slept naked since she was a kid and out of diapers. But I figured this ended when she entered puberty. Apparently not. But my conflicted emotions are struggling. On the one hand, I couldn’t care less what she wears to bed. But on the other, there’s the social pressure about the subject.

I prefer sleeping naked a lot more too. But it just isn’t right for a grown man to sleep naked in the same bed as a naked preteen girl.

My delayed response must’ve confused Audrey because she quickly added, “You can do the same, of course! I don’t care.”

“Well… it’s just that… I’m an adult. And adults aren’t supposed to…” I started, but halfway in my sentence, her puppy eyes got ‘that’ look that I can’t say no to.

I smile and just nod, which brings a huge grin to her face. Then, Audrey starts fumbling with the towel under her armpit. Before I know it, it’s on the floor, and I’m looking at one of the most gorgeous sights I’ve ever seen.

Audrey started doing gymnastics a couple of years ago, and now I could see first-hand what a remarkable effect it has on her body. I let my eyes roam over her exposed body quickly. Her small, half of a lemon-sized breasts are topped off with small, hard nipples. Her tight, slightly muscular belly looks astonishing with that outer belly button topping it off.

But the best part is below her belly. A small patch of black pubic hair sits above her puffy pussy lips. But this patch is still thin enough that skin shows through it. The rest of her pussy is bald and looks… well… delicious.

My eyes roaming over this preteen body only takes a moment, but as my eyes get back to look her in her eyes, I can see a sly smile appear in the corner of her mouth. She doesn’t say anything and just crawls into bed and takes her usual spot to the left of me.

“Thanks. I’m glad you don’t make a fuss out of it,” she says and gives me a peck on my cheek.

When she does this, her left boob presses against my upper arm, causing my already growing dick to grow to full mast.

“Of course, Lil’ Bit. But don’t talk about this to other people, okay? I don’t think they’ll understand.”

“Sure thing. Night!”

And with that, she clicks off the light, filling the room with darkness.

“Night, ” I softly say, glad this didn’t become a big thing, but horny as hell from looking at her magnificent, naked young body.

I lay there staring at the ceiling. My throbbing dick stuck under the waistband of my boxers. It’s uncomfortable, but I don’t want to move until Audrey is asleep next to me. But this isn’t easy. I’m incredibly horny from seeing her and the idea of her lying so close to me. There’s precum leaking from the tip already, and I really need to get off. I think about taking off my boxers too, because Audrey pointed out I could. But I’m too self-conscious about the inappropriateness of it all that I decide not to do it now. Maybe tomorrow.

We lay like this for a little while, and I’m guessing Audrey is almost asleep now. Her breathing is regular, and she’s usually asleep within a few minutes. I envy her for it, but now I figure I can use it to my advantage. I slide my hand under my boxers and firmly grip my boner, slowly gliding my hand up and down on it. This releases the pressure a bit, and I let out a big sigh.

I keep my dick firmly in my fist while waiting for Audrey to sleep deeply. I already made up my mind to jerk off. Maybe that’ll clean my head which is currently clogged with hormone-fueled thoughts and images that I need to get rid of.

So, after lying like this for a few more minutes, I tug the waistband of my boxers under my balls and start stroking my dick with the least amount of movement that I can master. It feels great to finally stroke it, and the moment I decide to pick up the pace, I almost get a heart attack.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Audrey softly says beside me, “I really need to get off too, you know?”

“I… uhm… it’s…” I stammer and clear my throat.

“Great!” is all she says, and as her elbow brushes my arm and the blanket starts ruffling, it’s clear that she’s masturbating beside me.

“Fuck it,” I mumble, kick down the blanket, pull my boxers down and kick them off.

Since Audrey clearly wants to do this, and thanks to the relative darkness of the room, I start jerking as if there’s no one else in the room.

“Ohhh,” Audrey moans beside me.

I have to admit to myself that masturbating like this is extremely hot, and I quickly feel the tension in my balls grow.

“Hmmm,” I moan and pick up the pace.

“Yeahhh… me too,” Audrey whispers between her ragged breaths.

Both our moans increase, and before I know it, my balls pull up, and I start unloading them. As the cum splatters all over my chest, I hear Audrey moan loudly beside me, and I feel her body spasm on the mattress. It’s clear she’s cumming too.

With my softening dick still in my hand and cum dribbling over my fingers, I feel the tension flow from my body and realize how much I needed this cum. Audrey moves beside me, and before I can react, she flips on the light, leaving me exposed as I lay there like a deer looking in the headlights.

Audrey moves over and kisses me on my cheek again, and I feel her eyes on my chest and dick.

“That was great! I never did this together with someone else, but I liked it!” she says enthusiastically, “Did you like it too?”

“I… uhm…” I start but quickly realize I might as well be honest about this. So I say, “Yeah. I liked it, Lil’ Bit. I didn’t know you were awake. Otherwise, I’d never have started it. But now that I did… yeah! It was great!”

Audrey smiles at me, kisses me again, and quickly scoops up a glob of cum from my chest. Then, she gets back in her own spot on the left side of the bed and openly starts examining my cum. I grab my boxers, wipe the remainder of my orgasm from my chest, and toss my boxers on the floor. I figure I might as well sleep naked from now on. The line is crossed anyway, so there’s no getting back now.

“It’s weird,” Audrey says as I pull up the blanket to regain at least a bit of modesty.

“What is?” I ask as my eyes roam over her exposed body, ending on her now almost flat chest as gravity is doing its job.

“Sperm,” she says as she sticks out her tongue to taste it.

I feel a surge flow through me as I see this incredible, young, naked girl taste my cum, but try to keep my cool and just smile, “Can’t help it. I only shoot it. I didn’t invent it.”

“Doesn’t taste bad, though,” she says and wipes the rest on the bed.

Audrey pulls up her blanket and looks at me. Then, a smile appears, and she whispers, “Thanks for being such a cool guy, Scott!”

“Night, Lil’ Bit. You’re not too bad yourself,” I chuckle and close my eyes as sleep washes over me.

“Night,” I hear as she clicks off the light once again.

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