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Day: April 10, 2021

Smoky Mountains – Chapter 20

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 20 – The store
Day 5.

We hung up, and I looked around. We were currently standing between the outside wall and a divider wall containing bike clothes. This created a small corridor for the employees to enter and exit the store in the back, because of the corridor they wouldn’t have to worry about the customers.

“Follow me,” Joel said and started walking.

We rounded a corner, and through a small gap, we were inside the showroom. It had been years since I had reason to visit Uncle Tyrell’s store. It was way bigger than I remembered.

The main hall was about two stories high. Some articles were hanging from the ceiling as decoration. A few long fishing rods were sticking up in the air, some long canoes. There was also a bouldering practice wall. We were standing with our backs against the back wall, facing the glass front of the store.

“Fucking hell! What a mess,” Joel whispered.

As SHIVR already mentioned, there had been an attempt to enter the store. The sheer force sure left its mark. The store’s front was covered with broken glass pieces, and a light breeze was coming in through the broken windows. Lucky for us, the stuff we needed was located near the back and on the second floor. But we did have to keep very quiet in case a roaming patrol came by.

The colossal security fence was still in front of it, and a little bit of light came in through the fence’s small gaps, which ensured we couldn’t easily be spotted from the street. The truck they used to ram the fence was still partly in front of the store, obstructing the view even more. The big dent in the fence was impressive, and I could only imagine the noise and carnage it caused.

I looked up and noticed there was a first and second level. These were in a U-shape against the side and back walls, almost like oversized balconies.
“The first story is mostly clothes. On the second story, it’s offices, the canteen, locker room, and a storage room,” Joel said as he saw me looking around.
I could see the ground floor had a lot of camping equipment, mountain bikes, fishing rods, and the guns department in the far corner to our left.

“Mia?” Joel whispered as he stepped behind me.

I turned around to look at him. He looked me deep into my eyes, and I never saw him looking like this before. It was an intense and loving look. I could feel it deep inside my soul. He took my face in his hands and slowly pressed his lips against mine.

His action surprised me at first, but the moment his lips touched mine, I melted. It was as if the two of us merged into one. Moments after the kiss started, his tongue pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and touched his tongue with mine. I thought the initial kiss was terrific. But touching tongues was a gazillion times better.

This was my first ever French kiss. I never thought it would be with my brother. But now that we were doing it, I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else.
I don’t know how long it lasted. For all I knew, it was a few hours. I was so lost in the kiss and in all the feelings that swept through me that the moment Joel started pulling back, it took me a moment to return back down to earth.

I opened my eyes and looked into Joel’s smiling eyes.

“I was so afraid I’d lose you out there today,” Joel said, “so I decided then and there, I needed to show you what I feel for you. I love you, Mia…”

“I love you too, Joel. With all my heart!”

We kissed some more, and after a tight hug, we just stared into each other’s eyes.

“Let’s collect the stuff we need while there’s still light coming through the windows, and we don’t need to turn on lights in here. We’ll sleep in the storage room upstairs. So we’ll gather the stuff in there and prepare our backpacks in the safety of the room, okay?”

“Fine with me. Enough stuff in here to make ourselves comfortable in there,” I giggled.

We started walking around in the store in search of usable items. We started in the corner with the guns. Joel knew where all the keys were, so we could also take the good stuff.

We both took a Glock 17 handgun with a matching belt holster. I wasn’t too thrilled to be armed, but I realized I didn’t have a choice after today. Joel took a pump-action shotgun, and I had a scoped hunting rifle, just in case. We threw a lot of matching ammo in a plastic bag to put these in our backpacks later.
We went by the mountain bike department, and each selected a bike with lots of bags and storage options. We attached the rifle and shotgun to the frame and filled the bags on the bikes with protein bars, water bottles, and our spare clothes from home.

Joel mounted a lightweight, two-person tent to his bike, and mine was fitted with a two-person sleeping bag and inflatable mattress, both extremely lightweight. We parked the bikes in the corridor near the exit to leave immediately if we had to. We were both delighted with our rides, and our confidence in reaching Adam and Ellie grew significantly.

Next was clothing. The stuff we took from home was good. But the outdoor stuff Uncle Tyrell had over here was way better. We each took a few packs of ‘comfortable, seamless, and breathing’ underwear. At least that was what the package read. Without feeling the need to hide in a fitting room, we each tried one on.

Joel looked sexy as fuck in these black, tight boxers with the outline of his dick clearly visible. Mine wasn’t that nice. It was a sports bra and boxer-style panties. Joel giggled as he looked at me.

“Functionality over fashion, Mia,” he chuckled.

“Shut up. Not everyone looks as hot in their underwear as you do!” I said, blushing after realizing what I said.

We both knew we needed to dress in layers. So we made sure to do that. After we tried everything on and decided it was okay, we took three more of each, threw it in another bag, and went upstairs.

We had these functional, multi-pocket wilderness pants, undershirts, fleece vests, walking shoes, and everything else we could find that would benefit us outside. If we had to pay for it all, I’m sure we’d be in for it for over a thousand dollars.

We each grabbed a big backpack and entered the storage room. The Christmas decoration was standing in the corner. Besides a few racks with office supplies and other spare stuff, the room was empty. If the shelves weren’t here, it was roomier than my bedroom.

“Let’s put our stuff in that corner over there,” Joel pointed, “we need to get one of these big air mattresses and a sleeping bag for tonight.”

We went down for another run, and before we knew it, we closed the door behind us to settle in for the night to come. We grabbed a big, semi-permanent, two-person air mattress for us to sleep on. This wasn’t lightweight or ultra-compact or anything as it was designed to put in a boat or RV and keep it there for a few months. It was equipped with an extra silent internal air pump, and once it was fully blown up, it looked even comfier than my bed at home.

Joel laid down the two hunting knives beside each side of the bed for us to reach them quickly. Next, he placed the candles we grabbed downstairs on the shelves around the room. After he’d lid these, the room had a nice, warm glow.

I placed the single burner cooker in the corner and wanted to heat the canned sausages for us to eat. But the moment I stood up straight, the light switched off, and I felt Joel pressing his body against me from behind. His hands were rubbing over my belly, just below my breasts, as he started nibbling my neck just below my ear.

“Hmm,” I purred, not sure what he had in mind but liking it so far.

“I want to make you cum,” he whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine from anticipation.

His hands moved down to the hem of my shirt and slowly started pulling it upward. All the while, his tongue, and lips were caressing the side of my neck just below my ear. He only stopped licking and kissing me to pull the shirt over my head.

The second my shirt hit the floor, his hand was under my bra, kneading my left boob. His other hand started working on the buckle of my belt. With only a little help from me, he unzipped my pants and pushed them down. As they crumbled around my feet, I stepped out of them, leaving me in my underwear.

His hands gently pushed at my sides, letting me know to turn around. I did just that and looked longingly into my brother’s eyes. We locked lips and started Frenching right away. Joel’s hands kept roaming over my body, and before I knew it, I had to lift my arms so he could take off my bra.

“Ohhh…” I moaned as his lips locked themselves around my left nipple.

I rubbed my fingers through his hair as the tingles from my boob shot straight to my pussy. I barely noticed his fingers slipping into the waistband of my black boxers. Still, the moment he started sliding them down, I felt myself trembling. Was he going to fuck me? I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet. But the way this was going, I wouldn’t object. He was so tender, and I knew he would never hurt me. And this was all feeling amazing! But still…

His mouth was leaving my nipple, and my brother started kissing down my body. As he moved down, so did my underwear. He tapped my left foot, indicating I should lift it. After my underwear was gone, he softly kissed the top of my slit.

“Lie down on the mattress,” I heard him whisper.

I was horny and insecure at the same time. Where was he going with this? I completely trusted him, and I knew if I didn’t want it or didn’t like it, he’d stop immediately. So I decided to let him go. I laid down on my back and looked at Joel as he pulled up his shirt. His body looked magnificent in the soft glow from the candles.

Joel dropped to his knees, and I realized he was still wearing his pants. That took the edge off for me, allowing me to enjoy everything he was going to do to me. My brother kissed my right knee, gently spreading my legs. He was slowly kissing his way up inside my leg. Was he really going to…

“Ahhhhh…” I heard myself moan as he kissed me fully on my pussy.

Moments later, flashes appeared in front of my eyes. I felt his tongue rub over my clit, which was BY FAR the best thing I ever felt. He tentatively lapped over it a few times. My moaning increased, and so did his tongue action.

“OHHH, Joel! I’m… OHHH,” I moaned and let my fingers roam through his hair for encouragement.

Joel started out by focusing on my clit, but soon enough, he licked all around my pussy. All the attention was making my head thrash around on the mattress, and my pelvis was rocking against my brother’s face.

“AAARGHH… Oh, Joel!”

“Mmhhh,” was his muffled reply.

“Oh… oh… oh… I’m getting close! I’m agtt hbfrw…”

It was as if I lost the ability to speak. I couldn’t think straight anymore as I felt my orgasm approaching. And the moment I felt Joel’s finger against the entrance of my pussy, I lost it. I arched my back, and my legs clamped against his face while my hands firmly gripped his head.

The most powerful orgasm of my life washed over me, and my vision went black with white flashes. All the while, Joel kept licking gently over my clit.

The moment I started coming down from my orgasmic high, Joel surprised me again. During my orgasm, his finger was toying on the outside of my pussy. But Joel must’ve realized my orgasm was subsiding. At that moment, he slid his middle finger into my pussy. He did it gently but firmly, and feeling his palm pressing against my pussy lips with his finger filling me up, pushed me over the edge again.

“Grussc… hhrtjjr!!!” I practically screamed.

Joel quickly moved his other hand over my mouth in an attempt to stop my scream. The moment he did this, I realized I was making too much noise. So I put the base of my thumb in my mouth and softly bit on it, trying to hold back as much noise as I could.

Joel slowly kept lapping over my clit and moved his finger in and out in a slow pace. This extended my orgasm even more.

Where I usually felt drained after cumming, now the opposite was true. I gently tugged on Joel’s hair which made him look up at me. The smirk on his face triggered something in me. I got up and pushed Joel against his chest, causing him to sit on his knees. I didn’t waste any time and started unbuckling his belt.

“You don’t need to…” Joel started.

“Shut up. I wanna suck your cock,” I hoarsely said, still feeling extremely horny.

I slid down Joel’s pants, exposing his tenting boxers. I pulled these down too, making sure his erection didn’t get caught in the waistband as I did this.

I moved off the mattress and took Joel’s hands. He turned too, unsure what I meant. The moment his back was toward the air mattress, I pushed against his chest, causing him to fall on his back. I quickly removed his pants and boxers completely, leaving him naked with his boner sticking up from his groin.

Sitting at his feet, I looked up and saw him looking down at me with his hard-on partially obscuring the view. I was in no mood for teasing. I needed his cock in my mouth. I needed to taste it, feel it, nibble it, and most of all, I needed his cum down my throat.

So I took his dick in my hand and slid my lips over his glans. No sloppy kiss on his dickhead or tentative licks. No. Straight into my mouth with my lips tightly around his stiff shaft. The moment his dickhead hit the back of my throat, I knew it was meant to be in my mouth.

“Oohhh, Mia,” I heard him moan the moment I licked the underside of his glans.

I didn’t know how to suck cock. Brandi gave me a few pointers, but considering this was the first dick I had in my mouth, I learned by trying and listening to my brother’s reactions.

I knew he liked me licking around. I tightened my lips and started bobbing up and down, mimicking a hand-job. He liked that too but was less responsive than with my tongue action. So I moved my head up and rubbed his dickhead with my lips as my tongue lapped over the tip.

“AAAHHH,” was all that came out of Joel’s mouth.

I didn’t know yet if I was up for it, but I also wanted to try deep-throating him. I moved down and let his glans rest against the back of my mouth, just shy of the entrance of my throat. I inhaled deeply through my nose and tried relaxing my throat muscles. I moved further and further down, suppressing my gag reaction. I felt a slight popping sensation as he entered my throat.

“Hmmm… I’m… Ahhhh,”

I moved down even further until my nose reached his pubic hairs. The realization he was deep inside my throat and could cum at any moment was a huge turn-on.

My right hand gripped his balls gently and started moving them around in his sack. I moved back up and let his dick pop free from my throat. I used my lips and tongue again on his squishy dickhead and, judging by his increased moans, figured he was getting close.

“Good!” I thought.

I wanted his cum in my mouth. As much cum as I could. So besides my hand toying with his balls, my other hand started jacking his shaft. But I made sure my lips were securely around his shaft, so no cum would be wasted.

“Ohhh! Look out, Mia! I’m cumming. Look OUT I… AHHH,” Joel moaned, obviously trying to do it as quietly as he could.

I felt his balls being pulled back and his shaft thicken. It was coming! I was so thrilled I made him cum this way, and that I was able to drink his cum without having to explain myself, I almost came again. Almost.

The moment the first spurt hit the back of my throat, I realized I had to work for it. There was more cum than I anticipated, so I had to swallow the first two shots without the opportunity to properly taste it. The following five spurts were less powerful and could be contained better.

I let it swivel through my mouth as I slowly sucked my brother’s dick dry. There was still a tiny bit oozing out, and I needed it all. His balls were returning to their original position, and his dick lost a bit of its stiffness.

The realization it was almost over made me a bit sad, but I also felt extreme pride inside. I gave my first ever blowjob, and he liked it. And I liked it a lot too.

“Stop… too sensitive…” Joel whispered.

I swallowed the last drops and let his dick pop out of my mouth. I gently laid it down on his thigh. I crawled up and laid down beside him, my arm draped over his muscular chest. His heart was beating fast, and I noticed a tiny bit of sweat on his forehead.

“We… ehm… I uh… just WOW!” he smiled.

“Things are only getting better. If we keep this up, I don’t want to do anything else anymore,” I chuckled.

“Hate to say it, but we still need to eat and sleep, you know?” Joel laughed, “otherwise, we’ll die.”

“Hmmm… I know… but it’s just SO fucking awesome. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Haha! I was just about to ask you,”

“I asked you first!” I laughed, playfully slapping his arm.

“I saw a thing or two online,” Joel said, trying to look all serious.

“I see… well… I just tried what I figured would work.”

Joel looked at me with one raised eyebrow.

“Really? You never checked out some of this stuff with Brandi?”

“Well… I… Okay… Busted!” I laughed.

We laid there for a few more minutes before I started heating the wieners on the burner. Joel retrieved the buns and ketchup we found in the canteen’s fridge and ate it like a gourmet meal.

“You can’t get enough, can you?” Joel giggled.

“What?” I asked, not knowing what he meant.

“Wieners in your mouth!”

I didn’t have a quick reply ready, and frankly, it was funny. So I started pretending to blow the wiener, looking all seductively at my brother.

“Oh…” was all he said, and I could see his dick chubbing up, which brought a smile to my face.

After we ate our healthy dinner, we walked downstairs to get our power banks. They were charged by now. We reckoned if we each carrying six of these, we’d never run out of juice for our phones. We were walking around naked through the shop.

“I’ve never been naked in a public place before,” I said.

“Well… That’s good news, isn’t it?” Joel chuckled.

“It is. Otherwise, I’d have something to explain, wouldn’t I? You just look out you don’t cut off your wiener with these knives.”

Joel was walking around with a knife in each hand. He did this so he could protect us when necessary. It was a funny sight and sexy as hell with his semi-boner sticking out and the weapons in his hands.

We each grabbed another hunting knife before going back upstairs. We figured you can’t have too many knives when you need to protect yourself. When we were walking up the stairs, I noticed Joel’s dick still sticking out. He was walking next to me, so I extended my hand and wrapped it around it. Joel stopped, but I tugged on his dick, urging him on.

“What are you doing, Mia?” he asked.

“Making sure you follow me. You know how much I like wieners in my mouth, don’t you?” I smiled seductively.

End of Chapter twenty

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

os enim potest esse res mirabilis

Smoky Mountains – Chapter 19

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 19 – Moving
Day 5.

“Okay. We see you on the traffic cam. Head north,” I heard Ellie say to us.

I looked down the road, and the cars were standing there in all directions. It was almost as if keeping right was forgotten, and everybody did as they pleased. Some vehicles had crashed into others. Some were upside down. Doors were open, and in a few cars, the driver was still behind the wheel. It was total chaos. I didn’t see any car on fire, though. Nor were there burned-out cars. Maybe further up the road by the highway where the cars drive faster, it would be different. But what I was looking at now seemed like a scene from the Walking Dead or some show like that. The only difference was no zombies were walking around.
Joel got up and started walking down the street, a little crouched over so we wouldn’t be too obvious. I started following him, and the moment I left our front lawn, I froze. There were dozens of dead bodies scattered around on the ground. Male and female, old and young. No one was spared. And they all looked awful with their mummy-like skin and hairs.

“You’re okay, Mia?” I heard Joel whisper.

I tore my eyes away from the bodies on the ground and looked at my brother’s worried face. I took a deep breath and nodded. I needed to get my head straight and stop looking at these bodies as people. That was the only way I’d make it. It felt like an epiphany to me when I realized it, and it was very liberating to me.

“Yeah. I think I am. These bodies just… Never mind. I’m fine. Honest.”

Joel moved from car to car, making sure we’d be no more in the open than we needed to. I followed him one car behind.

“You’re doing great, guys,” Ellie said. “Just before the green van, there’s an alley to your right. You need to cross the street to get there. But once you’re in that alley, you’re less in the open.”

“Copy,” Joel whispered

I had to suppress a giggle because of this. All of a sudden, he was acting all stealthy and army-like. Ah well, if it works for him. We’ve both been through that alley dozens of times, but now it seemed more like a safe haven instead of a dangerous, dirty alley.

“The road is clear from what we see. According to SHIVR, there might be a car heading your way, but it’ll take at least two or three minutes. By then, you’re way down that alley and can hide from it between two dumpsters.”

Ellie and Adam had talked to us about SHIVR. Joel was very impressed by it and especially liked the autonomous functions it had. I was less impressed. I was mainly worried about getting where we were heading as quickly as possible.

“Three… two… one… Go!” Joel whispered.

We crossed the street quickly and were in the alley before we knew it. The most challenging part about running now was not stepping on a body. As we entered the alley, there were no bodies on the ground. I could see two or three in the distance, but nowhere near as much as on the main road.

“Keep left against the wall,” Ellie said. “That way, you won’t be seen easily, and we can keep watching you on three cameras.”

As we were nearing the end of the alley, we heard the sound of an engine in the distance. There was also another noise, but I couldn’t place it.

“There’s the car. Duck between these dumpsters in front of you.”

We did as Ellie said and waited. We were pressed against the wall but hidden from view by these big containers. I could glance to where we came from through a small gap between the dumpster and the wall.

As the sound of the engine grew louder, so did my heartbeat. In our street, a big army Hummer appeared. On top of it was a large gun with a skinny man holding it. The man was wearing a black coat and an old cap. I couldn’t see his face, but he looked very intimidating, despite his skinny frame. The Hummer just drove over the bodies and banged the cars out of the way. That was the sound I heard.

I had no clue where they were heading but was extremely glad it drove by and didn’t enter the alley. And as quickly as it came into view, it left again.

“Are they on patrol or something?” Joel asked.

“Looks like it,” Ellie responded. “Wait a few moments. We’ll check where they’re heading.”

“That was scary, Joel,” I said, covering my mic with my hand.

Joel just nodded.

“Okay. It’s clear now. You can move on further down the alley and turn left at the end. There’s another main road you’ll have to cross.”

We made good progress, and before we knew it, we were close to Uncle Tyrell’s shop.

“Alright. To your left, there’s a small shed in that garden. The gate and the doors are open. Head in there for a sec,” Ellie instructed.

We entered the shed and closed the door behind us. It was a typical garden shed with gardening tools hanging on the walls and some garden chairs stacked in the corner to be safe for winter.

“Listen, guys,” Adam’s voice came on the phone.

That couldn’t be good. We agreed Ellie would do the talking. And considering we’re about two minutes away from the shop’s personnel entrance, I didn’t want to head back.

“What is it?” Joel asked, clearly worried.

“The big apartment building you need to pass…”

“Yeah… What about it?”

“SHIVR recorded two men entering it about an hour ago. They didn’t come out yet. So there is a slight chance they come out the moment you pass the building.”

“Oh,” was my scared reply. “Isn’t there a way around it?”

“Actually… Not really. Going around it will bring you too close to the highway where the Hummers drive around quite frequently. Or it will take you to a bunch of piled-up cars, which we assume isn’t there because of an accident.”

“You mean people build a barricade?” Joel asked.

“We think so, yeah. So going straight is our best shot. The moment you round the corner, we can’t see you guys. It’s only one block, but you’ll be on your own. After you turn right, when you pass the building, you immediately go left. After a few more yards, we’ll be able to see you again. What do you think? Go on or head back? It’s up to you.”

I looked over at Joel. His face didn’t show too much emotion, but I knew he was scared. So was I. But heading back was also dangerous. We didn’t say anything. We just nodded.

“We’ll move forward. Thanks for the heads-up,” Joel said flatly. “Come on, Mia.”

Joel opened the door, and we walked toward the apartment building. We could stay under the first floor’s balcony, so no one could see us from above. As we reached the entrance, Joel slowed down and looked at me. I gave him another nod, and we softly but swiftly walked past the gate.

We rounded the corner and started crossing the street. Right at the moment, I thought we were safe. But then I heard a voice and froze.

“Hey! Stop, you two!”

We stopped, and Joel glanced worriedly at me. We turned around, and two men walked over to us. Both had a machine gun in front of their chests and tried to look all military. But even to me, it was obvious they were just two wannabes.

“Hello,” Joel said.

“Hello there. It’s nice to see there are more people alive. How are you two?”

“We’re fine, thank you. You?” Joel responded as casually as he could.

I noticed we were slowly crossing the street with these two men following us. We weren’t walking, just taking small steps each time. I knew what Joel wanted to do.

“Stay calm, guys! Keep talking. We’re working on something,” Adam’s voice whispered in our ears.

“All alone out here?” Guy one asked.

He was obviously the brains of these two. The second guy was skinny as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a meth-head. The first guy showed a slight resemblance but was bigger and fatter. He wasn’t fat, just healthier. And older, but didn’t seem too bright either. Both wore camouflage clothing, a white cap with a logo on it with the letters AWA prominently in it.

“Yeah… All alone?” Guy two chipped in.

“No. We’re heading over to our Uncle. He’s waiting for us down the street,” Joel replied, still remarkably calm.

“I think it’s better you guys come with us,” Guy one said, “Don’t you think, Ben?”

“Yeah. I think so too, Curtis,” Ben said.

Well… At least we knew their names now. I was thinking about how we could get out of here. We couldn’t fight them. We probably could handle Ben, but Curtis was too much for the two of us.

“I’m sorry,” Joel said, “But then our Uncle and the people he’s with would be worried. I’m sure you guys have enough troubles as it is without the two of us.”

“Oh no. Not a problem. We’re making sure to gather all survivors in city hall. We’re trying to rebuild some form of a chain of command. We’ve got orders to bring survivors there.”

“Orders? Are you from the army?” I asked innocently.

“Army? You hear that, bro? They think we’re with the army. Ha!” Ben laughed. “No, We’re with the A.W.A. Way better than the army.”

Curtis started laughing, and of course, Ben began to laugh too after that. The resemblance made sense now. They were brothers. I was slowly beginning to panic now as the tension between us grew thicker by the second.

“Well,” Joel said, still annoyingly calm, “I’m afraid we can’t do that. We agreed to meet our Uncle. We’ll come to City Hall with them. How’s that?”
Adam’s soft voice came through the earpiece. “In a few seconds, you’ll hear gunshots. They’re not real, but the moment they start, hide behind the car behind you.”

“Sorry… BOY… Can’t do that. I’m afraid I insist,” Curtis said, gripping his machine gun to emphasize his point.

“Three,” Adam said.

“Sorry, mister,” Joel said, looking straight at him, and I could see the fire in his eyes after Curtis called him boy.


“Listen, you coons!” Curtis shouted with spit flying out of his mouth.

“One!!” Adam said.

What happened next was utterly unexpected. From inside the apartment building, loud gunshots were heard. It was deafening, considering the dead silence outside.

“Help me, Curtis!” a female voice shouted. Weirdly, it sounded very calm and polite, not panicky.

Joel and I didn’t hesitate. We ran behind the car and hid. From under the car, I could see both men step around, obviously not knowing what to do.

“Who is that, Curtis?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know. I think we need to help her. Call for help and follow me! You two! Stay here,” he shouted toward us.

I could see Curtis’s feet running toward the entrance, and Ben followed him. We got up, and I could see Ben fiddling with the radio as he ran behind his brother.

“Eagle’s nest! This is team Echo. We…” was all we heard as he entered the building.

I glanced over at Joel and saw the smile on his face.

“SHIVR found a satellite feed, and we can see you from above now. Now you need to make a run for it. Every hostile in the neighborhood will go toward that building. That gives you two the time to enter the shop. Now GO!!”

We started running, and at each corner or side street, Ellie called the direction we needed to go. We were at the back entrance before we knew it, and Joel already had the keys in his hand.

“Here!” he said, handing me the keys. “Unlock the door, but do not open it yet. I have to double-check the alarm code first.”

I did as Joel said, and he started scrolling through his phone furiously. It took him only seconds, but it felt like hours. I kept looking in all directions, but no one came into view. In the distance, I could still hear the gunshots.

“Go!” Joel said.

I opened the thick, heavy, blast-proof door. Joel ran in and stopped in front of the keypad. I closed the door as softly as I could and locked it behind us. The beeps that were coming from the keypad as Joel disarmed it was like a train going by. This was probably because of the silence around us.

“There!” Joel said and sighed deeply as the beeping had stopped.

“Are they coming after us, Ellie?” I asked.

“No. They are still inside the apartment building. You’re good.”

“Oh my god! That was close! They would’ve never let us go, would they?” I asked no one in particular.

“I don’t think so, no,” Adam said. “We were lucky SHIVR could help us this way.”

“What happened back there?” I asked, really curious about how they saved us.

“SHIVR scanned online and found seven,” Ellie said but was interrupted.

“I’m sorry, Ellie. I used eight,” we heard SHIVR say in the background.

“Sorry. Eight,” Ellie giggled, ”smart speakers. She played gun sounds as loud as possible on them, and on one of them, she let Google Assistant call out for Curtis. We hoped it would lure them away from you guys. And it did, obviously.”

“Oh wow. Thank you, SHIVR,” I said, very impressed.

“You’re welcome, Mia,” was SHIVR’s response.

“Thanks a lot, you guys! You saved our lives,” Joel chipped in, and I could see he was still shaking all over.

“The adrenaline is still shooting through our bodies. That was fucking awesome! Do you think we’re safe here for the night?” I asked.

“The way I see it, you’re better off here than in your home, Mia,” Adam said.

“So we stay here for the night and head toward you guys in the morning, right Adam?” Joel asked.

“That’s the plan, yeah. No rain, mild winds, and no sun tomorrow. I think they’re the ideal circumstances to move around. Just so we’re clear… We can’t see anything inside the shop. The security system your Uncle used is A-grade, so we can’t hack into it. But Ellie and I will keep watch tonight and monitor the surroundings, so you’re still quite safe.”

“So… We’ll hang up and call again in the morning?” I asked, just to make sure we were all on the same page.

“Yeah. That way, your phones can be fully charged again, and you won’t make too much noise by talking to us. We’ll call you if there’s trouble ahead, okay? Maybe one of you can set their phone to auto answer on our number. That way, we can talk and listen, no matter what.”

“Will do. Thanks! So… if nothing bad happens, tomorrow at eight? There’s enough daylight by then, and we’ll have enough time to reach you guys.”

“Tomorrow at eight it is. Good luck and good night,” Ellie said with a bit of a worried voice.

End of Chapter nineteen

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My deepest apologies for another plot-only chapter! There will be more sex in the next stories. I promise! But the plot needed this, so that’s why I did it this way. I hope you guys will forgive me…

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