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Day: April 12, 2021

Smoky Mountains – Chapter 22

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 22 – Happy
Day 5.

It felt terrific guiding Joel upstairs by tugging at his dick. And judging by the way Joel’s erection throbbed in my hand, he didn’t mind too much either. I pulled him into the storage room and closed the door behind us. I turned around and pressed my body against his while I started Frenching my brother pretty hardcore.

“I wanna taste your cum again,” I whispered in his ear while pressing my boobs firmly against his chest.

I heard him swallow audibly, and he just nodded. But his hands moved down my back, and the moment he firmly gripped both my asscheeks, I heard myself moan. His penis was trapped between our bodies, and I felt it was already leaking some precum

Joel stepped back and laid down on the air mattress. The look of anticipation on his face was a big turn-on to me. Apparently, he liked me sucking his dick which was a big plus to me since I wanted his cum down my throat.

I got onto my knees and slowly crept forward like a cat. Joel never took his eyes from me, and his throbbing boner made it clear what he wanted. I gripped his stiff dick at its base and planted a big, sloppy kiss on top of his glans, and slowly lapped my tongue over his piss slit.

“Ohhh…. Mia….” was my brother’s reply.

That was more encouragement than I needed. I slowly slid my lips down over his shaft while keeping my tongue up and around his glans.

“Hmmm… Turn over. I wanna taste you too! OHHH,” Joel managed between his moans.

I’ve seen enough porn to know what Joel meant. So without his dick leaving my mouth, I moved my body around and lifted one knee over his head before settling down. The moment his tongue hit my clit, I couldn’t hold back a moan. That, in turn, caused Joel to moan, which felt amazing on my pussy. I moved a bit more, so I was even more comfortable. I laid down entirely on my brother’s body, but I was sure he didn’t mind. The way I was lying now meant I could fully concentrate on sucking and being eaten out by Joel and not have to worry about staying upright.

I was slowly sucking off my brother, and I could feel him lapping away at my pussy. We both weren’t that focused on making the other person cum. The urgency of earlier was gone and was replaced by a more laid-back type of oralizing the other. With my lips, mouth, and tongue, I was exploring every inch of his dick and slobbering away on it. It fit perfectly in my mouth, and every now and then, a drop of precum triggered my taste buds, which caused a shiver down my spine.

As the moans filled the room, I cupped Joel’s balls and took another good look at them. His sack was still hairless, and as I toyed a bit with them, I noticed how odd they looked. But to Joel, it was more stimulation, which caused him to moan more, which caused me to… You know… I was having a perfect time.

Me cupping his balls caused Joel to start using his fingers too. He started softly caressing my outer lips and occasionally slipped a finger between the fold, rubbing my clit. When his tongue and fingers both stimulated my clit, I felt my pussy contracting lightly. Almost like a tiny orgasm. I’ve never felt anything this good in my whole life. I wanted it to last for days. I knew this was impossible but having oral sex like this without any urgency to finish quickly was definitely my new favorite pastime without any doubt.

Joel’s moans started increasing, and I knew we were getting toward the end of it. I didn’t have any clue on how long we were at it since we started. If I had to guess, we were at it for over half an hour already. I stopped licking and sucking in an attempt to prolong our activities. Judging by the subsiding moans, it was the right call. At that moment, Joel started using his tongue and finger simultaneously again, which caused my orgasm to approach.

“I don’t… AHH… want to… ohhh… cum yet,” I whispered, lifting my head just long enough to say this to Joel.

Joel stopped licking and only rubbed his finger through my folds. I figured Joel’s arousal was back down enough for me to get started again. So my mouth started moving again, and I was treated to a big glob of precum. We kept it up like this for a while longer, each of us getting better and better in reading the other’s signs of an approaching orgasm.

The tension in my body grew bigger and bigger, and I knew we couldn’t keep this up forever. By the time I figured I couldn’t prolong it any longer, I felt Joel’s hips starting to buck, and his balls were moving toward his body again.

“HSSS… Cumm…” Joel moaned.

His tongue started lapping quickly now, and his finger was rubbing the other side of my clit very deliberately. The moment a finger pressed against the entrance of my pussy, I felt the gates open too. I didn’t have the opportunity to warn Joel because the moment I felt my orgasm hit me, spurt after spurt filled my mouth.
It was almost a sensory overload to me. All the action around my pussy gave me probably the most brutal cum ever. This added with my brother’s cum filling my mouth, almost caused me to blackout. My vision went blurry, and at that moment, there were only two things in the entire universe. My contracting pussy and my brother’s spurting cock.

I felt myself go limp but managed to keep Joel’s softening dick inside my mouth and made sure I kept sucking for every last bit of cum I could get out of it. Joel was thinking the same as he was still slurping away slowly.

We kept lying like this for a few more minutes before I reluctantly got up and cuddled up to Joel. He took the sleeping bag, which was already unzipped, and draped it over us like a blanket. We didn’t say anything and just laid there. I never felt this drained and satisfied at the same time in my life. I was happy. That was the only word I could come up with that described my feelings at the moment. Happy.

As I laid there thinking all this, I noticed Joel’s breathing had deepened. He was falling asleep. I felt my eyes grow heavy too, and before I knew it, I was also sleeping.

End of Chapter twenty-two

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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This one is a bit short. Especially compared to the other chapters. But not less fun, right??

Smoky Mountains – Chapter 21

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 21 – Vaccine
Day 5.

“You think they’re safe in there?” Ellie asked with a worried look on her face.

“I really do. The front is secured by a big fence, and the backdoor is blast-proof. The only thing is the surroundings. We can’t see everything, and they’ve only got one exit. That’s my main concern.”

“We’ll take turns looking at the cameras, so we can warn them in time. Right?”

“Right. I do want to talk to you about something, Ellie,” I said.

“What is it?”

“In Uncle Robert’s lab, I found some… medicine I think we should use. It’s experimental, but according to his extensive logs, it’s safe to use. The only experimental bit is that it hasn’t gone through all the medical trials. And it’ll probably never go through these trials, considering the army wants to keep it for itself.”

“Okay. What kind of medicine?” Ellie asked suspiciously.

“There are three types, but I’m thinking of the most relevant one. It’s a vaccine that says it’ll protect us from, and I quote, the unknown threats inside the earth.”


“What do you mean, why?” I asked, not knowing what Ellie meant.

“Why should we take it? We’ll stay down here.”

“Well, for starters. We don’t know what Joel and Mia might carry. If the bugs are still out there for some reason, I guess we’re protected from them. But maybe the side-effects of the vaccine are important right now,” I said calmly.

“What side-effects? Aren’t side-effects bad?”

“Not necessarily, no. A side-effect is just something the vaccine does that wasn’t expected. In this case, there will be heightened hearing and seeing capabilities. I think these are pretty handy when we’re looking at small monitors and poor audio, don’t you?”

“I guess you’re right. I don’t see why not… If you think it’s safe to do,” Ellie shrugged.

“I think it’s safe to do, yes. There’s just one other side-effect we need to discuss first,” I said, blushing a little.

“Oh-oh…” Ellie smiled.

“Yeah… Well… Robert wrote, and I quote again, increased blood flow through the genital area.”

I let that sentence linger for a bit, observing Ellie’s reaction. She didn’t show any sign of disturbance, and slowly a sly smile spread across her face.

“We’ll get horny,” she giggled.

“That’s one way to put it,” I chuckled myself, “But, yeah. I’ll get hard, and we’ll get horny. It’s a bit similar to Viagra, I guess.”

“Considering the things we’ve done already, I don’t mind. We’ll just masturbate a few times. The only difference is we’ll probably end up doing it in here instead of the bedroom.”

“I think about it the same way, Ellie. But I don’t want you to think I tricked you into doing something.”

“Don’t be silly! I groped you first, remember?” she smiled.

“Then it’s settled. I’ll prepare the shots.”

“Can you first help me with moving the couch in here? We need to settle in here for tonight and tomorrow, so the sooner, the better.”

“Good plan! One of us can sleep on the couch, as the other keeps watch.”

“That’s what I was thinking too. It’ll be cramped, but we can still keep both desk chairs and eat on the couch or behind the panel,” Ellie said thoughtfully.

We made sure every obstacle was out of the way before we lifted the couch. It wasn’t that heavy to me, but I figured that it was a lot to handle for a thirteen-year-old girl. We had to pause only once, and we didn’t scratch anything, so I complimented Ellie on how well she did. After I lifted the chairs over the couch, we agreed this could work. It was indeed a bit crowded inside the room, but it would undoubtedly work this way.

I went over to the lab to retrieve the vaccines. I prepared them, put them on a tray, and walked back to the control room.

“Ready?” I asked Ellie. “You look a little nervous.”

“I’m ready. I’m just not too fond of needles. That’s all. Just get it over with, okay?”

“Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing. I don’t have to shoot it into a vein, just your arm muscle.”

I gripped her upper arm and made sure I got it right the first time. It has been a while, but shooting this stuff is the easiest to do, so I was confident I’d get it right.

“There. That’s all. You’re done.”

“Oh? That was quick! I hardly felt anything,” Ellie said, smiling.

“Told you. Can you do me? I’ll talk you through it.”

I could easily shoot it in my leg muscle. Still, I wanted to give Ellie some confidence and teach her how to do this if, for whatever reason, I couldn’t do this anymore. I talked her through it, and before we knew it, it was done.

“Thanks, Ellie. I’ll check if I can fix the Flux Capacitor before they get here. I don’t think I will, but I have to try, you know?”

“I get it. You do that. I’ll make sure we’re looking at the right cameras,” Ellie said as she started pressing all sorts of buttons on the control panel.

I started working on the Flux Capacitor. I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I decided to disassemble it thoroughly and then put it back together. That way, I had the biggest chance of figuring out which part was broken.

After about an hour or two, I realized I was getting a boner. This wasn’t unexpected, of course, considering the shot we had. But it was getting a bit uncomfortable. I tried ignoring it, but when I felt a drop of precum oozing out, I couldn’t hide from myself any longer that I indeed was getting horny as hell.

Not realizing how clouded my judgment was at that moment, I figured I needed to check on Ellie to see if she was okay. I didn’t hesitate and went over to the control room. When I approached it, I heard soft moans coming through the open door. At that moment, I was genuinely concerned and thought something was wrong with Ellie.

I entered the control room and immediately realized there wasn’t anything wrong with Ellie and that I shouldn’t have entered. Ellie’s panties were on the floor next to her chair. Ellie was in the chair, and her feet were planted apart on the control table. One of her hands was between her legs, and the other was pinching her nipple through her tank top. Her head was back against the top of the chair, looking at the ceiling. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open with soft moans coming from it every few seconds.

If I wasn’t already horny from the shot, this definitely would’ve got my engine going. As I stood there, looking at one of the most erotic things I ever saw in my life, Ellie opened her eyes. I expected her to be shocked seeing me, but she just smiled at me and continued fingering herself. Her eyes drifted down my body toward my tented boxers.

“Ohhh… Why don’t you join me?” she moaned, her hand moving faster.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I quickly dropped my boxers and sat down next to my niece on the desk chair. This chair didn’t have armrests, which made it easier to jerk while sitting back and relax.

I glanced over at Ellie and saw her eyeing my dick. She licked her lips and started using both hands near her pussy. The squishy sounds coming from between her legs were both vulgar and exciting at the same time. I didn’t waste any time and started jerking furiously while looking between Ellie’s legs. I never felt the sensations in my dick I was feeling now. I’ve done drugs a few times before in my life, including once or twice during sex back in the days. But I never felt anything like this. Just touching my dick made me feel like I almost came.

“OHHH!!! Yeahhhh….” Ellie moaned, and her whole body stiffened.

I kept on stroking, checking out the young girl’s orgasm as I felt my balls move inside my sack. Ellie only stopped moving her hand for a brief period before she went at it again.

“Ohh… This is amazing,” she moaned.

With one hand, she reached out and started toying with my balls. I just kept on stroking, wanting to cum badly. I was so horny, I didn’t care if I sprayed all over the control panel or Ellie. As long as I came. I had to come. It was so close but still so far away.

“Ellie…. I’m so… Ahhh…” I moaned, lost for words.

“I know. Just keep going. I want to see you shoot, Uncle Adam. Shoot for me!” Ellie groaned with the squishy sounds from her actions in the background.

The familiar tingly feeling I get before coming didn’t start in my balls this time. I felt it growing in my spine, moving down to my anus and then going straight to my dick.

“Here it comes, Ellie! I’m co… AHHH!” I kept jerking as spurt after spurt left my dick.

I came in a way I never thought was possible. During a regular orgasm, my balls contracted, and my dick spasmed as my sperm flew out. This time, however, my entire body spasmed. It was like my spine contracted and expanded. My toes curled up to a point it hurt. But the most intense experience was mental. It’s best described as when Neo exited the Matrix. My brain turned inwards, went down my spine, and floated out through my dick where I saw myself cumming.

During my orgasm, Ellie’s hand was still firmly around my balls, and in the middle of it, she suddenly gripped them a bit firmer. After I was back inside my body, I glanced over and saw her whole body stiffen again, and her eyes were crossed. She already came again.

I said there, covered in my cum and feeling the last drips oozing out of my dick, as Ellie got her focus back. She smiled at me, still horny, and licked her lips.

“I never felt like this before,” she whispered as her hand started moving again.

I wanted to say something, but I realized my dick didn’t soften at all. In fact, I was still feeling as horny as before I started jacking myself. So I slowly started sliding my fist up and down on my rock-hard pole again.

“This IS amazing, Ellie. Oh my god, I’m still…” I moaned as I started to get into the rhythm again.

“My fingers aren’t enough,” I heard Ellie whisper.

I glanced over, not missing a beat, and saw Ellie taking off her top. She threw it on the floor and moved over, extending her hand to grip my boner. I figured she would jerk it, but what she did next surprised me big time.

She straddled my waist, pointing my dick toward her pussy. She started rubbing my glans up and down in her slit, causing both of us to moan loudly.

“Ellie… I…” I half-heartedly started.

But the moment she started lowering herself on my dick, I was silenced. I fucked a few girls in my life, but her tight pussy, combined with the feelings the vaccine gave us, I was unable to resist. I had to let her do this.

“Oh, yeah! This is way better than my fingers… A little bigger than my mom’s dildo,” Ellie smiled as she kept impaling herself on me.

The moment I was balls-deep inside my niece, she ground her clit against my pubic bone. I looked her in the eyes, and she looked back at me with a look that can only be described as ‘too horny.’ She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on my mouth. When we kissed, she started raising herself a bit, only to slide down a few moments later.

“Oh, you’re big,” she moaned, openly fucking me now.

I felt the sperm between our bodies as she pressed her boobs against my chest. My hands gripped her ass, and I massaged her cheeks as she was riding me like a pro.

“Oh, Ellie… OHHH… This is…” I managed between moans.

“AHHH… Uncle Adam… I’m Cu….” Ellie managed as I felt her pussy contracting sharply around my dick.

Ellie kissed me firmly on my mouth again and held perfectly still during her orgasm. But the moment the contractions subsided, she lifted herself again. Before I knew it, we were fucking again. It wasn’t a romantic fuck. Not by a longshot. We were both only working toward our own orgasms. I did like it a lot, though. I wasn’t sure if this was because of the vaccine or because I liked fucking thirteen-year-old girls, but I was having the time of my life.

I was getting that tingling feeling in my spine again. But this time, it kept lingering there, not going down toward the rest of my body. My hands were still kneading Ellie’s ass, and I accidentally rubbed my finger over her anus.

“OH!!! YESSS!!!” she practically screamed the moment I did this.

Her body stiffened once more, and her pussy was contracting again. I decided to add another level to it for her and deliberately rubbed my finger over her anus. The contractions were more potent, and after they went down a bit, I felt her body go limp against me. Luckily this lasted only a few seconds because I was starting to worry there was something wrong with her. But she started grinding her clit against me again. And after my dick started sliding in and out again, that worry was gone immediately.

“Cum inside me,” she whispered into my ear. “I want to feel your cock spurt inside my pussy.”

Usually, I wasn’t that into horny talking during sex. But hearing her whisper these things in my ear was enough for me to start slamming myself into her. Ellie pressed her body against mine and was licking my ear. All the time, my hips were slamming my dick deep into her pussy.

“Yesss… Yesss… Yesss…” Ellie urged me on.

“OHH! AHHHHH! It’s… AHHHHHH!!!!!” I moaned as I felt my balls contract and my sperm flying into my thirteen-year-old niece’s pussy.

“OHH!! I can feel…” Ellie said and came hard again.

We sat there on the chair as my sperm started leaking out of Ellies pussy and coating my balls. We were panting heavily, and Ellie’s pussy was still gripping my dick firmly every now and then. I expected my dick to grow soft by now, but it was still as rigid as when we started. Ellie noticed too, and started moving up and down again. I was feeling absolutely no remorse or guilt as we sat there. Ellie began to French me as she lazily moved up and down on my dick.

“Let’s get on the couch. I wanna be on top,” I hoarsely said.

Ellie got off, and I noticed my sperm leaking out of her pussy. She didn’t seem to care and laid down on the couch, spreading her legs widely. We fucked like that for a while. Ellie came twice as we did this but wanted to be on top again. I don’t know how long we fucked this time, but after I came for the third time, my dick finally went soft. This time we came together, and it seemed that Ellie’s lust was finally satisfied too.

Ellie climbed off my dick and cuddled up next to me, feeling all sticky. Her hand immediately went to my dick, and she started petting it.

“Is sex always this good?” she asked.

“It usually is good. But honestly, this was exceptional! I’ve never had sex like this, Ellie,” I smiled while stroking her hair.

“Was it because of the shot?”

“Probably, yeah,” I honestly replied.

“I never thought we’d fuck. I didn’t think you’d let me. But now that we did, I’m SO glad we did. Is it weird I want to fuck my own Uncle?”

“I can’t answer that,” I giggled. “I want to fuck my own niece. So I’m biased, don’t you think?”

“I do feel satisfied now,” Ellie said.

“I can imagine! You’ve had what? Six orgasms in a row?” I chuckled.

“Twelve. Or thirteen. Not quite sure,” Ellie said as she toyed with my balls.

“I really hate girls…”

“You didn’t do too bad either, did you?”

“No. But thirteen! Wow!”

“It’s not all glitter and glamour, you know?” Ellie laughed. “I do feel a bit sore and worn-out down there.”

“We need to clean up and watch the monitors. If our vision is as much improved as our sex, we probably won’t need a monitor,” I smiled.

“I’ll hop in the shower quickly,” Ellie said, and she kissed me on my mouth. “I really hope we can do this again!”

After this, she got up and walked out of the control room. Her ass looked magnificent, and I almost got hard again for looking at her.

After we both showered and ate dinner in the control room, we settled in for the night. Ellie would take the first turn and would wake me at around three. Thankfully, sleep came quickly, and before I knew it, I was awakened by Ellie gently rubbing my cheek.

I looked at the monitors intensely and realized it was getting light outside. It was almost 6:30, the usual time for sunrise. But the moment SHIVR started talking, I felt goosebumps all over my body.

“Adam, I notice two of the five cellphone towers in the designated area going offline. Correction. Three of five.”

“Can you see why they’re going down, SHIVR?” I asked worriedly and noticing Ellie was waking up.

“As far as I can tell, the power to these towers is cut. Everything else in the neighborhood is still online.”

“Why would they do that?” I heard Ellie asked beside me.

“I’m not sure, Ellie,” SHIVR responded. “I assume they only want to communicate over the radio.”

“Are Joel and Mia in the affected area, SHIVR?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes,” was SHIVR’s emotionless reply.

End of Chapter twenty-one

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All rights reserved

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