A couple of days ago, I announced a new author posting his work on this site. The author is Levi Holland, and as you can see in the menu, Levi has his own place.

Right now, the only story is ‘A Dream of Darkness‘ and I’m positive you’ll enjoy it! Welcome to the club, Levi. Let’s hope it’ll be a long and prosperous relationship with the readers and me 🙂

As usual, the link to him is in the menu. As time progresses and he sends me more of his stories (he’s a bit busy in his personal life at the moment), the menu will automatically expand.

I’m really thrilled to be able to publish his work! If you’ve got questions, comments or anything, just ask me in the regular ways. You can also mail him directly at leviholland@protonmail.com.

His own place can be found here

Direct link to the new story ‘A Dream of Darkness’

Direct link to the new story ‘The Side Hustle’

Stay tuned for more!