Levi Holland
A part of the Flash Fiction Series


Before I met Evan, there was a neighborhood boy whose name was Allen. Allen was a year older, and when I first moved to the neighborhood, I idolized him because I thought he was the coolest kid around with his long blond skater hair. He and I used to ride bikes a lot, but one day his mom heard me using bad language from a joke I learned from my older sister, and then bam. I was labeled the trouble kid all of a sudden. No more Allen. I was too young to know what being ghosted meant, but that’s exactly what happened.

Luckily for me, there were plenty of other kids in the neighborhood, and during my post-Allen period was when I met Evan. Compared to him, I was now the older one, and Evan heeled at my side like a little puppy dog. That suited me fine, since it made me feel all important. And honestly, I was still burning from being rejected by Allen and his family.

Evan had one of those floppy heads of curly blonde hair, big pink lips, and a round, squished nose and face. He was tall for a fourth grader, or maybe I was short for a 5th grader, but either way I only had him by an inch or two.

We didn’t have much by way of technology to keep us interested back in the day, so most of the time we were outside playing catch, exploring the woods, or dreaming up anything to cure our boredom. Across from Evan’s house was a recently demolished lot, which became the neighborhood’s perfect place for a pickup game of baseball. One of the times I was playing outfield, the ball got rocked to the far side of the lot, and as I went to chase it down, I wound up beside a thick patch of weeds and a drainage pipe I’d never noticed before. The pipe was super narrow but large enough to crawl through if I hunched down. It looked like it might have ran all the way across the street. Much further in, a thin shaft of light punched through the darkness. I grabbed the ball when the others yelled for me to hurry up, but I determined to find out more about the pipe later on.

After the game, I showed Evan the pipe, expecting him to be as fascinated with it as I was.

“Oh that? Yeah, the other side goes to my yard.”

“And I’m just now hearing about this? Have you ever gone inside?”

“Loads of times,” he said. “Watch.”

And just like that, he crouched down and slipped inside, vanishing entirely inside the dark tunnel. My voice echoed when I called his name.

“What’s that light?” I asked.

“Come on,” he said. “I’ll show you.”

Loose stones and rubble filled the inside of the pipe, and I worried I might roll my ankle. By the time we made it beneath the street, my back ached, begging me to stand for some relief. It wasn’t until we reached a concrete runoff drain on the other side that I could stand to my full height. That’s what the light had been from. Through the patches of grass blocking most of the opening, I could just make out the wheels of a car as it drove above us. Down here, we were invisible.

Evan started peeing. His stream splattered off the stones before pooling in the corner. He turned around to face me before he zipped up, and it took me a second to realize why his dick looked so strange until he rolled some skin back over the tip.

“What’s wrong with your thing?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

I pulled down the front of my shorts to show him without an ounce of shame. My penis was cut, although I didn’t know it then. I thought all boys’ penises were born the same.

“Oh yeah…” he said curiously but shrugged. “Doesn’t feel like anything’s wrong.”

He then inched forward and booped our dicks together, kind of like I did to my dog’s nose with my finger. I giggled as the two of us grew hard, still mesmerized by the way his extra skin scrunched together. Unfortunately, we couldn’t play long. The sun was setting, and I knew I had to get home for dinner, but Evan made me promise not to reveal his hiding spot to anyone. Duh. Why would I want to do that?

A few days later, we were back in the tunnel, and it didn’t take long before we booped the ends of our penises again. The way mine squished against his skin made little shivers crawl all over my back.

“Let’s go to my room,” Evan suggested. “I’ll show you something even cooler.”

Immensely curious how something could be cooler than that, I raised my waistband, and we crawled out the other side of the drainage pipe. Evan’s younger brother was hanging out on the swing set, and we said hello to his mom on our way to his bedroom.

Evan dug around inside his closet before pulling out what looked like a snowglobe with a power cord, but there was nothing inside other than a silver ball suspended in the middle. After locking his door, Evan plugged it up, flipped a switch, and immediately little bolts of lightning erupted from the silver ball. They arced and curled in strings of purple lightning. Why Evan had something like that in his closet to begin with, I would never know.

“Watch this,” he said, as he placed his hand against the glass. At once, the lightning bolts leapt to his palm.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Nah, come here,” he said, and when I did, he grabbed my arm and zapped me. He was right. It didn’t hurt at all—just sort of tingled where his hand touched my arm.

“Dare you to let me try it on your thing,” he giggled.

Even though I hadn’t been hurt by the shock, there was no way I was going to let him electrocute my dick, so instead I turned it back around and said, “You first!”

Evan shrugged and let go of the globe before unzipping his shorts. I understood now why he locked the door. His boner sprang up, and I could see it a lot better than I could in the drainage space. Dropping to my knees, I placed a hand on the globe, feeling nothing as the electricity jumped to my hand.

Evan stuck his hips out while I inched my finger towards his thin boner. This was the first time I was about to touch another boy’s dick, and even though it wasn’t really sexual, I couldn’t help but be hard. The moment my finger squished against his extra skin, he yelped and jumped back before laughing. He didn’t seem like he was too bothered by getting zapped there. He let me do it a couple more times until we grew bored, and Evan asked if I wanted to swim in his above ground pool.

When I said yes, Evan rolled on his back and completely shucked his shorts and underwear. His boner stuck up over a set of marble-shaped balls that were still tight in their sack. With only his t-shirt as cover, he unlocked his door, and I followed him back into the kitchen. My jaw nearly dropped as Evan toyed with his boner while asking his mom if we could swim. There was no way she didn’t see him doing that, but maybe she just thought it was boys being boys. After all, we were still little kids.

Back in his room, Evan offered me a pair of his trunks. They fit snug and the lining rode up on my crotch, but at least I had something to wear. Fearing she would overhear my conversation, I lowered my voice and said, “I can’t believe you grabbed your boner in front of your mom.”

Evan didn’t even look up as he bent over in search for a second pair of swim trunks. As he did, his shirt hugged his bare ass cheeks, and I could see the groove.

“Eh, she sees it hard all the time, especially in the bath.”

I would have been mortified if my mom ever saw me me with a boner. The strangeness of Evan’s mom giving him baths at ten didn’t even cross my mind. Different times, I guess.

Once we were in the pool, we played marco polo, which quickly devolved into wrestling and tackling each other into the water. Each time Evan climbed on my back, his stiff rod poked against me. Several times, he latched his hands and feet around my body and ground his boner into my back, humping me slowly. My own boner kept scraping uncomfortably against the netting inside my suit.

When Evan’s mom called us in for snacks, I wanted to stay in the water because I was still hard.

“Dude, I can’t,” I told him. “I’m still hard.”

“Don’t be such a baby,” he said, flicking his own obvious boner through his dripping swim suit.

I think my face invented a new shade of red as I climbed the ladder and dripped all the way inside. We didn’t bring any towels to cover myself with, so just before going inside, I stuck my hands inside the swim suit and angled my boner towards my stomach. With how small the suit was on me, the head of my dick stuck out past the waistband. No matter what I did, anyone could tell I was hard as a rock. I knew Evan’s younger brother saw my penis, because he pointed and laughed, and horrified, I dashed back inside Evan’s room where I could get my proper clothes back on.

That night, I spent the night at Evan’s. Since I was an only child, my parents were probably ecstatic to have a night to themselves. After settling down and brushing our teeth, the two of us crawled on top of his twin bed together while his mom and dad came in to give him a goodnight kiss. It was a little odd to me how soon we were going to bed. When I peeked out of his window, there was still some light left in the sky.

“Do not stay up late,” his mom said, pointing her finger. “You have ball practice in the morning. Conner, I’m counting on you, too.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, having long ago made a promise not to ruin another friendship from something I did.

They closed the door behind them, and after Evan and I talked about nothing for a few minutes, he reached both hands down and flopped like a fish before turning on his back. I wasn’t sure what he was doing until he started humping against the mattress like he had done against my back while we were in the pool.

“Put your hand on my butt,” he said.

I did, and as my hand folded around the soft globe of his ass cheek, I found it exciting how his butt muscles tensed and rippled under my palm. A couple times I even gave his cheek a gentle squeeze.

“Yeah, that’s good, too,” he grunted.

Evan started breathing real heavy, and I worried his parents would hear the sharp squeaking of his bedframe. I could only imagine the world-shattering consequences that would happen if his parents barged in on Evan humping the mattress under the guidance of my hand on his ass. I was just about to tell him we should stop, when Evan’s butt muscles clenched up real tight. His eyes squinted shut, and he shook as he whispered, “Oh, yeah…” before relaxing against the mattress. Before I could even ask what happened, Evan conked out and started snoring.

I tossed and turned. It was way too early for me to sleep, but all I could do was lay there bored. It honestly never crossed my mind to try what Evan had. After all, I didn’t even know what it was that I was supposed to be trying. Eventually I fell asleep, and it felt like only seconds before we were being woken up by his mom so Evan could get ready for practice.

After that night, we tried again a few times to spend the night at each other’s houses, but something always came up, and to my utter despair, I found out Evan was moving at the end of the month. On our last day together, we were back in the drainage pipe, in our shared secret spot, and Evan wanted me to give his dick a goodbye kiss. I still remember the feeling of his extra skin squishing against my lips and how it peeled back as he wiggled the tip inside my mouth. I didn’t have any sense to rub my tongue along his penis like I think he wanted me to. In many ways, even though I was his senior, Evan was far more sex-wise about a lot of things. To this day, I always wondered where he learned it all from.

Later that summer, I tried duplicating what I remembered Evan doing in his bed. I think I was lonely and looking for a way to reconnect with my lost friend. At first nothing special happened, and it was honestly uncomfortable. I didn’t have the rhythm down yet. But as I shifted my hips and spread my legs out, a tingling happened in my penis. It was like an itch I had to scratch, and it felt better and better the more I humped. I tried reaching my hands around to grab my butt cheeks like I’d done for him, but all that did for me was suffocate my face in my own pillow.

I stopped and continued grinding against the mattress. The itchiness turned into a feeling like having to pee, but I didn’t think I would. I’d just used the bathroom before bed, and so I kept going and going until finally my penis tickled like crazy.

Despite using the bathroom, I felt like I’d squirted out some pee anyway, and the mattress was a little wet as I reached a hand down. I took my shirt and tried to rub the wetness away, hoping it would be better by morning. As next year rolled around, I learned from my middle school friends about masturbation and ejaculation and connected the dots about the grinding I’d been doing at night against my mattress. At first, the wetness I was making went away on its own, but I stopped after an embarrassing conversation with my mom about stains.

Fast forward to a few years ago, where I was on a cruise with my wife. There was a boy whose resemblance to Evan was pretty uncanny. Like the way a specific smell can take you back to your childhood, seeing this kid flooded my brain with memories of Evan.

I took a chance and tried searching for him to see if I could find him on social media anywhere. It was a little tough, because obviously Evan would have changed a lot since ten years old, but I was pretty sure I found him. The floppy blond curls I remember were trimmed short, and his round face and nose had lengthened with adolescence and adulthood. He still had that same playful smile, though—the one that said, I know something you don’t. From what I could tell, he was happily married with a husband and two adopted girls. In the end, I never sent out a friend request. Sometimes I consider it, but it’s probably best to let the past stay in the past. Recreating the moment through something like this is good enough, and honestly, I’m just happy Evan found someone to share his life with.

The End

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