Hi guys,

Today, my friend Levi Holland published the first chapter of his novel-sized story called Boarding School Blues . It’s a fantastic story with a bit of a Harry Potter vibe but in a good way. And let’s be honest, Mrs. Rowling ruined all new boarding school stories because there will always be such a vibe over it.

Levi really did an excellent job here! Don’t expect a stroke story, but character development and a decent story arc. If you’re up to that (otherwise, why are you here 😉), then you’ll have a blast reading it!

The separate chapters will be published roughly two days apart. I had to automate this because I will be swamped in the coming weeks and probably won’t have very much time to update the site.

So, enjoy the story, and don’t forget to like or comment on it! I know I say this every time, but your comments help us evolve as writers and give us the appreciation to continue.