In the Deep End

In the Deep End – Part one

When Janice’s older sister Barb asked her to come watch her kids for two weeks, she was happy to arrange things so that she could do so. New York was miserable this time of year and San Diego was always gorgeous. Besides, it had been nearly two years since she’d seen her niece and nephew and they had always been sweet kids.

Janice worked as a graphic artist, but she was freelance and could work pretty much anywhere. The only thing that kept her in New York was the city itself, and her girlfriend, but having a break from both would be a nice change of pace. Not that she and Alex were having any problems, but every couple could use a break from time to time, or so she believed.

She was able to wrap up things in New York quickly and two days later she was on a plane. This wasn’t a planned vacation on Barb’s part. Her husband, Ray, got sent to St. Bart’s on business and he found he would have some unexpected downtime and thought she should come out to be with him. Although it was the height of summer and the kids were out of school, mom and dad thought a private vacation was just what they needed and Janice was happy to help.

She was met at the airport by her sister, but wouldn’t have recognized the kids if Barb hadn’t been with them. Janice and Barbara both had the light coloring of their mother, and Ray was also a blond, so the kids had always been light complected and fair. They’d grown so much since she last saw them that she could hardly believe it.

Although perhaps a bit small for his age, her nephew Logan was now thirteen and was clearly going to be a beautiful young man, with his bright green eyes, delicate features and sensual mouth. Not quite five feet, he was as thin and graceful as his sister Emily, who at eleven was almost as tall as he was. In fact, they looked more like twins than siblings with two years between them. The kids had nearly identical hair styles, wavy strands which just brushed their shoulders. Janice wondered if that was somehow intentional. In fact, if it weren’t for the little bumps just visible on her niece’s chest, and the lack of such on Logan, she might have wondered if they were the same sex, although if that would have been male or female she wasn’t sure. She supposed there was a soft masculinity to Logan’s face that was absent in Emily’s.

Barb didn’t look like she’d aged a single day, and she wondered how she was holding up herself. She was three years younger than her sister, and at thirty-one she worked hard to keep herself in good shape. Each of the sisters shared a slim, slightly athletic figure, with smallish breasts and hips and smoothly rounded behinds. However, where Janice preferred t-shirts and jeans whenever she could get away with it, Barb had taken to her husband’s lifestyle and usually sported little cocktail dresses or something sharp and business-like, looking like some female CEO. Today she was wearing a beautiful little skirt and a blouse with just a hint of tasteful jewelry. Logan was dressed in those baggy shorts all boys seemed to wear these days, with a t-shirt advertising what she thought was a video game underneath an unbuttoned short-sleeve plaid shirt. Emily was wearing a cute little sundress, just tight enough across the bodice to show off her tiny new breasts. In fact, the whole family looked like they’d just stepped out of a print ad for something beachy and expensive.

After the hugs and greetings, Janice held each child out at arm’s length, making a point of exclaiming just how much they’d grown and asking her sister what she was feeding them. After collecting her luggage they made their way out to the car for the hour and a half drive to her sister’s house. They’d moved since she lasted visited, so she got a tour of the house, each child insisting on showing off their rooms and the other major area of interest, that being the pool. Then it was time to clean up and head out to dinner. Barb would be picked up by a service at five in the morning in order to make her flight, so after sitting up just a short while to visit after the kids had gone to bed, the adults also headed off for the night.

Janice turned over to grab her phone when the alarm went off the next morning, but she reached to the wrong side of the bed, having momentarily forgotten where she was. Janice was usually an early-riser in any case, as she liked to get a good start on the day, but she was feeling the jet lag this morning and would have likely stayed under the covers if she hadn’t agreed with Barb that the fewer interruptions in the kids’ schedule the better, so she needed to get up and make them breakfast.

She’d slept in the nude, as was her habit, so she took a moment after a quick visit to the bathroom to pull on a t-shirt and some panties and cotton leggings. She took a moment to orient herself in the hallway and then headed to the stairs which would lead down to the kitchen. She didn’t hear anything from either kid’s room as she passed.

Janice had to admit her sister’s home was beautiful. And so much space! This much room in New York would have cost a fortune. Of course, looking around she imagined it must have cost a fortune anyway. The kitchen was clean and bright and modern. A couple of minutes hunting around and she had everything she needed to start breakfast.

She had just finished cooking, buttering the last slice of toast and putting it on the table with plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, and pitchers of orange juice and milk, when the Keurig informed her that her coffee was ready. A bit of milk and sweetener and she sank gratefully into a chair at the small breakfast table.

Only a couple of minutes later Janice heard footsteps on the hardwood floors in the living room and then Emily’s girlish voice asking, “Is that bacon?”

The girl came into the kitchen, and that’s when Janice got her first surprise of the day. It wouldn’t be the last. Emily was a skinny little thing. Well, not precisely skinny, but certainly slender. She had what Janice knew would be the same slim, athletic build that she and her mother shared. Her bare legs seemed impossibly long, aided in large part by the fact that her little girl panties rode so high on her thin hips.

The girl’s panties seemed tiny, a little pink triangle that barely covered her small mound. To the side, near the waistband was a tiny round-headed figure licking a lollipop and winking. Below it was written, ‘Eye Candy’. Janice was shocked. She could see the girl’s vulva clearly through the thin material. She was a bit alarmed as she felt a tingle race through her at the sight. Yes, she was a lesbian, but she’d never been attracted to a young girl before. Especially her own niece. It wasn’t just the panties either. Up top Emily was wearing a too-small, spaghetti strapped tee, which left nothing to the imagination, especially when she bent over to hug her aunt and Janice was able to see her little tits plainly. Not that she had all that much to see, the girl’s tiny breasts being about the size of a half-lemon, more of a swelling topped with little brown boyish nipples than actual boobs.

Janice patted her niece uncomfortably on the back, unsure how to respond and baffled by her own response. “Did you sleep well?” she finally asked, at a loss of what to say.

“Yeah,” Emily smiled. “It’s gonna be so cool having you here,” she said. Then she glanced around for a moment and turned to go to a cupboard. It took many long moments for Janice to realize that the girl had gone to grab a glass, which she’d forgotten to put on the table. The reason for the delay in making the connection was the discovery that the girl’s little panties were in fact a thong. Did they even make thongs for such little girls? Apparently they did. Janice didn’t want to look, but her niece’s pert little ass was magnetic. She was barely able to shake herself out of it and she was staring fixedly down at her cup of coffee by the time the girl turned and came back to the table, where she poured herself a glass of milk and sat down across from her.

Emily began to talk about possible plans for the day, but Janice found it very difficult to listen. She was trying not to stare at the little girl’s breasts through the thin tee. Apparently the kitchen was a bit cool, because her tiny nipples were poking against the material. Of course, the girl was practically naked, so of course she’d be cool. That was when Logan joined them.

The boy stumbled sleepily into the kitchen, his eyes slits against the brightness through the window. He was absently scratching his belly and yawning. The boy was dressed only in a pair of powder blue briefs, and not the type of briefs Janice would have expected, thick cotton with the traditional Y front, but instead a thin, clingy cotton which hugged his hips and had no opening in the front. Which was probably a good thing, because his erection would have surely managed to escape otherwise.

Emily snorted with amusement into her milk, her eyes locked on her brother’s straining erection. Janice saw the girl glance at her from the corner of her eye to see if she’d noticed, and she was unable to pull her eyes away quickly enough to pretend she hadn’t. The boy didn’t have an adult-sized penis in his briefs, but it was bigger than she’d have imagined, if she’d have tried to imagine it, which she wouldn’t have. The thin tube of flesh was poking out at what she estimated was about a sixty degree angle, and she could clearly see the outline of the boy’s glans through the thin cloth, as it was wider around than the shaft. She could even see a little indent where the pee hole would be.

Realizing that she was staring, Janice tore her eyes away. She instead caught Emily’s bright green eyes, which were dancing with merriment and mischief. “He gets like that all the time,” she confided in a softer voice which wasn’t actually supposed to be hidden from her brother. Logan snorted dismissively and went to get his own glass. Janice realized her eyes were following yet another pert little bottom across the room. At least this one wasn’t bare.

Janice wasn’t sure if it was the early morning sun shining through the window, or the coffee, or something else, but she suddenly felt overly warm. Logan returned with a glass and stood at the table pouring a glass of orange juice, seemingly totally oblivious to his erection, or simply not caring. Janice studiously ignored it until he sat between the two females, but she could still see it poking up in his lap as he grunted what sounded like a greeting and began to load his plate with food.

Janice had very little experience with penises. She’d had a couple of experiences in high school, losing her virginity when she was a junior. It was a disaster and she hadn’t tried again until college. It didn’t go any better the second time and she finally accepted what she’d known all along, that she liked girls. Women, she was quick to correct herself in her mind with a glance at her niece.

Men were just so… brutish. With their hairy bodies and thick, aggressive cocks. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Logan’s young penis was as stiff as ever. She wondered if the thing ever went down. She was sure she’d heard somewhere about the stamina of young men. She supposed that went for young boys as well. She also realized that a small, dime-sized area of wetness had appeared where the head of his dick was pressing and thought back to her middle school health classes to realize it was the male equivalent of a girl’s pussy getting wet with excitement. Did that mean the boy was excited, or was this just normal? She also knew anecdotal stories about ‘morning wood’ and ‘piss hardons’. She wasn’t sure if this fell into one of those categories.

Janice found herself wondering what it would look like, her nephew’s penis. How big was that? About four inches perhaps? Five? What did five inches of penis look like? She had a vague memory of the boy she lost her virginity to proudly proclaiming to have six inches. His was much bigger than Logan’s, wasn’t it? Did he have any hair down there? There was certainly none on his body. She’d seen him scratching an armpit at the table and there was no hair there. None on his chest or stomach. He didn’t even have that ridiculous little mustache some boys got when they started going through puberty. In fact, she imagine that if she were to put Logan next to Emily and stripped them both naked, covering only their chest areas and groins that it would be almost impossible to tell boy from girl. The thought of a boy that was so much like a girl was somehow… intriguing.

Finished shoveling food into his mouth for the moment, Logan finally spoke, saying, “Hi, Aunt Janice. Thanks for breakfast. It’s really good.”

“He lives,” Emily teased, earning herself a scowl from her older brother. Glancing away, she said, sotto voce, “Well, we already knew part of him lived.”

“Shut up,” Logan said, finally blushing a little bit. He turned a quick glance at his aunt before turning to his sister and saying, “Mom says it’s normal.”

Janice saw Logan’s left hand creep into his lap, to cover himself she thought, but then she realized he was just squeezing the lump there.

“It’s like that practically all the time,” Emily confided again, as if to make sure her aunt hadn’t missed it the first time.

“Em,” Logan warned, stretching out the syllable and glancing nervously at his aunt.

Apparently done with the subject, Emily looked to her aunt and said, “Mom says you’re a lesbian.”

Startled, Janice replied, “Uh… yeah. Yes. That’s true, Emily.”

“See?” Emily said, as if she’d just won some sort of argument. “She doesn’t even care about what you have down there.”

While Logan sputtered, Emily said, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Uh… yes, I do,” Janice replied. “Her name is Alex.”

“That’s a boy’s name,” Logan pointed out helpfully.

“Why didn’t she come with you?” the girl asked.

“Well, she has to work,” she said to Emily, and then to Logan, “It’s short for Alexandra.”

“What does she do?” Emily asked.

“She’s an attorney,” Janice told her.

“That’s cool,” Emily replied. “Like my dad.” Before she could answer, Emily continued. “Did you ever have a boyfriend?”

Reeling from the rapid-fire questions, Janice replied, “A couple. When I was younger.”

“Did you have sex with them?” the girl asked.

“Well, that’s really none of your business,” Janice said, surprised.

“How do girls have sex together?”

“Well, that’s really none of your business,” Janice said.

Logan was watching this back and forth with interest, and Janice noticed that the wet spot at the tip of his penis had grown larger. He was clutching his erection tightly, and she was sure he even jacked it a couple of times. It was time to get out of here before things got even more weird.

“Well, I cooked, so I’m going to leave it to you guys to clean up, alright?” Janice said, standing.

“What are we gonna do then?” Emily asked, standing herself. Janice couldn’t help but notice the still-stiff little nipples and the way the girl cocked her slim hips.

“Well, I don’t know about you,” Janice said, “but I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Do you wanna go swimming after?” the girl asked, stepping closer.

“Maybe we could do that,” Janice answered nervously. “If that’s what you guys want to do.”

“We swim a lot,” Logan answered, rising from his chair. It was a mixed blessing to see that the boy’s erection had subsided to some degree. Mixed because on the one hand it was looking smaller in his tight briefs, but on the other, that left it poking out at a forty-five degree angle, which seemed somehow even more obscene. The boy began to gather dishes.

“Well, we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Janice said.

“No, I mean we like to swim a lot,” Logan clarified.

Imagining that the boy would be dressed in those over-sized shorts all boys seemed to wear, she thought that would be a great improvement. “Swimming it is, then,” Janice said, trying on a smile.

Emily smiled happily and stepped forward to wrap her arms around the woman. Janice felt her niece’s head between her breasts, the girl’s own firm little tits pressed to her abdomen. “It’s so great to have you here,” she repeated. Janice shuddered as she felt hot breath from the girl’s mouth slide across her nipple, which stiffened instantly in response, much to her embarrassment.

She carefully unwrapped herself from the girl and forced herself to walk away slowly, literally feeling as if she were escaping.

Of course, the entire time she was in the shower, Janice’s thoughts were filled with her niece and nephew, which was really the worst of times to be thinking of them, she thought. Naked, in the shower, her thoughts had a natural tendency to turn to things sexual, which was the last thing she wanted on her mind right now. The kids were family of course, but they’d spent so much time apart over the years, only seeing each other every couple of years at Christmas or Thanksgiving, that they were practically strangers as well. Especially now that they were growing into actual little people, instead of just little bags of noise and nonsense. Of course, strangers or not, they were children, so such thoughts were inappropriate at best and frighteningly deviant at worst.

When was the last time she’d even thought about a penis? she wondered as she soaped her breasts, not realizing that her nipples were stiffening as she once again pictured Logan’s erection straining against his briefs. Alex liked to use dildos and vibrators from time to time, and Janice was happy to help her girlfriend in those moments, but she hadn’t been penetrated since college and hadn’t even thought about a real penis in years. She was always just vaguely repulsed by the thought of them. As her hand moved absently downward across her stomach and across her groin, she realized she didn’t once have that reaction as she’d watched Logan.

And what about Emily? she thought as she slid a hand between her legs. There was trouble, for certain. There was a knowing, wicked look in that young girl’s eyes that she recognized as nothing but trouble. She wondered if the girl always dressed so provocatively, or if it had somehow been for her benefit. So brazenly showing off her little pussy, her pert little ass, her budding little breasts…

Janice gasped as she realized she’d slid a finger into her pussy. She quickly pulled her hand away, trying to control her breathing. She was being silly. Of course the girl hadn’t done it for her. After all, her brother would have reacted if he wasn’t used to seeing her that way.

But then, what was all of that about, she wondered? An eleven-year-old girl and a thirteen-year-old boy, each quite obviously in the first explosive stages of puberty, showing themselves off like that, whether to her or just to each other. What did Emily think, seeing her brother’s hard-on? What did Logan imagine as he saw his sister’s nubile, near-naked body? Did Barb really let the kids run around like that? Did she watch Logan walk around with that straining erection every morning…?

Janice shuddered and realized that once again she was lightly fingering her pussy. Fuck, she was in trouble. She thought about finishing herself off right there, but knew that unlike a man, it wouldn’t release any pressure, but just rev her up for more. The best thing to do was ignore it. So, gritting her teeth, she reached down and began to turn the water as cold as she could stand it, shivering under the freezing spray until the urge to touch herself faded.

End of part one

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