Hi folks,

A couple of moments ago, I released my latest story. It’s called ‘Date Night Discovery’, and in this one, we follow Carol on a night out as she goes clubbing with her roommate. She’s picked up by a handsome fellow, and we read all about the night (and day) as it unfolds.

It’s what some people might call a stroke story. Nothing fancy in the form of character development and story arc. So, don’t expect to be triggered that way. But I’m positive that it’ll trigger you in other ways! Wink, wink…

And… Be ready for another first… I’ve been playing around with AI-generated images. I’m not nearly as good as some people, but it’s damn easy to create something. So, I made a couple of pictures that correspond with the story. I’ve tried a few different settings and posted (IMHO, at least) the best results inline with the story. Maybe, I’ll post the ones that didn’t make it later for you to judge. Not sure yet.

I hope you enjoy this one!

Here’s the link by the way…

Oh! And the Audiobook and Ebook are also ready. You can download them if you want to. Completely free of charge 😀