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Aetheria – Chapter 7

Jason Crow

Chapter 7 – The trip

“Really?” I asked, hoping Dad wasn’t joking this time.

“I’m serious, Aidan. You’re allowed to go with Ethan and do a check on the terraforming compound.”

“What about me?” Nadia asked.

“The three of you will head out in an hour or two, so you can be back before it gets dark,” Dad said and looked at Nadia and me.

Ethan stood smiling behind Dad and couldn’t hide his excitement either. Nadia hugged Dad and said, “Thanks! This is gonna be great!”

Dad gently pushed Nadia away and looked sternly at us, “You have to listen to Ethan! He’s in charge, and you’ll listen to him no matter what! Agree?”

“Sure!” Nadia said.

“Of course,” I replied.

“I’m serious! This is no school field trip. It can be dangerous out there, so be careful!”

“I know, Dad! We’ve aced the security exams, remember?” I said.

“I know. But still… This is no joke, and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Meet me in garage four in half an hour, okay?” Ethan said with a smug face.

He probably enjoyed being in charge, but I didn’t care. We were going to go outside and about to do some real exploring.  That was more important than setting my brother straight. Nadia looked all hyped during the rest of breakfast, and I also had a hard time staying cool about it.

“Be careful out there. Don’t do anything stupid, and stay together, okay?” Mom said with a bit of a worried look on her face.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Nadia said, “with Ethan and Aidan around for the muscles and me for the brains, nothing can go wrong. Right?”

Mom laughed, gave each of us a peck on our forehead, and kept looking at us as we waited for the elevator. As we were heading up to the ground level, Nadia said, “Why are they so worried? It’s not like we’re a bunch of morons!”

“Remember our school trip to San Angeles? It was exactly the same. And there were lots of teachers going with us! So I guess this reaction isn’t that bad.”

Nadia chuckled and nodded. “Guess you’re right,” she said, and the elevator doors opened.

We were standing in the inside part of the garage. In the corner, the giant vehicle airlock led to the outside part of the garage where suits were needed. According to the signs above the door, the entrance to the human airlock was in the other corner.

“There’s Ethan,” Nadia said and pointed to a group of people.

“Hey, guys!” Ethan said as we approached him. “We’re taking the big rover-explorer today. Cool, huh?”

“Neat!” I said and looked at the big vehicle we were standing next to.

It had huge wheels. They were a little bigger than my brother and had these tractor-like grooves for grip. The white cabin could seat six persons and also had a small cargo bay at the back. The cabin had about forty inches of clearance from the ground.

It was by far the most versatile explorer vehicle on the planet. Its fusion-powered power source could last years on one charge, and because of the six big wheels of which the front and back could steer, it was agile and could conquer almost every terrain.

“Well… you know the drill…” Ethan said after an awkward silence, “Go change into your suit and exit through the airlock. I’ll make sure the vehicle goes through. I’ll see you on the other side.”

“He looks nervous,” Nadia said as we headed over to the airlock.

“Yeah. Guess his first, real mission gets under his skin. Let’s be helpful, okay?”

“We’ll see…” Nadia said, smiling.

“Be nice… He could’ve taken other guys instead of us.”

“Don’t worry. Of course, I won’t bug him! Do you think I wanna get stuck inside from now on because of some stupid prank or something?”

“Cool,” I said and opened the door to the changing room, “See you in a sec.”

Being naked in a place I didn’t know was still weird, but I was slowly getting used to it. I dropped my clothes in the designated locker, and after I closed it, it disappeared into the wall where the storage bots would take care of it.

After I grabbed the small suit, I went to the airlock. The transparent, vault-like revolving door opened as I approached, and I entered the tight space of the airlock. I realized it was smaller than I expected inside the lock as the door closed behind me.

A light indicated I should hold my breath. The space was filled with white, warm, misty air a moment later. After a couple of seconds, it vanished through gaps in the floor. After the cleaning was done, a red, horizontal laser stripe went from top to bottom over my body.

After the scanner was done, a green light lit up, and the door on the other side opened. I held my breath, grabbed one of the portable oxygen masks, and put it over my face. There was a sign stating I should now put the undersuit on. Near the exit door was a bench, where I put it on. After this, I entered the second airlock. This second lock wasn’t there for decontamination like the first one but just to keep the bad air out of the compound. Therefore, it was less advanced and less cramped. I just had to wait for old air to go out and new air to come in.

We came out of the second airlock simultaneously and headed over to the changing room where we could change into our space suits. My eyes roamed over my sister’s body as we walked, and despite seeing her in this outfit numerous times and even seeing her naked, I was still fascinated immensely by how she looked.

She walked in front of me, and watching her ass move as she walked, was hypnotizing. When we got to the suits, she caught me looking but didn’t say or do anything. I felt I was blushing heavily, but she just smiled coyly as we got into our suits.

“Checking coms,” I  said after we were suited up.

“Coms okay. Checking uplink,” Nadia replied.

After I heard the beep that confirmed our suits were connected, I gave her the thumbs up, and we headed to the outside door.

“Nervous?” I asked as we stood there, waiting for the door to open.

“A little. But mostly excited. You?”

“The same. It’s a long drive to the site, and I don’t know what to expect along the way. I’ll probably be taking a lot of pictures, that’s for sure.”

After the door opened, I exited the base for the very first time. The realization that I was walking on a remote planet was overwhelming and gave me goosebumps all over.

Nadia was right behind me, and over the coms, I heard her say, “Wow…” which was also a good representation of how I felt.

For a moment, I was at a loss for words and had to take it all in. The view of the horizon, the slightly different air color, the lack of birds in the sky, the white instead of the yellow sun. Everything was so different, and seeing it in real life instead of pictures or from the control tower hit me hard.

“Pretty amazing, huh?” Ethan said, and I looked behind me.

He walked over to us with a massive grin on his face. He stood between Nadia and me and put his arms around our shoulders.

“You’ll never forget your first time, but it gets me every time I get out here.”

“It’s awesome!” I said excitedly.

“Yeah!” Nadia added.

“Let’s get going. We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”

“We’re just driving. It’s not like we have to launch into space,” I said.

“Yeah. But along the way, I have to check a couple of things. And we don’t know what we’ll find at the site.”

We entered the rover, and as I sat down, I was amazed at how much space we had inside. In the front, there was a single driver seat. Behind that, three rows of each two seats. If we wanted, there could be two more rows, but they were taken out, and now a couple of big crates were there. And behind the wall in the back was an even bigger storage space.

“What’s in the back?” I asked as Ethan was powering up the rover.

“Nothing much. An exo-suit, oxygen, two generators, and a couple of spare parts for the CPU in the terraforming site we might need.”

“You know the way?” Nadia asked, eager to go.

“Really!?” Ethan said, acting offended but smiling broadly. “Of course I do!”

“Let’s roll!” I said with an equally big grin.

The rover started moving, and a thrill of excitement shot through me. I knew Ethan had lots of experience in the simulator and did a few real-life runs over here, so he knew what he was doing. I knew Dad wouldn’t let us go otherwise, so I smiled at my sister and took in the scenery as we left home base behind.

Despite the bumpy terrain, the ride was comfortable. After about five minutes, Ethan stopped. He opened his door and said, “Be right back. Just changing the batteries of the guidance light.”

I watched Ethan grab a battery from the storage compartment behind us, and he walked over to the light beside the dirt path that we called the road. Nadia showed me her control pad, and it showed Ethan’s vitals. He had a higher heart rate and elevated blood pressure, which were the telltale signs that he was nervous.

Nadia smiled at me, and after Ethan retook the wheel, she said, “You’re really good at this, Ethan. You’re sure this is just your fourth time?”

“Thanks!” Ethan said, “Yep! Fourth time for real. And a lot of sim work, of course.”

“Bisque,” Nadia said, and I could already see Ethan’s heart slow down a little.

The view outside changed as we drove further. The rocks got pointier and higher. The mountainsides were almost vertical now, but there was still grass and moss on the bottom.

Ethan stopped to change the battery every five minutes in the lights beside the road. We started calling them streetlights, which made Ethan laugh.

“Just two more left, guys,” Ethan said as we drove off again.

“What’s that?” I asked as I saw a narrow passage approaching.

“That’s the Antelope narrow. It’s called that way because the stones in this narrow are almost the same color as the famous canyon back on Earth.”

“Looks impressive,” Nadia said.

“It’s thirty feet wide, about five hundred feet high, and almost a mile long.”

“And we need to go through it?”

“It’s the shortest way. We can go around it, but that’ll take at least another four hours. And don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe!”

Driving through this canyon did look impressive. The colors were magnificent, and the high walls on each side gave it a bit of a claustrophobic vibe.

“This is cool,” Nadia softly said beside me.

“Yeah… You can’t find places like this on Earth. And after this canyon, it’s a straight shot to the terra site.”

We drove for a couple of more minutes. We were moving slowly, but it was fast enough, considering the terrain. Ethan stopped at the next light and did his thing again. Nadia was looking at her coms, and I checked what Ethan was doing. He had to climb on a small boulder to reach the light. The front door was closed, which was the first time he had done this. I guessed he was getting fed up with Nadia’s constant whining about the wind.  I was starting to get bored by all this, bummed out by the lack of action during the trip. I wanted to check out the site and see what was wrong there.

And that’s when disaster struck…

The rover started shaking violently, and I thought for a second that Ethan had pressed some wrong button or something. But when I saw my brother fall to the floor a heartbeat later and heard his groan over the radio when he hit the ground, I instantly knew it was bad.

“EARTHQUAKE!” Nadia shouted.

An ear-shattering crack sounded, and pieces of rock were flying around the rover. Before I knew it, the rover sank to the ground, and all windows were covered by metal shutters that came out of the top and bottom of every window.

“We’re cocooning!” I said, remembering this from training.

Cocooning is an automatic feature of every vehicle. It creates the safest possible environment for the humans inside. In the case of a rover, it gets low to the ground, with an air cushion below to dampen the blows it gets. Every weak point, like windows, is covered with the most robust materials, and the air inside is filtered and reused in case of external fire or gasses.

“ETHAN!” Nadia shouted.

We heard another low grunt over the radio. Nadia looked panicked at me, and I knew we had to do something. So I reached for the door to open it, but an annoying buzz reminded me that opening the door during cocooning wasn’t possible for obvious reasons. I was looking frantically for a solution when I heard Ethan say, “OH SHI-!“ over the loud noises of falling rocks on the rover.

The beep in my ear, combined with Ethan’s voice being cut off, made my blood run cold. I checked the pad on my wrist, and it confirmed my fear. Ethan’s vital signs were gone. No heartbeat, no breathing, but still a normal core temperature. Oh no…

“ETHAN!!” Nadia screamed.

She looked questioningly at me, and tears started forming in her eyes. I felt myself tear up, and my mind was blank. I wanted to do something, but because of the constant shaking of the rover and the idea my brother was dead, I couldn’t think of anything.

“I… I need to help him!” I shouted and moved my hand to the door handle.

“You can’t! We… he’s…”

“But what if he’s-“ I said, cut off by the sudden calmness as the rover stopped shaking.

There was an eerie silence now that the earthquake had stopped. Only two or three small rocks fell on the roof of the rover. But other than that, it was quiet.

“Surroundings are safe. Resuming normal operation,” a female voice said.

The rover moved up, and the windows opened again.  I immediately opened the door and stepped outside. 

“Wait here,” I said to my sister.

I expected her to object, but I could see her nod inside her helmet, and she looked terrified. I didn’t know what to expect outside, but the primal urge to protect my sister told me to do this alone. When I stepped out of the rover, I saw small rocks everywhere. Where the road was clear of debris when we drove here, now it looked like a rough gravel path. Nothing the rover couldn’t handle, but it would slow us down considerably.

Near the edges of the canyon, there were several big rocks. Some were bigger than our rover, some were man-sized, and everything in between. When I looked at the direction we were coming from, I realized we had been very fortunate. Just a couple of feet behind the rover lay a big rock twice the size of the rover. If this thing had hit us, Nadia and I would’ve been squashed like bugs.

This all happened in seconds as I tried to assess the situation and look for my brother. I walked over toward the spot where I last saw him, and as I approached it, my heart sank, and I knew I didn’t have a brother anymore.

Two gigantic rocks were lying at the bottom, and the step Ethan had stood on to change the battery was gone. The place on the ground where his body should be was covered with bigger and smaller rocks, with the two big ones side by side.

I couldn’t see his body, but when I looked a bit further to my right, I saw Ethan’s helmet lying there with a broken visor and a big dent in it. I was glad I couldn’t see his body because I knew then and there that this wouldn’t be pretty. But he was undeniably dead, that much was certain.

This realization didn’t hit me as deeply as I expected. I felt an incredible sadness and emptiness, but I also knew I had to act to keep myself and my sister safe. There just wasn’t time to mourn now. I dragged myself back to the rover to bring Nadia the bad news. When I stepped back in, Nadia must’ve read my body language because she started crying the moment she saw me.

“Oh, Ay! Is he really?” she cried as she threw herself at me.

“Yes. It’s…” I managed before I started crying myself.

We cried in each other’s arms for a few moments. A loud cracking sound outside the rover brought me back to my senses, and I gently broke the hug.

“We need to get out of here,” I said softly.

Nadia sniffed, and I could see her nod. I knew that getting out of here would be difficult, and time wasn’t on our side. There could be an aftershock at any moment. At least on Earth, aftershocks were common. I didn’t know if it was common over here, but I didn’t want to take the chance.

I sat in the driver’s seat and pressed the radio button. The light turned green, and I said, “This is rover D7 for Base. Come in Base.”

I waited about half a minute and repeated this. But we didn’t get a response. After the third time, I got out, stood at the door opening, and checked the roof. The radio antenna was crushed, which explained that.

“We can’t get hold of the base. The antenna is crushed, and our coms aren’t powerful enough to reach that far.”

“Shoot!” Nadia exclaimed, “That’s bad. Now what?”

“I think we’ve got two options. Push on or go back to Base. What do you think?” I asked.

Nadia thought about it briefly and said, “Back to Base. It’s our best shot, and they can go and get Eth-“

She sniffed and sucked in a breath, and I felt a lump in my throat that I had to swallow down. Heading back was also my first option, so we didn’t have to debate that one.

We got out of the rover and checked out the road. As I noticed earlier, a huge boulder blocked the way back almost completely. There was a small gap beside it, but there was no way the rover could get through that.

“Well… that isn’t an option,” Nadia said.

“We can walk,” I said, but I wasn’t overly thrilled about that idea.

We walked to the front of the rover, and that part of the road was still relatively clear. There was nothing there that the rover couldn’t handle.

Nadia looked at me and asked, “Pushing through to the terra site?”

“Guess so. We know there’s a radio over there. We just need to find a way to fix it, but we’ve got the spare parts for that.”

“And what if the site isn’t there anymore? We don’t know what to expect,” Nadia said.

“I think it’s our best shot. Yes, there is a chance that it’s gone, but it’s slim. To get back to the main base, we’ll have to walk, which will take us hours. If we have to, we can always drive back here and walk. But if the terra site is still intact, we’ll have a roof over our heads and a good chance of reaching the main base. I’ll say we take the chance.”

Nadia nodded and said, “Good point. Let’s go!”

I got into the driver’s seat again and started the rover. Nadia closed the door and got into her seat. I pressed the pedal, and off we went. I took another quick glance at Ethan’s helmet and promised myself to ensure his body was retrieved and that he’d receive a proper funeral. But for now, we had to think about ourselves. We rounded the corner that marked the end of the canyon. But right at the back of it, an enormous boulder blocked the road.

“Fanck!” I mumbled.

“Now what?” Nadia said a bit glumly.

We could clearly see the giant towers from the terraforming installation now. It was just a mile or two ahead of us. Maybe three.

I stopped in front of the rock and tried to push it out of the way with the rover.

The rover wasn’t equipped for this, so immediately, an alarm sounded, and the gas pedal stopped working. I backed up a little and looked at my twin sister.

“Three miles is doable, right?” I asked.

“I don’t know. With these suits, it’ll feel like ten miles. But if we have to…”

I knew she was right. It would be difficult to pull it off. But we also might need the stuff we brought with us from the rover, so I really wanted to take it with us. I thought about it for a few moments when an idea hit.

“I can wear the exo suit and take care of the rock,” I said excitedly.

Nadia wasn’t as excited as I was, but she didn’t immediately dismiss the idea either. She looked thoughtfully at me and asked, “It’s in the back, right?”

We got out, and I opened the storage compartment. Nadia checked the suit and prepared it for me to wear. We didn’t say much to each other. We knew what had to be done. The moment it was time for my oxygen to be cut off, I took a deep breath.

After I dropped my top and helmet, I stood there in my socks and undersuit. It was weird to be standing unprotected outside, but Nadia had prepared well, and within a minute, I had the top and helmet back on and could breathe again without being afraid of clogging my lungs.

“You get behind the wheel and drive through as soon as the road is free.”

Nadia did just that, and as I checked my suit’s settings, I walked up to the rock. As I stood in front of it, a sense of power washed over me. With this suit, I was almost a superhero.

So, after Nadia said she was ready, I grabbed the rock and lifted it. It was as if I lifted a bag of groceries. I turned so I faced the side of the road and took a step. There was a great spot to put the rock, and it wouldn’t bother us anymore if it was there. I just had to lift it a tiny bit higher.

Behind me, Nadia pulled through with the rover and said we were good. I was almost finished here, but just when I lifted the rock that final tiny bit, an alarm sounded in my ear. A fraction of a second later, an unbelievable pain shot through my arms.

I screamed loudly, and when I looked down, my underarms had a very unnatural downward bend in them. The alarm kept sounding in my ear, and I felt I was about to pass out.

“Ay!” Nadia shouted as she ran toward me.

She caught me just in time as my knees were getting weak. She supported me as we stumbled toward the rover. She sat me down at the door opening, and I could see her worried look.

“You… your suit has snapped and… your arms…”

I avoided looking down, but I had to know if I still had my arms, so I checked them. Seeing how my arms were pointed downward, I was glad I still had arms.

“Let’s hope there’s a working med pod in the terra site. Lie down,” Nadia said as she helped me inside.

I lay on my back, feeling lightheaded. I slipped in and out of consciousness during the ride. During one of the moments I was awake, I heard my sister grumble and curse under her breath. I didn’t know what it was, and I was out again. I felt myself drift back to the land of the living again, and when I saw my sister’s face above me, I felt a little better.

“Your undersuit is ensuring your pain and blood pressure are controlled. I’ll set it to maximum painkilling so we can remove the suits and get you inside. Okay?”

I nodded, and after she pressed some buttons on her wrist pad, I almost immediately felt no more pain. I couldn’t use my arm, but Nadia helped me to my feet, and we headed to the entrance of the terra site.

We entered the outer airlock, and I was glad everything seemed okay with the building. There was power, the control systems worked, and we were able to go inside. This was a huge plus. Despite my situation, I realized we were lucky.

“Sit down,” Nadia said, and she helped me on the chair.

I watched her as she got out of her space suit, and as she hung it on a hook, I checked out her ass again. Even now, I had to admire how she looked. I just couldn’t help myself.

“Now, let’s get you out of this and get inside,” Nadia said after she turned around, with her hard nipples trying to push through her undersuit.

She started with my helmet and smiled at my roaming eyes but didn’t say anything. She used the rarely used feature of the exo-suit, where the arms, front and backside disconnected. It wasn’t easy to put these back together, so people hardly ever used this feature.

Nadia placed the front and back parts of the suit aside and looked at my still-covered arms.

“I’m gonna have to cut these open,” she said, grabbing the emergency kit from the wall.

Moments later, the plasma cutter beeped, and before I knew it, my arms were freed from the suit. I looked at my underarms and saw the bones in both of them were broken, but I couldn’t feel anything due to the painkillers. My skin was red and bruised, but no bones stuck out or anything. I tried moving my fingers, and thankfully, they still worked.

“This looks bad, Ay.”

“I know… but…”

Nadia grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the sleeves of my arms open toward my neck. This way, the upper part of the undersuit fell open, and I could feel my body react. The suit had stopped working now, and I could feel my arms starting to throb. I was also getting a bit lightheaded and could now only hope for a med pod. Nadia took a tube from the medkit and pressed it hard on my upper leg. The sting of the needle was briefly there, but I could almost immediately feel the warmth of this painkiller as it entered my body.

“Ready?” Nadia asked.

I nodded, and Nadia started taking off her undersuit. No matter how lightheaded I was, looking at her exposed body was still a feast for my eyes. As her slit came into view, my dick rose in my pants, but I didn’t care. Nadia had seen me naked and hard before, and I knew now she didn’t mind too much either. That helped with making it a lot less awkward.

She threw her suit in the corner and helped me to my feet. As she pulled down my suit and my hard dick popped up, she asked with a bit of amusement in her voice, “Really? You’ve got a boner now?”

“I’m sorry! It’s just…”

“Come on,” she said, not letting me finish, and wrapped her arm around my waist to guide me toward the airlock.

She helped me inside and stepped in right after me. This is when we realized why these airlocks are called single-person-airlock. It was tight! Her breasts pressed against my chest, and my boner was trapped between our bodies, twitching every now and then from feeling my sister’s body in all her glory.

“Multi-person failure,” a friendly woman’s voice said.

“Medical emergency override,” Nadia said.

A second later, the same voice said, “Please confirm emergency override.”

“Confirmed,” we said simultaneously.

A feeling that things were going to be alright now washed over me. The painkillers were doing their job now, and I heard the beep indicating to hold our breaths in the distance as I slowly blacked out.

End of chapter 7

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Exigua agendi hujus cap. Occidere mores semper fun rem facere

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Aetheria – Chapter 6

Jason Crow

Chapter 6 – Departing

I felt a bit disoriented when I woke up. Something was pressing against my side. Something warm and pleasant, but I couldn’t immediately place it. When Nadia softly giggled, I knew she was still cuddled up to me as we fell asleep last night.

“I see you’re up,” she giggled again.

When I realized I wasn’t covered by the blanket and my morning wood twitched, I knew why she giggled.

I had to resist the urge to cover myself, and although it took some effort, I managed. I even flexed my dick a few times to make it twitch again.

“Yeah, well… told you already, can’t help it.”

“I know. It’s just funny to see you like this,” she said. And after a short pause, “Thanks for showing me last night. I’m so glad you’re cool about it!”

“It isn’t THAT big of a deal, is it? With us being brother and sister, I mean.”

I knew it was a big deal and that us being siblings made it an even bigger deal. But I wanted Nadia to think that it made things less weird.

“Yeah. You’re right,” Nadia said after another short pause.

We lay like this for a couple of minutes without saying anything. Occasionally, my dick twitched, and Nadia’s hand rubbed over my chest every now and then.

“Hey! Now I don’t have to hurry. You can go to the bathroom first!” Nadia said excitedly.

“I guess…”

She sat up, giving me another good look at her excellent boobs, and nodded toward the bathroom.

“Mom’s waiting, so we better get going.”

I sighed exaggeratedly, swung my legs out of bed, and got up. My bobbing boner led the way, but I carefully kept my back toward her so she wouldn’t see it and make fun of it. And I didn’t want to overdo it. Yes, she’d seen me jerk myself. Yes, apparently, we sleep in the buff now. But this didn’t mean we’d have to prance around naked in front of each other all the time.

“Nice butt, bro,” she giggled.

“Eat me!” I laughed as I closed the bathroom door.

After Nadia and I were done, we went to Mom and Dad for breakfast. This time, besides Mom, only Ethan was there.

The conversation at the breakfast table eventually turned to the fact that Nadia and I were bored out of our minds.

“Why don’t you two come and help me today? I’ve got two clogged laundry chutes, and they’re way easier to fix with another pair of hands.”

“Can we?” Nadia asked as she looked at Mom.

“Sure! I don’t see why not if the team leader says you’re allowed to.”

“Bisque!” I exclaimed, excited by the prospect of doing something different today.

After we helped Mom clear the breakfast table, we headed out to Ethan’s workplace. Turned out that the work wasn’t that exciting. We’d drive around with Ethan on his electric service cart, and every now and then, we’d have to do something.

The laundry chutes were a bit harder to do. Nadia and I each had to stand on a ladder opposite to each other, and we had to lift a lever. That way, Ethan could enter the chute and remove the stuck laundry.

Nadia’s shirt rose up as she pushed the lever, and I got a great look at her tight belly. She saw me looking but didn’t say or do anything. But the moment I realized I was caught looking, I must’ve looked flushed because Nadia started giggling.

During our time with Ethan, he kept asking us things about Laousa. I didn’t think much of that, but Nadia later said he’d probably have a crush on her. I didn’t care. We had a good day with the three of us and had fun together.

After dinner, which was again without Dad, Nadia and I returned to our room. After another movie, Nadia yawned loudly.

“I’m tired. Should we hit the sack?” she asked.

My heartbeat rose because I was curious about what Nadia would do. I felt a stir in my boxers at the thought of seeing her naked again. I quickly diverted my thoughts and thankfully prevented a boner.


I got up as I always did to let Nadia go to the bathroom to change. This time, however, she hesitated. As I started unbuttoning my pants, she got to her feet and said, “Might as well undress in here, right?”

I started to blush and stammered, “Are we… uhm… like last night?”

“I figured… uhm… yes?” she answered and also started blushing. She quickly added, “If you want to, of course!”

I must’ve looked stupid because she looked at the floor and added, “And if you don’t mind seeing me…”

This was my trigger. I didn’t want Nadia to ever feel bad about herself, “Oh no. I don’t mind seeing you, you know, naked at all! You’re the prettiest girl I know!”

Her eyes widened, and she looked me in my eyes. A smile appeared on her face, and she said, “Cool! Let’s get comfy, then.”

The tension in the air was thick as we both undressed with our backs toward each other. Looking back, I think that was also the reason I didn’t bone up. The moment my boxers hit the floor, and I stood straight, Nadia wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. Her cheek and, more importantly, her boobs were pressed against my back.

“It’s so cool we can do this! I feel like we can talk about anything,” she said softly.

After she broke the hug, she walked over to her side of the bed. Remarkably, I was still soft-ish. As she walked, I looked at her bare back and could only admire her fine ass again.

As I looked, I lifted the blanket and got in bed. It wasn’t that I wanted to hide myself, but I also didn’t want to make a big deal out of this. As I lay down, I tried not to look at her front, but when I saw her, I just had to quickly check out her boobs and the slit between her legs.

Nadia crawled in and also got under the covers. We lay there looking at the ceiling for a couple of minutes in awkward silence when Nadia said, “This will get less awkward after a while, right?”

I looked at her and said, “I’m SO glad you said that! It doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be awkward. But, I mean…”

Nadia looked thoughtfully at me and said, “Why don’t we just push down the blanket and get this over with? We look at each other for a few minutes and get this off our chests.”

This didn’t sound like a bad idea, actually. I figured it was like ripping off a bandage. You just need to do it, deal with the short pain, and you’re done.

I nodded and softly said, “Guess you’re right. We’re gonna be in here for a while, so it has to happen sometime.”

Nadia started sliding down the blanket on her side. I hesitated a microsecond but followed her example. The tension in the air rose as the blanket was around my ankles, and Nadia counted down, “Three, two, one…”

We lifted our heads simultaneously and looked at the other body. I was chubbed up but still not really that hard. But when my eyes roamed openly over my sister’s beautiful body, I felt it starting to rise with each heartbeat.

“It’s, uhm, growing…” Nadia said softly.


“Is that because of me?”

I didn’t know what to say but decided to go for broke, so I whispered a soft “Yes.”

“Looks funny as it grows…”

She wasn’t the least bit upset that her brother was boning up over her. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off her body. I boned up completely, and after my dick twitched, Nadia softly said, “You look good, Ay.”

“You too…”

It wasn’t the most tantalizing conversation we were having, but it was more than enough, considering the circumstances. We were quiet for a moment when Nadia asked, “You think we’ve got it covered now?”

“Dunno,” I replied, “I’ll probably still get stiff when I see you, I guess.”

“I don’t mind. I know you can’t control it, and your… looks cool when it’s stiff. I saw it soft for the first time just yet, and that also looks good. So, I really don’t care. As long as we’re not weird about it anymore.”

“Okay. Guess we’re done then.”

Neither of us moved. I kept admiring my sister’s body, and a quick glance at her face showed she was also still checking out my body.

“I, uhm… I really liked it when you showed me yesterday,” Nadia said softly and without looking at me. 

I didn’t know how to respond, so I shrugged and said, “No problem.”

Another silence followed, and I could feel the tension rise again. Nadia continued, “Girls also masturbate, you know…”

I looked her in her face, and she was smiling weakly with a flushed face. This came completely out of the left field for me. It never occurred to me that girls, especially Nadia, had the same urges as me. It did make sense, but it just never crossed my mind.

I cleared my throat and said, “Really? I didn’t know that…”

“Yeah… when A’vii’s sister talked to us, she also explained that to us.”


“It helps with… releasing the, I don’t know, the pressure I feel inside? Sounds stupid, but I don’t know another word for it.”

“No, no. I know exactly what you mean!” I replied, feeling relieved that she had the same feelings as I did.

“You do?”

“Yeah, it’s not just about getting rid of my boner. It also helps me get… less on edge, I guess?”



My heart was beating in my throat. The honesty of both of us felt good. But the subject we were talking about was exciting and forbidden, which made me feel all fuzzy inside.

After the short silence that followed, Nadia softly asked, “Wanna see how I do it?”

Suddenly, all sorts of butterflies were flying not just in my belly but all through my body. Of course, I wanted to see how my sister did it! But I also didn’t want her to feel pressured in any way. But then again, she was the one proposing it. It was all very confusing.

“Sure. If you don’t mind..” I replied a bit casually in an attempt not to sound too eager.

“I think it’s only fair.”

“It isn’t a contest,” I said, looking thoughtfully at her, “you don’t need to do things just because I or someone else did.”

“I know, Dufus!” she replied, looking slightly offended, “I think it’s hot, and I wanna do it.”

“Oh. Well… I uhm… I AM curious how you do it…”

Nadia didn’t waste more words on it. She kept looking at me as her hand slid between her legs. A soft moan came from her mouth as her hand moved.

“You can watch… hmm… closer if you want.”

I couldn’t see much of what her hand was doing, but her whole body language showed she was doing something special. So I sat up straight and scooted over so I was sitting next to her slit.

Nadia looked at me with a flushed face. With her fingers, she parted her slit. My eyes went wide, and my dick twitched violently in my lap. I didn’t have a clue what I was looking at, but it was arousing as hell.

“See this?” Nadia asked. And after I nodded, she touched a dark, pink-ish looking bump at the top of her slit and moaned softly, “This is my feel-good button.”

Her eyes got an unfocused look as her finger kept rubbing gently over that exciting piece of flesh, and Nadia’s breathing became shallower as she kept doing this.

Her lips were still spread, and when her eyes focused on mine again, she surprised me again. Her finger left that feel-good button and moved down between her legs. Her fingertip pressed against a soft spot, and with a hoarse voice, she said, “Watch this…”

Her finger slowly disappeared into her slit. This was the place where my, I mean, a boy’s dick needed to go in. I moved in closer for a better look, and it was by far the hottest thing I ever saw.

“This is my baby hole…”

“Wow…” was all I could say.

“Feels good when I do this,” Nadia said, sliding her finger in and out of her slit.

Her finger was glistening, and an intoxicating smell filled my nostrils. My hand gripped my dick and squeezed it to get rid of the building pressure.

Nadia noticed and whispered, “You can also… do… ohhh…” as she looked at my dick.

I sat back on my feet, eyes glued to the action between my sister’s legs, and slowly started beating off.

Nadia was breathing heavily as her finger moved back to the bump, and her eyes focused on my moving fist. I only had eyes for the action between her legs and occasionally glanced at her boobs.

We masturbated like this for a minute or so when I felt the point of no return was approaching. I didn’t know how close Nadia was, but despite this being the first time I saw her do this, her body language was clear as day.

Her hips moved a lot, sloppy sounds came from between her legs, and she was moaning almost constantly.

“I’m… ohh… close…” she groaned.

“Me… too…”

“NNGGHHSSS!!!” Nadia hissed.

Her muscles contracted, and her body shook, as her hand wasn’t moving and her eyes were closed shut. Seeing how my sister had her orgasm pushed me immediately over the edge. I felt the spurts leave my dick, and I didn’t think about how the drops of my cum landed on her body.

I only had eyes for her naked body and shooting my load. As I started to come down from my orgasm and looked at my sister, she was shaking again as her other hand rubbed through a glob of my sperm.

I was amazed by how long her orgasm lasted. As the last drop dribbled out of my dick and I regained my breath, Nadia smiled weakly at me.

“That was hot!”

I could only nod and lay down next to my sister. I lay on my side, facing her, and noticed two drops of my sperm on her lower body. I couldn’t deny that this was hot as hell. I never intended to do this, but it gave me a deep feeling of pride.

Nadia wiped my cum off her body with her fingers. She wiped some of it on the blanket, and some went into her mouth.

“Your orgasms last a lot longer than mine,” I said softly.

“Uhm… I had two,” she giggled.

“Two!? No way!”

“I swear!”

“I didn’t know that was possible,” I said.

After a moment, Nadia said, “Me neither. And I was close to a third.”

“Damn! You did look like you had fun,” I chuckled.

“I, uhm… it was hot knowing you were watching. Is that weird?” Nadia asked, looking insecure.

“No. Not at all. I had exactly the same yesterday when you were watching me.”


Nadia cuddled up to me, and we pulled up the blanket. We lay there for a while when Nadia said, “I’m glad I don’t have to find a solution for getting myself off anymore. Maybe it’s a twin thing, but I like how we managed to fix this.”

“Yeah. We’re amazing,” I smiled.

“I think I can sleep now,” she said, yawning loudly to prove her point.

The blanket decently hid my morning wood from view when I woke the following morning. Nadia had moved during the night and was snoring lightly next to me. Her arms were above her head, and her upper body was exposed from the waist up.

I loved the way she looked in the dim light of the room. I didn’t feel bad about checking out her boobs anymore, and they fascinated me immensely.

I didn’t want to wake her, so I decided to stay in bed and let my thoughts wander around. Seeing her exposed boobs brought me back to the training facility on Earth.

We came out of the dressing rooms simultaneously again during the second training day, and the hard nipples couldn’t be missed in her suit. She looked embarrassed at me, obviously realizing her situation.

I felt sorry for her and tried not to look. So I shrugged, smiled weakly, and gestured toward my groin. A weak smile appeared on her face, and she simply nodded. I opened the door to the training room, and we were up for another session.

During this session, we used the entire space suit for the first time. It took a little getting used to, but after a couple of tries, we were starting to get the hang of it.

“You guys are killing it!” Senii excitedly said and gave us both a high-five after we completed another task.

“It isn’t that hard,” Nadia said with a huge grin plastered across her face.

“Yes, it is! And you two are OWNING it!” Senii exclaimed, “You’re way faster than anyone I ever had in here before.

I had to admit that I felt a sense of pride wash over me. Maybe she did this with all her students, but I didn’t care. This worked for me, and I was motivated to the bone to keep going.  At the end of the session, Senii was still pretty worked up about our progress, so I decided to go for broke.

We had taken off our space suits, and while Senii was helping my sister, I walked over to the exoskeleton suit. “Can I try this one?” I asked.

“Uhm…” Senii thought about it for a few seconds and said, “You know… Why not? It’s a nice reward for all the hard work you’ve put into training so far.”


Nadia didn’t have the same attraction to the exo-suit as I had. According to her, it was just another suit. But judging by the stories Ethan had told me, it was way cooler. Because of the exoskeleton, you could lift hundreds, even thousands of pounds with this suit. And if you used it correctly, you could even jump really high and run very fast.

“Take it easy,” Senii said as she tweaked things on her tablet, “Now, try to lift your arms.”

At first, it felt like I had to lift something really heavy. But after Senii changed a couple of things, it was as if I was wearing the regular space suit. Senii pressed another button on her tablet, and on the far side of the room, a wall slid into the floor, giving us access to some sort of storage space.

“Grab that block of concrete over there,” Senii instructed.

The massive block of concrete she was pointing at looked really heavy. A thrill shot through me when I was allowed to test the suit in a real-life situation.

After I walked over there and picked it up, it was as if I lifted a bag of groceries. I felt there was weight, but it wasn’t heavy or anything.

“Wow! That’s over five thousand pounds of concrete!” Nadia said excitedly.

I could also read the sign on the side of the block, but I could still hardly believe it either.

I trained a bit more with the suit, but eventually, we had to call it a day. The rest of the training days were rough. It was a lot to handle, and a lot of rules had to be learned.

Finaly, it was the evening before our written exam. After my shower, I put on my usual lounge clothes, which consisted of black sweats and a white T-shirt.

Nadia asked me to come to her room to study together. I wasn’t really nervous about the exam, but I could understand why Nadia was. She wasn’t bad at learning, quite the opposite actually, but she was afraid that because of her, the move would have to be postponed or even canceled.

So, if I could help her by studying together, it would make her feel better, and I could spend more time with her. It also was a small effort for me, and it wouldn’t hurt to reread everything.

I knocked on her door, and as I fiddled with the books I was carrying, Nadia said through the door, “One sec.”

I heard some ruffling, and a moment later, her door opened. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at my twin sister. She stood before me in just her black bra and matching panties. There was a lot of lace on her underwear, and it looked sexy as hell on her. The contrast of the black fabric with her pale skin was stunning.

“I uhh… I can come back in a minute if you need more time,” I croaked.

“No, silly! Come on in,” she said as if it was normal to walk around in her underwear in front of me.

As she walked over to her closet, I noticed how a bit of her right ass cheek peeked out of her panties. There was movement in my own underwear after seeing her like this, and I quickly made it over to her desk and sat down to hide my possible embarrassment.

She grabbed an oversized T-shirt and threw it over her head. It was barely long enough to cover her crotch and ass, but apparently, she figured it was fine.

“Thanks for doing this,” she chirped as she sat down on the bed before me.

She sat down Indian style, giving me another clear view of her panties. And because of the wide neck on her shirt, one shoulder was completely visible, showing the small bra strap that occasionally sank down her arm.

I was distracted a lot during our study time, but I did everything I could to hide this from her. My dick stayed mostly soft, and although I saw her taking glances at my crotch a couple of times, I don’t think she noticed.

The next morning, it was exam day. Our whole family, all five of us walked through the hallway toward the room, the tension thick in the air. When we entered the exam room, Nadia took my hand and squeezed it softly. I looked at her and smiled a nervous smile, which she returned.

Turned out that we nailed it. Mom scored worst, followed by Ethan. But Dad, Nadia, and I each had the perfect score.

Later that evening, we celebrated together with a family dinner in a nearby restaurant. We did have mixed feelings about it, though, and a weird vibe hung over the evening. On the one hand, we were glad that nothing stood in our way anymore, but on the other hand, we’d have to say goodbye to our close friends and relatives.

Turned out we only had two days to say goodbye to everyone. These were two jam-packed days with lots of emotions, goodbyes, and tears. I didn’t have a real best friend; I just had some guys I hung out with at school. Saying goodbye to them wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I hated it, of course, but I wasn’t too upset about it either.

Nadia, on the other hand, was devastated after she said goodbye to A’vii. She cried all the time, and I had to comfort her all the way back to the facility. Mom didn’t look overly happy when she said her goodbyes to her friends, but she hardly cried.

Everyone was quiet when we arrived at the facility for our last night on Earth. The mood was eerie and far from happy. Dad tried when we went to bed when he said, “Cheer up, everyone! We’re going on an adventure.”

Only weak smiles and nods came his way, and we each went into our room. Nadia came with me.

“Can I hang with you for a little while?” she asked.


We sat in my room for about half an hour. We didn’t talk much and just enjoyed each other’s company. When Nadia got up and went to her room, she said, “Thanks for being there for me today. I hope I’ll feel a little better tomorrow.”

“Don’t sweat it. And you’ll be fine. I promise.”

As we boarded the transporter that would take us to the Zephyr, everyone’s mood had changed. Excitement hung in the air, and even Nadia smiled a lot.

We had practiced this a lot in the simulator, but when the boosters ignited and the pressure on our bodies grew as we went higher and higher, it was like nothing a simulator could prepare you for.

The ship shook violently, and the noise was overwhelming. Nadia grabbed my hand and squeezed it after we heard a loud bang. The pilot assured us everything was fine, but it was still a hell of a ride. The contrast of the loudness against the serene quietness of space couldn’t be bigger. The moment we became weightless, the noise was gone.

Nadia looked at me, and as we continued our journey toward the ship, the pilot said this was one of the smoothest rides he had so far. Nadia’s eyes widened as he said this, and we both giggled at that.

“There’s the ship,” Nadia said after about an hour of doing nothing.

She was sitting by the window, and I leaned over to look. Not too far away was the ship that would take us to another world.

It looked dark and spooky as we approached it. The huge back looked like a giant cigar with a big, bulky midsection where the tanks were. The front of the ship almost looked stitched-on, as it was only connected to the back by a few small tube-like pieces that looked like hallways from here.

It consisted of an arrow-shaped center with two big rings around it. These rings were behind each other and were connected to each other and the central arrow by small tubes. If you squinted your eyes, these rings looked a little like a pearl necklace. The pearls were the cabins where people would live and go into sus, and the chains between them were the hallways connecting them.

From the arrow in the middle, a gigantic antenna pointed forward. A blob-like globe at the end of the antenna radiated a blue glow.

“There’s the MPD,” Nadia said as she pointed at the globe.

I nodded, amazed at its small size, considering it was about to bend time and space. It would propel us to near-light speed and open the tunnel. When Senii explained it to us, she made two comparisons.

One was with two dots at each end of a piece of paper. She’d fold the paper in half and stick a pen through both holes. This was what the tunnel would do for us, and we would travel through that ‘pen’ to the other side.

The other one was how we thought we’d travel in a straight line when we drove on Earth from one point to another. But in fact, this wasn’t a straight line. You were actually moving in a curved line because of the globe you were driving on. This same principle happens in space. You can’t see it, but there’s a more effective way to travel. The Musk Propulsion Drive, or MPD, solves both of these issues, which makes traveling long distances through space in a short time possible.

The only downside of the system is that humans, or any living being for that matter, need to be dead in order to be able to travel. So when Xi-ping invented the Suspension pods that could stop all bodily functions and restart them after a while, without actually killing people, traveling to deep space became possible.

“Looks cool, huh?” Mom said as she also looked at the MPD.

“Yeah,” I answered, “You can see it’s already starting because of that blue glow.”

“The ship is even bigger than I expected,” Nadia said.

“Thank god for fabrication bots,” Mom laughed.

“Prepare for boarding,” the pilot said over the radio, and we sat back in our seats and fastened our seatbelts.

After the clunky sound when the connection was made, the door opened, and Dad entered the Zephyr. The rest of us followed, and after entering the artificial gravity of the spinning ring with the living quarters, we found our hut.

We didn’t have much time to spare, so Mom started preparing the sus pods while we looked at Earth through the window.

“It looks fantastic from up here,” Nadia almost whispered.

“It’s almost unbelievable we’re never gonna see it again,” I responded, equally impressed.

A feeling of doubt and sadness washed over me as we looked at the planet that gave us life for the last time. Did we make the right decision? What if anything went wrong? What if Aetheria wasn’t that great after all?

“She’s beautiful, right?” Dad said as he put a hand on our shoulders, “but, uhm… it’s time to go into sus now.”

I nodded, and as Dad closed the shutters, we walked over to the suspension pods in the corner of the room. Nadia had the corner pod, I had the one next to her, and Ethan had the one on the other side of me.

“Strange idea we’re gonna die in that thing,” Nadia said as she undressed.

I tried not to look, but when she dropped her pants and her panties and crop top were left, I had to check her out.

“Well… technically, we’re dead, yes. But with the use of…”

“Don’t, Ay! I was making a joke,” Nadia said, looking nervous.

“Sorry…” I mumbled as I dropped my pants and stood in my boxers and T-shirt.

I was glad I hadn’t popped a boner from looking at Nadia in her underwear. I was a little used to it by now, but I still had to stay focused when it happened.

“Alright, guys,” Mom said as she opened the pods, “It’s time.”

We all hugged each other, and I got comfortable in my pod. Mom gave me a kiss on my forehead, and before I knew it, everything turned black. My arms and legs started to tremble, and it was like my body was shutting down, which it basically did. I didn’t know what to expect, but this wasn’t bad at all. If dying for real was anything like this, it would be okay.

Beside me, Nadia started moving. She was waking up, and I loved the little sounds and whimpers that came with it. She yawned loudly as she stretched her body. I didn’t feel the need to hide the fact that I was checking out her chest.

With her body stretched like this, her small boobs were almost gone. But that ‘almost’ part of it was fantastic! Her small nipples were pointy, and I could count her ribs. Her skin was flawless, and her belly was tight.

“Morning…” she grumbled and lay her hands behind her head, not bothering to cover up.

“Morning! Sleep well?”

“Like a baby!” she said excitedly, “It was good to, you know… before falling asleep. It always makes me sleep better.”

“Same here!” I said, feeling only a mild apprehension to talk about this subject with my twin sister.

We were quiet for a moment when Nadia asked, “Wanna do it again?”

“Uhm… Dunno… do you?”

“We’ve still got time, so…” Nadia said with a coy smile, and her hand sneaked under the blanket a heartbeat later.

She did have a point here. And I was already a bit in the mood by looking at her exposed chest. But then again, I was always in the mood in the morning.

So I didn’t need any more encouragement and slid my hand under the covers to grab my boner. As I started sliding up and down, I felt the blanket rub against my dick. I didn’t like it, and I started kicking down the blanket without even thinking about it.

I exposed the both of us this way, but neither of us seemed to care. My eyes did fly toward my sister’s hand between her legs, and by the slight turn of her head, I knew she was looking at me.  

We each did our thing. It was hot doing this side by side. Nadia occasionally let out a soft moan, and so did I.  But other than that, we were quiet.

As my eyes drank in the sight of her beautiful body, I felt my balls tingle. I wasn’t cumming yet, but I knew that if I picked up the pace now, I’d cum in a heartbeat.

“Hmmm…” Nadia purred, “I’m getting, aahhh… close. You?”

“Almost…” I groaned and started picking up the pace.

I started going for it, and before I knew it, my balls tingled and pulled up in my sack. In the corner of my eye, it looked as if Nadia slowed down. But I was too far gone by now to let this sink in.

I went over the cliff, and I firmly gripped my dick at the base as I felt the cum leave my balls and enter my dick. A heartbeat later, drops of cum splattered on my body. It wasn’t as intense as the first time that Nadia looked, but I still managed one drop to land on my neck.

I grunted deeply as I came, and Nadia’s soft, low moans beside me indicated that she was also cumming. A drop of cum dribbled down my shaft and onto my fingers, but it felt good to lay like this with my hard dick obscenely pointing upward and showing it off.

“That was good,” Nadia sighed as I was still recovering.

I looked over at her and saw she was checking out my dick. It was still pointing up because of the way I held it in my fist, and I felt proud she was checking it out. It was deflating slowly by now, and I let go of it.

Nadia’s eyes went up to meet mine, and she smiled warmly. She didn’t look embarrassed, uneasy, bashful, or anything for being caught looking, and I was actually glad she wasn’t. It was great to be this open to each other, and after all these times of admiring her from a distance and seeing her in her underwear and stuff, it was great to see her for all she was worth and not feel awkward or embarrassed about it.

“I’ll shower first, okay?” I said as I didn’t want to waste too many words on what we did together.

“Sure!” Nadia said.

Before I could get up, she gave me a peck on my cheek. In return, I gave her a peck on her forehead because a kiss on her lips would be weird. As I walked toward the bathroom, Nadia giggled and said again, “Nice butt, bro.”

I couldn’t suppress a giggle at that, but I needed to find a thing like this that I could use on her. During my shower, I thought about it but couldn’t come up with anything.

After enjoying the privilege of watching Nadia get dressed again, we headed over to the family room.

End of chapter 6

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All rights reserved

Duae siblings nudae et in lecto pariter. Hoc modo sit

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Aetheria – Chapter 5

Jason Crow

Chapter 5 – Camo

Nadia moved beside me, and as her right leg was draped over my left, this woke me up. But the light snoring coming from her open mouth indicated that she was still asleep.

I was lying on my back and looked at my twin sister in the dim light of the room. Her arms were above her head, and the blanket was about halfway down our upper legs. My morning wood,  tenting out my boxers, was also on display this way, but I only had eyes for the slit that was now clearly visible in Nadia’s green panties.

Her midsection was exposed as her top had pulled up during the night. The top ended a couple of inches below her breasts. My eyes moved upward over her tight, exposed belly and landed on the swells of her small breasts. Her hard nipples were trying to poke through her top and looked beyond sexy to me.

I almost got a heart attack when Nadia groaned and said, “Hmm… good morning”.

I was so focused on her boobs that I didn’t notice she woke up. But now I panicked because my tented boxers couldn’t be missed, and I was too late to cover up.

I was frantically weighing the options in my head when Nadia propped up on her elbows and looked around the room.

“It took me a moment to realize where I was,” Nadia said cheerfully, “but when I saw you, I rem- oh…”


I felt SO embarrassed at that moment that I couldn’t speak or even look at my sister. All I could do now was hope she wouldn’t scream or call for Dad or something like that.

But I was glad when she softly asked, “Is that your thing- boner?”

“I’m SO sorry, Nad! I didn’t mean to, but I always have one in the morning,” I said, feeling my tears well up in my eyes.

I managed to look at my sister, and when she saw my face, she said, “Don’t be sorry, Ay,”

“It’s… I don’t want this…” I sniffed.

Nadia laid on her side and put her hand on my bare chest. Her touch was electric, and when she softly said, “Really! Don’t worry. I talked with A’vii about this, and they explained a lot. I know now that boys sometimes can’t help it,” I relaxed a little.

“A’vii?” I asked, amazed that her best friend on Earth knew about this stuff.

“Yeah. She has an older sister, and she was… willing to explain some things to us.”


“I visited them through the FLiN with my holo a couple of times after you told me… the things you did. That’s when A’vii’s older sister talked to us.”

“That’s pretty bisque of her,” I said, but my hardon twitched involuntarily in my boxers, causing it to become the center of attention again.

“Can I… uhm…” Nadia started.


“Never mind…” she said, and the blush spread all over her face and neck.

“Come on! Just ask,” I said, trying to keep the conversation away from my hard dick.

“Can I, like… touch it?”

Wow! Somehow, I didn’t see that coming. This question also needed a little time to land. Why would she want to touch it? She was my sister, so was it a big deal? Or was it precisely the opposite? She wouldn’t tell anyone that one was certain, but…

“If you don’t want me to, that’s fine!” Nadia added in the silence that followed, “But, I mean… since I saw it already, I thought…”

Oh boy! I didn’t want to be remembered about that! But then again, it was cool on a strange level. So, after a couple more moments of silence, I softly said, “You can touch it if you want. But don’t tell anyone, okay? Not even A’vii!”

“Cool!” Nadia whispered, and in a normal voice, she added, “Of course not! And I can’t even talk to A’vii anymore. That stuff doesn’t work on Aetheria.”

Of course I knew the FLiN didn’t work here, but I wanted to emphasize my point by explicitly pointing out her best friend.

“So, how… ohhh!” I said, but Nadia didn’t waste any time and pressed her finger against my shaft.

She immediately pulled back and asked worriedly, “Did I hurt you?”

“No, no. It’s just that…” I hesitated a second but figured I might as well be frank here, “It feels good, and I didn’t expect it. You won’t hurt me.”

That seemed enough encouragement for her to go on, so two fingers pressed against my shaft a moment later.

“It’s warm!” she exclaimed excitedly.

I could only nod and looked down at my crotch, where my twin sister’s hand was touching my rock-hard boner.

Nadia clearly had fewer inhibitions about this than me because her fingers wrapped themselves around my boxer-covered shaft and squeezed it gently. Her touch on my dick was beyond electric. But this added stimulation caused my dick to twitch violently, only this time, Nadia giggled coyly and just loosened her grip instead of pulling back.

“It’s hard and soft at the same time,” she whispered to no one in particular.

Her hand kept exploring and moved up toward my dickhead. Somehow, she knew to be gentler there and caressed it more or less.

As she did this, I moaned softly, which made Nadia move her hand down to cup my balls instead of continuing on my dickhead, which I wouldn’t mind one bit.

The way she was exploring my dick and balls made me rethink the idea of brothers and sisters doing this. Nadia showed no signs of being weirded out and obviously enjoyed what she was doing. But a little voice inside my head kept telling me this was wrong and that I needed to protect my sister. She asked me to feel my dick. I knew that perfectly well. But somehow, it felt like I was molesting her.

Nadia let my balls wiggle between her fingers. I wanted to warn her about being gentle, but she was ahead of me when she said, “These are really sensitive, right?”

I nodded, and she said, “They feel funny.”

Nadia abruptly lifted her hand, placed it on my chest, and gave me a quick peck on my cheek.

“Thanks! And thanks for not being weird about this!” Nadia said as she sat up straight and acted like nothing was wrong with feeling me up like this.

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I simply replied, “Sure!”

“I was curious what it felt like when I saw you… back home, you know? And now I do, so thanks for that! I’ll hop into the shower quickly. Then we’ll eat breakfast at Mom and Dad’s and check out the base together after that, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

She hummed a song as she got up, grabbed a towel and clean underwear, and entered the bathroom. 

I lay on the bed and kept looking at the ceiling. My head was a whirlwind of thoughts. I absolutely LOVED how the electricity of Nadia’s hand and fingers on my dick set my nerves on fire. But didn’t I need to protect my twin sister from herself? Should I jerk to a quick orgasm? What if Mom or Dad found out about this?

The jerking session was on top of my mind, but the risk of being caught and the lack of a way to clean up was reason enough to not start with this. Instead, I did everything I could to let my boner go down. My mind filled itself with math problems, dead kittens, and cold penguins, but it took every bit of focus I could manage.

When the bathroom door opened, and Nadia came out in her plain white bra and matching panties, I was on the soft end of being between soft and hard. Nadia glanced at my crotch, didn’t say anything, and gestured the shower was free.

We ate breakfast with just Mom. Both Ethan and Dad were already out at work on the compound, and Mom had a meeting later with some of her new colleagues. We talked about our plans, and Mom encouraged us to go exploring. Our school wouldn’t be finished in a couple of weeks, so we had plenty of time on our hands.

But our exploration ended disappointingly quickly. Most of the parts that seemed interesting to us were only accessible with special clearance, which we didn’t have. Eventually, we ended up in the central room, where we had our initial safety meeting and looked at each other.

We sat at opposite sides of the table, and we sighed deeply. The way we did this simultaneously made us giggle. I glanced around and noticed a couple of people were eating their lunches, whereas others were chatting quietly together.

“This sucks ass,” Nadia said with a great capacity for understatement.

“Big time!”

“These are going to be a long couple of weeks,” she sighed.

I looked at a girl about Ethan’s age who was cleaning the tables. When she was at our table and saw our faces, she asked, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” I mumbled.

“It’s SO boring here!” Nadia whined.

“I figured that was the case,” the girl chuckled, “Why do you think I volunteered for this job?”

“Are there any jobs we can volunteer for?” Nadia eagerly asked.

“You’re Major Thom’s kids, right?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m Aidan, and she’s Nadia.”

“I’m Laousa,” the girl said as she sat beside me.

She looked amused at us and said, “You’re too young to do jobs. You’re thirteen, right?”

“Yeah. That’s a problem?”

“Maybe not if you’re the major’s kids. If you wanna pull those strings already, that is.”

“Bummer…” I said glumly.

“There’s a running and exercise track I used when I just landed here. Took my mind off doing nothing for a week or so back then.”

“That’s an option,” Nadia said as she looked at me.

I nodded, and Laousa continued, “I wish I could let you help me, but there’s already very little to do for me, and I can get into trouble for letting you help me.”

“We don’t want that,” Nadia said, picking at a loose piece of plastic where the table was slightly damaged.

“I can get you a drink if you want. And you can always come and chat if you want. How’s that?”

“Thanks. That’ll be great,” Nadia said, but I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

We chatted for a while, and I had to say that Laousa was friendly and kind. This was our first real interaction with a fellow Aetherian, and I was glad it was pleasant.

As we walked back to our room, I said to Nadia, “At least she was nice. Imagine nothing to do with only assholes surrounding you…”

Nadia giggled and said, “Yeah. That would suck even more.”

“And now what?” I asked, “Watch a movie and maybe exercise later?”

“I guess…”

The following day was basically a copy of the first. Except for the fact that Nadia was already in the bathroom when I woke up, and she’d ignored my obvious boner. Did she regret what we did yesterday? Did I do something wrong?

By the time she came out of the bathroom, I’d modestly covered myself with the blanket. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw a hint of disappointment on her face.

We had breakfast with Mom, walked around the compound, ran two exercise laps, and watched a movie or two.

During the second movie, Dad knocked on the door. Nadia opened it, and I grabbed my shirt. As I put it on, Dad said, “We’re going to open the shutters for the first time in weeks today. Do you wanna come and see what the planet looks like?”

The shutters were closed because of the latest meteor shower. Apparently, it was kind of a big deal that they were opening them again. They’d first open the ones in the control center to ensure everything was okay, and I was curious what the planet actually looked like. I didn’t care that this was one of the privileges of being the Major’s kids. I wanted to see that!

So I eagerly went with Dad, and Nadia followed us, acting a bit uninterested, but I knew she also wanted to see this.

When we entered the control room, Dad gave us a quick tour. Everyone was friendly and explained what they were doing and how things worked. When the time to open the shutters was there, Dad made sure we could see everything, and we almost had the best spot in the room.

As the shutters opened, I let out a soft “Wow!” and so did Nadia, who stood beside me. We were looking out over a big lake that looked a lot like an Earth’s lake.

But the ground surrounding it looked more like a deserted Arizonian desert. There were no plants and just rocks. These rocks weren’t pointy like you’d see in an old sci-fi movie but more rounded, colorful, and cool looking.

It was raining, and there were puddles of mud all around. But what got my attention was that the sky was blue, like on Earth, but with a slightly more greenish color. I hadn’t noticed this when we touched down a few days ago. This gave me a sense of home, and it didn’t feel like we were light-years away from Earth. All in all, it looked like the pictures we’d seen before. But seeing it in real life was more intense.

“Impressive, huh?” Dad asked with a grin on his face.

“Yeah! It looks more like Earth than I expected.”

“Over there, you can see the base of Zuckerberg mountain. He’s basically the guy who invented th-“

“The FLiN. I know, Dad. He started Metaverse, which evolved into the FLiN. I had my history classes at school,” I said, smiling, knowing Dad meant well.

“Yeah,” Dad cleared his throat and pointed to the giant towers in the distance, “There’s the first terraforming complex on the planet. Coms are currently offline, and we need to find out why.”

“Where’s Xi-Ping Lake?” Nadia asked as she looked outside next to me.

“That’ll be over there, behind that hill,” Dad said as he pointed to our right, “That’s where we’re collecting the water and bacteria.”

We looked around some more, but Dad excused himself when someone asked him to come with him. Nadia and I stalled a bit. But eventually, we had to leave the command center. The whole compound looked different when we walked through the hallways toward the central hall. More… alive. The colors streaming in through the windows gave everything a whole different vibe.

When we met Laoousa, she was beaming. She gave us both a drink and cheerfully said, “It’s so good to be able to see the outside again!”

“It’s a lot different seeing it in real life than in pictures and videos,” Nadia said.

We chatted for a while when Laousa suddenly said, “Oh! Almost forgot. I’ve got something for you.”

She got up, and Nadia and I looked at each other. Nadia shrugged, and I said, “She’s a little weird. Funny, but weird.”

Nadia giggled, and we followed Laousa with our eyes as she came back to our table carrying a box. She smiled at us as she set the box in front of us at the table.

“I’ve collected my and my brother’s old clothes. I think they’ll fit. This way, you two won’t look so… Earthy…”

I looked at what I was wearing and didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. But apparently, Nadia did, as she said, “Thanks! I was looking for a way to, you know… blend in.”

“A few of them are autofit, but most are just vintage, so you’ll have to check if it fits.”

Nadia got up and gave Laousa a hug. She opened the box, and the two of them started rummaging through the clothes.

After a while, Laousa said she had to clean the counter. We thanked her again, and I carried the box back to our room.

“I still don’t know what’s wrong with our clothes,” I said as we entered our room.

“I know you don’t. And that’s okay,” Nadia chuckled, “but we’ll blend in way better with these clothes. You’ll see.”

Nadia picked out some clothes for me and laid them on the bed. She asked me to try a couple of them on, and I had to admit they looked better than the clothes I was wearing. I hesitated slightly but figured I might as well undress down to my underwear since Nadia had already seen me like this a couple of times.

She openly checked me out as she handed me the clothes. But unlike before, this didn’t make me feel uncomfortable anymore.

“Looks good on you! Now try these,” she said and handed me another pair of pants and a shirt.

We did this a couple of times, and with the last pair of pants, she managed to make me feel uncomfortable after all when she said, “A bit tight in the crotch. But you make it work.”

As I put my original clothes back on, Nadia laid her clothes on the bed. She started undressing, and before I knew it, she stood there in her bra and panties as if it were the most normal thing in the world. And it seemed like it WAS the most normal thing in this world.

She picked up a shirt and skirt when I noticed something. I picked up the long-sleeved shirt to see if I saw it correctly.

“No way! This is a vintage Camo shirt!” I said excitedly.

“What’s Camo?” Nadia asked as she pulled down her shirt.

“Don’t you know what Camo is?” I chuckled, “Finally, I know something about clothes that you don’t!”

Nadia chuckled, too, saying, “I honestly never heard of it.”

“It was created decades ago, and it can take on any color, pattern, picture, you name it. Look, here’s the control unit you put on your wrist.”

“Why did they stop making it? Sounds cool.”

“Dunno. Guess they couldn’t get the autofit to work? Or it was too expensive? Here!” I said as I handed the shirt to her, “Try it on!”

She lifted her shirt, and as she started to put on the Camo shirt, I cleared my throat, blushed, and said, “Uhm… there might be another reason… you need to, uhm… be naked under it. So no bra.”

“Oh?” As she sized me up, Nadia asked, “Why’s that?”

“It gets its energy from skin contact. That’s the only way it can work. I’ll turn around for a sec, don’t worry.”

I turned my back to my twin sister. I heard ruffling behind me, and the idea of her being topless in the same room with me made me a little excited, and I felt my dick chub up a little.

“Okay. You can look.”

I turned around, and the shirt fitted Nadia perfectly. It was now deep black at its default color. I checked the controls around her wrist, and they were also dark. It looked like the shirt didn’t have any power.

“I think it’s broken,” I said, a bit disappointed.

“That’s too bad,” Nadia said, and she bent over to pick up her bra that was on the floor.

When she stood straight, I noticed a glitch on her control pad. Nadia was looking at me to turn around again, but it dawned on me and said, “You need to charge it! Do a couple of jumping jacks or something, and it’ll start working!”

Nadia checked to see if I was making fun of her, but she smiled and joined me when I started doing jumping jacks.

After about a minute of exercise, the fabric on her shirt started glowing, and a soft beep came from the pad on her wrist.

“I think it’s done,” Nadia said, looking at the pad, “Now what?”

“Lemme see…”

I started fumbling with the buttons on the pad on her wrist. It took me a couple of seconds, but it was pretty self-explanatory once I got the hang of it.

“Look,” I said, pressed a button, and her shirt turned bright yellow.


I explained how it worked, and pretty soon, all colors of the rainbow were coming by. We found the pattern function a little later, and her shirt got even more outrageous.

“What’s this?” Nadia asked and pressed another button.

Immediately, her shirt showed an image of half her head and part of the ceiling.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, but Nadia was quicker.

She held her pad in front of her face and pressed the button again. Now, her face was on her shirt, and it looked funny as hell. Especially after she tweaked it a bit and the image spread out into hundreds of smaller pictures.

“Do me!” I said excitedly.

She held the pad in front of me, and as I made a funny face, she pressed the button. The result was hilarious, and we both laughed out loud.

Nadia held the camera close to her nose, and now both her nostrils were showing, which was even funnier when the picture was multiplied.

We were both laughing hard, and I saw tears running down Nadia’s cheeks. I unbuttoned my pants, slid down my pants and underwear at the back so my ass cheeks were showing, and said, “Here! Do this!”

Nadia didn’t waste a moment, and when my white butt was showing on her shirt, we both lost it. My belly was hurting from all the laughing, and Nadia had to lean against the closet.

After a few moments, Nadia opened her mouth to take a picture of that, but my heart almost stopped beating while I was looking. I noticed her belly button first, but immediately, my eyes were drawn to her chest.

Somehow, the fabric had become completely transparent, and her boobs were showing. Her boobs! It looked so amazing that I couldn’t tear my eyes away, even if my life depended on it. The small swells of her breasts were topped off with dime-sized, dark-pink nipples that looked fabulous on her body.

It probably only took a second, but I had mental images for months to jack off to in that second.

Nadia realized I had stopped laughing, and I felt her eyes on me. I quickly turned my head away and shielded her with my hands. I knew I was blushing furiously as I could almost feel the heat on my face.

“Your… uhm… you…” I stammered.

“Wha- OH!!” she said, and I could hear her turn around.

“I didn’t mean…”

“Shit! This is bisque! What happened?” she said, and thankfully didn’t sound mad.

I could hear she was pressing all sorts of buttons, and every time, an annoying beep indicated this wasn’t working.

“I don’t know. But maybe I can fix it?”

Nadia was quiet for a moment and softly said, “Okay.”

“Can I, you know… look?”

“Yeah. Just fix it, okay?”

I tentatively turned around and saw my sister’s naked back. It was just a bare back, but it still looked sexy. The moment this idea shot through my head, I regretted it. She was my sister, damnit! I needed to help and protect her, not perv on her!

She held up her wrist so I could check the pad. It took me a moment to figure out what was wrong. Eventually, I decided to disconnect and reconnect the cable that connected the pad, and after a reboot and the startup sound, the thing seemed to work again. It turned out this solved it, and her shirt was as black as it had been when we started.

“Thanks,” she mumbled as she turned around.

She didn’t look at me, and I could feel the tension in the air. I wasn’t sure how to react to this, so I did what I always did when I didn’t know how to respond.

“No problem. Good thing you don’t have to walk around with my butt on your shirt all day!”

A smile returned to her face, and I felt my heart melt as she looked at me.

“I’ll change into something else. Don’t want this to happen in the main hall,” she said, turned around, and took off the shirt.

I never thought it would be sexy to watch a girl get dressed, but looking at how she was putting on her bra, it sure was.

I immediately dismissed this thought and felt stupid again for thinking like this. I needed to do something about it because this was getting ridiculous. This lingered in my head for a couple of moments before I realized what I could do about it. I needed to jerk off! That would surely take the edge away from it.

But I couldn’t do it in bed with Nadia next to me. What if she caught me doing it? No, I’d do it in the shower next time. With the image of Nadia’s naked boobs on top of my mind, I would be done in a heartbeat.

“Thanks, Ay,” Nadia said as we opened the door.

“Let’s see Mom,” I said, carefully avoiding the subject.

The days started to blend into one. I’d wake up when Nadia entered the bathroom. She never asked to look or feel me up again. I was sure she regretted doing this with me, which was a massive bummer because having her hands on my dick felt amazing.

After our morning routine, we’d have breakfast with Mom and occasionally Dad or Ethan. After that, we’d exercise, hang out with Laousa, and chill in our room. That was it, and boredom was striking us hard.

“I see you more as a friend than my brother these days,” Nadia said as we left our room for a family dinner.

“Me too. I never thought I’d say this, and I’ll always deny saying it to other people, but it doesn’t suck that you’re my sister,” I chuckled, and Nadia playfully punched me on my shoulder as she mumbled, “Jerk.”

It was actually just the second time we ate as a family since we landed here, and Mom was thrilled to have us all at the table together.

Dad and Ethan obviously had more exciting days than Nadia and me. Ethan had even been outside once, and he was bragging about it so much that Dad told him to tone it down.

Dad mentioned they were still having trouble reaching the remote terraforming site, but they couldn’t spare a team to go and check it out at the moment. Ethan immediately volunteered to go and check it out. Dad didn’t dismiss the idea right away and said he needed to talk to the team leader about it.

“We can help him!” I blurted out, “We’ve got all the time in the world, and we passed our safety exams with a perfect score! Right?” I said as I looked at my sister, who eagerly nodded.

“That’s the team spirit we need over here, Son! But I’m not the one deciding this. I promise I’ll talk to the team’s chief about this.”

Dad talked about how the collection of water and bacteria was finally ramping up. There was also lots of progress on the building drones, and maybe they’d have our part of the building finished in just two weeks.

After we cleaned up, Dad excused himself when his coms lit up. He was needed on the bridge. This was the cue for all of us to go back to our own rooms.

“Let’s hope Dad manages to get us to go with Ethan,” Nadia said as I flipped on the TV.

“Yeah! That would be bisque!”

After another lame movie, we decided to call it a night. Nadia went into the bathroom while I undressed and slipped under the covers in my boxers. I was glad I figured out to jerk off in the shower because every time Nadia came out of the bathroom in her top and panties, I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful body. And every time, the image of her bare breasts filled my mind.

Sleeping in my boxers was also a little less annoying. I didn’t get as many nocturnal boners as before, which always woke me because of how they strained my undies.

“Night, bro,” Nadia said, and she gave me the usual peck on my cheek.


I dozed off quickly, as I always did. I always slept before Nadia did, and since I was a sound sleeper, I’d wake up refreshed every morning without waking up or dreaming during the night.

This time, however, was different. I felt I had a couple of hours of sleep behind me, but I still had several to go. It was immediately clear what woke me up. Nadia was having a bad dream and was moaning and kicking her feet. I had my back toward her and figured I’d let her sleep.

But when she kicked me against my leg, I figured I’d better wake her up and turned on my back. But when I looked to my left, I was certain for a moment that I was still dreaming.

There, on her back, legs spread, and with the blanket on her ankles, lay my sister in all her naked glory. I involuntarily sucked in a breath as my eyes roamed over her fabulous-looking body.

I shook my head and pinched myself on my cheek, but I was wide awake. Lots of questions shot through my head. Why was she naked? Was it okay to look, or should I do the right thing and look away? Why did she look so amazing naked?

She was on her back, so gravity had done its job on her boobs. My eyes went from her flattish chest with her hard, pointy nipples down over her tight, with a hint of a six-pack belly, to the small, dark patch of hair above her endlessly intriguing but mysterious slit.

Even though I knew it was a million kinds of wrong, my eyes drank in every inch of her body. My dick was rock hard and straining my boxers. A tingle spread through it as I kept feasting my eyes.

This tingle was familiar and meant that I was close to coming already. And I hadn’t even touched myself yet! Seeing my twin sister like this got me so worked up that I couldn’t help it. I tucked the waistband of my boxers under my balls, freeing my dick in the process. I threw all caution out of the window and probably wasn’t thinking very rationally. But I just had to do something!

I tried not to move too much because that could potentially wake up Nadia. So I gripped my dick firmly and let out a low grunt, as my body already knew what this meant; relief!

I slowly moved my fist up and down, all the while I was focusing on that small slit where my dick should slide into. I never thought something this small could look this inviting. I had to increase the pace of my sliding fist because the tingling feeling was becoming almost unbearable. My gaze alternated between her pointy nipples, pubic hairs, and exposed slit.

All of a sudden, my balls pulled up, my dick thickened in my fist, and my orgasm hit me. And it hit me with full force!

As the first spurt hit me on my chin, which was the furthest I ever shot, I heard myself groan loudly. It was way too loud, but I couldn’t help it. The second, third, and fourth spurts weren’t as powerful but still landed all over my chest. They were still small drops of watery cum, but shooting it out of my dick felt sooo amazing!

“Wha- grmb…” Nadia grumbled beside me.

Because of my orgasmic high, her words and movement registered a little too slowly. The moment I realized she was waking up, I turned to my side with my back toward her.

“Ay?” she softly said, and I could hear her grab the blanket and pull it up.


“I’m… I’m sorry,” Nadia said so softly I almost couldn’t hear it.

After she sniffed, I was more than a little confused. Why was she crying? Why did she say sorry? For Christ’s sake, I was the one who jerked off on his naked sister!

I turned onto my back and looked at her. She was lying on her side with her face toward me, had her eyes closed, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Hey? What’s wrong?” I said and gently laid my hand on her cheek.

“I…” SNIFF, “I shouldn’t have done…” SNIFF, “this.”

“Done what? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I did! I shouldn’t have taken off my clothes. You don’t wanna see your sister naked! But it was so hard sleeping in them, and since you’re such a heavy sleeper, I figured…” she said and ended with another loud sniff.

“Come here,” I said, extending my arm, but I completely forgot about the drops of cum on my neck, chest, and belly.

Nadia looked at me with a puzzled face and asked, “You’re not mad?”

“Why would I be? I wish I was smart enough to do this! I hate sleeping with clothes, too, you know?”

Nadia didn’t wait for another second and moved in for that hug. She hugged me tightly, and I hugged her back. It was amazing feeling her boobs against my chest. Despite shooting my cum moments ago, the feeling of the soft skin of her breast against my skin made me bone up again instantly.

“You’re the best, Ay!” she said and kissed me on my cheek.

“I know…” I replied smoothly.

We lay like this for a couple of moments when she asked, “What’s this?”

She dipped her finger in the drop of cum on my neck, and my heart almost stopped beating when I realized what it was.

“It’s… nothing. Sweat, I guess.”

My blush must’ve been unmistakable because Nadia pressed. “This isn’t sweat.”

She kept examining it between her fingers when she sucked in a breath and asked, “Is this… sperm?”

Now, it was my turn to feel terrible. I didn’t know what to do, and I felt tears well up in my eyes. “I’m so sorry! It was… I was, and when I opened my eyes, you… and then…” I blurted.

I was so afraid I was busted and that she’d get mad at me now that she realized I jerked off beside her. But all she said was, “Wow!” and stuck out her tongue to taste my cum.

My eyes widened as she did this, and my heart was pounding in my chest. She wasn’t mad, obviously. It was all one big mindfuck, and I was so confused I could hardly think anymore. Nadia was afraid I’d be mad at her, as much as I was scared of the opposite.

“You… you aren’t mad?”

“Why would I be mad? Madsturbation is perfectly normal. A’vii said so herself. I did it a couple of times, and it feels good.”

“It’s masturbation, and… do girls do this stuff too?”

“Of course, silly. Haven’t done it since we landed here, though. With, you know… you beside me.”

Since we were being honest, I said, “I… uhm… I did it in the shower a few times. And… uhm… a couple of minutes ago.”

I smiled weakly as I said this, and Nadia looked thoughtfully at me. The soft swell of her breast was still pressed against my chest, which distracted me a little.

“Makes sense. I thought you hurt yourself in there the other day,” she chuckled. After a few moments of silence, “But why did you do it in bed? I could’ve caught you…”

“I… I never saw a naked girl before. And then, when I opened my eyes, you were lying there. I couldn’t help it,” I said, and as I shrugged, I said, “Sorry, I guess?”

“So you think I look hot?”

“Oh yes! Definitely!” I blurted out way too enthusiastically.

Nadia didn’t respond to my over-enthusiastic reply. Instead, she looked thoughtful, and a blush formed on her cheeks.

“Can you… you know… show me how you do it?” she asked after another moment of silence.

“Show you!?”

I couldn’t believe my ears as she said this. Did my twin sister want to watch me jerk myself?

“You don’t have to, if you don’t wanna,” she quickly added, “But I thought that since I, you know, ‘saw’ you back on Earth, I figured it’s not that big of a deal.”

And just like that, Nadia looked shy again. But then it suddenly dawned on me. She was just as interested in my body as I was in hers! This epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks but made a lot of things clearer now.

Why shouldn’t I let her see my body? There was no harm in that. And maybe by showing mine, she’d be willing to show me more of hers! And there was no harm in just showing, right? We wouldn’t be having sex or anything.

“No, it’s not that I don’t want to. I just… are you sure? I’ll have to be naked, you know?”

It was a little evil to put it like this, but I was curious about her reaction. And it gave me time to steady my nerves since I already decided I would do this.

“Oh, but that’s no problem,” Nadia said as casually as she could, but she couldn’t hide the enthusiasm in her voice, “I mean… I already saw your th- dick, so…”

“Alright then,” I softly said, but I wasn’t moving since I was too chicken to start.

“Bisque!” Nadia said but didn’t move either.

A couple of awkward moments later, we both started to giggle. I pushed the blanket entirely down and exposed my tented boxers.

“Shall I…”

“Yes!” Nadia interrupted me and had a determined look on her face.

She sat up straight and had her arm in front of her chest, obscuring her boobs. She scooted over so she sat near my hips, looking at my boxer-clad boner.

“Let’s do this together,” she said softly as she looked me in my eyes, a blush spread over her face and the upper half of her chest.

I could only nod and slid my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers. Seeing my sister sitting there, with only her arm covering her beautiful breasts, was enough encouragement to start taking off my boxers.

I slid them down slowly, and my boner was trapped in the waistband, so it started pointing down with the movement of my hands. As my pubes were being bared, I lifted my ass off the mattress to finish the job.

After my boxers were low enough and my dickhead slipped from the waistband, my dick sprang free and slapped against my belly with a slap. Nadia’s eyes were wide as she eyed my naked boner for the second time.

I continued sliding down my boxers, and after I dropped them on the floor, Nadia’s eyes were still glued to my boner.

“It’s… wow…” she stammered, “it’s pretty big, Ay.”

This filled me with pride, but I was hoping to get a good look at her boobs while she was sitting up. But her arm was still across her chest, obscuring my view.

After a couple of moments where neither of us moved, with Nadia’s eyes on my dick and mine focused on her chest, Nadia said, “Oh! Sorry. I didn’t…”

She started blushing as she quietly lowered her arm. As more and more of her breasts came into view, my dick twitched a couple of times. Her boobs weren’t big. Not even close to those of a grown woman. They were pretty small, actually. But they looked perfect on her.

“Oh, wow!” I softly mumbled.

“They’re too small…” Nadia whispered.

“No, they’re not! They’re beautiful!”

I realized my hand had a mind of its own and was moving toward my twitching boner. I kept my eyes glued on her chest as my fingers wrapped themselves around my rock-hard shaft for the second time in under fifteen minutes.

“Really?” she asked, as her eyes followed my hand.

“Oh, yeah…” I whispered as I started jerking away, feeling incredibly horny as I was being watched by my sister.

Nadia’s arms were beside her body by now, and she leaned over a little to get a better look. This made her boobs look even sexier, and I could feel a hint of her breath on my dick and balls.

The level of arousal I was feeling was beyond everything I had ever felt before. Watching real-life boobs, an audience while I was doing something very private and extremely exciting, and the illusion that she could touch my dick again at any moment was all adding up to a boiling point inside my balls.

“Your balls…” Nadia whispered,“ they move while you…”

I could only nod as my fist slid up and down over my over-sensitive dick. The boiling pressure inside kept building, and I knew I wasn’t far off anymore. I was only going at it for a minute or two by now, but it was enough to bring me toward the edge again.

I didn’t see her move since all I was looking at were her sexy-as-hell boobs, but when Nadia’s hand gently cupped my balls, I moaned loudly. Because of the last time she felt me up, Nadia probably knew I was okay because she started to wiggle my balls between her fingers.

“This is amazing…” she softly said

I knew I was done for at that moment. I didn’t care what would happen or what Nadia would think of me. I just needed to cum.

“Ohhh… aaahhh! I’m…” I grunted.

Nadia didn’t respond. But in the corner of my eye, I saw her eyes widen as my dick fattened and my balls pulled up.  What happened next was mind-blowing.

Everything before my eyes vanished, and all I could see was a white flash. In that flash, bright sparks of color came and went. But the spasms in my belly and the extremely sensitive tingles in my balls and lower body surpassed these flashes.

The first drop of cum hit me on my forehead. Another record-breaking first spurt again. The second drop landed on my cheek, and the third near my belly button. All my senses were on high alert, and I experienced everything as if it happened in slow motion. Even the nails of my sister’s fingers on my sack were as clear as day, and they barely even touched me.

I panted heavily as I opened my eyes and looked at Nadia’s surprised and flushed face. She was engrossed in what had happened and was checking out my dickhead to see if maybe more came out.

“Ohh… that was… Bisque!” she said as she looked me in my eyes after she realized I was done.

“Yeah… it was. I never shot this far before,” I said, wiping the drop from my cheek.

“Was it because of this?” she coyly said as she played with my balls again.

“Dunno. I guess… but looking at your breasts also helped a lot.”

Nadia scooped up the drop near my belly as she let go of my balls. She didn’t examine it this time but stuck it straight into her mouth.

“I like the taste. Is that weird?”

“I also like the taste. So, I guess it isn’t?”

I felt exposed lying like this, but seeing how Nadia didn’t seem to care anymore that she was naked, I decided not to say anything about it. I was tempted to touch her breasts, but now that my hormones died down, I was too chicken to ask if I could.

Nadia scooped up all the drops of cum on my body and put it in her mouth. Next, she moved over, lay down, and cuddled up against me.

“Let’s sleep, okay? No need for underwear or anything anymore, right?”

“I like how you think,” I replied, glad to sleep naked now and for the opportunity to look at my sister’s incredible body.

After enjoying the feeling of her bare breast against my skin again and the tickling of her pubes against my hip, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

End of chapter 5

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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Aetheria – Chapter 4

Jason Crow

Chapter 4 – Training

When I opened my eyes, it took me a couple of seconds to realize where I was. And something was pressing on my leg that I couldn’t place.

I looked to my right, and when I saw my sister lying beside me, I remembered where I was. Nadia’s legs were spread, and her left leg was draped over my right leg. She was snoring lightly, and her arms were above her head. Because of this, her entire midsection was exposed to just below her breasts.

I tried not to look at my sister’s exposed body and let my mind drift back to our time on Earth to take the edge off it.

I was sitting in my room on my desk chair with my eyes closed. It had been a couple of days since Ethan had taught me how to use the tool between my legs. At the moment, my boxers were around my ankles, and my fist was sliding up and down over my hard dick.

I was visualizing how the sperm shot out of Ethan’s dick, but this image was replaced by Nadia in her blue bikini every now and then. We went to the swimming pool last week, and seeing her in her bikini and how she had filled out in all the right places had struck me hard.

I was trying not to think of it while jerking off, but I simply couldn’t help myself. I concentrated on Ethan’s dick again, but as I tried getting in the zone, there was a soft knock on my door.

“Ay?” Nadia said softly at the other side of the door.

“Just a sec,” I said, feeling panicked about my hard dick and frantically trying to find a way to hide it.

I pulled up my boxers and quickly grabbed a pair of sweatpants from my hamper. I could only hope this would do the trick. I made sure my dickhead was trapped in the waistband of my boxers and that the sweats were covering up everything. A quick glance in the mirror showed that it couldn’t be missed, but it wasn’t too obvious either.

I opened my door, and my dick twitched firmly when I saw Nadia. She was only covered by a towel across her torso. The twitch freed my dick from the waistband, and when I felt it slip and land in my underwear, I quickly oozed onto my desk chair.

“Sup?” I asked as casually as I could.

“I… uhm… can we talk later about, you know… the trip?”

“Of course! I’ll come to your room after my shower, okay?”

“Thanks. I wanna know what you think of it before we decide about it tonight.


And with that, Nadia turned around, and I had to suck in a breath. Her towel was big enough to cover her front, but her butt was exposed this way. Either Nadia didn’t know or didn’t care, but her ass looked like a sculpted statue by Michelangelo himself.

After Nadia closed the door, I jerked myself to a quick orgasm. I didn’t care anymore that I only thought about Nadia in her bikini or showing off her bare ass. I needed to have an orgasm, and I came quicker and harder than I ever did before.

After my shower, I put on a T-shirt and baggy shorts and knocked on my sister’s door. When she opened it, I was glad I opted for the baggy shorts. She was holding a skirt in her hand and was dressed in only a little blue bra with matching hipster panties.

“I… I’ll wait a moment,” I managed to say without choking.

“Don’t be silly! Come in. I’ll be done in a sec.”


“I’m your sister, dummy. Don’t be so overdramatic,” she chuckled as she started zipping up the plaid skirt I liked so much on her.

“I know, but…” I stammered as I walked in and sat on her bed.

“I’ve seen you in way less than this,” she giggled as she slowly put her shirt on and gave me plenty of time to gawk over her lean body.

It was good that I was sitting down because I was rock hard again, even though I shot my load minutes ago.

“That was an accident…” I mumbled.

“I know, I’m just teasing you,” Nadia said as she gave me a quick peck on my cheek and cheerfully walked over to her computer.

“Wh… what do you wanna talk about,” I said as I regained my composure.

“I did some checking, and I need you to see this. I wanna know what you think about it.”

“Okay…” I said questioningly.

“Look. I thought that EEV was a bad company. More like Neoterra evil, if you know what I mean,” she said and paused dramatically.


“Yeah. It’s a Chinese and DRA combined company, and they kill and process a lot of alien lifeforms. They mostly use them for age regeneration and stuff for the wealthy. All very shady.”

“Didn’t know that.”

“Most people don’t. They’re not openly talking about this, obviously. But if you dig a little deeper on them in the FLiN, you find loads of articles about them.”

“But… that isn’t the case with EEV?” I asked, not entirely sure where this was going.

“No. They’re not interested in the other intelligent lifeforms on Aetheria. The biggest animals there are pig-sized, and none of the animals have anything even remotely interesting for us. The EEV only collects water from Aetheria. Well… and natural resources for building and other on-planet stuff, of course. But inside the Aetheria water are extremely useful bacteria, and that’s what they collect and how they fund the operation,” Nadia said excitedly.

“Useful how?”

“The most important use of these bacteria is that they eat our nuclear waste. That waste is turned into hydrogen and a pure form of titanium. Physicists were baffled by this because we didn’t think this was possible. These bacteria can also help with air purification, but their main task is getting rid of that waste.”

Nadia looked smug, and I had to hand it to her. She did a great job looking into this. But I wasn’t sure what she wanted to talk about.

“This doesn’t sound bad,” I said.

“No, it doesn’t sound bad at all. But the main reason I didn’t want to go was because of the idea that we were going to do a lot of shady stuff. Turns out we don’t,” she said, smiling.

“I was only thinking about how we could build our own homes over there and have loads of space and clean air,” I replied, feeling a bit dumb.

“That’s a huge plus. I agree! But the only downside I see now is the fact that there won’t be many teenagers there. I know I don’t mind, but you need to know that we’ll probably be spending a lot of time together over there.”

“Oh. That’s okay. I know there won’t be many kids our age over there, but we won’t be the only ones. Will we?”

“Dunno. According to the FLiN, not a lot of posts are made on the planet,” Nadia said as she looked thoughtfully at me, “but maybe I’m wrong. I just think we need to be on the same page, and we’ll be fine. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah. We’ll be fine, I’m sure!”

Nadia hugged me tightly and gave me another peck on my cheek. She looked at me, and the twinkle in her eyes made my stomach flutter. It was so lovely to feel her close to me, but the conflict of having feelings about my own sister made me loosen the hug and pull back a little.

Nadia thankfully didn’t notice because she said, “Let’s head downstairs. Big family meeting.”

At the start of the family meeting, it was clear everyone was up for it. So, the focus quickly shifted towards the practical aspects of the trip. For the first time in my life, I felt like my parents treated me as an equal. They listened to my concerns and ideas, and we talked about how to handle everything.

We’d have to go to an EEV facility for security and operational training. After completing all the courses successfully and the medical check-up was okay, we’d move into the facility permanently and wait for our launch date there. That would also be the moment when we had to say goodbye to friends and family.

I didn’t have many friends I’d leave behind, but Nadia had to leave her best friend. I could see she was struggling with that when this realization hit. Mom also noticed and offered to help as much as she could with that.

So, on that memorable day, it was decided that our family would become colonists at Aetheria.

“And in this room, you will learn how to use the suits. This is also where our tour ends. If there are any questions, please ask your personal trainer,” the smiling and friendly hostess said to us.

A moment later, her hologram disappeared, and I checked out my brother and sister. Ethan looked a bit bored.

But Nadia looked excitedly at the training room.

“Can’t wait to try out that one,” she said as she pointed.

“Fat chance,” Ethan said, “That’s an exoskeleton suit. You can only use these after you have completed the base course AND have fifty hours of suit time in it. With the schedule we’re supposed to meet, we won’t even be fifty hours on Earth anymore!”

“Stop whining,” Mom said, “We’ve got plenty of time to finish the training. We’ll be divided into age groups. Aidan and Nadia go together and are the only ones in their group. You’ll be with ten others, Ethan, including Rory. I’ll have to do it alone with a couple of strangers and without Dad because he’s in the commander group. So, cheer up and get to work.”

Mom playfully punched Ethan on his shoulder, causing Ethan to smile weakly. Dad grabbed him by his shoulders and said some encouraging words we couldn’t hear. But after that, Ethan smiled again, and we returned to the registration desk.

“Aidan and Nadia?” a friendly-looking young woman asked.

“That’s us,” Nadia said as she raised her hand.

“I’m Senii. Follow me, please.”

We walked behind her toward our training room, and I couldn’t help but notice how good her ass looked in her tight pants. It struck me that I saw it, though. I never looked at a woman’s ass before. Not knowingly, at least.

“Sup?” Nadia asked beside me.


“You look… different, I guess,” she said with a bit of a worried look on her face.

“It’s… I’m just a little nervous, I guess.”

“No need. We will own this training!”

“Damn right, we will!” I replied a little too excitedly.

Senii looked over her shoulder, smiled at us, and said, “Good to see you’re both excited to get started.”

She opened an unmarked door and gestured for us to go in. We were in a small hallway with three doors. One straight ahead and one to each side. Only the door in front of us had a mark, and it read, “Training. Authorized people only beyond this point.” The other two doors were unmarked.

“You can change in those rooms. The HB-ICS you’ll be wearing under the space suits are in there. When you’re done, enter the training room, and we’ll start with a warming up and a light cardio session to see where we’re at.”

Senii opened the door to the training room and left. Nadia and I looked at each other and went into a different room without saying anything.

I entered a small dressing room. On the bench lay a tiny piece of cloth. When I picked it up and pressed it, it grew a little in my hands, and it was clear it was the suit I was supposed to wear. A sign on the wall read, “Suits need to be worn without underwear because of the vital sign readings.”

It was odd to fully undress in a strange environment, but it made sense. So as I stood there naked as the day I was born and flopping my dick from left to right with my hips, which made me giggle, I picked up the suit again. I squeezed it three times, and it grew way bigger in my hands. After this, I could easily fit into it, but it was too big. But autofit would fix that problem.

After I stepped into the HB-ICS, and after autofit kicked in, the suit kept shrinking and was extremely tight around my body. It had short sleeves and short legs. The legs were almost as long as the legs of my boxers, and the arms were just over my shoulders.

As I checked myself in the mirror, I saw how the suit showed it all. You could clearly see my penis pointing toward my left hip. You had to look closely, but even the rim of my dickhead was showing. But it also accentuated my abs and pecs nicely, which made me decide to ignore the visibility of my crotch and just go for it.

Nadia and I opened the door simultaneously. It was immediately apparent that Nadia felt uncomfortable in her outfit. She looked at me and said, “This is a bit… awkward.”

But as she said this, her eyes roamed over my body. And I just had to look, too. Her small breasts were unmistakable and looked magnificent on her. As my eyes went down, I noticed she had a little hint of a six-pack. It wasn’t like Ethan’s or mine, but it looked sexy on her.

But the real prize was between her legs. The HB-ICS was so tight that the two globes of her pussy were showing, accentuating the slit between her legs where a hard dick was supposed to enter her. When the image of my hard penis close to her pussy entered my mind, I felt a stirring in my groin. I checked out Nadia, and her eyes were focused on my crotch.

A suffocating panic washed over me. I was getting a boner, and my sister would watch me grow! I started doing math in my head while I kept looking Nadia in her eyes. She looked a bit puzzled at my crotch, and when our eyes met, she blushed.

“I’m… it’s a bit…” she cleared her throat and smiled weakly.

The math was working, and I guess the panic in my stomach was enough for me to steer clear of a boner. I didn’t want to make this any more awkward than it already was, so I said, “After you,” and opened the door to the training room.

But as Nadia walked into the room in front of me, I noticed how tight the suit was around the back. The fabric was wrapped tight around her ass and pulled between her cheeks enough to give me an excellent view of her fine ass.

This would also mean that my ass was on display, just like hers. But since everything was already pretty much out in the open, I didn’t mind too much. And according to some girls at school that I accidentally overheard, I had a cute butt.

I closed the door behind me and checked the room. There was a cardio device that could turn into several different shapes for different workout types. In another corner were a couple of space suits and a training course that was adjustable into various sorts of terrain and with changeable obstacles.

“Good! The suits fit fine and seem to work,” Senii said as she checked the tablet in her hand.

“Yeah… but aren’t they a bit… revealing?” Nadia asked softly.

“What do you… oh! Don’t worry. There won’t be any more people besides the three of us here. You are brother and sister, so it shouldn’t matter, right? And I’ve seen it all already, and I’ve also signed a confidentiality disclosure.”

“But when we’re out there on Aetheria, there will be more people,” I said, helping my twin sister.

“Oh no! You’ll only wear these under your space suit. And you change into your normal clothes after you go through the airlock cycle.”

“Uhm…” Nadia said.

“Then I guess this is lesson one,” Senii smiled, “From inside the base, you enter a small changing booth. You undress, and from that booth, you enter the decontamination chamber. Behind that chamber, there’s another changing booth where you change into your HB-ICS and the space suit. Then, you’ll enter the airlock, and you’re outside.”

Nadia looked questioningly at Senii and said, “That’s a bit elaborate, isn’t it?”

“The decontamination works both ways. We don’t contaminate the planet yet, and no unknown bacteria can enter the compound. And as a big plus, the inside air stays clean.”

“Naked?” was all I asked.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that bit of her explanation. Maybe I heard it wrong, but I wanted to be sure.

“Naked, yes. That’s the only way we’re sure nothing gets in or out. But don’t worry. Only AI computers check if everything goes well. There are no cameras or humans there. We had to manufacture it this way because in our early design, the inside air was slowly getting contaminated by Aetheria’s molecules, and our equipment couldn’t keep up.”

Senii saw our stunned expressions and smiled warmly at us. She put a hand on Nadia’s shoulder and said, “I promise you’ll get used to it quickly. Before you know it, it’s the most normal thing in the world.”

“In what world?” I snickered

“Touché,” Senii giggled, “let’s just get started with the training, and we’ll talk about this later if you want to, okay?”

“I guess…” Nadia said, still looking a bit weirded out.

“First, the functions of the HB-ICS. It’s short for Human Body Interface Connectivity Suit. It forms the link between you and your suit, so you can make full use of the space suit and will make you feel like you’re not wearing a bulky and hard-to-maneuver suit.”

“So… it tells the suit what I want or something?” I asked, intrigued by the how and what.

“More or less. Your body sends out all kinds of signals. The HB-ICS picks them up, and the CPU in the suit processes them. We just need to tweak the HB-ICS now so it works flawlessly.”

“Cool!” Nadia said.

“Look,” Senii said as she showed us her tablet, “I can see almost everything about you. Heartbeat, blood pressure, muscle tension. I can even see you… uhm… need to pee.”

Senii looked at me with a funny expression on her face and a slight blush on her cheeks, but she didn’t say anything else. I glanced at Nadia, who had a massive grin on her face, and said, “You can’t hide anything from that thing, can you?”

“Nope!” Senii said cheerfully, “Let’s start that workout.”

We did several jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, and air-ups. After a while, I started sweating, but way later and less than usual during this kind of workout. Senii explained that this had everything to do with the suit’s tech. It kept me cool and changed some of the blood flow.

“Look,” Senii said as we looked at our outlined images on her tablet, “here’s your heart rate, and this shows how you manage to stay cooler.”

“Cool!” Nadia said, clearly impressed.

I was thinking about how this would help you on a foreign planet, so I asked, “Can anyone see this info?”

“No. Just your partner when you’re outside. Or you can explicitly grant access. It’s all a bit personal. I can even see when you need to go to the bathroom and stuff, you know?”

“Can you also change stuff?” Nadia asked.

“Sure! I can make your brother feel hot, for example.”

Senii pressed some buttons on the tablet, and suddenly, I felt like I was on fire.”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed, “Turn that down!”

“Bisque!” Nadia said excitedly. She pointed at another control, “What does this do?”

“It’s a massage function to help with muscle aches. By using this, you can continue for longer when needed. See?”

Senii pressed something again, and a buzz around my shoulder felt nice and comforting.

“Nice!” I said softly.

“And what if I do… this?” Nadia said with a bratty tone.

Before Senii could react, Nadia pressed an icon somewhere near my crotch. A moment later, a buzzing sensation started around my dick.

“Don’t do that!” Senii said sternly, slapped Nadia’s hand away, and quickly switched the setting off.

The buzzing sensation stopped immediately, and I looked questioningly at Senii. She was blushing furiously and stammered, “That’s for… it’s not for you.”

“Sorry,” was Nadia’s guilty-sounding reply as she looked at the floor.

“This isn’t a toy,” Senii said seriously, “you can save your partner’s life when you’re out in the wilderness of a foreign planet. Treat it like that, okay?”

“Yes, of course! I’m sorry,” Nadia replied and glanced at me with a face as if she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

The rest of the day was spent tweaking the HB-ICS for both of us. Senii was happy with our progress and said we would start working with the space suit tomorrow.

As we walked back, Nadia was uncommonly quiet. I looked at her and asked, “What’s up? Didn’t you like the training? Was it Senii?”

“Never mind,” Nadia said and looked at the floor.

“Come on! Spit it out,” I pressed.

Nadia stopped and looked at me with an expression that was so serious it almost scared me. She grabbed her ear, something she always did when she was nervous, and said, “I’m sorry about the massage thing…”

After all the other things we did, I honestly forgot about the incident, but apparently, it was still on top of Nadia’s thoughts.

“It’s okay. Really!”

“I shouldn’t have done it without asking you. But I thought maybe something was wrong with your… thingy,” she said, blushing as she looked at my groin.

“My th… why?”

“Because… it looked a lot smaller and softer than when you… when I saw you, you know.”

Now, it was my turn to blush. That short moment in the bathroom made more impact on us than I initially expected.

“It’s, uhm. It’s usually soft, like today,” I said after clearing my throat.

Nadia looked puzzled at me. After a few moments, she asked, “But why was your thingy so… big after your shower?”

“Stop calling it thingy. Makes me feel like a little kid. It’s… uhm. I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you this.”

“Tell me what?”

“It’s a grownup thing. I heard about it from E… Erik in school,” I said as I realized just in time I was about to expose my brother.

“I won’t tell a soul!” Nadia said as she looked around to see if nobody was around.

I also looked around and saw we were all alone. I ignored my growing dick and said in a conspiratorial tone, “Boys dicks get hard and big in order to make babies.”

Nadia looked like she didn’t believe me and said, “Yeah, right. You were making babies in the shower. Don’t lie to me, Ay!”

“I wasn’t making babies in the shower, dummy!” I said, a little agitated, “As boys grow up, their body prepares them for making babies by getting boners every now and then.”


“That’s when my… dick… gets all swollen and stiff.”


“What do you mean, why?”

“Why does ‘it’ get stiff?” she asked, emphasizing the word it.

As I tried to ignore my massive hardon, I said, “So it can slide into a girl’s… slit.”

Nadia’s eyes widened, and she covered her O-shaped mouth with her hand. I paused dramatically and said, “And when it’s inside, I shoot my sperm. That’s how babies are made.”

My face must’ve looked pretty smug because she asked, “You sure about this?”

“Definitely! Erik’s older brother told him all this, and he made me swear not to rat him out. So, please, keep this to yourself, okay?”

Nadia nodded and was quiet for a moment. Then, her face lit up, and she asked, “But I had my shot moments after I was born, just like every other girl. Will I still get pregnant when you, you know, stick it in?”

This reminded me of the lessons we had in school about this. The pregnancy shot became mandatory after the UN decided it was the only solution for overpopulation. This shot was given to girls right after they were born and ensured they couldn’t get pregnant until they got the shot to reverse the effect. Before this, girls apparently had to take some sort of hormone-based medicine to regulate this. But this was far from watertight, bad for their health, and expensive. So they invented this shot, and the results were almost perfect.  

“I think you need to get your pregnancy shot first. And… I’m your brother, so it’ll be weird if I’d stick it in, don’t you think?”

“You’re right,” she said and blushed brightly again, “I meant it more in a general way, you know? Like.. when a BOY sticks it in.”

“Of course,” I said casually, and we started walking again.

It took a while for my boner to go down, and Nadia was unusually quiet again. Over the next couple of days, she kept stealing glances at my crotch and touched me even more than she usually did. These were simple touches, like when I made her laugh and stuff, and nothing sexual. But to me, they felt electric.

End of chapter 4

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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