Thanks for the help!

There has been a lot of response! Thank you all for that. The results aren’t earth-shattering, but I want to share them with you guys anyway.

The words I use already are also the words you like. And someone actually voted for fanny! Go figure…  I created a small graph, so it’s easy to see what word the winner is in which category.

And then the words you could fill in and let your imagination run free. Oh boy. I ordered them again:


Ding-a-Ling is funny, but I can’t see myself using it. Cockley is a bit out there for me too, but the other one’s are definitely words I can use.

Hard cock
Purple helmeted love warrior

Such creativity!! What can I say? I like them all, but I think only one or two will make the cut.

Cream pie
Honey hole

VaJayJay is the little girl’s name for it, but I like it, and I might need it! Beaver and Kitty are also contenders for a next story. I like stinky too, especially because one of the comments was ‘stay away from girls!’. LoL!!

Anywho… I can’t close the poll without completely deleting it. So if you still want to participate, be my guest. But these results will not be added to the above graph or text. Thanks a lot to everyone for participating! I never expected this many answers, but I guess the subject is just too funny to let go.

Stay tuned for more.

Purple helmeted love warrior… Wow… 😀

A little help?

Hi guys,

Currently, I’m working on a new story. But I noticed I keep using the same words for the ‘delicate bits’ over and over again. I know there’s only a limited amount  of options, but I’m afraid I’m missing out on some. And that’s where YOU come in! 🙂 I slapped together another survey in an attempt to get clear what you think is best.

I’ve created a list of words I use quite a lot and want to know from you which of these suits best in these stories. The second section is a free field for you to give me some ideas. I hope you understand I’m not asking for slang words or something. I just need more words to describe the acts I’m writing about.

So… Don’t be shy and help me out here, please.


Back again

After the enormous task of writing Smoky Mountains, a story still very dear to me, I needed a little break. At first, I felt guilty about doing so, but I quickly learned I really needed it. But a few days ago, I got that ‘writing itch’ again and started working on the story I had inside of me for a long time.

I never wrote any of my stories this fast, but I like it nevertheless. I know it isn’t anything rememberable story-wise. But there’s a lot of action, and I guess that’s why you’re here anyway. It’s about two boys who think they’re in trouble. They turn to the sister of one of them who’s babysitting. The title might give you a hint of what the trouble is…

To you guys, it might get old, but I do have to thank E-o-F again! His support is, without a doubt, much needed and very appreciated! And he does it selflessly every time! A lot of Kudos to you, Ed!! Thanks again!

I hope y’all enjoy this little story! As always: please comment! I’m curious about your opinion. All feedback makes me a better writer. You can drop an email at (or if you feel safer there) or just comment on the story. Either way, I’ll read it.

The link can be found under my stories, or you can go to it directly by clicking here.

Cali has his own place

Pretty much since I started writing, Caliboy1991 has been around to help me out with proofreading and giving me some tips and pointers. Lately he’s been busy with a lot of other stuff and that was why E-o-F helped me out with Smoky Mountains. I wanted to return a favor, and that’s why there’s a Caliboy menu item added, with only Cali’s stories in there. Other stories will be added, but we agreed not everything he writes is suitable for Why not do the same for E-o-F you ask? Well… I asked him and he declined politely, figuring his current stories are fine where they are (Archive of our own). He is working on a big story and asked to publish it here when it’s done. I’m given the privilege of seeing the progress and giving pointers. But damn! That’ll make Smoky Mountains look like a comic book.

But this is about Cali now 😀 He’s an amazing writer and his style and type of story fit perfectly on So… Click here for his story page, or check out the menu. More of him will be added in the (near) future. Drop him an email with comments / suggestions. I’m quite sure he’ll enjoy it!

Update: I just added Empress of the World. Check it out here