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Day: September 16, 2020

Bullied to Buff

It’s been a while since Zafar – Part three was released. But, good news! I managed to write another story. This time it is a four-part story. I know… I never learn. But the good news this time is, that everything is already there. During my holiday, I started writing. And before I knew it, the story was finished. But it was big! Way too big for one part. So afterward, I splitted it at the natural and logical points in the story.

The main reason that this is just the first part, is that caliboy1991, another erotica writer I’m in close contact with, volunteered to edit my story. I noticed I struggled a bit in my previous work with some tense issues, but also some interpunction and just wrong words. The main reason for this, of course, is that I’m a non-native speaker. But I do want to improve my skills in Englisch. So a big, big shout out to Cali who offered to edit and give me pointers!! Thank you very much, Cali. Currently he’s still reviewing the remaining parts (no pressure, Cali!), but I didn’t want to hold back this story.

As with all characters I wrote until now, I grew close to these. Kaylee at first was just an one-dimensional character, but as the story progressed, she grew on me.

I hope y’all enjoy this one, and as always: All comments, good and bad, are greatly appreciated!! Seriously! Give me feedback…

It can be found under Jason’s Collection in the menu, but here’s the direct link.

Stay safe!

Thanks again, Cali!

EDIT: 9/21- Part two is added now!

EDIT: 28/9 – Part three is online!

EDIT: 4/10 – The last part is online!

Bullied to Buff – Part One

Bullied to Buff – Part One
Jason Crow

“Is it getting better, or do you feel the same?” my sister Kaylee asked.

I just came home from school where the usual group of about five boys picked on me. One of them had thrown my backpack at me, after throwing my books on the ground of course, and hit me on my head. They let me alone after that, and I walked home. Alone. So here I was… A scrawny boy, turned fourteen two days ago, being nursed by his baby sister.

I felt my tears welling up in my eyes and did everything in my power to prevent me from crying in front of her. The bump on my head and the likely black eye weren’t that bad, but being bullied all the time was getting the better of me right now.

“It’s getting better. Thanks…” I said glumly.

My sister came home a few minutes after me and immediately saw it had happened again. She took the icepack and put it against the bump on my head. In the meantime, she wiped the dirt out of my eye with a wet cloth.

“You should talk to someone about this, Wyatt,” she said to me.

“Pfff… Who should I talk to? Mister Hoffs? Yeah right. He’ll just say again that I should stand up for myself.”

“How about mom?”

“I don’t want to make things more complicated for her! She’s got enough problems of her own”

“Then you must talk to grandpa about it!” She sternly said to me.

“I’ll think about it…” I trailed off, wanting to let it rest for now.

We both sat in silence for a few minutes lost in our thoughts. I honestly didn’t know what to do about the bullying anymore. Yesterday there was another school shooting in the news, but to me, that wasn’t an option. Although, admittedly, it briefly crossed my mind and I was ashamed of that thought.

The boys that were picking on me called me a freak. It started after our first gym class together at this school. I’m a skinny kid. That’s a fact. And I have the biggest dick in our class, which became clear that first time we showered together. Up until then I never thought of my dick as big, but I quickly learned that 5 inches soft is big for a thirteen-year-old. This was emphasized by my tiny frame. But I didn’t ask for it. Heck! I don’t want it… I just want to be normal, but from that day on I was a freak. Not ‘horse’, ‘snake’ or ‘meat’… Nope… They decided it was ‘Freak’.

Of course, the thought of them being just jealous crossed my mind. But I just couldn’t wrap my head around the whole problem so I was pretty quick to discount the thought. It just wasn’t fair being picked on this much. Not after all we’ve been through already.

“I’ll start doing the laundry,” Kaylee said and snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Okay. I’ll go vacuum and clean up the kitchen. But I’ve also got some homework I need to take care of.”

“Me too. I’ll do it after the laundry. Shall we make dinner together?” Kaylee asked.

“Sure. Good idea! I’m planning to make some lasagna. You can cut the vegetables if you want.”

“Okay. Oh. And I might need some help with my math homework. Can you help me with that after dinner?”

“Of course Kaylee. Just let me know what you need and we’ll look into it.”

“Thanks, Wyatt! You’re the best brother in the whole world!”

Kaylee gave me a big hug and we each went our way to do our chores. Kaylee went to the basement of our two-story home and I took the vacuum cleaner to clean the first floor. Our house was nothing special, but considering our past it was awesome. My mom told all about it a few months ago…


I was born almost exactly fourteen years ago. My mom and dad lived in a nice house in the suburbs back then and I was born “out of their love” as my mom always said to me. After I was born, my dad found it difficult to cope with the situation of being a young dad. Most of the time women get a Post Natal depression, but apparently so did our dad; he started drinking. Looking back, according to my mom, that is where the misery started.

Pretty soon after I was born, my mom was pregnant again. She’ll never admit it was an accident, but I guess that it was. During mom’s second pregnancy, my dad lost his job and we had to move out of our home and into a small, two-bedroom apartment downtown. My mom found it difficult to deal with, and our dad drank even more. Well, eventually my little sister was born and that’s when everything went to shit even more.

My dad started doing drugs right after Kaylee was born. I don’t know what kind of drugs and frankly I don’t care. It did involve needles, and that’s all I know about it. This meant my mom had to raise us by herself and as the money grew tighter, so did my mom’s mental health. She didn’t tell me when it started, but eventually, she started doing the drugs together with my dad.

By this time, I was five and Kaylee was four years old. I heard some stories from my grandparents about the apartment being filthy and Kaylee and me being dirty and very underweight. To hear the stories, our parents were into drugs pretty bad. My mom was selling her body to get the money for their stuff. Our apartment had become some sort of brothel where the guys came to. Sometimes four or five guys a day! And my dad only encouraged it, because this way there was money for his shot. Luckily I don’t remember anything from these days, but my mom assured me it wasn’t pretty.

This went on for almost two years before my grandparents took us away from them. They fed and raised us like their own children. When they took us in, they also found out that my dad had molested Kaylee. There is no proof of him molesting her sexually, but the physical abuse was obvious when we went to our grandparents. She had all sorts of round marks on her back and one on her shoulder. These later proved to be cigarette burns. My dad had put his cigarettes out on the back of his daughter. We both had a few bruises, but they still don’t know where these were from. Perhaps he hit us too, but we both have no recollection of that.

The moment our grandparents found out about my sister’s burns, they went to a hospital to check her out. The doctors said she had a neglected broken upper arm too. This fracture had grown together at the time and it couldn’t be fixed properly, but Kaylee must’ve had a lot of pain from that fracture and no one cared.

For my mom, losing her kids was a major wakeup call. And my grandparents going to the hospital with Kaylee also triggered the child protection services. Luckily for my mom, some things came together at that time. She met a really kind social worker when she was looking for dope and she helped my mom to get into a rehab clinic. This was when she went to detox. Most of the time people don’t succeed the first time. But my mom did! She was determined to get back on track and to raise us properly. She detoxed cold turkey which can be dangerous, but she wanted it that way. It took her almost six months in total, but she came out like a new woman.

Due to some stupid administrative mistake, the child protection agency assigned temporary custody over Kaylee to our grandparents, but I was moved into a group home full of foster kids. Being eight, almost nine, I remember this part quite clearly. I absolutely hated it there! I had no privacy, the so-called caretakers were way too strict and the food was awful! Thank god I only had to live there for six months, before the error was corrected and I could move back in with my grandparents. My grandparents were furious about the fact that I wasn’t immediately put into their custody. They hired a nice attorney to help them and he barely charged them for his services. Thanks to him, everything was handled fairly quickly. I didn’t agree with six months being quick back then though, but apparently, this kind of stuff usually took fourteen to eighteen months to correct.

When my mom was clean, she came to live with us and her parents. Our dad was completely out of the picture by now. We were evicted from the apartment we had lived in, and we didn’t have a clue where our dad was. Probably on the streets somewhere. By that time my mom found out about all of the abuse our dad had done to my sister, and she was devastated! My grandfather later told me that my mom was close to relapsing. It took my mom several therapy sessions that my grandparents paid for to help her cope with the situation. But, true to her word, she stayed strong and clean and took care of us from the moment she came from rehab.

My mom did have to work things out with CPS though. After a long struggle with them, she gained full custody over us. My grandparents aren’t wealthy or anything, but they helped her out. And that taught me a valuable life lesson. Despite her mistakes, they helped my mom out and gave her a second chance. I now firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance! And because of my grandparents, custody was awarded to my mom. I clearly remember the five of us celebrating.

After a few years of working mostly two jobs, mom found herself a nice two-story home in a reasonably nice neighborhood. It wasn’t the suburbs, but it wasn’t the ghetto either. Two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. One bedroom, the small living room, and a kitchen downstairs. Downstairs, in the basement, boxes full of junk littered the filthy concrete floor. The brick walls were painted sometime long ago, but the paint was falling off at a lot of places. It had a few small windows at the top. These windows were so dirty, you could only see if it was night or day. It looked awful. The only reason I usually went down there was to do laundry or grab cleaning supplies.

But the three of us, with a little help from our grandfather, fixed this house up all by ourselves. I’ve never seen my mother more proud than when we were decorating our new home.

All this misery also brought the three of us close together in a weird way. Since we moved in, I felt like I belonged to a team that can’t be broken or separated. I love my sister with all my heart. And, despite the mistakes my mom made, she crawled back up and gave my sister and me a home. Not just a house, but an actual home. I know Kaylee doesn’t blame my mom for what happened to her and neither do I. But I know my mom still isn’t completely over it and probably never will.

And as fate would have it, exactly one month after we moved in, the police came knocking. I opened the door and was scared shitless. “Not again!” I thought.

“Good afternoon. Is your mother home?” one of them asked.

I called my mom and she turned white as a sheet the moment she saw the cops. She sent me to my room and ordered me to take Kaylee with me. Kaylee and I didn’t talk to each other. We just sat there, afraid of what was coming. About half an hour later, my mom came into my room. I wasn’t expecting this, but she looked relieved.

“What was that?” I asked

“I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll just….” And she paused. “Your father was found yesterday. He’s dead.”

“Oh..” Kaylee and simultaneously said.

“Yeah. He OD’d and they found him somewhere under a bridge. Literally.” And I could see the burden lift from my mom’s shoulders.

It took a moment for this to sink in. My mom just sat there looking at us, and Kaylee started to cry. The poor thing. She didn’t know what or how to feel about this.

“So now what?” I asked my mom.

“Now nothing.” She calmly said. “He’s dead and honestly I’m glad. He gave me the two nicest people I know, and I’ll always be grateful for that. But the things he did to us are unforgivable. So the county will take care of his body, and I don’t want a funeral. He doesn’t deserve that.” That’s when her tears came.

The three of us cried together for a few minutes. Of course, it was a sad thing. But I agreed with my mom. He did absolutely nothing during his life to deserve a memorial of any kind. His parents died a long time ago. Even my mom never met them, so we didn’t need to take them into account either. This was it. My dad was gone. We hugged each other, cried a bit more. That’s all we did when my dad died.


So here we were. Helping out our mom, who sometimes still worked a double shift but was making progress with her career. Two years ago she was hired as an account manager to sell garden equipment to DIY shops. At first, it was telesales, but she quickly made a name for herself and was sent on the road. A few times a month she’d be away for a maximum of two nights in a row, which meant Kaylee and I had to take care of ourselves. We didn’t mind that one bit. After all we’ve been through, Kaylee and I got along really well. Helping out our mom this way, also meant our lives would progressively get better. A good thing coming from the hard work our mom did, was that we had some money now. Our mom almost paid off all her debts and maybe in a year or so, we’d be moving to a bigger home closer to our grandparents. So yeah. We were happy with the situation, even if it meant being alone a lot and managing the household.

While cleaning and doing my homework, I couldn’t concentrate and my mind constantly drifted off to how to solve the bullying. The moment I put the sauce in the dish, I had an epiphany! I couldn’t make my dick smaller, that one was easy. But I could make my body bigger… This was it! I needed to buff up… I played with the thought in my head during dinner. I needed equipment, that was obvious. But if I remembered correctly, our grandpa had some in his attic. And I needed a place to work out. But with some elbow grease, I could turn the basement in a workout place. And I needed to watch my diet. I heard something about protein and stuff, so I needed to look into that.

“Are you okay Wyatt? You don’t seem to be listening to me,” I heard Kaylee say, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Huh? Sorry, Sis. But I think maybe I found a solution.”

“Really? What you wanna do?” she asked.

“Well… I’m going to start working out. I want to get a lot wider, and that’ll probably stop ‘em.”

“Oh…” she trailed off. “Maybe that’ll work. I guess,” and she went quiet.

“What is it?”

“When you start working out, I won’t see you that much anymore. You’ll be in the gym after school, and we can’t cook together, and I’ll have to do all the cleaning by myself, and you won’t help me with my homework anymore and…” she blabbered on

“Whoa! Stop.” I laughed. “I’m planning on turning our basement into my private gym.”

“Oh…” and a smile spread across her face. “So you’ll stay at home? And we’ll still cook together and stuff?”

“Yeah! We will. You don’t think I want to change that, do you?”

“Well, if you put it that way… It’s a great idea, Wyatt! But how are you planning to pay for the equipment? That stuff is quite expensive, I heard.”

“Grandpa has a lot of the stuff in his attic. He’ll probably let me lent that stuff. I just have to ask him.”

“And the basement? It’s messy down there…”

“I guess I can clean it out this weekend. I don’t think mom will have a problem with that, but I’ll text her and ask if it’s okay.” And as I said it, I took my phone out of my pocket.

“Do you think there’s also room for the punching bags grandpa has?”

“Ehhh… I guess. Why?” I asked without looking up from my phone.

“Well… I want to get a bit more in shape too, and I want to be able to defend myself. And when we work out together, I think we can help each other stay motivated and stuff.”

I looked up from my phone and saw Kaylee blush. I hadn’t thought of that, but doing stuff together was a great idea. Not just for motivation, but also to have someone to talk to. And this way Kaylee could be my buddy at the bench press.

“I think that this is a great idea, Sis! If mom is okay with it, we can create our own little gym in the basement and be more fit together! I like it a lot!” That last part I said with my Jim Carrey / Dumb and Dumber impression my sister likes so much, and she started laughing.

That moment my phone buzzed, and mom had replied already. I read the text and she responded that she was okay with it. She even said she liked it. We just needed to clean out the basement ourselves, and the washer and dryer needed to stay accessible. Those were all the conditions she had.

“Well,” I said to Kaylee. “Mom is okay with it, so now I’ll just have to ask grandpa and maybe next week we’ll be working out together.”

“Great,” Kaylee cheerfully replied.

“And if it doesn’t stop the bullying, at least I’ll look good and we most likely had some fun together”

“Haha! True! We do need to document our progress, Wyatt. I saw some videos and pictures online from people doing the same. That way, you can see how much progress you’ve made.”

“Good idea. We can use our phones for that. We’ll just have to free up a corner in the room to make these pics and videos”.

Kaylee got up from her chair and hugged me. I could feel she was happy for me that I found some solution and started working on the problem. I felt glad that she supported me and wanted to help me with it.

“I like it a lot,” she said and tried to mimic my impression. Poorly…


That next Saturday we worked hard to get our basement cleaned up. My grandfather offered to help me with the junk that needed to be thrown away. So we threw everything we didn’t need any more into his pick-up truck, and he knew a guy, who knew a guy to get rid of this stuff. It was late in the afternoon when Kaylee and I checked out our hard work. Without all the stuff there, the basement was way bigger than I ever imagined. Our grandfather joined us and praised us for our hard work.

“Thanks, grandpa! I’m going to paint all the walls white. On that wall, I’ll make a rack to store all the weights, and that wall will be made of only mirrors so we can watch what we do. And on the ceiling, I’ll make…”

“Whoa kiddo! How are you going to pay for all that? Those mirrors are expensive. And that storage rack you talk about, can’t be made out of match sticks…”

“Oh….” I said a bit disappointed, knowing he was right.

“Tell you what.. I’ve got some leftover wall paint and some brushed you can use. I think it’s enough to paint this room. And I know a friend of mine has a large piece of linoleum. With that on the floor, you can turn it into a real room. After all this is finished, we’ll look into the rest, okay?”

“Okay. You’re right. Thanks for helping us out!” And I gave him a tight hug.

The next weekend Kaylee and I were painting the walls and it was turning out great. We were both wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Both with a lot of paint stains on it. The paint increased the humidity in the basement considerably so we were both sweating a lot.

“Damn! It sure is hot in here,” I puffed.

“Yeah. This might become a problem when we’re both sweating down here,” Kaylee answered.

I looked at her and realized she was right. I never thought about this.
I walked over to the opposite wall and opened the small window to let in as much fresh air as possible, although this wouldn’t be much considering the small window.

“Do you mind if I take off my shirt?” I asked, already knowing what the answer was.

“Go ahead. I’ll probably see you shirtless plenty of times down here,” she smiled.

“I guess so too. Too bad grandpa wouldn’t help us build a shower in here…”

“Ah well. No problem. We can shower upstairs.” Kaylee answered while her eyes went to my chest.

“You don’t look THAT bad…” she said to me with a faint glow in her eyes. “Sure, you can gain some more muscles, but the definition is there already.”

“You really think so?” I asked insecurely.

“Yeah. I do.” And she continued painting.

I started painting again too. and before we knew it, the basement was done. It was turning out great! Tomorrow our grandpa would be coming over with the equipment and the linoleum. He offered to place the linoleum with us, so by the end of tomorrow, we would have our own gym.

“We’re really dirty now, you know?” Kaylee laughed. “Especially you. You’re practically covered in paint!”

“I know. I’ll go shower first,” I said.

“No way! I’m going first!” Kaylee laughed and started running upstairs with me hard on her heels.

While she was running upstairs, she was taking off her shirt and threw it at me to bring me off balance. Her shirt hit me in the face and I couldn’t see anything for a few moments. This gave her enough time to reach the top of the stairs first. That meant it was a lost cause for me. Despite that, I didn’t want to lose and ran after her, trying to catch up. But she was too fast and reached the bathroom first. As she ran in front of me without her shirt, I saw she was wearing a little black bra… Wait… What? Does my little sister need a bra?

I stopped dead in my tracks as this fact hit me like a ton of bricks. I never thought of my little sister as a girl or woman. She was my sister. Nothing more, nothing less. And now she was becoming a woman. The bathroom door slammed shut after her, and as always, she didn’t lock the door. A microsecond, the thought of going in there and take a quick peek at her flew through my head. It was barely there, but undeniably present.

Of course, I immediately dismissed it and dropped her shirt in the laundry basket, along with my t-shirt and shorts. Dressed in my boxers, I went to my room to process what I just saw. After Kaylee finished, I went in and took my shower. The rest of the evening was uneventful, and I pushed the thoughts of my semi-nude sister to the background.


The next morning we were off to an early start. Our grandfather picked us up, and we helped him haul the equipment down from the attic and into the pick-up truck. After we finished with that I helped him place the linoleum on the floor. Lastly, we moved the fitness equipment into the basement and placed everything in one corner. Kaylee and I were planning to place it in the right spot later, so we could decide on the best possible layout together. Our mom had cooked us a great dinner, which we ate together as a big family dinner. Grandma had joined too, and it felt like we were finally a normal family.

During all the hard work, I couldn’t stop checking out my little sister. She was wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt, and I couldn’t quite see if she really had developed some breasts. At one point, we were both leaned over and put something down on the floor. Her T-shirt hung a bit low at her neck. But I still couldn’t see inside her shirt enough to check for boobs. I was torn between two thoughts, however. For one, she was my sister and needed my protection. So I needed to stop being such a perv. But second, I was a healthy boy with a lot of interest in girls lately and breasts in particular. So I wanted a peek. This mental conflict was making my brain hurt.

After dinner, Kaylee and I offered to do the dishes, which was much appreciated by our mom and granddad. We sincerely thanked him for all the help when he went home. Kaylee and had planned to place the equipment after dinner, but it was becoming late already, and we were both tired from the hard work during the day, so we decided to do this tomorrow after school. Our mom thought it was okay, but only as long as we did our homework first. Although she said she would be gone the next day and Kaylee and I would be alone for the night, she also said that mothers know when their kids are disobedient. We smiled at that and assured her not to worry. She laughed too, and she hugged us both, commenting on how proud she was of us.

The next day, after we came home from school, we both rushed to do our homework and our chores. We both finished around the same time, and we went downstairs. We stood there looking at our newly created gym, not quite knowing where to start. At that moment Kaylee opened her notebook and showed it to me.

“I made a little sketch on how we maybe could set up everything,” she timidly said.

I looked at the drawing and couldn’t find anything out of place on it. Heck! I immediately liked it.

“I’ve searched online a lot on how to do this right….” She said, waiting for my answer.

“Wow, Kaylee! You’ve done a great job!” and smiled at her. “This a great setup, so let’s get started!”

“Really? Great. But what if we don’t like it?”

“Well… No big deal. We’ll just move it again” I said, walking toward the bench press.

We moved all the equipment in the right place together. As I was drilling some holes in the wall and ceiling for my pull up bar and Kaylee’s punching bags, she went upstairs. I was screwing in the last screws when she came down with a few tubes.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I went to a few stores and asked for some posters to put up here..”

“Oh.. Great idea!” I said enthusiastically.

I was done with the pull-up bar and walked over so we could check out the posters. We both picked our favorites. I had one with a boy about fifteen years old, shirtless and in spandex shorts, pulling himself up. This was the body I was aiming for! I hoped by putting it up, it would motivate me to go on. Kaylee’s was almost the same, but with a girl. The girl was about sixteen I guessed, punching on a bag, also in spandex shorts and a spandex crop top. I thought she was hot. Especially her six-pack.

The other posters were just decoration, except an old Queen poster with the typical Bohemian Rhapsody pose of the four band-members at the start of the video. I’m a huge Queen fan and was looking for this kind of poster for a long time. And now Kaylee had got it for me. Around six ‘o clock, we were done and went upstairs to fix and eat dinner. As we sat down at the table across each other, we were both super hyped, and all we could talk about was the stuff we did and were going to do.

“I also did a lot of research on what to eat and what not to eat,” Kaylee said.

“I did a little research too. What do you think we should do?”

During the rest of the dinner, we made our plans for our diet for the next year or so. We agreed it was easier for both of us if we ate mostly the same things. Me eating more calories, of course. During the dishes, Kaylee brought up the subject of documenting again.

“I think we should start with a baseline and measure everything about once every two weeks, maybe once a month. What do you think?” she said, looking at me with a bit of anticipation in her eyes.

“Okay. I guess… Didn’t think of it too much. But I guess you’re right. That way we can keep detailed track of our results. What do you want to measure?”

“I also looked up the relevant stuff to measure…” she started.

“When did you do all this?” I asked surprised.

“I did it at school. I had a lot of gaps in my schedule because I’m ahead in my class. So I used that time to go to the library and search.”

“I see… You’re sure you didn’t skip classes?” I asked sternly.

“NO! I swear!” she immediately responded.

“Okay, okay. Relax! I’m just messing with you,” I smiled. “So what do we measure each time?”

“Well… She started. Weight, of course, height, bicep girth, neck size, thigh girth, calve size, waist, chest size…”

In the back of my mind, I saw myself measuring her bra covered chest. I felt a little stir in my pants, and quickly snapped out of it.

“And we need to take pictures of these body parts and put them on our computer so we can compare our development even more properly. And of course a video from top to toe, front and back.”

“That’s a lot,” I sighed. “But I guess you’re right. It’ll be worth it in the long run.”

“I think so too. Shall we start with that? We can use that one corner we kept clear for the measuring and pictures. That way the pictures always look the same.”

“Okay. Let’s go downstairs” I said, cleaning up the last part of the dishes and sink.

When I came downstairs, I turned on the lights in the basement and clicked on the spotlight in the corner. Kaylee took out her notebook and her telephone. She’d also taken a tape measure to measure us.

“Who’s first?” I asked.

“I don’t care.” She said. “We both need to do it.”

“Okay then. I’ll go first” I offered and stood on the scale.

“Ehhh… Wyatt?”

“What?” I asked a bit annoyed.

“Don’t you think it would be more accurate if we do this in our underwear? That way, the weight isn’t dependent on the clothes you wear. And measuring the biceps, upper leg and stuff will be a lot easier,” Kaylee said while blushing a bit.

I knew it had taken her a bit of courage to bring it up and I also knew she was right. So I didn’t argue with her on this part. And besides, I was wearing plain black boxer briefs that didn’t really show my junk, so that wasn’t an issue either.

“Okay… You’re right.” I said, stepped down, and started taking off my t-shirt.

“It’s not like I’ve never seen you in your underwear before…” Kaylee trailed off.

“I know it isn’t. But we were a lot younger then.”

“Well. It’s no big deal. We’re brother and sister. It’s not like we’re doing it naked. Is it? Although… That would be even more accurate,” she laughed.

“Yeah… Whatever…” I said, kicking off my shoes and dropping my pants.

Kaylee opened her notebook. I could see she had already created a template where we could write down all the data. She started with the date and time.

“Okay. Here we go. Hair color: Black. Eyes: brown.” She started

“What does that has anything to do with it?” I asked while taking off my socks.

“Nothing.” She giggled. “But I found this template online and thought it was funny to write this down too.”

I stood there in my underwear, facing my little sister. She tried not to look at me too much. I could see that, but she wasn’t doing that good of a job. I felt a little exposed this way, so I stepped back on the scale. Kaylee stood next to me and looked at the scale.

“Let’s see… Weight is 114.6 pounds” she said, writing it down in her notebook.

“Now your height. Stand against the wall with your back and your heels against the wall”

I did just that. The wall was cold and I felt my nipples harden. I also saw my sister quickly checking out the bulge in my boxers. It may have been my imagination. I wasn’t sure, but as there was no way for me to hide anything standing this way and I couldn’t blame her. I was probably going to check her out when she was in just her underwear. Nothing wrong with a bit of curiosity, right?

Kaylee used her pencil to put a tiny line on the wall, just above my head. We didn’t have fancy measuring equipment, of course, but this would work too. I stepped forward and Kaylee took her tape measure. She put one end against the little line and let the tape measure roll down.

“That’s five foot three..” and she scribbled that down.

Next, she took the tape measure and measured my neck, biceps, and calves. I put my arms in the air so she could measure my chest. She needed to put her cheek against my chest, so her arms could reach around me. It was a bit weird being measured like this, but I managed.

“Alright. Neck: thirteen point two, biceps: ten point one, calves: eleven point nine and your chest is thirty-one point five. Just your waist, hip, and thigh left.” She said and looked me in my eyes.

I could see something in her eyes that I couldn’t quite place. But Kaylee went on and put her cheek against my chest again and measured my waist.

“Thirty point one,” she said for me to remember.

Then she moved the tape measure lower, so it was over my boxers. A bit below the waistband and almost touching my dick. This was getting embarrassing because I felt her being so close to my junk with her face and was starting to chub up. I quickly began thinking of ice cubes in a frozen, white tundra with me on my bare feet above it. It helped, but not by much.

“Thirty-two point three,” she said and looked up at me a bit blushed.

She stood back up to write these numbers down but was still blushing. In the meantime, my boner problem was deflected. Thank god. It would be too embarrassing to bone up in front of my little sister…

“Ehh… Wyatt?”

“What?” I asked apprehensively.

“Can you pull up the leg of your boxers, so I can measure your thigh?”

Still blushing, she avoided my eyes. This was awkward for both of us, that was clear by now. I needed to think of a way to lighten the mood.

“Well. The first time is weird. We’ll get used to this, don’t you think?”

“I’m so glad you say that!” Kaylee said, obviously relieved. “This IS a bit weird, isn’t it?”

“A bit. Yeah,” I laughed but pulled up the leg of my boxers.

I pulled it up so my thigh was exposed. I didn’t know if it was leaving a part of my sack exposed. But I didn’t want to look down, because that would emphasize the weirdness of this all too much.

Kaylee squatted in front of me and put the tape measure around my left leg. She was at eye level with my dick now, and this realization caused the blood to rush to my face. I guess I was blushing… She moved the tape measure up to put it in the right place. But doing so, her right hand brushed my sack through my boxers.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” Kaylee immediately said.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry!” But this light touch caused my boner to go almost full mast in under two seconds.

Luckily it was pointed to my right, so it wouldn’t peek out of the leg I was holding, and my boxers were tight enough with me holding them so it wouldn’t spring up and peek above the waistband. Kaylee couldn’t have missed my boner, but she acted like she didn’t see it. I was so glad she did this, as it was already awkward enough.

“Eighteen point two,” She said, quickly standing up.

As Kaylee reached for her notebook, I quickly turned around and put on my shorts, so my boner would mostly be hidden from view.

“Do you need a moment before we take the pictures and make the video?” I heard Kaylee ask behind me. I cringed at that comment, meaning she had obviously seen my boner. But I didn’t want to chicken out now.

“No. We can take ‘em now if you want.” And I slid my shorts back down again.

“Great. We’ll start with the pictures first.” She said while fiddling with her phone.

I took my position against the wall again and Kaylee started taking pictures of my upper body and closeups of my neck, biceps, and chest. Next, she went down to take pictures of my belly. Luckily the situation was awkward enough for my boner to go down a bit, so it wasn’t that pronounced any more. I hoped.

“Lift the leg of your boxers again please.” And a few moments later “The other one”

And that meant she was done being close to my crotch. Thank god she moved down to my calves.

“Do you mind if I take pictures of your V-line too?”

“What’s a V-line?”

I honest to god didn’t know what a V-line was. But as she mentioned it this timidly, it probably wouldn’t be too good for me.

“Well…” she started, “Technically it is the lower abdominal muscles. It’s the muscle that roughly goes from your hip to your…. penis” and she blushed again.

“Damn! Do I need to show you my penis!?!?” I asked in disbelief.

“No no! Just pull the front of your underwear down to just above your penis. That shows enough of your body to show the V-line correctly.”

I needed to digest all this. I was practically naked and almost boned-up in front of my sister. And this clearly wasn’t enough yet. But I also wanted this to work out and Kaylee obviously had done her homework and apparently, this was needed.

“Okay. I guess.” I said, not too enthusiastically.

I pulled down the front of my boxers to the base of my dick. The base was probably showing, but my pubes hid most of it from the view. Kaylee brought in the phone to take the pictures, three of them from different angles, and stood back up. She acted like it was the most normal thing in the world. But it wasn’t, of course, and the tension in the room grew more potent by the minute.

“Thanks. Now turn around, please?”

I faced the wall and let her take a lot of pictures of my back. This included my butt, but I didn’t mind that at all. After she finished I heard a beep from her phone.

“I’m making the video now. Just a moment.”

I could hear her moving around. It took a few moments, and then it was done.

“Just the front video left,” she smiled as I turned around.

She filmed me first in a complete shot. She then moved forward to make close-ups of the significant parts.

“Euh… The V-line please?” she mumbled.

Well. No point in struggling anymore, so I pulled the front down again. This time accidentally a little bit too far, because I heard Kaylee gasp.

“Sorry.” I whispered, and moved the boxers back up a bit.

“No problem,” Kaylee said as she stopped the video and stood back up. “That’s it! You’re done. Want to see the pics and video?”

“Sure! One sec,” I said, and put on my shorts and t-shirt.

We both looked at the pics, and I must say that Kaylee did a great job. Every part of my body I wanted to work on was nicely documented now. And I sure did pull down my boxers a bit too far. I blushed seeing the video revealing the complete base of my dick, including my entire patch of pubic hair. I saw Kaylee blush too.

“I’m so sorry, Kaylee. I guess you don’t want to see your brother this way. Shall we delete it and make another one?”

“No silly! I really don’t care! I’ve seen it all in the tub when we were younger. And the pics and vids stay between us on our computer, so don’t worry about that either. Just don’t make a habit out of it. Okay?” and she smiled at me.

“Deal!” and I hugged her. “I didn’t say it, but I appreciate all the effort you put in this, sis!”

“You’re welcome,” she said as broke the hug. “Now you need to do me.”


Kaylee started taking off her t-shirt and shorts, and I looked at the forms she created. This was impressive stuff! She may have stolen it from someone online, but still… This could indeed come in handy very much in our process of working out together.

I looked up from the notebook and almost couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a young woman in front of me in her small black bra and bright blue panties. It didn’t strike me as hard as last time when I first saw she was wearing a bra, but this was still quite confronting to me. She stood there completely unbashful with her hands on her hips looking at me.

“Ahum…” I cleared my throat. “The same sequence as with me, I guess?”

“Okay, You’re the boss,” she smiled and stepped on the scale.

I did my best not to look too much at her, but it wasn’t easy. I mean… She was a young woman with almost all her assets on display. And she had boobs! How could I not look at that?!? But, She was my sister and I needed to protect her at all costs! As I was fighting this internal battle, I heard her ask me something.

“Aren’t you going to write this down?”

“Huh!? Ehh. Yeah. Of course. 108.1 pounds.” And I wrote it down, blushing a bit. “Now stand back against the wall.”

“Oh!” I heard her gasp.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“The wall is cold!”

“I know. One sec.” and I drew a small line above her head, but not before checking out her boobs again.

I was no expert, but it appeared to me it was an A cup, maybe small B. Anyhow, I liked it. Kaylee stepped back from the wall, and I took the tape measure to get her height.

“Five foot one. Agree?” I asked.

“That’s about right,” Kaylee said, looking at the tape measure with me.

I wrote that down and then started measuring the other parts. Calling out the numbers as I went, for both of us to remember.

“Biceps: nine point two. Neck: eleven point two. Calves: eleven point one.”

I decided to do the easy parts first. After these were done I wrote the numbers down and took the tape measure again. Kaylee already knew what was coming and raised her arms for me. My eyes were fixed on her breasts, and my hands were shaking a little bit. These were the first boobs I came close to in my life, so I was a little distracted. I started focusing on the job, so it wouldn’t be obvious I was having trouble focusing. I could reach easily around her but still managed to accidentally touch some sideboob in the process.

“Oops. Sorry.” I apologized.

“Stop apologizing, Wyatt! This is what happens when you do this kind of stuff.”

She wasn’t angry or something, but slightly annoyed of me making a big fuss of all of this. So I noted thirty point one as chest size and immediately measured her hips.

“Chest: thirty point one and hips thirty point four. Just your thighs left.”

“You can reach them okay, right? I don’t have to pull up anything, do I?” Kaylee asked.

I squatted down in front of her and looked at her thighs. This also included a look at her crotch. I could clearly see a bit of the fabric from her panties being pulled up in her vagina. I was a mild camel toe, but undeniably hot! Even if it was my baby sister, seeing her boobs and womanhood like this got my hormones flowing.

“No need. I can reach it just fine.”

I wrapped the tape measure around her upper leg and moved it upward. My hands were still slightly trembling as I moved up. As I was reaching my goal, I couldn’t resist it anymore. My left hand was extremely close to her crotch, and I moved it up too far. My index finger brushed against the folds of her pussy. It was just a brief moment, but it felt like a bolt of electricity sparked against my finger, and I could hear Kaylee suck in a breath. Good thing I was wearing my shorts now because I instantly was as hard as a board. There was also an indistinctive bit of moisture on her panties. I didn’t know much of the female sex, but I guessed that she was a bit turned on too by all of this.

“Sorr..” I broke off. ”Ehhh… It’s 16 inches.”

I stood up and casually adjusted my boner, so Kaylee wouldn’t notice it.

“You can take my phone to take pictures. That way we’ll have them all together. The code is 8873.”

I took her phone from the table, unlocked it, and faced Kaylee. She had turned too, and her back was now toward me. The first thing I noted was how hot her ass looked in her blue panties, with one ass cheek peeking out a tiny bit. But then I looked at her back and noticed the scars my dad left with his cigarettes. An overwhelming flood of guilt washed over me. Here I was perving at my sister in her underwear while I was the one that should be protecting her!
I took the same pictures as Kaylee had taken from me, and was as clinical as possible about it. But when she turned around, and I had to take close-up pictures of her bra covered breasts, it became increasingly difficult to stay in my clinical mode. And when she pulled down her panties so I could take the v-line pictures, I almost lost it. A hint of the top of her slit was showing this way, and so were a few strands of pubic hair above her vagina. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was doing this on purpose.

The last thing to do was to make the front and back video. I did her back first, and by the time she turned around, and I was filming her breasts up close, I was hard again. And the v-line still needed to be done. I almost came when she accidentally pulled her panties down too low. This time, it wasn’t just a hint of her slit. I could clearly see approximately the top half of her slit. It was glisterning a bit and the complete patch of pubic hair was visible. It looked magnificent to my inexperienced eyes.

“Oops…” She whispered. “Sorry. Well…. Now we’re even,” and she smiled.

I was SO confused by now. I didn’t want to, but I was getting turned on by my sister. And worst of all, she didn’t seem to mind. Heck, she even seemed to encourage it. Good thing we were done now, I figured while pressing the stop button on her phone.

“That’s a wrap,” I said.

Kaylee didn’t seem to make any move to put on her clothes. She took her phone from me and started swiping through all the pictures. In the meantime, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and I kept taking glances at her crotch. I couldn’t see it too clearly, but it appeared there was a small damp patch forming.

“Right. I’ll start working on putting all the measurements in the computer and store the pictures in an organized way.” Kaylee said while pulling up her shorts.

“Good idea. Need any help with that?” I asked.

“Nah. I’ll manage.” She smiled. “You can start prepping our meals for tomorrow if you want. I’ve printed out the diet menu for this week and posted it on the fridge.”

We both agreed this was a good way of dividing the tasks, and we did just that. Kaylee went upstairs to her room, and I started working in the kitchen. About an hour later, I went upstairs to go to bed. As I passed her room, I could swear I heard some heavy breathing.

“Goodnight Kaylee,” I said to her door.

“Goodnight, Wyatt. See you tomorrow,” she said a few seconds later.

I went to bed and jerked myself to a quick orgasm, with pictures of Kaylee in my mind.


The next morning, Kaylee and I were both working out in the basement. We made a schedule in which we would work out in the morning before school and after dinner in the evening. We would try this for at least a month. I just finished my pull-ups and was ready for my sit-ups. We also agreed on helping the other out as much as possible.

“Can you help me with my sit-ups, Kaylee?” I asked.

She was punching away on the big punching bag that hung from the ceiling. We were both sweaty as hell by now. My t-shirt was soaked, and my black shorts were damp too and showing some wet spots from all the sweat I was producing. Kaylee was wearing spandex shorts and a matching crop top that looked almost like a training bra, but bigger. I already took some peeks at her, and I couldn’t see a panty line in them, so I guessed that she was going commando in this outfit. It was fine by me because she looked stunning in it.

I laid down on my back with my knees in the air and my feet near my butt. Kaylee knelt at my feet and pinned them down. I started doing my sit-ups as Kaylee was keeping count and checked if I was doing them right.

“It’s a good thing you’ve got your boxers on!” she giggled.

I was acutely aware of the loose shorts I was wearing, and what kind of view Kaylee must be having now. I closed my legs as much as possible, but that made my sit-ups almost impossible, and this way I was crushing my balls. So I left it at that.

After practice, we went upstairs to get ready for school. Kaylee showered first as I made breakfast. Halfway through making breakfast, I went upstairs to take a shower. After that, we were finished in time, took our bikes, and rode off to school.

Mom wasn’t home that evening, so we made dinner together. After dinner, we went to the basement again to work out for the second time that day. Since our clothes from this morning were too wet, we put them in the hamper and took some new clothes. This time I wore white shorts and a tank top, and Kaylee wore her Nike workout clothes, which consisted of another spandex pair of shorts and a matching spandex crop top. But these were both shorter than the ones she wore this morning. So more skin was showing. Seeing us both in different clothes made me realize we were running out of workout clothes pretty soon.

After we both showered, we were lounging on the couch, and watching some rerun on the T.V. I was a bit sore, but figured the real pain would come in a few days.

“I’m running out of clean workout clothes,” Kaylee said out of the blue.

“Me too. Downstairs I was just thinking the same”

“I’ve got three pairs in total. If we wash every day, I still won’t manage. And I hate wearing dirty clothes that smell like sweat.”

“Same here,” I responded.

“Well…” she trailed off. “you know what is also a possibility?”


“We can do one of the two workout sessions on a day in our underwear…” and she blushed saying that. “I mean… We’ve already seen each other in our underwear, so no big deal. Right?”

I thought about this for a second. In my morning session, I was moving a lot. But in my evening session, I was mostly pulling weights. So doing that in my boxers was probably even more comfortable.

“I guess you’re right. I think my evening session can be done in my underwear without problems.”

“Mine too,” Kaylee responded. “I just need to convince mom to buy me some more bra’s. Right now I only have four. So I need to make sure these are clean too. Otherwise, it’s me in just my panties,” she giggled.

“Well. If that’s the case, we’ll just do our workout separately” I offered.

“Thanks! But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” she said and she gave a warm smile.

The next day was almost a copy of the first, except we were in our underwear during our evening session. I was getting used to seeing Kaylee in her underwear, but I still found myself checking her out every now and then. I blamed that on me being a boy seeing a healthy, scantily clad girl. Atop of that, she was moving around with her body glistening with sweat. Anyone would find that hot.

As I was going through my closet before my shower, I noticed I was getting thin on fresh underwear. So I went past a nearby Marshalls on my way home from school the next day and picked up two packs of Diesel boxer briefs. I normally wore just off-brand plain black boxer briefs, but these were on sale. Wearing a brand also wouldn’t hurt me in the locker room, so I went home with two packs containing all different kinds of color. It would make my dick less concealed than in just plain black boxers, but I figured Kaylee wouldn’t mind.

A nice benefit of working out in our underwear was that I was less self-conscious about my body. Kaylee acted totally natural around me, seemingly not paying attention to my body. And I was getting used to seeing her this way, so this was less awkward too. In school, however, the bullying went on. The day I came home and decided I was going to get buff was a little less than a month ago, but occasionally I was still being picked on. It was mainly just the name-calling, which I’ve gotten used to. Until today… After gym class Nelson, the main bully, came to me when I was putting my boxers back on again.

“Hey Freak!” he shouted.

Of course, his two henchmen were right behind him

“What’s with the gay underwear?” he asked, and the two boys behind him started laughing.

This morning I put on my bright purple Diesel underwear. Looking back, I should’ve worn the blue ones. But then again, that would probably be gay too in their eyes.

“I dunno. It’s just underwear, Nelson” I replied as neutrally as I could.

“Don’t you smart mouth me!” he said and pushed me over.

Luckily I was done pulling up my underpants. Otherwise, it would be too awkward lying there on the tiles in the locker room.

“Pin him down guys!” he said and before I knew it, they pinned me down by my wrists and ankles. Nelson took out a permanent marker and smiled down at me.

“Now, Freak. Let’s make sure we all know what you are.”

“What are you going to do?” I cried in a panic, my voice rising to nearly a shout.

He took the cap off and sat on his knees beside me. He wrote something on my belly and laughed at the result.

“There you go. You can thank me later.” He said. “Take his shirt guys!”

Next, he stood up and walked away, laughing. The two guys pinning me down left too and took my shirts that were lying on the bench. The moment they let me go, I looked down to check out the damage. He wrote the word ‘Freak!’ in big letters sideways on my belly, starting between my nipples. At the end of the word, there was a big arrow pointing down toward my crotch.

I stood up and looked in the mirror. I took my towel from the bench and started wiping it off. But this didn’t help one bit. I tried it with water, with spit and some shampoo. But nothing worked. In the meantime, the locker room was almost empty, except for Thomas. He came to me and looked at me with a sad look.

“I hate these guys.” He said.

“Yeah… me too,” I said, doing everything I could to not start crying.

“You need any help with that?”

“Thanks. But it just won’t come off.” The panic in my voice must be obvious.

“A little paint remover will do the trick.”

“Thanks. Do you have anything on you?” I tried lightening the mood.

“Haha! Too bad. But if you want, you can borrow my spare t-shirt,” Thomas said.

“That would be great! That way, not everybody has to know I’m a freak…” I trailed off.

“You DO know they’re just jealous, don’t you?” Thomas said as he fished his spare shirt out of his bag.

“About what? My penis?”

“Yeah, dude! You’re hung like a horse! What guy wouldn’t want that?”

“Hah! Well… Me for example! Without it, they wouldn’t be bugging me. And sometimes it’s quite difficult to hide it, you know!”

Thomas laughed knowingly at that last remark. I took his shirt and put it on. It was a little too large, but not by much.

“Thanks, Thomas. You helped me out a lot.”

“No problem dude. I just wish someone would put Nelson in his place. He picks on a lot of guys, you know?!?”

“Well… Maybe if we all chipped in, we could hire us a hitman” I laughed.

“Right. That would be something! Where can I pay?”

We were both laughing as we left the locker room. This was the first time someone in school was being genuinely nice to me. It almost made me forget the incident with Nelson.


Kaylee was already at home when I opened the door. Damnit! I was hoping I could take off the text on my belly before she saw me.

“Hey Wyatt!” she chirped. “Oh… What happened this time?”

That was Kaylee. She could read me like a book. I guess this time, the t-shirt gave it away because there were no bruises.

“Nelson again…”

“What did he do to you this time?”

I could hear the poison in her voice. Since Kaylee was in the same school as I was, only a year behind me, she knew Nelson too. He picked on some of the kids in her class too. Good thing Nelson didn’t know Kaylee was my sister, or he would probably go after her too. I took off my shirt and showed her the text on my belly.

“Freak?” she said and a second later, a timid “Oh…”

“Yeah.” I simply stated.

“I’ve seen you in your underwear a lot now, but I don’t think it’s small” she started.

“Ehhh… Yeah… Well…” I started and saw Kaylee blushing.

“Is it too big?” she cautiously asked.

“They think it is,” I responded, blushing myself.

“They’re just jealous!”

“That’s what everybody says, but I’m stuck with it… Let’s get rid of this, shall we?”

We went to the basement. I took off my shirt, and Kaylee took a rag and the paint remover.

“Here,” she said. “Or do you want me to do it?”

“If you don’t mind… You can get to it easier.”

Kaylee started working on my belly. All I needed to do was tighten my muscles, so the skin wouldn’t move too much. After a few moments of this, I was already feeling better. Kaylee didn’t make a big fuss out of it, and I didn’t have any scratches or bruises.

“Your belly is getting tighter, you know?” she said.

“Is it?”

“Yeah. I think it is. It isn’t a six-pack yet, but definitely some muscle tone already.”

“You’re just trying to cheer me up!”

“No silly. Honestly! It’s improving!” and she rubbed some more.

“Just the arrow left,” she said, mostly to herself.

I could feel she was almost done. She was working the rag at the bottom of the arrow, just above the waistband of my pants. She added another dash of paint remover to the rag and went for the last bit.

“Wyatt?” she almost whispered.


She cleared her throat. “Emmm… Can I see it?”

“See what?”

She cleared her throat again. “Your… penis..”

That almost struck me like lightning. My sister wanted to see my dick. I had a vague idea of why she would want that. But I doubted… Me being her brother and all.

“Why would you want that?”

“Well…” she trailed off. “I’ve seen a lot of pictures online and because of that I think I can objectively decide if you’re a freak or not.”

That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. My main guess was that she was just curious, and I didn’t blame her. I wanted to see a real-life pussy and some boobs too. But showing my dick to my little sister…

“You don’t have if you don’t want to,” she started.

“No, no. You can see it if you want. I just wasn’t sure what to do for a moment. But I guess it’s no big deal. We see each other in our underwear a lot and we are brother and sister. So yeah… No biggie, I guess.”

“I’ll decide if it’s a biggie or not!” She laughed, momentarily breaking the tension between us.

I started unbuttoning my pants, pulled down the zipper, and stepped out of my pants. Nothing we haven’t done lately. But when my thumbs slid in the waistband of my boxers, I felt a slight hesitation. We were crossing a line we hadn’t crossed before. But that hesitation was gone before I knew it. I looked at Kaylee, and her eyes were focused on my crotch. I slowly pulled down my boxers, showing my pubes. A moment later the base of my dick came into view, and I kept on going, not wanting to chicken out. I pulled them down in one swift motion so they were crumpled at my feet. I stood back up and let Kaylee look at my naked body. I didn’t feel as uneasy as I thought I would. I guessed that was because I totally trusted Kaylee.

“Well?” I asked, not knowing what she’d think of it.

“It’s ehhh…” and she blushed. “Wow. It IS big, that’s for sure. I mean… From all the pics I’ve seen so far online, only a few are this big soft. How big is it hard?”

“You want me to make it hard?”

“Not necessarily.”

“I guess a little bit bigger? I’ve never measured it” I lied, not wanting to end this yet.

“You haven’t? I think you totally should! You’ve got something to be proud of, Wyatt!” she sincerely said.

I took the tape measure from the table and looked at it.

“We’ve measured everything but this,” I smiled. “Why not do this the right way too?”

“You want me to help?” she softly asked.

“Why not? You know everything there is to know about me. So why not this too?”

I must admit the idea of Kaylee measuring me, kind of aroused me. I tried not to bone up over the idea, but being this exposed to her was quite a turn-on. Kaylee took the tape measure and tentatively placed it against the base of my dick. The tape was lying on top of my dick, and she looked closely to get the measurement right. I could feel her breath on my dick now. I was concentrating so hard on not getting a boner, I was hardly paying attention to what she said.

“Four point nine.. No five inches. I’ll do the girth now,” and she wrapped the tape measure around my dick.

She hadn’t touched my dick yet, only the tape measure did.

“Three point nine. That’s pretty impressive Wyatt,” she said, standing straight. ”If you want to measure the stiff state too, I’ll wait upstairs if you want.”

“Emm.” I doubted.

We had gone over the line already. I was seriously doubting what to do. But feeling her breath on my dick again was pretty tempting. Just thinking about that got me going.

“You do it,” I firmly said. “That way it’ll be more accurate.” I know – a bullshit reason.

“Okay.” She said, obviously trying to hide her enthusiasm.

“You can touch it if you want, Kaylee. Maybe that’s easier for you?”

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Without any warning or second thoughts, she took my hardening dick in her hand.

“Ooh! It’s warm!” she said, once againg trying to hide her enthusiasm.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I was growing to full mast rapidly now. I expected this to be much more awkward than it was. But I felt almost no objections or apprehension. It just felt amazing to have another person’s hand on my dick.

“Wow…” Kaylee whispered when I was as hard as I could get.

“Yeah… No one ever touched me down there… That’s why it’s so stiff now…” I said, trying to make up an excuse. Not that this was necessary, but I still didn’t quite know Kaylee’s angle on this.

“It sure is big…” she smiled.

She was trying to size it up with her hand. And as her hand was moving all over my dick while doing this, I became hornier than ever before. I needed some distraction before I would unload my balls in front of her.

“You’ve got the tape measure?” I asked.

“Huh!? Oh yeah… Of course,” she said and reached for the tape measure.

Kaylee’s face was flushed, and I could sense she was turned on, too. Once again, I couldn’t blame her. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t even imagine being naked in front of my little sister. And now… Here we were, she was toying with my hard-on… It was pretty mind-blowing. Kaylee took the tape measure and was a lot less careful then when she measured me soft. She took every chance she had to touch it. She dropped the tape measure twice. I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose to postpone the whole event, or because of her shaking hands. It didn’t matter much, because I was enjoying it probably even more than she was.

“Six and a half!” I heard her say, after feeling her breath on my dick again.

The next thing I knew, was that she lifted up my dick and pointed it toward my belly.

“This way I have better access,” she excused herself.

She definitely threw all her cautiousness in the wind. She was openly groping me now, and I loved every second of it. She squatted in front of me, and now she was at eye level with my dick. She wrapped the tape measure around my dick and came even closer to it. Her breath on my balls was heavenly!

“Four point seven. I’ve measured it just below the upward bent.” She said but didn’t make a move to get up. Instead, she kept breathing on my dick and looking at it.

“Thank you” I responded, a little out of breath.

“What is it, Wyatt?” Kaylee asked a bit concerned, and she finally stood on her feet and looked me in the eyes.

“It’s nothing…” I said, trying to get my breathing under control.

“You sure?”

I could keep nothing hidden from her. That much was already clear. I might as well come clean.

“It’s just that… No one touched me like this before. So, It’s a little, I don’t know. Sensitive?” I tried, avoiding the real issue.

“Oh… You mean you’ve got blue balls now? Is that it?” Kaylee asked with that open face I love so much.

“Ehhh… I guess you can say that’s the case, Yeah.” and I couldn’t stop blushing.

“So now you need to masturbate, right?”

No judgment or anything from her. Just a simple statement of a normal, natural thing to do for a boy in my situation. I loved her SO much for having such an open nature and being an open-minded person.

“I guess so…” I didn’t want to be too open about it. That’s where our characters differ a lot.

“Is there anything I can do? Do you need me to wait upstairs? Do you want me to assist you? Or do you want to go to the bathroom or your bedroom? That’s fine too. I will clean up here.”


I needed to process that. Had she just offered to help me? Now THAT was tempting. I was on the verge of cumming, so I didn’t want to wait too long. But with my sister… But we already went this far… I was lost in my thoughts when I heard her say:

“Wyatt? Do you need some lube or something?”

“Huh? No. I’m good… But… Emm. You offered to help.”

“Yeah, of course. I wouldn’t want my brother to be in pain.” She said and stepped closer to me, reaching out with her hand and firmly gripping my dick.

“Hmphfhff” I responded, and her hand slowly went up and down on my dick.

My eyes shot back in my head, and I could feel her hand going up and down in a steady motion. She did it rather clumsily and gripped my dick a little too hard, but none of that mattered. It felt fabulous! Moments later, I felt her other hand gently cupping my balls. My precum was leaking now, and each time she reached my glans and moved her hand back, she smeared it out, lubricating my dick more and more.

“Does this help?” She whispered.

“Ahhhhh…. Yeahhh….. This is amazing!” I managed to say in a hoarse voice.

“Don’t worry, Wyatt… You’re absolutely no freak! You’ve got an awesome cock!” she whispered in my ear.

That did it! Her saying such a dirty thing in my ear and her hands on my dick and balls were enough!

“OHHHH… Look out! I’m cumm… ahhhh”

Spurt after spurt flew out of my dick. Kaylee had positioned herself in such a way that she was out of the blast zone. She obviously knew what was coming. My cum landed all over the place. I’ve never shot this much and this far. Moments later, as the cum started dribbling out and all over my little sister’s hand, I came down from my orgasmic high.

“Stop… Too much,” I croaked.

Kaylee let go of my now softening dick and looked at her hand. She shrugged and licked a bit of cum of her hand.

“Now I know what that tastes like. Not too bad,” she smiled.

As I was coming down and my mind was no longer clogged with hormones, the guilt started washing over me. What we just did was wrong! I needed to protect my little sister, not molest her!

“Hmmm I better get dressed.” and started putting on my purple boxers.

Kaylee looked at me and I could see the confusion in her eyes. I almost started crying myself, so I couldn’t keep looking at her.

“What’s wrong, Wyatt? Did I do something wrong?”

“No… It’s nothing…”

I know. I’m a pretty introvert kind of guy. I blame that on the previous events with my dad. I continued putting on my clothes and avoided eye contact with Kaylee.

“Oh no, you don’t mister!” She said and punched me on my shoulder quite hard.

That put me off balance and I almost fell over, if it wasn’t for the wall I was close to. That, of course, forced me to look at her, and I could see the fire in her eyes. She was pissed!

“Look, Wyatt! I just helped you out the best I could with your bullies and even gave you a freakin’ hand job! You tell me what’s wrong! Now!”

I’ve never seen her this angry at me before. It wasn’t an act or something. She was seriously pissed. Or confused. I know I was. Tears welled up in my eyes now.

“I don’t want to be like dad!” I blurted out. “I mean… I don’t want to hurt you or take advantage of you! And now I forced you to do this stuff with me, and I didn’t mean to and Nelson is an asshole, and…”

She cut me off and gave me such a tight hug, it almost made me breathless.

“Relax, Wyatt” she soothingly said. “You didn’t force me to do anything! I wanted to do that! If anything, I forced YOU” and she looked me in my eyes with tears of her own.

“And,” she continued, “Don’t you ever, ever, EVER say you look like dad! Ever! Because you don’t! You’re the bestest brother a girl could want! I know you’ll protect me and keep me safe, no matter what.”

The hug and comforting words put me at ease, and I kissed her on her forehead.

“Thank you, Kaylee. And it is true. I would never let anyone hurt you! And I do need to thank you for all the help. I can assure you that the whole Nelson event left my mind for a while.” I giggled.

“Good!” She hugged a bit tighter and then let go.

We both dried our eyes and looked at the mess on the ground, and both started giggling at the same time. The tension that was there a few moments ago, was now out of the window.

“I really liked doing that, Wyatt. Is that weird?”

That timid little girl was back in a flash. I guess we were both confused about it all. But I couldn’t deny I’ve never felt anything this good in my life. Heck! I wanted to do it a lot more. But I also didn’t necessarily want Kaylee to know that. Yet. So… Confused was the right word.

“I liked it a lot too,” I finally admitted. “I’ve never felt anything like this in my life before…”

Kaylee picked up a spare towel. She got on her knees and wiped my cum off the floor.

“I do wonder how your penis is supposed to go inside me. Ehhh. Inside a girl I mean…” she immediately corrected herself, blushing furiously.

“Well… That makes two of us. I’m still a virgin, so I wouldn’t know.” I said as I gathered all the paperwork and the tape measure.

No need in denying this fact. At this moment, I didn’t want to have any secrets with Kaylee, and I figured she didn’t want to either. Her slip of the tongue hit me a bit later. What was that? Curiosity? Did she do that on purpose? What was going through her mind?

“I am too, so I wouldn’t know either.” She said, standing up. “Let’s eat!”

We went upstairs and ate dinner together. The evening workout session was uneventful, and I didn’t notice any tension between us. The only difference was that Kaylee checking me out more than before. It could be my imagination. If not, I could live with that…

End of part one.

Not too much to say here. Besides that I know I’m making it way too big again. Ah well. I also think that in every story, nothing beats a good backstory. So deal with it 😉

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